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Freelancrs Chapter 9
by David Rasmussen

“Figures.“ Yuri groans as they make their usual mad dash to the train once Kei filled Yuri in on everything.

“Actually it doesn’t figure since I don’t get the whole incest sex relationship thing you’ve been trying to
explain for the past few days to begin with so forget about it, I don’t know what figures.“

Kei, obviously, was not having as hard a time believing it as Yuri. “Why can’t they have their happily ever
after like we did! Can’t this “Rei” be in love with her? It‘s not fair! So what if it‘s sister/sister! It‘s always
done in hentais so why not.“

“Hentais aren’t exactly the most convincing source of proof that sisters should love sisters.“ Yuri pointed
out, “That and people kind of have a hard time swallowing the whole sisters getting it on with sisters thing.
Go figure.“ Yuri mumbled while running full sprint. “Sounds too inbred royalty to me… dammit! Why can‘t
there be a stop closer to our apartment!! We wouldn‘t have to run like…“

Suddenly Kei comes to a stop. She had been moving awkwardly since they mounted the stairs, but only
now Yuri notices her condition. “What’s wrong?” Yuri asks, only to notice Kei looking at something behind
her. She spins about and comes face to face with “Von Hammer“. Standing on the railing at the far end of
the station, the street below “him“, he watches the two with a strong piercing gaze that brings shivers
down both women’s spines. “His” fists clenched, it stares right at Yuri. “You don‘t know us… she loves
me… she LOVES me.”

As the wind slowly begins to whip up, Yuri quickly grabs Kei and hustles her back down the stairs. “COME
BACK HERE!!“ “Von Hammer” screams, leaping forward at “his” wings extends, quickly moving to cut the
two off from escaping.

Halfway across the platform towards the two, a flash of metal blocks “his” view and a sharp pain stabs
through “his” body. “He” hits the ground rolling, dislodging the all too familiar katana blade from “his” body
that impacted into “him” moments before.

As Kei/Yuri watch, Keiko walks up to her sword and retrieves it, turning to face her opponent as “he” drags
himself to “his” feet, wings stretched out at the ready.

“I’m sorry, but I noticed you heal quickly so I was sure I could stop you without harming you severely.”
Keiko swings her blade freely, pacing “Von Hammer” as she speaks,

“I know it hurts to be so alone, so desperate to find the person you love… you but have to be patient! Let
us find her! Give us some time and we’ll find this Rei for you!”

“LIAR!!“ “Von Hammer” screams, thrusting “his” arms together in front of “himself” to form an “X”, then
thrusting them apart as “his” wings follow suit (thrust together and shot apart releasing blade feathers as
they swing open).

Keiko quickly dodges, her body dropping back as she lets the blades fly over her.

Hitting the ground, she rolls and is back on her feet fast. Again, and again, more and more volleys of razor
feathers fly, but Keiko manages to stay two steps ahead, finally gettingclose enough to knock “Von
Hammer’s” feet out from under “him”, dropping her opponent to the ground. She quickly jumps on top,
straddling “him” as she points her sword to the neck. “I don’t want to hurt you but you’re becoming
irrational! If you just let us help you, we can…”

With another scream, “he” throws Keiko off and seconds later takes off again into the sky, slower than
usual after yesterday’s incident as he makes good “his” escape.

As eyes turn skyward, Kei feels something different. Inside she felt a flash of insight, and she knew
instinctively what “she” (“Von Hammer”) was thinking. “She’s ready to end it… she’s beginning to think of
committing suicide… again.”

* * * * * *

They were at the local high school now, as night fell.

This was where they needed to be. That’s what the Command Center report indicated.

“The girl in question is one Eliza McKinney. She went to high school in Citadel City in the 22nd Century.
Apparently she had a relationship with her adopted sister (Rei), but she vanished one day and it drove
Eliza to despair, and eventually suicide without her “significant other”. She’s no doubt searching for her
lover now from what I can figure of this case. Apparently she thinks she was murdered and hopes she
ended up here just like her when she died.”

“Where is she?” Nina asked, “Where’s this Rei?”

“Rei Fujioka McKinney. We’re still checking reports, but it’ll take awhile to clear up all the paperwork (and
believe you me when it comes to tracking “Normals“ there‘s always a ton of paperwork). Additionally
information from the waking world is always sketchy so we need to root through all the false positives
before we can come up with a clear idea as to where she is.”

One thing, however, was clear. If Eliza was considering suicide she would return to the place she died in
the waking world -- here.

“The scene of the crime, so to speak.” Yuri notes sadly, her arms wrapping around Kei as she lowers her
head onto Kei’s shoulder. “God this is driving me crazy.”

In truth she was scared out of her mind. She didn’t know if they could stop her from commiting suicide, if
such a thing was even possible. “Can somebody die twice?“ she muttered, her eyes closed tight as she
held Kei close to her.

Thankfully Kei wasn’t saying a word. Silently she stood there in Yuri’s grasp, which was good in Yuri’s
opinion since she was uncertain if she could answer any of Kei’s pointed questinos with a honest
answer, or if she would just end up coddling her feelings with lies and half truths. She did want to believe
that he had a plan, true, as long as somebody didn’t expect her to come up with the “plan”.

