Greyhound Surprise
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

Greyhound Surprise
by  D. A. Hauer

I had been on the bus for about four hours already with another four or so to go. I was on an overnight Grey
Hound heading to San Diego out of Seattle. Everyone on the bus seemed to be asleep accept for just a few
of us. What could you say? It was three something in the morning.

I was one of the lucky one and had a seat all to myself. There was one other person riding that way and it
just so happened that I had my eye on her since Sacramento. Not a cover model but still good to look at.
She must have had at least 36-D’s. I’m talking nice ripe melons.

I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra and they still stood up perky. I could picture them clear as day. It
wasn’t hard considering that you could see her nice big nipples poking through her top. She had me day
dreaming for a few earlier. I was just imagining all the fun little games I could play with them.

I glanced back at where she was sitting and am a little surprised to see her awake and reading a book. The
overhead reading light was shining down on her top making it hard not to notice her tits. Without much more
thought I decided to take a piss and got up to walk to the shutter.

As I walk by her I was baffled once more to see the illustration in the book she was reading. I couldn’t make
out the writing but the picture was of a couple fucking doggy style. This spoke volumes and had me thinking
while I finished walking to the back. What was she reading that had graphics such as that. As I finished
pissing I made up my mind. I was going to do whatever I could to find out what she was about and try to be a
part of it. The very thought of her naked made my dick start to swell.

Taking my chubby I went back to my seat to work up the nerve to do something. After about 10 minutes or
so I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to talk to her… make some kind of play. Quietly, I got up and went over
and sat down next to her. “What are you reading?” I asked.

“It’s nothing really, just a romance story,” she said. “See” as she showed me the cover. Looking, I could see
a white corset sitting on a love seat and the title, The Plantation Owner’s Daughter. “From what I could see
as I walked by, you looked to be enjoying the read.” I said. “Yes! I like it a lot” she responded. “Anyway,” I
said “my name is Paul. What’s yours?” “Anna,” she told me.

“So,” I grunted “where are you headed? And all by your lonesome I might add.” “Oh, San Diego and yeah, all
by my lonesome. I got divorced about two years ago and have been playing the singles game ever since.
That’s okay though, I’m loving it!” she said “what’s your story?”

“I’m off to San Diego too, although I never made it to being married. Always been more of a spontaneous
singles guy myself.” I said as I boldly reached over and put my hand on her thigh. When she made no move
to remove it, my mind went into overdrive.

Reaching my hand in between her legs I told her “you have the most amazing set of tits that I’ve seen in a
long time. Can I touch them?” Her only response was to reach up and turn off the reading light. This left our
seats in the dark. I reach up and grab her tits. Hefting them a little I say “very nice.”

With my other hand I slid my way under her top so that now nothing separated me from her flesh. With my
thumb and forefinger I start pinching her nipples, making then harder than what they already were.

She took the opportunity to play some too. She reached over and started rubbing her hand all over my cock.
Much to our delight, it had some good size. Her other hand reached out to the back of the seat in front of us
and pulled out a little blanket. “Will this help?" She offered.

Without a word I unfolded it and covered us from the neck down. Now that I wasn’t worried about getting
seen, it was time to let those melons loose. It was too good to be true, I had both hands full of tits and this
broad was liking it. Who would have thought that tonight would turn out like this? It felt like I was in heaven.
That is until she went for my zipper. Now it was only getting better. It wasn’t long before she had my fly open
and freely jacking me off.

“Anna,” I said, “I want more!” She looked up and said “We are on a full bus, what more can there be?”
Grinning from ear to ear I tell her “Why don’t you just sit your pretty little ass right here on my lap and we’ll
talk about it after that. How’s that sound to you?” “Mmmm” was all she said as she leaned forward and slid
the waist of her shorts down.

As with her tits, there was nothing on underneath. She stepped over and took a seat on my lap, my cock
coming up from between her legs. I could feel the heat from her pussy.

Rising up just a little she took my cock in her hand and put the head right at the split of her pussy lips. Ever
so slowly she sat down, taking in my dick a little at a time. Her wet juices ran down my shaft as it slowly
entered her.

With a hand on each tit I pulled her down so the every inch of my cock is in her. Now she starts to rock back
and forth, working herself around my dick. With gradually longer and longer strokes we find a good rhythm.

A few minutes later she blows my mind when she asks “how about this,” and pulls my dick out only to come
down on me, swallowing my cock in her ass. God, it was tight! Who was this girl? It only took a matter of
minutes before that tight ass of hers had me ready to bust a load. Hell, with all of our activity it was only a
matter of luck we weren’t getting caught.

It was time. I was going to cum and there was no holding back. Reaching around her waist I locked my hands
on her hips and pulled her onto me all the more harder. It was at this point that my balls finally let go. It was
all I could do to keep from bending her over and really dill her ass.

Evidently she was of the same mind because I could feel her juices rum down my thigh. She had cum too.
After a few minutes she moved back over to her seat. I couldn’t believe it. This was only something you read
about, not did.

With a little remorse I tucked my dick back into my pants and zipped them up. It was then out of curiosity that
I reached up and turned on the reading light. Grabbing her book I flipped it to a random page somewhere in
the middle. As I started to read the shock hit me. This was no romance story. It was smut pure and simple.

