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Freelancers : Chapter 8
by David Rasmussen©

For some reason Yuri found it harder and harder to rest, her gaze falling onto Kei as she watched her sleeping.
It was a few days ago that the whole thing with her “meeting” online with the being “Von Hammer” which turned
out to not be what it seemed, when something happened to her that she hasn’t spoken of since.

She had seemingly not been affected by it, brushed it off as if it was nothing, and yet it continued to trouble Yuri.
She did not know why, but it troubled her.

* * * * * *

A few days ago…

"She’s alone. Terribly alone, and she’s desperate to find this Rei.“

Kei notifies everyone, Yuri sitting next to her confused as to what was going on.

“You mean we’re fighting a woman?” Nina remarks with the same rather confused look on her face, “And she’s
got this mad on about finding some person that apparently looks just like you? Right?“

Keiko Yamanaka nods her head, her hands motioning as her verbally picks up the “ball” from there. “It makes
sense. Von Hammer‘s “actions“ of late don‘t fit the normal pattern, so somehow she‘s just using his “Form“…
most likely because it‘s gaining the desired effect she wants --”

“Which is?” Eve asks, knowing already the answer she was about to get, “Fear. She wants to shake people up
because she probably believed that somebody in Command knew exactly where this Rei was, so she was to
shake them up looking for results.”

“DAMMIT!” Nina hissed, fist slamming into her other open hand, “If only we took more time at that construction
site we would have realized that “Von Hammer” was carving the words “Rei Lives Forever”!”

“But what about the “Oni” thing?” Eve asks, to which Kei simply replies “That I’ll need to work on, but for now…”
(thoughts racing as she puts it all together) “She’s so alone it hurts her even to think about Rei now. But she’s
so desperate she’s doing anything to find her, even things she normally wouldn’t do if she was thinking

Yuri’s face twists abit as another thought hits. “And you, Kei, when did you get to be all-knowing and talk all
smart like that (what do you mean “I‘ll need to work on“ that)? I mean that is the most I heard from you that
actually sounded that intelligent! (Does that hurt your head?)“

Kei turned, and gave Yuri a serious look that brought her to pause, then she took a deep breath and said…
“Thinking like this hurts. Can I stop now? I wanna talk normal now.“

Yuri frowned, “I liked it better when you made sense.”

Keiko picks up the topic and runs with it, “So she only wants to find this Rei, right?

Too bad Rei is a downright common name and it’d take forever to find the right one -- if only we knew who it was
we’re dealing with we might be able to find this Rei for her.” Keiko surmises, trying to pull all the information
racing through it together.

Kei smiles. “We should definitely do that! I mean they’re just like us! So loving, so caring for each other! They
probably even debate about how to get married and throw a manapua in their oven!”

A deep silence fills the room as Yuri struggles to put her words into actual vocalization. “No, really, I liked it
better when you sounded intelligent. Really.”

* * * * * *

Yuri turns over, lying back down with a sigh.

Whatever Kei was dreaming about was something only Kei would know of, and she usually never spoke about
these things to Yuri no matter how much she pried, coerced, threatened and pleaded. So with no other
recourse, she closed her eyes and tried to rest.

Kei was “dreaming”, visualizing as it were since “dreaming” seems a little odd when they were already in the
realm of dreams, but in any case Kei was “dreaming”.

In her dreams, Kei sees Von Hammer, but as she watches the “body” of Von Hammer peels away revealing a
female form beneath, her arms raising upwards towards Kei.

She shakes her head and loosens her hair which flows down to her/his shoulders.

“Where are you?” she muttered half aware, her dim eyes panning the expanse about them as if seeking
someone. “I don’t want to be alone anymore -- please come back to me --” she pleads, her eyes locked straight
on Kei, bringing Kei to pause as she remains focused on the woman, “Do you hate me? Did I do something to
chase you away? You promised me we’d be together forever.” she cried, her voice shrinking down to a meek
whisper as she finished her words, “I‘m so lonely."

She was begging, but who she was pleading with was not the person she wanted to plead to. She just stood
there, pleading without knowing Kei wasn’t the one she wanted.

“HI!” Kei remarks with a silly grin, “I won’t hurt you! Come on, let--”

“She’s so pretty, but I know she’s not you.” the female suddenly said, turning her back towards Kei as if she
suddenly couldn’t stand looking at her anymore. “She glows, and I feel she can lead me to you, I know that now.
Don’t you understand how much being apart HURTS?? Are you happier with someone else.“

As she spoke her eyes turned “skyward”, tears flowing down her face as she spoke in soft hushed whispers.
“Was I only a distraction you played with because you couldn’t be with the one you loved? Did you toy with my
heart to make her jealous? Have sex with me only to win her back? Or are you just addicted to fucking? Is that it?

