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Hampton Pleasures
by Tiffany

Summer 2005 was horrid. The sun was blistering, glaring and inescapable. For me, I loved it. Summer
meant beach weather, pool hopping, BBQ's and the Hamptons. The Hamptons was the playground for
the rich and famous. There was Old Money and New Money. Old Money was rampant but subdued. New
Money, on the other hand was an "in your face" kind of thing. They consisted of rappers, traders,
designers and immigrants.

I fell into the category of New Money, immigrants to be specific. My family came from Italy. I heard loads
of stories about the old country, but to me NY was my country and the Hamptons was definitely my
country during the summer. I made my money the old fashion was, through marriage. Yes, I married a
wealthy American man 5 years ago. He was an investment banker, had huge deals, made major
contacts all over the world and was rolling in dough by the time I met him.

Within the 6 years that I have known him, I've been all over the world. I traveled to Paris, London,
Bangkok, Shanghai, Africa, you name it, and I've been there. Plus, he bought me anything and everything
I ask for and everything I didn't.  We had no kids, because there was never any time to make them. We
definitely wouldn't have time to raise them. We had the perfect marriage except what was missing was
passion or should I say sex?

And that is what leads me to today…

I'm in the Hamptons on a nice unusually breezy summer afternoon. I am wearing a cute, white sexy
summer dress. It is made of linen and silk, light and airy, and perfect for today. My sandals are strappy
and high, just the way I like them. They are the color of muted gold. They catch the light of the sun and
glisten as I stroll. My look is not quite Hamptons, but my attitude in my walk gets me by. I see a couple
friends, married and single. Same old bunch every year. It gets quite boring after a while. I'm sweating to
death and dying to get into any air conditioned room.

Straight ahead is my favorite haunt, Hamptons' Spa. It's where the Who's Who get pampered and
groomed. I decided to go in and get a manicure. My manicurist is there and places me immediately. I tell
her, I'm bored with life and need some excitement. My husband is not here for the weekend and I want to
know the scoop for hot events. She goes on and on, but I'm not listening. Across the way, in an area that
clients get their hair styled, I catch a glimpse of a man. Never really seeing a full profile of him, because
his stylist keeps blocking my view.

I ask my manicurist, "Who's that? He must be new around here."

She tells me, "Oh, that's Roberto. He's Italian. You won't like him. He's not your type."

Rita has been in my life since I've been frequenting the Hamptons. So she knew when I said I was bored
that I was looking for a playmate for a day or two. Nothing complicated just some fun.

I told Rita, "Not my type? He is now. He looks very sexy, very Old School.  Maybe I'll go over and introduce

She rolled her eyes and didn't say another word. She knew I was on a mission, and nobody was going
to get in my way. I told her to tell the hair stylist to slow it down a bit and keep Roberto in his chair till I
was done. I wasn't about to miss this opportunity. As soon as possible, I walked over casually and
pretended that I knew him. As he was dusting off the particles of hair on his shirt, I came from behind
and put my hands around his eyes.

I whispered in a very sexy voice, "Guess who?"

He must have been startled, because he was speechless.

Then I gave him a soft kiss on the neck and said, "Now do you remember?"

He responded in a heavy Italian accent, "No, but I wish I did."

I released my hand and said, "Oh my God, I'm so sorry. I thought you were an old friend. You look just
like him."

He said, "Please, it's not a problem. I wish I was."

Right then and there, I knew I had him hooked. The look in his eyes told me that he found me attractive
and his accent definitely got something in me stirring.

I told him, "Let me buy you a drink. It's the least I can do, for making such a silly mistake."

He told me, "Grazie, but I have an appointment."

My manicurist was watching, so I couldn't let him walk out without me. I wouldn't be able to show my face
here again. I came clean and told him my scheme. He laughed and was extremely flattered. He offered
to walk out with me, so that I could retain my reputation.

When we were outside, I told him, "Thank you for saving me."

He smiled and said, "Nessun problema" (no problem).

Whatever he said sounded good to me. Mmmm, those accents get me every time. I gave him a double
kiss as all Europeans do and went on my merry way. I turned once to glance at him. As he walked away,
I observed his style. He had a certain walk about him. He was sashaying down the street, very
confidently, like he didn't have a care in the world. He reminded me of an old lover. Someone that I
enjoyed immensely in a very passionate way. Man, this was killing me. The reminiscing of my old lover,
his accent, his look, it was getting me very aroused.   Oh well, such is life.

