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Freelancers : Chapter 7
by David Rasmussen©

The skies above Citadel City was becoming a dangerous place to be right about

And as Jack pressed the fighter’s throttle to full, accelerating at his target, it
was about to become an even more dangerous place.



“Where's your vocalization circuit?” Jack asked the computer.


Jack shoots out the circuit with his handgun. “Never liked that channel anyway.”

As he increases speed, he aims for an intercept course with Von Hammer as he
barrels down towards the train platform. “If I'm lucky the engines won't conk out
and I won't go boom all over a few hundred innocents --”

Everything seems to suddenly move abit slower as Von Hammer comes into
view, his form drawing closer, as both dive downwards and towards each other,
and towards…

* * * * * *

As everyone scatters on the platform, Kei holds onto Yuri tightly, tears forming
in her eyes. "Don't let him take me… I feel as if he wants me… why does he
want me? Why??“

“Kei!!” Yuri tries to stand, but Kei won’t budge. Her body frozen in fear, she is
suddenly a terrible burden to lift as Yuri struggles to get her to safety.

“Come on, Kei-chan! Move it! We have to take cover!!”

“He’s coming for me!” Kei cries out, “He’ll make me go away and we’ll never get
married! Please don’t let him take me!!“

"Kei-chan, please! Move!!" Yuri screams, sweat dripping down her forehead as
she pulls and drags Kei towards the shelter of the station’s entry area. “Please
move!! I can‘t do this by myself!!”

‘WHY!!’ Yuri thinks to herself frantically, ‘I should be able to lift her easily! Why
am I struggling all of a sudden! Is he…’

“Please, Yuri! HELP ME!!“

“Fucking bastard!” Yuri hisses, heaving one more time with all her might, “I
WON‘T let you take HER! YOU HEAR ME?!? SHE‘S NOT YOURS!!”

Without warning Kei becomes her usual weight once again and flies into Yuri‘s
arms as she overpulls, the two falling backwards into the shelter of the roof,
and out of Von Hammer‘s line of sight.

Now able to lift her again, Yuri heaves Kei up into her arms and makes a dash
for the stairs. “I have to get you to safety!” Tears well up in Kei's eyes as she
watches the world bounce and sway around her. “I’m nobody… why won’t he
leave me alone…”

* * * * * *

As Von Hammer drops right down towards the train platform it lets out a
screech, seconds later a lone Omegatech cuts it off and slams right into him at
full throttle.

The impact throws it clear of the station and locks him onto the Omegatech’s
side as it climbs back into the air. The Omegatech is quickly brought under
control, however --

“Damn--” Jack rasps, watching Von Hammer pull himself free from the side of
the Omegatech, ripping into the fighter’s engines with his armored hands before
teleporting away. Red lights flash throughout the cockpit as the sound of the
engines cracking apart filled the small space. Jack aims the Omegatech towards
the harbor, yanking down hard on the eject controls as he does) "Lose more
Omegatechs this way."

As the ejection system throws him clear, the fighter spirals into the harbor and

"Oh, well." Jack sighs as he floats down to terra firma, his anti-grav emergency
pack working optimally, "Just as well, the AI on that thing was bugging me

* * * * * *

Keiko and Nina, this time accompanied by Eve, couldn’t get to Kei/Yuri’s
apartment fast enough. Kei was fine, recovering from the shock well, but still
the memories of what she felt lingered in her. At first Yuri was adamantly
against the three talking to her, but with some persuasion Kei convinced her to
let them in. “You mean Von Hammer was somehow holding you down?
Compelling you to stay put? Does that mean he can sense you now?“ Nina asks.