Suddenly she hissed beneath her breath, teeth clenched tight. This was turning out to be a lousy way to
start their trouble shooting business if she was so quick to palm off her responsibilities to others, if she
couldn’t muster the strength to be one of the so called “professionals” capable of handling these
situations she wondered if she could ever run a business like this at all.

“Here we go again, Round 3 --” Nina sighs, cutting through the haze of Yuri’s thoughts as she noted the
green haired woman pointing her pulse rifle up abit skywards, her eyes quickly scanning the skyline
above, “Hate this part.”

“What's with the honkin' big flyswatter?” Keiko goaded as she motioned towards the giant pulse rifle in her
hand, “Did “Von Hammer” give you a complex after last time?”

Nina - “Shut up or I‘ll swat you!”

“Behave, children, behave.” Eve gently motions, keeping the two apart.

“Do we actually know what we’re doing this time?” Nina asks as she looks about again for their target, “If
she’s desperate enough to die then she’ll have no qualms over killing us to achieve her goal. So why do I
have this bad feeling we’re about to offer ourselves up like human sacrifices just before the big luau

“We know what we’re doing.” Yuri replies quickly, even if she was dead on certain that she knew that she
knew nothing about what she was doing. Still a little dash of false bravado was better than a lot of truthful
skepticism on her part. “Give us some credit for having the situation well in hand and under control. Or do
you want that poor girl’s second death (if it is possible to die twice) to be on your conscience?”

“Don’t play the guilt card now…” Nina grumbles, “What about Jack? Didn‘t he say…“

Her voice fails, her head turning sharply as the wind shifts, everything falling silent all about them, “She’s

The wind begins to pick up and grow stronger. “She’s definitely here.” Nina sighs, spinning about to come
face to face with “Von Hammer” as “he” comes into view.

Her metallic steel feather wings spread wide, “Von Hammer“ touches onto the top level of one of the
school buildings, her eyes boring down on the group below her.

“Leave me alone.” “she” whispers, in her own voice, “I just want to go away.”

Before anyone could react she quickly lunges forward, her wings swinging hard generating a hard gust of
“Hurricane Force” winds downwards and into them, knocking everyone off their feet.

Keiko hit’s the ground, rolling with the “blast” until she comes back onto her feet quickly, "SHE'S TRYING
hand automatically grasping her katana hilt, thumb snapping open the sheath clasp for a quick blade

“Yell louder!” Nina shrieked from her prone upside down position, “I don’t think half the city heard you!”

Yuri scrambled to regain her feet, her head spinning slightly as she felt a cold breeze blow across her.
Her thoughts were muddled, but she barely managed to spit out her thoughts into vocalization. “It might be
“Von Hammer” --” she rasped, “But I just feel cold all of a sudden…”

Quickly spinning about, Yuri focuses again on her “target”, her legs moving as if on auto pilot as she jerks
her body forward into a cold run, her eyesight wobbling abit as she struggled to keep her feet under her as
she ran straight at “Von Hammer” as she lands on the ground (wings furling up to rest as she does). “Von
Hammer” touched down on the ground, barely noticing her opponents as she turned and walked towards
the nearby school building.


Before she could react, she was tackled down by Yuri, her arms wrapping about her holding her wings
tightly shut in rest mode (keeping “him” from unfurling the metallic wings to use against them. As “he”
struggles against her grip, Yuri screams "STOP IT, DAMN YOU!! WHINEY BITCH!! IF YOU DIE YOU’LL

“Von Hammer” screams, trying harder and harder to break free -- but only for awhile.

Yuri’s eyes blurred, sweat dripping down into her sight as she struggled, her whole body slowly
weakening under the intense resistance. She was dead certain that she couldn’t hold on much longer,
that one slip of her grip and she could be cut apart by the sharp metallic wings capable of piercing metal
and rock. Yet, despite her fear, she was more afraid of letting go than she was of holding on… so hold on
she did.

Slowly, however, she began to feel resistance ebbing and slowing. Slowly but surely her opponent was
weakening, her struggles lessening and lessening until at last she could no longer resist. Sobbing she
came to a stop in Yuri‘s arms, unable to resist anymore.

Yuri still holding tightly on for her (and “Von Hammer’s”) life, slowly began to catch her breath, words
tumbling out of her mouth as if she was on auto pilot. "It's alright… It’s OK…” (breath gasping between
short sentences) “It’s all… going to be… OK now…" Yuri slowly whispers, her breath slowing as she
reaches a hand up to pull at “his” face, slowly but surely tugging the fake “image” away to reveal a more
feminine face beneath.

As the young woman beneath cries, her armor begins to crack, coming apart piece by piece until all that’s
left is a confused, crying young woman in Yuri‘s arms.

She turns, and throws herself into Yuri’s arms allowing the older woman to hold her tightly. “Please make
it stop -- make it stop hurting -- I don’t want to be without Rei -- she promised she loved me --“ (looks into
Yuri’s eyes) “Am I ugly? Am I not pretty enough to be loved?“

Briefly thoughts of Kei, asking the same question, came to mind, and the answer she had for Kei came
again, “You’re a beautiful young woman, very very beautiful…“

Their lips briefly touch, a brief stab of guilty passing Yuri’s thoughts, but only briefly as her “prisoner” pulls
out of Yuri’s kiss. Her eyes watery, she tensely shakes her head.

