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Freelancers - Chapter 4
By  David Rasmussen

“Thank you for shopping at RealmGamer, please come again!” Yuri cheerfully says, motioning
towards the door as yet another satisfied customer leave. As the doors swhoosh close she collapses
her head onto the counter and moans “My life has become a Di Gi Charat parody! Goddess this

“Want me to…” Kei hints as she glances to the left, then to the right, then up and down before once
again motioning for oral sex.

Yuri, not in the mood to be arrested for public indecency (which is a no-no even in a Realm of
Dreams) looks at Kei as if she was out of her mind, pushing Kei away with one hand. “Please go
stock the shelves or something, willya. Anything to keep your pants on.”

“Oooooooh-kay.” Kei responds, wandering off to stock something.

And, with that, silence once again reigns in the little shop. Except for the sound of things being put
on the shelves it was rather silent. It takes five minutes for Kei to finish stocking the shelves, ten
minutes for the silence to be broken by another visual “aid” as she motions again for oral sex.

This day couldn’t end fast enough in Yuri’s opinion. Seven hours to go before the two will reach the
comfort of home and jump into bed stripping off their clothes like mad. “It’s going to be a long day.”
Yuri moans in defeat, banging her head into the counter twice to signal her willingness to admit
defeat at the situation.

Clearly today was going to get the better of her, and she had such hopes for today too.

That’s when things went from bad to worst as a woman with short wavy green hair, wearing an
Alliance Officer’s uniform, and another woman with short trimmed black hair, wearing a Judgment
uniform, entered the store.

The mere sight of them alone set off a ton of warning alarms in Yuri’s head, of which the two wasted
in time in proving Yuri’s worries to be right on the money accurate (despite the fact that the footage
they bought with them didn’t seem to phase either one of them).

“Yeah. I saw that. So?” Yuri notes blandly, staring at it without much interest.

Kei, on the other hand, hops up and down and says “Show me the next episode!!”

Keiko, looking at Kei severely, motions back to the footage quickly remarking “It‘s real,
et over it.” before going on. “Von Hammer’s appearance yesterday wasn’t a fluke.

He’s here for a specific reason, or to be more precise a specific person.”

“So what does that have to do with --“ stops, turns and realizes that the two were staring
right at Kei, “-- OH NO! NO NO NO!!“ Yuri cries, grabbing the two and beginning to
push them towards the door, “Thank you for NOT shopping at RealmGames! Go away!“

Nina, barely managing to snatch up her viewer again (out of Kei’s grasping fingers)
shoves it into her pocket as she yells “We’re here for her safety, dammit! Stop shoving!!“

If that was supposed to settle Yuri‘s nerves it did no such thing, in fact it did the opposite. “We’ll
feel tons safer once you’re gone!“

“I know that name.“ Kei suddenly says, all eyes turning towards her. She quickly picks up
a data pad and jots down a name, and shows it. “Names are hard to remember, but e-mails
are easy.” Kei notes with abit of pride.

“What! You mean you knew that bastard?“ Yuri began, only to be stopped by Kei who
announced “He was in the same chat group as me and we swapped gifts now and then.“

Yuri didn‘t like the sound of that. “G-g-gifts?“

“Uh-huh!” Kei exclaimed with a smile on her face, “Sweet things like virus crushers, firewall
breakers, Nude Raider codes and other stuff. My favorite is still the Legend of Zelda code he got me
for Animal Crossing… sweet!“

Everyone (except Kei) sighs. “Is she for real?“ Nina asks.

“Yeah. That’s her idea of “Sweet” alright.“ Yuri moans. “She gave me a nude code once for DOA
Xtreme Beach Volleyball… which was actually sweet.”

“Is not… well, is too but…“ Keiko remarks with a bit of surprise in her voice, to which Yuri picks up
the topic once again. “Oh-kay. Anyway as for this so called Von…“

“It’s fun when it gets all over your face as I have my face into Yuri’s cunt and there’s
chocolate everywhere and she cums and…“ Yuri’s hand clamps over Kei’s mouth fast, her face a
bright crimson red.

Kei : “mmpmgmpmgmppmgmmm…“ (holds hand up requesting to speak)

Yuri sweatdrops. “Zip it.“ she groans, pinching two fingers and pulling them across Kei’s face as if
zipping up something. She nods her head (Yuri’s hand still fastened to her mouth) as she repeats
the same “zipping” motion. Carefully, Yuri removes her hand and is greeted with silence. Sighing,
she turns back to their two “guests”. “Let’s take this in back, it’s breaktime anyway.”

Nobody had any protests to continuing to talk in the employee “lounge”, and away from the prying
eyes of would be customers.


The “lounge” was nothing more than a small room with a small fridge, a small burner, a couch, a
table and a few chairs. Still, it was suitable enough just as long as they didn’t continue the
conversation in front of the public at large (even if the store was empty and now locked for a five
minute “break“).

Kei, for her part, sat silently watching the others talk, her feet kicking in the air quietly as
she watched. “She's my fiancee.” Yuri finishes. “Once we’re rich enough we plan to make it all legal
and have a church wedding and everything.”

