Girls' Night Out
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Story Codes: FF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism,

by Raoul Izzard

The simple light of a bedside lamp revealed the two women seated on a double bed.  

 Beth was in one of Susan’s borrowed dressing gowns after a soaking from the
downpour.  The damp clothing was on hangers, on chairs, and off wardrobe doors. The
girls had been out shopping and had both bought new outfits. Beth however was not in the
mood. Normally, she was the first girl to spin the bottle but lately, she had been spending
more time at home studying for an Open University course, or so Susan thought. Susan’s
boyfriend, Eddie, had gone down to the shops to get snacks for the big match while the
girls were getting ready to go out. The weekend was their time for themselves. They were
as happy in dance clubs as they were in soul or funk clubs just as long as the drinks
weren’t too steep.

 “Try them both,” said Susan, who was midway applying mascara.

  The red dress was a good fit, but the skirt and boob tube were the dependable
favorites. Her long blond hair, tied in a bob at the back, went well with the red; and her
breasts, which she normally did her best to hide under thick sweaters, seemed pendulous.

 “Don’t you think I look like the dog’s?” said Beth, who was standing in front of the full-
length dresser mirror, suddenly feeling more upbeat for a fresh change of clothing and a
coat of lip gloss. Susan was certain that Beth was really slovenly in her house from the
way she cast everything to the floor as though waiting for some invisible housemaid to
follow in her wake. It took her a real effort to keep the place so tidy.

  “Yes,” said Susan. “That you do.”

  If Susan was asked to sum herself up in two words, she would have said mousy and
anonymous. She was the girl who never said what she wanted, waited while the others got
theirs first, and was destined to end up working in the library tracking down crumbling
tomes for men with halitosis and terminal fashion sense, or at least that is what she felt.

  She couldn‘t help but feel jealous at the way nature had been so generous to her friend.
For a start, Beth had curves that women envied, and they made everything she wore eye-
catching. Susan on red letter days would describe herself as athletic if asked, but the rest
of the time she felt under-endowed. Of course, Beth complained she got the wrong sort of
attention but what other kind was there. And her hair, a luxuriant blonde that went with
everything - it wasn’t fair. Well, Beth, said it was wiry and more like hay than hair. At the
clubs, Beth was always the one getting the most attention, and also the first to reject it.
However it was also true, Susan admitted to herself, that Beth often took the risks while
Susan had stayed with Eddie for the past three years simply because it felt comfortable.

 “Don’t you like the way this skirt rides to the thigh?”

  Beth stood up and glided her finger up her thigh to the hem.

  “I bet Dan would really hate it if he found out you and I had gone clubbing without him.”

  “Well, you did have to pick the jealous type.”

  “Doesn’t like anyone touching these?” said Beth rubbing the peaks that indented the red
cotton of her boob tube like raspberries on a fondue.

  Susan gulped. It was hard not to want to compare the fullness of flesh and the
impertinence of each point. She crossed her arms.

  “Just thinking about him spoils my night,” said Beth, looking over at her friend. Then a
look came across her face, a cross between a naughty school girl and a defrocked nun.
“I´ve got an idea. A way to start the night with a bang, a big bang.”

  Beth had a wicked smile on her face when she dove for her bag on the bedside cabinet.
When the Day-Glo vibrator came out of Beth’s bag still in its package Susan sat upright,
crossed her legs, and scrunched her arms over her chest.

  “You could poke an eye out with that,” said Susan, trying to remain calm.

  As far as Susan was concerned, they were the unmentionable that all her previous
boyfriends had eventually attempted to cajole her into using and failed. She shook her

  “Don’t be silly,” said Beth. Then she paused.

  “You’ve never used a vibrator before, have you?”

  Susan laughed. It was fatal to admit ignorance in front of Beth because she never let
you get away with it.

  “Don’t be silly,” said Susan.

  “You don’t even know what it’s like,” said Beth, taking it out of the box.

  “I don’t need to try it to know what it’s like,” said Susan now taken aback.

  “Someone’s getting a touch defensive,” said Beth. “Well, it’s simple enough.”

  She slid the Day-Glo cock into her partly closed fist, and then out again in one fluid

  “I don’t need a show and tell,” said Susan.

  “There’s not much to show, “said Beth.

  She switched it on, and it buzzed.

  “See,“ said Beth. ‘’And the instructions. Well, just guide it to where to where you want it
to go.”

   “I don’t want it to go anywhere,” said Susan, squeezing her legs together even tighter.

  Susan found herself struggling for words as Beth hiked up her skirt to reveal her lacy
blue knickers, the strands of hair that escaped the fabric. There was so much colour it was
hard not to stare.