Kei, confused, walks towards the woman. “Who are you? Did she hurt--“

“When we made love you swore I was your one and only! Did you tell that to her in bed during sex? How many
girls did you…“ she grasps her mouth, looking ill, “…how many girls did you make that prom… NO!!”

Kei nearly falls over backwards as the female spins about, tears flowing down her face stronger now, “No! You
love me!! I’m not alone!!“ She cries out, her body falling forward as she lurches past Kei. “I’m loved! She loves
me! She loves me! I don’t care how wrong it is I love you!! She loves me!! She’d come for me if she could!
Nobody can take that away from us!! Rei!! Please come back to me!! I’m scared!!”

As the female falls forward onto all fours, she rolls to one side, her face twisted in fear and panic, her arms
wrapping about herself to hold herself tight. “REI PLEASE I’LL DO ANYTHING!! PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME

Kei kneels down, slowly reaching out to the woman. “Don’t cry. Let me help you…“

“SISTER!!” she screams, pulling away, “WHY DO YOU HATE ME?? I LOVE YOU!!”

* * * * * *

“SISTER!” Kei yelps, jumping up in bed.

She was covered in sweat, her body shivering as she pulled the blankets close to her.

That thing, the woman she saw … she cried out “sister”.

“Rei was her sister… she was in love with her own sister…“ Kei moaned, rolling her head to one side, her eyes
narrowed abit as she lied back down, shivering, “I never had any sexy sisters when I was young, though I did
have an older sister I wanted to fuck a few times until she turned out to be straight.” her eyes falls upon Yuri,
suddenly coming face to face with a very wide awake Yuri, staring at her from the opposite side of the bed,
“What did you say? I thought you said I was like a sister to you once?”

Kei blushes furiously, realizing she overslept, and was saying… “Incest suits you?“

Yuri - “Didn’t you say their relationship was “so like ours” or something like that…”

Kei - “…fucking you is like fucking big sister?”

At that moment Kei knew for certain that there was no way she‘d get out of this one.

With a muffled sigh Yuri reaches up to hold her, but quickly Kei bats her hands away, choosing instead to place
those hands on her perky breasts than around her. Yuri, still abit miffed, decided to contend herself with groping
Kei’s two mounds carefully, pinching her lover’s nipples until they were hard.

Kei, groaning slightly at the attention, returned the favor by massaging Yuri’s larger breasts, pinching and
pulling at her bigger nipples until they were fully erect.

“Suck me --“ she whispers, dropping down offering her smaller breasts to Yuri. She eagerly does as she’s told,
her lips fastening about the younger girl’s nipples, suckling and nibbling at them. Kei, holding Yuri tightly to her,
begins to pant as Yuri lavishes attention on her breasts. She then quickly turns over, tugging her nipple free
from her lover’s lips, only to offer her center as she reached for Yuri’s center in turn.

The two women’s tongues eagerly lick the long slit of the other, causing the other to whimper in anticipation. Kei
carefully parts Yuri’s lower lips, smelling her aroused state as she dabs and flicks her tongue along the
sensitive flesh.

Yuri, clenching her teeth from the onrush of stimuli, quickly opens her lips and repeats Kei’s work in turn.
Moaning, bodies thrashing near silently, they fasten their lips to the other’s pleasure and lick and suck each
other to a short climax.

Gasping, Yuri clumsily reaches over and grabs the pill case, motioning for Kei to swallow one, then locking her
lips back onto Kei’s clit. “Goddess --“ Kei rasps, “I’m going to be erect! Stop it!!“

But Yuri continued, until it began … and slowly slid into Yuri’s sucking mouth bringing harsh shrieks from Kei’s
mouth which she quickly fastened back down on Yuri’s spot.

Yuri, accustomed to blowjobs from her youth, had no problem sucking Kei’s fully grown member quite easily as
Kei licked her. Kei, rasping hard, cried “Swallow one too!! I want a dick too!!“

Yuri, smiling, pops a pill and obliges. As her erection grows Kei tries to repeat Yuri’s actions only to nearly
choke as it shoves itself deep into her throat. Yuri quickly grabs Kei, pulling her back off of her new member
allowing the girl to breathe, if only for a second as her breath is whipped away from Yuri’s ministrations.

Kei’s hand grasps the rod before her, and starts to jerk wildly as she whimpers, feeling the onrush of an
orgasm. “Not yet -- not yet -- cum together!!“ she cries.

Yuri, half awake, couldn’t stop even if she wanted -- she was already well on her way to pulling Kei’s fluids out
of her. Kei, overwhelmed, quickly did the only thing she could think of to get Yuri to come -- she locked her lips
onto her lover’s dick, grabbed hard, and began to jerk fiercely. The shock did it. Yuri’s dick spewed a long
stream of girl cum as Kei hit her ceiling and orgasmed into Yuri’s mouth.