“No. Him seeing me there was a fluke.“ Kei reports, resting comfortably against
Yuri as she speaks, “It felt as if he wanted to take me away. Him seeing me was
an accident, but he wanted me… no question about it. As for why I couldn‘t be
moved very easily?“

(reaches into her pants pocket and pulls out a small device) “The air was filled
with a lot of electrical discharges from the fighting, so my magnetic grapple here
must have been activated without me knowing it, dragging me towards the metal
in the train platform until Yuri pulled me free of it and onto the stone flooring
near the stairwell.”

“You carry that thing in your pocket?” Yuri asks, confused. Kei simply shoves it
back in and says “It’s my favorite toy. Next to my new “happy“ pills, that is.”

Yuri, however, was on a roll with her questions (if only to deflect any counter
questions about those “happy pills). “Why is he obsessed with her?“ Yuri asks,
this time of Keiko and Nina, “What did she do to deserve this?“

“I don't know.” Keiko answers truthfully, “But whatever it is it’s driving him to
become more and more visible. He’s obsessed over her, and we still don’t know

“Still think she can help us stop Von Hammer?“ Eve asks, waiting for Keiko’s
reply. Keiko sits there, and thinks… Nina, on the other hand, isn’t so patient.
“OK then!” she begins, jumping to her feet to get everyone's attention. “We
know Von Hammer is obsessed with taking Kei here, but we also know she’s
mostly invisible to him… once she’s out of his line of sight he can’t sense her

“Why he’s like that we may not know until we caught up to him.“ Keiko
continues,carrying the ball, “HOWEVER we can't take the risk of him making a
snatch-n-grab with Kei so maybe we should forget about having her help us.”

“Don’t cut me out of the loop.” Kei mutters, looking at Keiko as she does, “I
want to stop him. Let me help.”

Yuri says nothing, but the fear and concern on her face speaks volumes as she
continues to comfort Kei. She’s worried, they all were -- all except Kei who was
more angry than concerned. “So--” (grabs Nina's visor to her frustration, putting
it on) “-- let's roll!”

“That's my line!” Keiko grumbles.

“Roll where?” Yuri asks.

“We should head out to the scene of the crime!” Nina announces proudly.

“Brilliant Nina, absolutely brilliant…” Keiko remarks blandly, “And where is the
scene of the crime again?“

“Cyberspace…” (all eyes turn towards Kei) “It’s vast, right? And he’s a being of
energy right? And being angelic he must be made of some sort of energy so it
stands to reason that -- well perhaps he can exist in cyberspace -- since that’s
energy too, isn‘t it?“

Kei leans forward, her thoughts raging as she began to jot notes on whatever
she could grab, formulating a plan. “I think Von Hammer is most likely hiding in
DreamCyberSpace (the DCS) when he’s not visible since it’s the perfect place for
an energy being to hide. Since the entire “Realm” of cyberspace is energy and
data, a being like that would have an easy time hiding there since nobody would
even think of looking for an energy being in a place filled with energy.” (sits
upright) “So we need to search the DreamCyberSpace-scape for Von Hammer.
Let’s roll.”

“THAT'S STILL MY LINE!!” Nina complains, watching everyone follow Kei.

“No, that’s MY line.” Keiko counters, but the parade was already following Kei
so the two were left to bicker on their own.

* * * * * *

The vastness of cyberspace spun before Kei, the endless expanse of web
“buildings”, connective “Streets” and “spam”-boards filling the “world” about her.

Cyberspace, in the Realm of Dreams, was one endless technological “city” than
went on forever and ever. The entire “world” buzzed with endless data, and
endless energy.

The world was vast, and more than just program set inside a set of computers, it
was a world all it’s own that touched every computer in the Realm of Dreams,
and expanded past it to form something akin to an “artificial universe” within
the lines, hard drives and vast “space” that made up “cyberspace”.

It made sense. Since the world of the future lived with cyberspace, so should
the dreams of the world of the future.