  “But what about Eddie?” said Susan now turning red as the vibrator hummed its way
along Beth’s leg.

  Her friend seemed oblivious of her question.

  “See it’s easy enough,” she said as it thrummed over her the crotch of her knickers.
“Now you try.”

  “Is this really necessary?” said Susan.

  It was clear to her that Beth was enjoying the power she wielded like the School prefect
who smokes in the toilets when the teachers aren‘t watching.

  “It doesn’t bite,” said Beth.

  The Day-Glo cock was prodded in her direction.

  “Give it here,” said Susan. She reached over and took it from Beth’s hands. Susan
listened intently but couldn’t hear any movement in the flat, so she allowed herself to relax.
She knew that Eddie wouldn’t be back for ages. Besides, It wasn’t as though it could do
any harm. She could try it out and they would laugh. It would be one of those weird
moments in a friendship.

  But first, Susan had to unbuckle the belt to her jeans and unbutton them before she was
able to place it against her mound. When she looked in the mirror, it was like watching a
double of herself behaving badly. The girl in the mirror looked comfortable sprawled out
on the bed but when she looked down at her hands tugging at the hemline of her knickers
she didn’t feel relaxed at all. She had never masturbated in front of Eddie. It was always
you touch me then I touch you. Just putting the dildo in her pants was enough to set her
blood racing. Susan always felt like Miss uptight  to Beth´s bi-girl vibe.

  “I can’t feel anything,” said Susan, tentatively nuzzling it between the tight gap that
separated cloth from skin. She was ready to take it out at the nearest opportunity.

  “Well you have to turn it on first,” said Beth. “Twist the cap.”

  Susan dutifully did so and was surprised to feel the pulse against her clit like a current,
making her pussy electric with sensation. For a moment she wanted to say, “Why don’t
you come here and sit that pretty little behind of yours on my face and then we´ll see
who´s the clever one? but the thought was erased almost as soon as it entered her brain.
Her heart beat faster like she was on a rollercoaster ride about to derail.

  “Well it’s very nice,” said Susan. She moved to take it from her knickers but Beth’s hand
stayed her.

  “You haven’t even given it a proper go,” said Beth.

  There was warmth where the vibrator was throbbing, and it seemed to spread.

  “Maybe this is something I can do in private,” said Susan, now starting to flush. She
wanted it all the more, but this control that Beth was exerting over her was all the more
absurd because she was beginning to enjoy it.

  “Nonsense,” said Beth. “How else can I help you use it?”

  Beth reached over and twisted the end a touch so it was against the hood of her clit.
The sensation became so intense Susan near blushed.

  “You can alter the speed with the dial at the top,” said Beth. “Like this.”

  She twisted the dial again, and Beth put her hand to her mouth to stopper the gasp.

  “See you love it, don’t you?” said Beth. “It´s like a party in your pants."

  Susan murmured feeling the charge of nerves throughout her body that came before a
full orgasm but still felt uncertain that she wanted to share it with Beth. “But I don’t think
Eddie would like it much.” It wasn’t that she didn’t want to take control of the situation
rather she was curious where it was going to lead her. They had been through a lot
together and Beth always seemed to know what was right for her friend even if she took
strange detours.

  “Trust me, he’d love it,” said Beth, giving her a saucy wink. “But right now it´s just us two.
So concentrate, girl."

  Susan was trying to smile but her breath was getting ragged and her brow was wet.
Tensing her bum, she gripped the duvet. Looking up she could see the girl in the mirror:
the one who had the dildo between her legs and was loving it, and wanted more. Surely
Eddie would be back soon, she thought, and what would he think if he caught them like
this. Probably want to join in. Then when he´d had his pleasure, he´d get angry, and kick
them out. He probably thought this was what girls did but it wasn’t what he wanted to find
his girlfriend doing.

  “You’re not doing it right,” said Beth.

  Beth had taken the top of the vibrator in her hand and was moving it up and down in
slow, steady motions.

  Susan’s chest spasmed, and her heart began to beat faster. Part of her wanted to let go
and enjoy the moment but she daren‘t.

  “See that’s the ticket,” said Beth. “Now you try.”

  She handed back it back to Beth.

  “Can we take a breather?”

  Susan squirmed as the sensation rode up and down her legs. Her hands were clammy
and her arm was beginning to cramp.

  Then she heard the front door slamming to.

  “I’m back,” shouted Eddie. “Can I come up?”

  Susan was certain that he could hear every sound in the bedroom. She imagined the
look of outrage on his face. She imagined the relationship ending. She wasn’t sorry.