Keiko/Nina first exchange glances, then turned to look the two square in the eyes.

“Well you two certainly didn't waste anytime did you.” Nina shoots out, “Not that we needed to know
all that to protect her. But still --“ (glances nervously at Kei)

“She’s abit… talkative about… it, isn’t she.“

“She’s talkative about all the WRONG things.“ Yuri answers truthfully. “But I love her all the same.“

“Think she’ll tell me if you two ever -- OUCH!!” (Nina grabs her head as Keiko flexes her hand, after
hitting Nina on the head) “What was that for?!?”

“Your big mouth.” Keiko retorts truthfully.

"Well I bet she would if I asked!" Nina complained, her hand rubbing the spot on her head where
Keiko hit her.

Keiko : "Just because you think it, it doesn't mean you have to spit out the first dirty nasty thing
that comes to mind!" And with that and a resentful sigh, Keiko carefully pushes thoughts of Nina
aside to get back to the talk with Yuri. "It's important that we get your help in stopping Von Hammer
before he causes anymore damage or deaths."

"I don't know." Yuri answers, abit of fear tainting her words "It’s too much danger that your
expecting me to put Kei in… way too much. One day I woke up and found that I fell in love with the
one person I never thought I would feel that way about… and now your expecting me to put her life
in danger? I can‘t do that!“

“Her life won’t be in any danger,” Kei assures her, “…but…”

“Can you really assure me of that?” Yuri shot straight at Keiko, her gaze locking right on her as she
did. “Can you eliminate all doubt in my mind that there is even the slightest chance that she won’t
be harmed if I went along with this?”

“Give me a second.“ she asks, and with that Keiko leans back, and begins to lay her thoughts out
trying to formulate a plan of attack. “What is she doing?” Yuri asks.

“I don't know.” Nina replies, shrugging her shoulders, “Today's the first day I ever worked with her.”

“Mpmmpm…” Kei mumbles, before she falls silent and says in her “thoughts”

’What is she doing?’

“How should I know… dammit!” Yuri gasps, realizing she was talking out loud when Kei
was talking by thoughts.

Soon after they arrived Kei had herself “augmented” with wetware, and soon convinced Yuri to do
likewise. Because of this and their close bond, the two soon became able to “talk” to each other
mind-to-mind, or to be more precise wetware to wetware. By simply thinking out to one another, the
two could communicate silently without words.

They didn’t do it much, and only did it from time to time when they wanted to keep their words to
each other alone.

“If it‘s me? I think she‘s zoning out.” Nina notes, tapping Keiko on the head, “Must be hormones --
maybe it's that time of month for her.”

“Is she hungry?” Flaya asks, “I'm hungry.”

“Didn‘t we leave you outside?” Nina remarks, noticing the ravenous pink wolf girl has joined them
inside the lounge. “Make me more food!“ Flaya asks, tugging on Nina’s arm as she turns to look at
Keiko “Is Keiko tired? Maybe she’s hungry.“

“I can hear perfectly well, mind you. Don't talk like I left the room or something.”

At this everyone blushes at Keiko’s remarks, “That time of month my ass. And I was thinking about
how Kei can help us. Though after repeated mentions of it I could be hungry if I think about it. Must
be about lunchtime and…“

“KEIKO!!” Nina growls, “Are you doing this to irk me!?”

“Oh, right, never mind.“ Keiko sighs, pacing the room abit. “I can promise that she won’t come to
any harm if you at least think about helping us! Somehow Von Hammer doesn’t seem to notice her
presence, despite the fact he’s hot to find her… maybe the reverse might not be true. Maybe she
CAN sense him while he can’t sense her?“

“That’s a bunch of rhetorical nonsense!” Yuri shot back, eyes narrowing, “Give me one good reason
why I should…”

“I'm game.“ Kei announces, turning to go back into the store as Yuri glares at her back in shock and
dismay. “KEI-CHAN!!“

“I want to climb a new mountain!“ Kei announces, turning back to smile at Yuri briefly before going
back into the store, “I felt him. I’m sure of it! Just like she said, I have a feeling I can sense him!
So I want to be in on this and climb this mountain!“

An awkward silence fills the air as Kei leaves the room, leaving Yuri rather shaken up.

“At least let me finish my rant before you jump in like that!!"


“You have got to be kidding me!” Yuri growled, feeding her face as she glared at Kei‘s calm features.
She had lured Kei back inside the employee lounge to talk the situation out as Keiko/Nina watched
the store for them. Kei was happily eating yet unphased by Yuri‘s

nervous attitude. “I'll do it, and it’ll be fun.” Kei replies, “I felt him before -- at least I’m sure I did --
and when I say feel I mean in a totally JedI-esque experience and not the yank yank grab grab of his
privates felt. And anyway if we can’t do it that way I’ll just wing it and it’ll be a total blast! Not to
mention we can nail a whole fistful of credits being involved in this kind of mega-caper!”

“CREDITS WON‘T MEAN SHIT IF YOU‘RE DEAD!! I--” Yuri falls silent as Kei smiles, motioning for
her to come closer for a hug. As she slides her arms around Yuri and holds her, she whispers “I won
‘t die that easily. You know that.”

