Gimme a Tequila (part two)
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

Gimme a Tequila (part two)
by Julian

Little of her dignity remained and somehow she realized she had changed somewhere in the
night. It may have been when that Japanese skier followed her into the bathroom -- He was
wearing a tattoo of the medal won in Italy this past winter Olympics. -- fingering her through her
boy-shorts. He had helped her reach through the Lycra of her camel-toe and made her clit
bounce and dance on his spinning fingertips and with the kisses on her neck; she shuddered
through a nice orgasm. All she had come to do was brush out the confetti in her hair in
privacy, and this delight had occurred. She didn't even know his name, just his story and
sordid touch. And as she thinks she lost her top, pussy juices leaking into the molded
camel-toe of her wet pussy mound, she continued filming everyone just wearing her boy-shorts
cupped to her ass cheeks. The heels clicking about the house and she wove between the
naked, fucking couples and groups of men, women and every combination therein.

Or it could have been when she slipped into the bedroom as a couple of lovers exited the
room, arms around each other, perhaps happy no one had watched them consummating their
personal delight and desire. As she slipped out of her shorts she felt a tongue drop quickly
into her pussy mound. Aching to be touched again, Paulina stayed bent over, the fingers
clenching her cheeks, spreading them and pushing an inhaling nose into the exposed anus.
Then the tongue quickened on her lips and circled her juicing pussy, moving her clitty faster,
spinning the sensitive, tender bud and making her breath speed up. A gasp escaped her
teeth, fingernails dug into the tender flesh of her ass cheeks again, and Paulina came again.
She reveled in the delight she received anonymously, and did not wonder why, but just smiled.
Shaking her hair, she looked back over her shoulder to see a woman's smooth, pear-shaped
figure leaving the room. She didn't notice the color of her hair to figure out which lover it had
been, but focused on the fact that a naked woman had just knelt behind her and slipped her
face into her ass to lick the hostess to a beautiful, lip-biting orgasm.


5:00 a.m.

Paulina had just found herself a chance to shower as the last of her guest were leaving, the
multitudes kissing her naked-but-for-her-heels body in unimaginable places. She spied a
glance to the wall of the many Polaroid's taken of her sucking cocks, licking balls of strange
men and fingering or licking unknown women. A few unconscious bodies lay naked tangled in
limbs or connected by stains of splashed sexual sauces. In a private bathroom she slipped out
of her heels and down into her bare feet, the water cascading over her perfect breast, smooth
belly, and now, smoothly shaved pussy. As she fingered herself and stroked the bare skin,
circling the clit and gently pinching it, she wondered where her landing strip went. Then it
dawned on her...

"Let's just shave it smooth babe... don't worry. No one's going to love it more than I will." It was
a honeyed voice with a Texas drawl, a vacationing oil tycoon's son who ached to shave and
lick her pussy. He fingered her deep and fast as he slipped a razor over the landing strip,
taking her hair as his pelt and prize, his tongue digging deeper inside her hot, wet cunt. It was
then that she realized his light-skinned, African-American lover had been the one holding her
ass-cheeks open previously, with her fingers again grasping her, while the tycoon's son
clasped her thighs, keeping her wide, and shaved Paulina's ass before licking and fingering it
at the same time. She had been shaved and double penetrated with tongues, fingers and a lot
of saliva, making her cum with teeth chattering gasps and moans.

Her hair was limp over her face and she shampooed her long locks with tender strokes and
tealeaf scents. She smiled, still tingling and shaking from the amoral, amorous lust poured into
and onto her body. It was as if her clit could not resettle inside the pussy mound nor would her
nipples stop being erect. Even the touch of the scalding water made her tremble and shiver
with delight and need. A raw clit, a motion of the water caressing her like the man guest that
night; Paulina smiled again, past the hiss of the door opening, releasing steam into the hallway.

"Miss Paulina", his voice trembled slightly. "Juan and I are done cleaning up. All your guest
have left and we're ready to go."

Julio couldn't help staring at the luscious shape of the woman showering in the enclosed bath.
He was tired, shaking from so many shots and the orgy displaced at his feet and around the
room and over his vision again and again. This was an unbelievable night, and the money
made up for the wealthy woman being unable to give him the promised payment of lust; the
money was compensating enough.

"Alright" she called back softly, "just meet me in the library and start a fire so I can dry off when
you leave. Did you make enough in tips?"

'Did he forget about the blowjob payment I offered this afternoon', she wondered?

"Si senora", he replied, closing the door softly. Her own fingers caressed the smoothness
above her clit, touching the raw tingling button one more time before washing off the smell of
the skier and the Texan, and wanting to be fresh once more. A glimmer tucked itself into her
eyes and she smiled: 'No man forgets being offered a blowjob.'

Licking her lips, reapplying her makeup lightly with lipstick, Paulina dried off, wrapped a towel
over her breast and let the opening reveal her smooth belly and curved hip. Her long legs and
bare feet padded along the carpeting and she was excited, wondering what would happen,
and where was her camera?


She padded into the library softly, thinking about all she had seen, about every drop of
revenge she filmed and every lusty being coursing through her home that night. Paulina
smiled, watching the two men standing amid the glow of the crackling flames, shirtless, slick
with warmth and work of serving people all night long. Neither bothered putting on a t-shirt nor
did they try concealing the obvious bulges in their jeans. A snifter of brandy had been poured
for her, and she smiled.

"I promised to pay you didn't I Julio?"