As they swallowed, choked and fell apart rasping for breath, Kei looked over at Yuri, and sighed. At least she
stopped crying. Carefully she pulls herself back around, wrapping her arms around Yuri, drawing her close. As
the two gently rock the other to sleep, whispering quietly "I’d love you even if you were my sister.“

Yuri sighs, “Don‘t spoil the moment, dearie.” as she wraps her arms around her as Kei’s body, holding her tight
as they fall back asleep. A smile forms on Kei’s lips, as they slumber in each other’s arms, the world fading as
they fall into a restive “sleep”.

* * * * * *

Command Center (Citadel City)

A Few Days Later

“I'm sorry, Nina, but it's the best we can do.”

“I don't suppose a little better might be called for at this stage, don't you think?”

Nina asked over the commlink to Command.

“I'm sorry. But you have to understand the image you sent us from this virtualcam is a fuzzy silhouette of a
female entity. Mind you it would have been easier to work from the wetware logs of the person this is happening

“But Kei said she recorded nothing, despite the fact she seems to be the meticulous little button masher who
records every trip to the bathroom for posterity’s sake.“ Nina finished. “How about the request?“

“The request?” the officer noted, “Even with a few days pass I am still trying to turn up something, but it’ll take
awhile longer to search through all the visitor files to see who put down a missing persons report for someone
named “Rei”.”

“And let's not forget this image has it's back turned to us, so it’s not going to be a piece of cake to nail her
identity with what you brought us. There's too little information on this one image to give us much.” (tap tap tap
tap) “I'm looking for any other virtualcams on the site “locale” which might have gotten some of the action and a
better view of what was going on.”

“I see.” Nina replied, a tad bit of disappointment etching through her words, “Well, try what you can. We'll
continue doing what we can here. But it seems it's injured.”

“Which makes him -- I mean her -- that much more dangerous.” Keiko remarks from the background. “I see.
Well, keep at it and let us know what you find.”

“Right. Kotobuki out.”

With a sigh the officer looks back at the image, reaching out to touch the form on it.

“So who are you, our mysterious young lady?”

The image, a female straining against the metal whips, screaming in pain. Only she knew all the answers and
she wasn't talking. Yet.

* * * * * *

“I thought ghosts weren’t supposed to exist in a “Realm of Dreams”!“ Yuri grumbled, reaching into the freezer
for ice cream sandwiches. “It was hard enough to figure out Von

Hammer BEFORE that revelation! And why did you become friends with people like that anyway? What did I tell
you about becoming friends with psychopaths.“

“We weren’t close. She “talked” to me, I “talked” back. That’s it.“ Kei announced in a

cool tone of voice, as if she wasn‘t particularly affected by the turn of events. In truth it greatly affected her, yet for
Yuri’s sake she had to keep it shut away until she could figure it out to a greater depth on her own.

Suddenly she felt a sharp tinge of cold as Yuri appeared in her line of sight, frowning as she pressed the ice
cream against her forehead. “Then it’s appropriate that I’m feeding you ice cream, it’ll go perfect with the ice in
your veins.”

Kei takes the sandwich, unwrapping it with little emotion as she looks at Yuri. “You worry too much! Think of the
pay! And the thrill! And --”

“You weren‘t so cocky a few days ago, and your sudden interest in the money doesn‘t fool me for a second!”
Yuri pointed out, “When you were paralyzed in my arms crying for me to save you several days ago you were
more honest then you are now!”

Kei blushes abit, her smile fading, only to come back twice as strong as she remarks

“I didn‘t eat enough!” (bites into sandwich) “I was obviously too weak from a lack of food. I should eat more ice
cream, ice cream counts as food in my book.”

Yuri sighs as she opens her sandwich “Fine, fine, dodge the fact that this bast -- I mean bitch has some power
over you.”

“I didn’t want to run.“ Kei suddenly says quietly, looking down at her sandwich. “I felt as if I … there was
something holding me, something that wanted me to be close to her…to hear her out… but I was afraid that
she was going to hurt you, take me away from you… but then she…“ (blinks) “I'm more interested in my
dessert!” Kei announces, bouncing up and down as she eats What did I tell you about getting on my nerves!!”
Yuri warns.

“No sex if I misbehave?”

“Bingo.” Yuri groans, biting down on her own sandwich as she stared, “So, then, how do we find this bast -- I
mean bitch now?“

“She’ll find us.” Kei replies, “She can‘t live without me -- I mean Rei -- yeah, Rei. She can‘t live without her one
and only Rei.”

At that Yuri resists the urge to sneer, “Then she’s one horribly lonely individual to want to live with YOU.” (pak)
“Don’t throw your trash at me, it‘s rude.”

To Be Continued

© 2006 David Rasmussen

Besides being a fiction writer David also does extensive review and interview work. His specialty is
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