Full Circle
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Full Circle
by E. Craft

If she was heat incarnate, he was the chill of glacier ice. If she was the sun, he was the stars. They stood
stark against one another, her skin dark and sun kissed under her pretty little dress while his was pale as the
moon. But like most opposites, the universe pulled them together until they stood staring wide-eyed at one

In the crowd the pair only had eyes for one another. She knew him like her own soul. He knew what her
favorite color was and what products she used in her hair, every last little detail of her filled him like helium in
a balloon.

How long has it been? A year? Two? Three?

The years since they had seen each other last stopped meaning anything, coming full circle to that moment.
In this congested nightclub, smelling of sweat and alcohol they had found each other once more.

"You look good," he said, drinking in the sight of her like red wine. The last time he had seen her and her
head of long curly hair, it was walking away from him.

"I know." She smiled, her bright white teeth flashing in club's throbbing lights.

The world that had slowed when they had come close again caught up with them again. There was the music
and the lights and the people. But there she finally was. There he was. The world sped back up, a pulsing
beat in time with the pump of his speeding heart.

He was hesitant, his body pressed closer to her as the crowd surged around them. The scent of her skin,
floral perfume and fancy shampoo, filled his nose. He could have drowned in her smell, memories and old
feelings flooding over him on waves. Lost in the memory of her every curve and edge, his hand found their
way to her hips.

Instead of pulling away like he expected her to, she leaned closer into him. Her hand on his cheek was a
lifesaver in his daze.

People are like puzzle pieces and they fit together perfectly.

He almost did not react when her lips met his. It was not until the taste of familiar lip balm touched his tongue
that he found his hands curled up in her long hair, kissing her like a man gasping for air.  He pressed his
body as close to her's as he could, as if wishing they could become one among the crowd.

She had the same idea, pulling away from the deep kiss. One look of those dark eyes and that crooked smile
told him that she had something delicious on her mind.

A vision in her skintight dress, she led him by the hand through the club. The bodies around them seemed to
melt away around her, giving way for the determined look in her pretty face.

He whispered her name when they reached the side hallway in the club. It was shabby, the walls covered in
faded red wallpaper and trying less to be edging.  The music was muffled here, a distant din. With just a short
walk, the pair thought they had entered a world much different than the club they had met in.  There was
something in his eyes when he gazed at her in the dim lighting. A chill ran down her spine that had little to do
with the temperature and everything to do with the dark-haired man in front of her.

It was him that broke the silence and the distance between them.  In a burst of courage, he stepped forward
pressing a deep kiss to her lips. She hesitated before returning the favor with gusto. The man pressed
against he had never been talkative but when he kissed her she thought for a moment she could hear a choir
sing. His lips were chapped against her’s, but tasted his favorite mixed drink.

Their inhibitions melted away like the years behind them. Roughly, he pushed her against the nearest door.
They stumbled into the men’s room, a tangle of limbs and fell into the far stall.  The room was empty and
silent. The only sound in the tiled bathroom was her moaning against his kiss.

He had her pressed against the bathroom wall. The tile was hard against her bare back, but his clothed cock
was harder pressed against her thigh. When their lips separated, the eyes that gazed down on her were
those of the lover she remembered so fondly. Those blue eyes held desire in their depths and she wanted to
drown in them.

“I want you,” he whispered, voice husky in the hushed room.

She could not speak, taken aback by the affection. The only thing she could manage was a quick nod.
He smiled a bit like a cat with a mouse. Their lips met one another like a lover’s embrace, but not for long. He
trailed wet kisses down her flesh, admiring every mark on her smooth skin. Despite her dark complexion,
deep freckles riddled her neck and shoulders. She had often complained about them but he likened them to
night sky stars.

Studying them for just a moment, he placed a wet kiss on one, then another. She let her head fall back
against the tile, going limp under his gentle touch. Then smiling against her skin, he latched himself on her
dark throat, sucking and nibbling. Her eyes shot open, a tremor of pleasure going down her spine. Then with
an audible POP, he pulled away, admiring the dark bruise that was already forming on her skin.

“Careful,” she murmured, eyes towards the ceiling as he sucked another place on her throat. Though her
words seemed to fall flat when punctuated by tiny gasps.

“I am.”  He smirked against the soft crook of her neck and shoulder. His body was so solid against her as he
made her squirm against the wall with each tender touch. “Do.. you want to..,” he asked her sensitive flesh.
She pushed him away, scrutinizing his face with bright amber eyes. “Are you fucking kidding me? Of course I
do.” It was her that wrapped her hands in his shaggy hair, bringing him in for a heavy kiss. However, it was
him that kept his hands busy as they embraced, slipping a rough hand up under her dress.

She gasped into their kiss as his hands found the thin fabric of her panties. Her face reddened and she was
glad for a moment he could not see her blush. That was all forgotten as soon as he slipped a deft hand under
the panties and against her wet core.

“O-oh!” She let out a moan. It had been so long since his hands had touched her. They fit together so well,
as if they were made as one then broken apart. His fingertips brushed artfully against her swollen bud,
enticing noises likened more to songs than moaning. Pleasure set her body aflame, the flame's core at his
palm. Her hips rolled forward into his touch, crashing against his own. It was apparent he was enjoying
himself. Even through the thick fabric, she could feel his dick throbbing with needy.

“You seem ready,” he said, smirking a little. She wanted to smack his smug face if he was not so skilled at
making her thoughts muddle with his fingers.

“Y-yeah. Pl-please.”

Without hesitating, he pulled her panties down and hiked up her dress so it sat bunched up around her hips.
He freed his cock from his pants, letting it stand rigid. In the florescent light, she could clearly make out the
drop of pre-cum beading on the tip.

“Bend over,” he murmured, his voice rasping like he had just woken up.

She obeyed, leaning against the guard rails in the stall for support.

It had been years since they had last seen each other. It had been years since she had kissed him. It had
been years since they had made love. That was the night that they did many things for the first time in years.
He slipped his stiff cock inside her, letting out a shuddering breath as he settled. “Are you still okay?”
“O-of course! I'm not some blushing vir-virgin,”she snapped at him.

He smiled, though she could not see it with her back to him. Then he pulled out, noting how she shivered as
he moved, and pushed back into her. His tempo was dizzying to her, sending shocking tingles through her
curvy body. He reached around, toying with her bloated clit gently.  A gasp escaped her lips. He remembered
exactly how she liked it.

She was not aware of the noises she was making, swept away in the feeling of his skin on her's and the heat
pooling in her stomach. Her hands were white-knuckled gripped around the rails on the walls, each thrust of
his thick cock sending her eyes rolling back into her head.

A line of sweat ran down her bare back, uncovered by her slinky dress. Hungry and gasping, he leaned over
her lithe body, pressing a wet kiss on her back. His thrusting became erratic, pounding deep into her. The
hand caressing her throbbing bud stuttered, pleasure spiking her head like hard liquor.

Desperate for some sort of release, she whined resting her head on the rails that still she had in a death-grip.
She thrusted her hips back onto him, pulling a stuttering groan from his lips.

“G-god,” he groaned through clenched teeth, “I've missed you. I l-love y-,” He gasped, cut short by his own

The words sent a thrill through her, crashing into a wave of heated delight that swept her away. Beautiful
clenching pressure built inside of her until- “I love you too!,” she cried out as she came. For a moment the
world fell from under her, her orgasm wiping it all away.

He sighed, pulling out of her and catching her as she stumbled. “Are you alright,” he asked, pulling her close
to him.

She shuddered against him, breathing in the scent of sex and his skin. “I think..I'm more than alright.”
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