I continued walking around and went shopping for a couple hours. When it was time for dinner, I called a
couple of friends. They said they would meet me in an hour. So I went back to my place. I showered up
and got dressed for the evening. I still couldn't get Roberto off my mind. Earlier, when I went to kiss him
goodbye, I caught the scent of his cologne. It remained with me for the rest of the day. I felt myself getting
wet, just thinking about him. I really have to contain myself. Certain men just affect me in a way that is

For this evening, I decided to look fresh and show my sun-kissed skin. I chose something sexy, but
elegant. A black lacy dress that ran down to my ankles, but had a long slit on the side, almost up to my
hips. When I cross my legs, it will reveal a view of my tanned thighs and calves. I picked a pair of sexy
stilettos, a black, satiny, strappy sandal. The straps wrapped around my ankles and up my muscular
calves. My combination will be perfect for tonight, alluring for any man and enough exposure of skin to
make my girlfriends jealous. I was definitely going to have fun tonight.

Shortly after 8pm, I headed out. I jumped into my SL500 and dashed off to the restaurant. Presentation
and arriving looking prime is very important. The restaurant for tonight is View of Venice. It's on the water,
mainly all outdoor dining. The drive towards the restaurant is short but upon arrival you'll have to drive up
a long driveway. As I am racing to the restaurant, gravels spits out from under my tires. The valet greets
me with a big smile at my door. He opens the door for me and I place one perfectly pedicured foot on the
path. My slit opens up just so, exposing enough of my leg to get your attention. I take my time, because I
know I am being observed. I want to make sure men on the prowl get a good look at what they will be
tasting tonight. I'm a tease and I like it like that. I know what I am offering up and I have perfect control
over it.

I walk up the stairs to the main entrance of the restaurant, ignoring the glances and glares. You must be
nonchalant so people don't think you are on display, when you really are. Before I enter the dining room, I
pass a beautiful cherry wood bar. The bar must be at least two stories high. Men and women of all
classes meet here, but only the people with well endowed wallets actually eat in the dining area. If you
need to ask what is market price, don't bother. You will be suggested to eat at the bar where you might
be more comfortable. I won't have to worry; someone always picks up the tab for us girls. Always
someone wealthy, always someone handsome, but unfortunately not always someone with class.
Where are all the men with class? Oh well, live and learn nothing is perfect.

I'm late as usual, but fashionably late. People that arrive early show you have no life, people that arrive
fashionably late show that you are a very busy person, but made time for the people you are meeting. My
girlfriends see me and wave me over. Kiss, kiss, kisses all around. Giggling, smiling and gossiping will
be the precursor for the evening. Nothing better than girlfriends for a night of fun. We are a beautiful,
erotic, and sexy bunch of women.   We range from early 20's to mid 40's. All have tone, muscular and
shapely bodies, and one better than the next. We are of all nationalities, Italian, Chinese, Lebanese,
French and mixes of. It would be hard to choose which one of us you would like to be with for the night.

Dinner goes smoothly and of course before soup arrives, we are told by the waiter that a round of drinks
has been bought by a secret admirer, and dinner is on him. We smile and send out love to whom ever
that might be. Shortly after, we are invited to a private dining room reserved for VIPs. A table of gorgeous
men surround us, but my mind is somewhere else. I excuse myself to the ladies' room. One of the men
offers to walk me, but I decline. I know where his mind is at. I'm not interested tonight. I decide to stroll to
the bar for a moment and take a walk out onto the balcony overlooking the water.

Suddenly, I feel someone behind me. That scent, I recognize it. I pretend not to notice, but within
seconds I hear a deep Italian accent murmur something. I smile and I feel that stirring again deep
inside my groin.

He says, "Mi Amore, we meet again."

I can't believe my ears, I'm all too happy that this is happening. I begin to turn around, but he places his
hands on my hips and restrict my movement. He kisses me on the neck and his breath is hot.
Mmmm…I can feel where this is leading. He tells me that he has his boat nearby and would I like to join
him for dinner.

I reciprocate what he had told me earlier, "I would love to, but I have an appointment."

He smiles and knows that I am teasing him.

He says, "Perhaps, I can change your mind."

I say, "What are you thinking about?"

Without a word he takes my hand and leads me away.

There is a chauffeured driven Bentley outside waiting for us. We are taken to where all the luxury boats
are docked and what is in front of me is not a boat, but a yacht. Oh my God, tonight I will definitely be
having fun. He helps me up onto his yacht. He offers me drinks in the lounge area of his bar. We have
drinks while dinner is being prepared by his staff. We start to chat a little bit. He tells me about life in Italy
and how long he is planning to stay in the NY area.