For a few seconds a fresh new awkward silence fills the air, then, slowly, Kei speaks. “If you don't
want me to do this I'll understand. But I’m a grown girl now and I want to do more for our future
together. The faster we rake together credit’s the quicker we get married -- you promised me that,

“I know! I know! But…“

“I want to do it, Yuri-chan. You'll help too, right? It’ll set us on the road towards our wedding day!

Caught in the strong gaze of her young love, Yuri could only nod her head slightly, agreeing without
further argument to Kei’s request.

Kei : “Can we do…“ (motions for oral sex) “…now?”

Yuri sighs and shoves Kei back abit, “Finish eating and then I‘ll think about it.”

Kei : “It‘ll only be a short…”

Abit of silence passes between them before Yuri groans, pushing Kei over to the couch and sitting
next to her, grabbing a loose quilt to cover them.

“I’m not tired!” Kei grumbled, Yuri’s fingers pressing Kei’s lips close as she pushes her onto her
back. For long seconds they remained that way, Kei filled with uncertainity, until she felt two fingers
slowly touch her sex rubbing back and forth. Her eyes slowly widening, she presses back into the
couch cushions, legs spreading beneath the quilt as she hooks an arm around Yuri’s shoulders to
pull her closer.

Yuri stops suddenly, disappearing beneath the quilt as she pulls Kei’s pants off underneath the
covers, “Alright! You wore me down…” she grumbled, fussing beneath the giant quilt, her hands
squeezing Kei‘s buttocks as her pants fell away with a kick of Kei’s feet. Yuri rolls herself back into
sitting, pulling Kei close into a sitting position as she drops one hand down onto the brainy younger
lover’s sex, rubbing it as her free arm wraps around Kei to keep her close. “You know I can‘t resist
rubbing your little cunt anyway, you sexy beast.“

“-- yuri --“ Kei sobs, her voice betraying her as Yuri increases the pace and tempo of her strokes on
Kei‘s womanhood. One arm tries to wrap around Yuri, as her own hand reaches down to embrace the
older woman’s sex with her eager digits. Both women’s eyes squeeze tightly close as they began to
reach each other deeply.

Subconsciously Yuri begins to wiggle her bottoms off, giving Kei more and more access to her wet
sex. After long moments Yuri, teary eyed, pushes Kei sideways rasping “Goddess! Come here!!” Her
hands grab Kei’s legs, pulling her sex to her hungry lips as she falls onto her back, greedily feeding
herself her waiting prize, tongue wagging.

The instant contact is made Kei cries out, muffling her voice by scrambling to take Yuri’s sex into
her mouth even as her’s is devoured whole and completely by her lover.

Their tongues lapped faster and faster, each slipping into the velvet softness of her lover’s intimacy
in turn, slurping the build up of pre cum juices that was stirred by their rubbing as their bodies
began to arch and strain slowly towards the edge of orgasmic release.

Yuri grasps Kei’s bottom tight, forcing her tongue deeper and deeper into Kei’s pulsing sex,
devouring deeper into her love, as she feels Kei do likewise.

The moment seemingly lasts forever and ever. Each girl’s tongue flailing madly until -- finally -- with
a muffled soul searing groan, each woman releases her pent up passions down the other one’s
throats. Whimpering, they each thrash in the grip of the other, shoving each other’s sex to their
mouths to drink every last drop, savoring each other’s flavor for every last possible second until they
were both drained.

Finally it seemed as if they couldn’t move anymore. With soft whimpers Yuri could feel Kei sob
above her, her face gently pushing back and forth on her sex, a drop like a tear falling on one side of
her sex. Yuri, drawing her remaining strength, slowly moves Kei around to hold her face to face in
her arms, sated. “Happy now?” Yuri whispers.

Kei smiles, Yuri’s juices dribbling down her lips as she calmly stares into her eyes, “Thank you.”
The two kiss, smothering their efforts onto each other’s faces as they play tongue tag, feeling their
strength slowly returning.


Meanwhile, back at the counter…

Nina shrugs, looking for more customers to arrive as they eat at the counter. “How long are they
going to leave us here?“

Keiko : “Shush. Eat your food. I like it better when you eat…“ (munch munch) “…less talking.”

Nina : “Just how many more hours are there left anyway?“

Keiko : “Three.“

Nina : “Can I just crawl under the counter and fall asleep --?”

Keiko : “Here.“ (motions for Nina to come forward) “Let me kill you and make that nap

permanent. I‘ll dispose of the corpse on the way home.“

Nina : “What happens if a customer comes in and we don’t know what the hell they’re

asking for?“

Keiko : “Why would that happen? You look like a nerd so why wouldn‘t you know the entire content
of this store.“

Nina : “Fuck you.”

Keiko : “Don‘t you get any at home?” (munch munch)

Nina : “How long were they going to talk again?”

Keiko : “You don‘t really believe they‘re still talking, do you.”

Nina stops talking after that.

To Be Continued…

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Freelancers - Chapter 4
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