Paulina knelt, opening her towel, revealing the amazing figure in the firelight of the slightly
darkened room. Her nipples hard as diamonds, and the mound of her pussy bald and smooth,
the clit protruding from between her legs under the shadow of the flat belly. They stared
open-mouthed, this goddess of pleasure, a centerfold come to life, now reaching out to unzip
each man as he stood in place. Small hands and manicured nails opened the copper zippers
from the indigo, fishing into the passage and producing the sprouting cocks into her palms.
She stroked, fondled and pressed the heads of both cocks against her perfect tits, rubbing the
precum onto her skin before lifting them to her mouth. Julio groaned, his hands in her hair,
fingers swirling in the long drying brunette hair while her eyes closed, devouring his hard-on
tasting him. Then she switched to Juan's cock, licking the underside with a smile before
clamping down on it, licking the vein before pushing her head down gobbling him with fervor.
Lapping and moving her head like a machine searching for delight, she consumed, sucked
and swallowed the length of both hard-on's, bouncing each one off her tongue. A fast motion
and a blur of wet hair, and Paulina could almost feel the cock fucking her own throat, still
buzzing from the many shots and the lust of all she'd seen that night. She stuffed and gagged
herself, the heads bouncing onto the back of her throat, her gag-reflex subdued by the brandy
and the horniness coursing through her tight body and her wiggling hot clitty. More strokes
and her hand jacked the two men off, fucking her mouth and fist with the thick fat cocks and
ride them with her open and stretched jaws.

Within moments, both men slid down to the carpeting in front of the fire, stripping off their
jeans from their ankles, surrounding her, licking an errant nipple and sucking the cinnamon
sugar-colored skin, licking the scented bath oil off her with each kiss. Paulina moved, wiggling
as one pair of fingers stroked her so-very-tender clitty and puncturing the seal of her outer
pussy lips, fingering-fucking her hard & deep, calluses surrounded by pink honey and girly lust
pouring out down his fingers and between her thighs and onto the carpeting. She could
already feel the first orgasm shaking her sweet tender body, eyes aflutter, wondering which of
the two bartenders was touching her, and not really caring deep inside, just loving it. Another
pair of fingers stroked her nipples and pinched the undersides of her breast, tugging the
smooth round skin and flicking the hardened buds back between twisting fingers and a wet,
lapping tongue smoothly drooling over her senses spinning out of control. Her hand searched
quickly for the cocks again, wanting to touch them, tug them, feeling them pulsing in her grip
as they had in her mouth and on her palette, in the back of her throat and tongue. Instead, the
darkness was smashed with a strangled gasping, the first orgasm pulsing through her veins,
overheating her and making her shake and jump so hard, Paulina feared shed slip away from
the men.

With their cravings, it would not happen that way tonight.

Seconds later, as the pulsing sensitivity of her finger-fucking collapsed like a balloon deflating,
Paulina found herself on her back, feeling a cock penetrate her smoothly. She looked up,
seeing Juan pushing his hips down, bearing deeper inside her until his balls were nestled on
her asscheeks, buried to the hilt, slowly stirring his hips fucking her as the pleasure she would
be for his lust. Julio knelt beside her head, gathering her hair in his fingers, and tugging her
head upwards, fucking her mouth as her cheek came parallel to the floor, her cheeks deflating
with each stroke of his cock fucking down into her mouth.

Juan pumped, gasping, "Shit Julio! This bitch is good!"

Paulina moved her hips with renewed vigor, fucking back onto the cock stuffed inside her,
moaning as the other cock fucked her mouth faster, using it as she had watched her lover use
his secretary.

"This bitch is gonna get even better, aren't you slut?"

Paulina nodded at the crude commands and vulgar compliments; being used was better than
being alone at that moment. She felt the hands moving quickly, lifting her leg as Juan slid out
of her sopping pussy and placed his juiced-up cock at the entrance of her anus, bearing into it
slowly, moving her cheeks aside to enter her better. Paulina gasped, then felt the cock run off
her chin and away, suddenly slipping back inside her hot clenching pussy, fucking her fast,
deep and hard.

"OH GOD! FUCK YEAH! FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK MEEEE!" Suddenly, she was bawling,
screaming, losing oxygen with each peak her body ran to in search of her ultimate climax.
Paulina clawed the air, gasping and moaning aloud, growling like a beast, fucking for all she
was worth. Both men crushed her body, pounded her passages, tight and willing and gave her
every stroke, every humping their bodies could muster. The balls slapped one another and
suddenly, Paulina felt an orgasm like she'd never felt before, screaming and howling as if she
were running in the moonlight. As her eyes flickered and her body jumped and pulsed, she felt
the cocks pounding mercilessly into her body, fucking her ass and pussy again and again,
pistons driving the engine of her sexual needs and her ache to be enjoyed and to be even.
More convulsions shook the trio, both men grabbing loose carpeting and rolling about, their
cocks unable to relinquish the wonderful burials they enjoyed inside her sexy, willing body. As
her body-quaking orgasm began to reside, her felt both cocks simultaneously belching into her
hot ass and tight cunt, flooding her, the passages barely able to contain all both men poured
into her willingness at that moment.

Spent, the trio collapsed, Paulina between both men splayed out on the carpeting, smiling
softly in the flickering light of the fireplace, staring at the hired help with new eyes, lusting for

"Maybe", she said stroking each bare chest in turn, "Julio needs to be in my ass this time... "


Paulina smiled the next afternoon, her home a wreck, the movie tapes in a stack next to the
Polariods on the wall behind the bar. She found a note that said, 'Somehow Julio & I were able
to take turns filming each other with you. Hope you like the movie.' Another smile crept onto
her lips, and she was wondering which way life would take her next.

© 2011 Julian

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