“Traffic is up tonight after the attack.“ Kei notes, floating above the “streets” of
the “mega city”, scanning for any sign of the same “feeling” she felt when Von
Hammer last drew near. “It’s hard to get a feel for if he’s hiding online, or even
where he’s hiding.“

“Any reason WHY we think a fallen angel thing would hide itself online?” Nina
(from “outside” said with a bit of annoyance)

“Any reason to think it can’t hide itself online?“ Keiko counters, “Considering
what he’s capable of? I’m not in the least bit surprised that he could do this.
Given his large bag of tricks it’s just another annoyance to add to his rap sheet
in the “powers” section.“

“Sigh -- if he shows up let me know, I’m going off duty.“ Nina grumbles, standing
up to leave. “I feel something…“ Kei whispers, no doubt brinigng everyone’s
attention back towards her quickly. “He’s near. I can sense it.“

“Where?“ Yuri asks quickly, “Where is he?“

The “wind“ inside cyberspace was still, but Kei felt something pass through her
and knew that Von Hammer was coming. She turns and feels a solid “thump“
into her, her breath gasping hard. “Von Hammer!”

“Kei! Get off line! Kei!!“

As the two hit one of the rooftops she could feel the physical “reality” of her
opponent, and began to struggle beneath him. He was real. Here in cyberspace
he was real. No doubt he “changed” to become energy, and passed into
cyberspace as a being of energy to hide there until he felt like striking again.
And, since cyberspace was incredibly vast, it would be impossible for anyone to
find him even with the most intense search.

Von Hammer held her down, looking her straight in the eyes as she struggled
against him.

In reality she couldn’t resist a large male like him, here she was trying her
hardest but he still seemed to have the advantage.

“Outside“, Kei physical facial features softened and she sat there quietly.

Yuri, concerned, shook her only to be stopped by Eve. “Don’t. You don’t want to
traumatize her while she’s in there.”

“B-b-but Kei!”

“-- yuri --” she whispered, her arms going limp to her sides. “Hold me.”

For tense seconds she looked at Kei, then at Eve, until Eve finally nods her

Quickly, yet carefully, she moves Kei into her arms, rotating her about so that
she sat on her lap, arms wrapped about her as she held her. The wireless link
still on her head, but the two embraced closely touching cheek to cheek. “I’m
here. I’m here.” Yuri began to whisper, trying to reach her lover.

Inside Kei did not move. She just didn’t know what to do.

He had thrown her legs aside, bared her sex, and began to rape her.

Limp and emotionlessly she watched, staring deeply into his tear stained face
as he held her down tightly. She didn‘t want to cry out, didn‘t want to alert Yuri
to what was happening, she mentally steeled herself and endured it.

“Why don’t you love me anymore, Rei-chan… why…“

Von Hammer was holding her tight, but the voice that came out was the exact
opposite of the strength penetrating her. The voice was so soft, so weak and
feminine, that it couldn’t have possibly came from the same entity that was
mating with her right now.

All of Kei’s concentration was on keeping a quiet face, not reacting to what was
happening… even as Von Hammer took her against her will, the urge to react
reaching into her mind and making her want to…

* * * * * *

Kei - “When I was younger… you know, that awkward age nobody wants to hear
about in a hentai erotica story because it makes people all nervous and all.
Anyway about that weird time I can’t talk about -- well -- I kinda fell in love with
my cousin.“

“I didn’t go lesbian until Yuri and I was a mature young woman by then (cough
20 cough)… well… maybe it was hormones but I do know it wasn’t rape in my
mind because he was only a little older than me and we’re so close as relatives I
can’t imagine love not factoring into our decision to… well… that unmentionable

“He was like my best friend growing up, so I don’t see why love couldn’t have
equated into it. I mean it was innocent. Two kids, exploration… uh… that’s it.
No more details. If you’ve ever been in puppy love you know what it’s like, right?
Right. When he died and I thought everyone knew about our -- uh -- puppy love
and all -- well I kind of freaked out majorly and ran away and that’s how I met

“Guess this scene reminds me of then for some reason. I don’t know why…
maybe because it’s all male-ness and I didn’t do that in forever. Or maybe
because I feel there‘s genuine love in her heart even if she‘s fallen off the
wagon being a fake male and all.“


“Goddess it hurts to be this clear headed. How can people stand being this
serious?“ (blinks) “And don‘t tell Yuri I‘m older than I said… I‘m kinda the runt
of the litter, you know… still younger than her even if I am 20.“

* * * * * *

…all Kei could do was hold onto her thoughts of Yuri as the being above her
cried in a meek voice.