“I promised myself to Rei. Only she can kiss me.“

At that moment two more arms wrap around them both, and a soft voice whispers

“Then I‘m the luckiest woman in the world to have a lover like you.”

Yuri stands up, allowing the two lovers to embrace and kiss. Eliza sobbing as she holds Rei tightly, afraid
that she’d evaporate if she let go even for a second. “It's alright. I'm here -- don't be afraid -- I’m not going
anywhere -- never again.”

Keiko motions for everyone to leave, allowing the two their privacy.

The last thing they could hear was Eliza’s sobbing, and the woman Rei‘s voice as they walked away from
the schoolyard.

“It's OK -- it's alright now-- it's alright my love -- my precious --”

* * * * * *

Inside the medico shuttle the girl lies trembling in the stretcher as Rei sits near her, holding her hand. “I
won’t leave your side. We’ll be together through all of this.

I promise.“

“I couldn’t stop -- doing those things -- being angry -- mad at the world -- at myself.” she muttered, eyes
drooping as the drugs took effect, making her sleepy. But not before she managed to blurt out the
circumstances of her “condition”.

“The body was easy -- I stole a magical item that allowed me to make that form -- to hide in.” she
muttered, eyes slowly wavering close even as her grip on Rei’s hand tightened. “Spells were next -- and I
found a black market spelldealer who didn’t mind -- “surrendering“ -- his best spells -- like “Hurricane
Force“ -- when he saw me -- Von Hammer -- the thing I became --”

“Don’t push too hard, precious, let the medication take effect.” Rei whispered, but Eliza continued on,
struggling for awakeness as she spoke, “learning the rest -- flying -- throwing those metal -- things --
came once I learned more about -- the thing -- I saw once in a dream and became -- fascinated by.“
(stops, chokes abit before continuing, Rei‘s hands gently comforting her as she struggled to speak) “Rei
loves angels -- I wanted to be -- her angel -- that’s when I dreamed of a -- flawed angel -- and felt it was --
an obtainable dream -- since I could never be perfect enough to be a real --”

“You’re perfect to me.” Rei whispers, leaning forward to give strength and comfort to her lover as she
tearfully admits to everything. “You’ll always be my perfect angel.”

Eliza blushed a little, hearing every word even as her mind began to “shut“ down for “rest“. “I didn’t want to
hurt people -- but it couldn’t stop being so angry -- people broke us apart -- they didn’t want us to be happy
-- it wouldn’t stop -- am I going to prison?”

“No.“ Keiko notes, “But I do want you to see a psychiatrist for awhile. Get some help -- if you’re feeling up
to it.”

Slowly Eliza nods her head in compliance, “I killed somebody -- didn’t I -- I killed --”

A flash of light fills the void in the shuttle briefly, leaving Eliza abit blank _expression “What was I…”, and
then nothing. Sleep overtook her at last.

Keiko steps out of the transport and motions for the crew to enter. Jack was waiting for her as she
stepped off the transport. “Nice mindwipe, by the way.“ she motioned back the way she came, only to be
greeted by an entirely guiltless _expression from Lazarus, “Who, me?“

Keiko didn‘t bother trying to correct him. “Well in anycase it’s going down in my report that the death of the
pilot earlier --”

“What death?” Jack asked, bringing a curious grin to Keiko’s face. “-- so you didn‘t wipe her mem --”

He holds up a small black sphere, an object that looked eerily like a cat’s eye. “More or less I might have
done “something” in that regard. One wish and we had one formerly dead pilot asking for dinner.” (a quick
jostle of his arm and he tosses eye up, only to catch it midfall) “Guess being dead doesn’t always mean
you have to remain dead.”

“Especially if you know where to shop for your magical items.” Keiko finishes, a bit of a smile warming her
worried features as she nods her approval of Jack’s thinking (and the lifting of a small burden from her
shoulders). “It’s just as well. After all that girl’s been through she doesn’t need the additional pain of being
put up on murder charges.”

Silence fills the void between them as the two walk away from the shuttle as it takes off.

* * * * * *

Yuri - “HEY!!” (silence) “…we didn’t have a sex scene this episode!!”

Kei - “Mahyble pehple ahr…”

Yuri - “Choke the ice cream down before you insult me.”

Kei - “…(gulp)…” (blinks) “…mphmpmmgpmpm.”

Yuri - “What the hell is that su…” (!) “…oh.” (uncovers Kei’s mouth)

Kei - “Maybe people are just tired of watching you fucking around in bed.”

Yuri - “…up yours…”

Kei - “Every episode.” (sighs) “Final episode has the sexual content. We just needed to finish the story…
such as it is.”

Yuri - "Oh. That's no fun."

Kei - "And you complain about me being oversexed."

Yuri - "-_-"

To Be Concluded.

© 2006 David Rasmussen

Besides being a fiction writer David also does extensive review and interview work. His specialty is
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