Golden Photo Opportunity
story codes: MF, Exhibitionism,  Urination

Golden Photo Opportunity
By Tara Alton

Recently, I found the idea of giving my boyfriend a golden shower a hot
and kinky thought, but there was a problem. I hadn't been able to pee
with someone listening for ages, ever since high school when a girl
teased me at how loud I tinkled. Now as an adult, I found peeing at the
doctor's office was a nightmare. Work and college were worse. I
always had to wait until the other women left until I could go. Sure, I
knew I had a hang up, but everyone had a hidden quirk about
something. This was mine.

Maybe because peeing for Robert was something I couldn't do was
what made it a turn on for me. I had vivid fantasies about peeing on
Robert's hard cock in the shower. One afternoon in the shower, I tried
to pee standing behind him with my eyes closed. I didn't care at that
moment if he knew or not. I just wanted to do it. I thought about Niagara
Falls and a frosty bottle of beer. Nothing happened. Robert turned
around and asked me what was wrong. I looked frustrated.

I told him why. He was turned on by the idea as well. I'd caught him
more than once with golden shower pictures from glossy men's
magazines tucked beneath our mattress. I looked at those pictures,
wishing I had the freedom the models had, peeing in the great
outdoors for all to see.

I tried leaving the bathroom door open a crack, but as soon as I
thought about Robert listening, I clamped up. Robert was disappointed.

"I do want to pee for you," I told him. "I just need to get over this."

I had a day off work coming in a few days, and I needed to do
something. Robert and I had promised ourselves we would never let
our sex lives go stale. I wanted to turn him on. I decided I would take
pictures of myself peeing with an instant camera and leave them in his
briefcase in a yellow envelope for a surprise.

When I saw him leave for work on my day off, I drank two huge glasses
of water and got out the camera. I first had to work up my nerve to take
a picture of me pissing. Twenty minutes later, I had to go. It wasn't as
hard as I thought it would be. The element of someone listening was
gone. I took the picture in the bathroom over the toilet.

It wasn't a very romantic picture. Not that it was supposed to be, but I
wanted something sexier. I drank a lot more water, stripped off the rest
of my clothes and got in the bathtub. I peed standing up, letting the
warm urine steam onto the ceramic between my feet. I leaned
sideways so it would trickle down my legs. I got two halfway decent
shots, but the glare off the tub from the flash on the porcelain was bad.
I needed better light. Hadn't those models looked gorgeous in the
great outdoors? Natural light would be best, but I knew I didn't have the
nerve to pee outside. I could do it by the door wall with the blinds open.
I got out a large plastic garbage bag, ripped it open and placed it on
the floor by the door wall. I put on a pair of white cotton panties and
drank two glasses of iced tea. A half hour later, I needed to pee badly.
I hadn't ever forced this much liquid through my body, and my bladder
was going nuts.

However, the moment I stood on the plastic bag and aimed the
camera, I imagined someone walking by the door and seeing me. I
started to clamp up. No, I thought. I closed my eyes and imagined
warm waves, larger glasses of ice tea, bodies glistening with sweat.

A trickle of pee came out. I opened my eyes, pulled aside my white
panties and snapped a shot of piss hitting my fingers. The flash went
off. I edged my panties further away from my pussy. My fingernail hit
my clit, sending an electric charge right up to my brain. I'd never
imagined masturbating and peeing at the same time. Would I get off?

I started to rub my pussy, taking pictures as the piss ran between my
fingers, trailing down my legs to pool on the plastic bag. The smell hit
me. Salty and bitter. I snapped my underwear shut for a moment and
focused on a wave of pee cascading down my leg from my underwear
like a photo I saw in a magazine. I was pleased and more than horny.
My bladder emptied in that moment.

Standing there a little shaken, my pussy throbbing like my heart beat; I
didn't know what to do. I couldn't wait to drink more liquid. I needed to
get off now. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine I would do
this, but I lay on my stomach on the plastic bag and used the pool of
urine to splash my pussy while I masturbated. The moment I started to
come, I grabbed the camera, turned over onto my back and snapped
pictures of my writhing body, my fingers buried in my pussy.

When I was done, I felt good. I rolled up the plastic bag and tucked it
inside another bag. The carpeting was still clean. I took a long hot
shower and looked for the yellow envelope. I remembered it was left
over from an anniversary card. Robert was going to get the surprise of
a lifetime.


© 2007 Tara Alton

Tara Alton lives in the Midwest where she works as a travel consultant.
When she is not working or writing erotica, she collects tattoos and
Barbies, worships Bettie Page and plans new adventures into the
world. Check out her website at and her blog Flirty
Kitty at