Story Codes:
MF; gang bang

Going… Going… Cum
by Mark Anderson

Keller Griffiths was a good kid. That was what everyone said about him.
Now a senior, he’d always studied well, was headed for a career in law,
and was known for being a clean-cut cut cool, semi-jock, popular guy.

“Hey Keller,” Gary casually walked into his room, “there’s a girl going for
it tonight in the back room. You in?”

Keller looked up, a little ambivalent, but knowing he pretty much had to
accompany his friends. “Sure.” He smiled and arranged a time to meet.

It was a particular event at the college, one of the girls “going for it”,
something Keller had heard about even before he came here, but
figured was just a myth, until he witnessed, and took part, for the first
time. He suspected the college officials knew more about these events
than anyone would admit, and the same with local police, but they went
on and became part of college folklore.

Once or twice a year word would go out, and guys and girls alike would
gather in the private room of a local sports club, to watch a brave
volunteer take up the challenge of having 100 guys fuck her. The all-time
record was 131, but the objective was to get to 100. There was no
reward but an invisible badge of honor.

The set-up was well rehearsed, the girl would wear a dark hood to
protect her identity (but that always leaked, sooner or later), she had a
sofa to position herself on and five or six other girls who marshaled the
guys and kept her cleaned and lubed. The guys would line up and were
counted into her welcoming pussy. There was no selection involved, all
you needed was an erection. The four guys closest to the girl would have
their cocks out and be stroking, ready for action. When it was their turn
they would get inside and pump away for about two minutes.

There was no official time limit, and only about a fifth of the guys actually
came, but two minutes was long enough to qualify as a fuck when a girl
was “going for it”.

Keller had participated a total of five times in his three and-a-bit years
there. That night was his sixth. He had a good record of cumming for the
brave girls who went for it, managing three out of five ejaculations so far.

He and his friends had a couple of beers to help with any nerves, not that
they ever admitted to having any, then drove over and got in line. They
were somewhere around 40th in line and couldn’t see much of what
was going on ahead. He caught a glimpse of a guy he knew pumping
away when they started to get close to the girl. The marshals were joking
with the guys as they pulled out their cocks, making the raucous crowd
roar with laughter. There was always some who failed to rise to the

He didn’t have any issues. It wasn’t exactly an erotic scene to him, but it
was sex and he hadn’t had any for almost a month. There was
something deliciously dirty and outrageous about it that he had come to
like. He was hard when he unzipped and started to pull on himself.

One of the assistants handed him a condom and asked if he wanted
doggie style or missionary. She smiled and gave his hard-on a little
squeeze for encouragement. They loved getting in on some of the action,
and it added to the fun. Keller didn’t need to think about it, “Doggie.”

The girl smiled at him and asked if he needed nay help with the rubber.
Without waiting for an answer, she took it back and rolled it slowly over
his cock. “Mmmmm. Nice cock.” she cooed, stroking him a few times.

The guy in front of him pulled out without cumming. Keller slipped out of
his jeans while the helpers positioned the girl at the end of the sofa for
him, wiped her off and applied lube. He stepped forward, held his cock
to her lips and slipped in effortlessly. Immediately he grabbed her by the
hips and started thrusting.

He figured she was quite an attractive girl. She was slim, nice skin and a
lovely ass. Looking down, he watched his cock disappear into her a few
times and started to feel the familiar tingle of a building climax. Cool.

“How you doing boy?” One of the girls asked loudly.

“Got it.” Keller grunted, signifying he was close.

As though she heard him, the girl started to back onto him, meeting his
thrusts and encouraging him. The rest of the room started to fade form
his consciousness as he got closer.

He was almost there when he caught sight of the tattoo. It was high on
her left arm, a simple band of tribal markings. For a moment he couldn’t
remember where he’d seen it before, but it was difficult to juggle things
like that mentally when you were cumming.

He felt one of the girls grab his balls from behind as he grunted again
and felt his cum start to spew. The relief spread through him, warming
his every nerve, as he continued to thrust to the end of the climax.

He stopped and was about to pull out when he answered the riddle of
the tattoo.

Keller’s world ended at that moment.

He remembered the tattoo from two years earlier, from when his father
had gone crazy about the “stupid girl” who’d come into his house with
those, “jezebel marks”. That night the tattoo was little more than a family
disagreement. Tonight it meant that he had fucked his little sister.
Going… Going… Cum
©2006 by  Mark Anderson
All Rights Reserved