  “I’m a bit busy right now,” Susan said. Her every word sounded like to her like a guttural
moan. The thrumming of the cock seemed to be the only sound in the room. Her panic
seemed to quell her desire.

  The girl in the mirror writhed like an animal. The girl in the mirror wasn’t afraid to show it
nor ask.

  “She’ll just be a few minutes,” shouted Beth giving Susan a wink.

  “Beth,” said Susan. “You´d do anything for me wouldn’t you?

  She stopped her hand. Her friend nodded.

  “Anything?” said Susan.

  Her friend nodded again.

  Susan looked at Beth, and she knew she could ask for whatever she wanted.

  “I can’t do it. I need your help,” she said. Susan paused again. “I mean I want you to.”

  Beth looked at her. “Just tell me what you want me to do, and I’ll do it,” she said. “Or at
least I’ll try.”·

  And Susan knew it was so, and had always been so.

  “Take it,” said Susan.

  Beth took control of the cock, once more.

  This time, susan arched her back. She was barely able to stop herself from moaning out
loud. Her knickers were sodden and the cock glistened with her juices. She put her hands
to her face to quell the noise and maintain the illusion that her bestfriend wasn’t giving her
the-best-fucking-orgasm-of-her-goddamned life.

  The sounds of Match of the Day came on. Susan let out a moan, and her legs kicked
out. She liked the way her friend moved the big cock.

  “Stop hiding,” said Beth, but Susan remained hands over her face. “He can’t hear.”

  She pushed the cock inside and Susan clenched both sides of the bed, a delighted
squeal all but bursting out.

  “I can’t,” she said.

  Though her heart was beating near to the point of explosion, she wanted to contain it,
and inch it out at her command but it was no longer at her bidding.

  “Let go for once in your life,” said Beth. “Don’t you love it?”

  “Yes,” said Susan, peeping between her fingers that were beginning to shake. “I guess I

  “Hands please,” said Beth

  Susan took her hands from her face and laid them by her sides.

  “Better,” said Beth. “Now breathe.”

  And that was when Susan finally lost control. She didn’t need to look in the mirror. She
was the girl on the bed losing control. She wanted more.

  When Beth withdrew, Susan was bucking her hips to meet the thrusts.

  “Do you want me to go faster?”

  Susan nodded. Her lips clenched.

  “I can’t hear you,” said Beth. “I said do you want me to go faster?”

  “Faster” said Susan. “Oh God, faster.”

  “What was that Honey?” said Eddie from the next room.

  “That’s my girl,” said Beth. “Don’t need these, do we?”

  She wriggled down Susan’s jeans. Susan didn’t want her to stop. She only wanted the
ache to go. Susan slid the pants down around her ankles.

  ”You‘re so wet, honey,” said Beth inspecting the dildo now in her hands. “I can smell how
horny you are.”

  She ran tongue along the tip of it, “I can taste it, too.”

  Susan wasn't just comfortable with it all, in fact, she found it incredibly sexy.

  “Sometimes I rub my clit,” said Beth and she rolled her thumb briefly over Susan’s hood.
“Now I want you to rub your clit so I can focus on fucking you silly.”

  “Oh, god yes,” said Susan, pulling her hands down to her warm centre.

  With the cock inside, and her hand on her clit, Susan didn’t care who came into the

  “I’m... ,” said Susan, her hips thrust against the cock.

  Just then there was a knock on the door,

  “I’ve bought some beer for your night out,” said Eddie.

  Susan couldn’t stifle her cries. Her hips seemed to have a life of their own. All she could
feel was the thrusting and intense vibration, her fingers on her clit, and the silk sheets on
her buttocks. The air on her skin from the door opening only made it a more intense

  “Are you okay in there?” said Eddie, his voice coming through a crack in the door.

  “Just a last minute wax job?” said Beth, pausing in mid thrust, and the door closed once

  As Eddie´s footsteps faded away, Susan grabbed her friend and kissed her full on the
mouth as the last of her orgasm faded through her body. They lay side by side for for a
while, saying nothing.

  “Not too long before we head out,” said Beth.

  “Hold on there, I think someone’s pussy has got an appointment with my face.” said
Sarah. And they both laughed. And then Beth sat on her face. When they finally got out
both girls were laughing and joking. Eddie was still watching the football.

© 2010 Raoul Izzard

In his spare time Raoul Izzard is variously a trainee animator, improv comedian, actor, and
budding writer. In his working life he is a English teacher in BCN. Further examples of his
non-erotic writing can be found at