“… I’m here…” she heard, then again and again over and over. The thin whispy
voice echoing in her mind as she closed her eyes, gritted her teeth.

It was so hard. She felt so terrible, so slutty, in her attacker’s arms. Deep
within the male body she could sense a female warmth trying to smother her,
but her angry bitter taking of Kei only distanced her from the warmth that
should have came out.

Every thrust hammered into her, while it overwhelmed her attacker. But even
Kei’s own efforts couldn’t stop her from feeling her rollercoaster slide towards
orgasm, even if it was being triggered virtually in her mind’s eye. Bleak seconds
passed and then like a cannon it hit her all at once, her body seizing up as she
came silently, face scrunched up in defiance as she refused to scream verbally.

As the cruel warmth bathed over her, the moment ripping through and all over
her in a moment of violation, she weakly focused her gaze into her captor’s eyes,
a thin smile creeped it’s way across her pained face, “Yuri-chan.” she muttered.
“I love you.”

Suddenly from the ground all around Von Hammer, the rooftop erupts and
releases many metal whips which wrap themselves around Von Hammer, slowly
pulling him away.

She was still too weak to stand, but she could speak to him. “I’m only meant for
Yuri -- Yuri-chan -- only for her… no matter what you do…”

“WHY HER?!?” the voice screamed angrily, “YOU SAID YOU LOVED ME, REI!!

“Kei? What‘s wrong? Kei??” the small voice of Yuri whispered frantically in the
back of her mind, her fears gripping her as she waited for Kei to speak again.
“What‘s he doing to you? Kei?? Answer me! Kei!!”

“I’m not Rei. My name is Keiichi Saito and I love Yuri-chan with all my heart.”
she says, slowly struggling to stand, facing Von Hammer as he yanked and
pulled hard against the restraints, slowly breaking the whips as he reaches
towards her. “Is that thing hurting you?!?” Yuri asked again from “outside“,
“Answer me!!“

“Did she brainwash you Rei?? Did that slut brainwash you!! Don’t you remember
our vows!! How we would never ever abandon each other?? REI!! DON’T YOU

With each whip he breaks, two replaces it, continuing to hold him down. But
something was wrong. The voice didn’t match the body. It was a huge male, but
the voice of a angry insecure young woman came from the form. A small
widening smile graced Kei’s lips as she regarded the situation. She had invested
a lot of time and effort in making her cyberspace defenses unbeatable, and her
defenses as strong as ever today. But that’s not why she was smiling, she was
beginning to realize what was going on.

“Rei loves you, no matter where she is…“

As Von Hammer struggles against the restraints, he screams a sharp piercing
scream, which rips through the “space” between the two which brings Kei to a


Von Hammer shudders, the scream coming from everywhere and nowhere at the
same time, until he finally curls his wings tight, and shatters Kei’s defenses in
one sweep.

Quickly he shoots “skywards” climbing fast out of sight.

Kei slumps onto the “rooftop”, her eyes gazing “starwards”. “Rei-chan.“

As Kei lifts the visor clear from her vision she finds herself being smothered by
Yuri, her lips seemingly everywhere as she kisses and holds Kei tight.

Kei, smiling, sighs as she feels the barrage of kisses against her skin, the
bitterness of her forced moment washing away in her mind under Yuri‘s loving

“Did you miss me?”

To Be Continued

© 2006 David Rasmussen

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