On the page that I read, a plantation worker was gagging the owners daughter with a throat fucking. No
wonder this girl was so ready to play.

Handing her the book back, I started in on some small talk about the trip. Things like where I was going and
what I was doing. I myself was starting over in San Diego. Had a dry spell while I was up north. Now it was all
about the fun and sun. Those So-Cal girls keep you coming back for more.

As far as Anna, she was on a business trip for some make-up company. Something to do with a demo at this
big meeting. I was really enjoying the company, to say the least, so I suggested breakfast when we hit

We only had a few more hours to go before we made it to S.D. And I was trying to figure out a way to keep
the fantasy going. After we ate I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew was the sun was coming
up and we were in San Diego.

I couldn’t bear the thought of parting ways with my new found fuck so I hinted at spending the day together.
“Well, what did you have in mind” she asked with a yawn. Me being the dog that I am, I simply said “I want
some more of that, so… why don’t we get a room and go from there?” She smiled and said “I couldn’t have
said it better.”

It was 8:45am when we finally opened the door to our room. Our bags made it as far as the entry way in our
rush to find the bed. In my haste I failed to notice that she had already started to undress until she threw her
top at me.

Rubbing her newly freed tits she turned to me and said “so, you like big tits, do ya?” My jaw went slack as my
dick got hard.

As much as I liked all her other goodies, I had been picturing my cock between them jugs all night. They
were beautiful! Nice, big and firm. They sit like they are in a bra but free as can be. All jiggle no droop.

I told her, “It doesn’t matter much what you have planned for today just know I’m going to fuck those tits of
yours. You don’t mind do you?” She said “I plan on you fucking a few things… if you can keep up!”

I reached out and played with one tit while I grab a handful of hair and pull her mouth to mine. Her hands
were hard at work on my belt buckle as my cock strained to get free.

Pushing her back onto the bed I took my belt off and started a little strip tease. First my shirt then my pants.
Standing there in only my underwear, my cock making a tee-pee, I started to pull at her pants.
Slowly I pull them back only to reveal what I failed to catch before… a smooth, bald pussy. Where does it
end with her?

Once I had her pants off, they joined mine on the floor. With a small tug the last of my clothing came off.
Before I could react though, she quickly sat up, grabbed my cock and began stroking it.

It was no time at all before she took it one step farther, wrapping her lips around the head. Believe me, this
girl was good. I had no idea what to expect next only that it would be better than before.

Giving me a pretty clear hint, she took my hands and put them on her head. She pulled my dick out of her
mouth just long enough to say to me “you know you want too.”

Taking my cue I wrapped my fingers in her hair and got a good grip. She sat there awaiting my guidance, so
I gave her a tug and away she went. She only proved that guidance from me was unnecessary.

Taking over control I had my way with her mouth. This bitch was amazing! No matter how hard or how deep I
pounded her throat, she never missed a beat.

Feeling myself on the brink of cumming and not wanting to just yet, I pushed her back onto the bed and told
her “it’s your turn!”

Pulling her legs open I exposed her bald pussy. Placing my fingers on either side of her lips, I pulled on them
to open her pussy wide.
I teased her at first with just a little lick here and another there. Then I said “fuck it” and started to suck on
her clit.

In an effort to excite her some more I give her clit a tiny nip with my teeth, giving her a small jolt of pain. This
surprised her but I could tell that she liked it. Biting her again I begin to suck her clit hard. Her body starting
shacking and I knew that I had her.

Guessing when she was about to cum I thrust my fingers into her wet hole. Her reaction was instantaneous,
filling my hand full of her juices. It was here that she started yelling at me “FUCK ME! FUCK ME NOW!”

Not being one to have to be told twice, I stood up, flipped her over on all fours and plowed my meat into her
snatch. Now she was completely unintelligible. I could only make out “FUCK” every few words. I kept on
ramming her twat until she had finished cumming.

I again said fuck it, it’s now or never. Pulling my dick out I rolled her onto her back and said “I want to fuck
those tities of yours!” she leaded back pushed her jugs together and said “here you go big boy.”

Stepping up onto the bed I straddled her placing my dick between her melons. She had her head propped
up enough so that if I pushed far enough my dick would reach her mouth.

Pushing her tits together I begin to start rocking back and forth. A few well-placed drops of spit and my cock
was sliding back and forth with ease. I picked up my pace as she helped to push her jugs together. After my
dick paid a visit to every one of her other holes this was by far the best.

It wasn’t long before I was close to cumming. Mumbling over and over “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum…” I
was at the point of no return.

With a final thrust I started to shoot my load. The first squirt landed on her neck so I reach down and started
pulling on my dick, landing the rest of my load all over her tities.
The whole time I’m cumming she is laying there cooing as she rubbed cum into her chest.

Spent, I’m left weak kneed and gasping for breath. Falling to the bed next to her I begin to start laughing.

Soon she asks me “what’s so funny?” Calming just a little I said, “Nothing, I’m just thinking of where the day
could possibly go from here. I mean, when I left Seattle last night this was the last thing I expected to
happen. Hell, it’s not even lunch yet, what shall we do next?”

She began to laugh too and said, “We could stay right here and forget about any other plans, what you
think? Maybe you would like to fuck my face some more, Huh, big boy?”

We both keep laughing knowing that the fun had only just begun.

© 2013 D. A. Hauer

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