I'm not even listening, his cologne and his face is mesmerizing me. I lean over and kiss him and tell him
that I have been thinking about him all day. He looks me deep in my eyes and kisses me back
passionately. No words are needed, I know the feeling is mutual. He leans me into the sofa. He kisses
me and caresses my face, my neck, my arms and then my breasts. It's so intense, I push him back and
have to take breath.

He is startled; he asks me, "Is everything alright. I'm sorry, I'm being too forward."

I shake my head to show him that what he says is not true. It's not that at all. It's just that I haven't felt this
aroused by a man in I don't know how many years. He is totally overpowering. I pull him back towards
me and place his hand on my leg, next to the long slit of my dress. He slides his hand up, caressing and
massaging my thigh. Mmmm, I can feel myself wanting him so bad. He continues kissing me, my hands
caresses his back, his ass, and around to his manhood. He is immensely aroused, as I am. I massage
his penis, alternating gentle strokes with harder movements. He tells me that he is so fascinated by me
and that he wants me for the night. I take his hand and rub it against my wet pussy. He knows that I will
not be fighting him. He pulls my dress aside, then my thong and goes for my pussy. He licks her, bites
her, fingers her and understands all too well my desire for him. He devours my pussy with a vengeance,
like he just can't get enough. I press her against his mouth, towards his tongue. I love the feel of his
tongue lapping up my juices, playing feverishly with my pussy. I reach down and spread my clit open for
him. I want him in me as much as possible. He is eating me like I have never been eaten before. I am
engaged in the moment, wanting more and more.

Before I know it, he picks me up and places me in front of the bar. He bends me over and I hold the rail
to steady myself. He pulls down my thong and plunges inside me. Oooo, his cock is solid, hard as a
rock. He is intensely pounding me. I can feel every inch of him. I want him in deeper, so I follow his pace,
backing into his cock as he drives it in harder. I feel myself lift off the floor. He is fucking me so hard I am
practically bouncing on his cock and with every motion he is deeper still. I don't want him to stop. I want
this to last all night. I back off, he is puzzled, but not for long. I exchange places with him. His back
against the bar, and I'm on my knees. I take his long, thick, hard cock and put him in my mouth. I hear a
low groan coming from above. He places his hands on my head and gently pulls me closer, making his
cock go deeper into my throat. I take his hand away, to show that I want control of this. He obliges, I slide
his cock in and out my mouth. Quickening the pace as I feel his body comes towards me. I know how to
pleasure a man, so I take clues from his body. I grab hold tightly on the end of his shaft, restricting the
flow of blood, making it pump up to the head. I lick and swirl his head with my tongue. I hear more
moaning and groaning.

He tells me, "Don't stop. Take me to my erotic zone."

I obey; I suck on him and pleasure him, twisting and turning until he can't take it anymore. He finally
explodes in my mouth. I swallow and lick every last drop off his beautiful cock.   He reaches down for me
and picks me up, carries me to the bedroom and pins me to the bed. He is on my pussy again with a
vengeance. He shows me that he is not a selfish lover. He licks and finger fucks me again. Then his
tongue goes side to side, up and down, swirling around my clit and goes in me fucking me with his
tongue. He makes me totally crazy with desire. He slides his finger in my ass and arouses me in a way I
have never experienced. I didn't know if I liked it or not, but was willing to go with the flow. As he makes
love to me he whispers sweet nothings in Italian. How I wish I knew the language. It didn't matter,
whatever he was saying was arousing me to no end. When he got me all hot and bothered, his cock
was prime for my pussy. He thrust his cock in me hard, deep the way I loved it. I cried out for more and
begged to be taken to the next level. He aimed to please and fucked me like crazy. My legs and arms
were placed in all types of positions. Thank goodness for my yoga practice, it allowed me to be twisted
up like a pretzel, all the while with his cock in me. Hours went by and his cock was still rock hard. His
energy level was not tapering off and I was just as wired. I have never enjoyed being with a man as
much as Roberto. I couldn't take it anymore and wanted him to cum in me. I wanted to feel the same
force and strength that I felt in my mouth. He couldn't hold back and came with intensity that rocked my

We both fell back onto the bed from total exhaustion of the night. I was content just to lay there and enjoy
the feel of my new lover next to me, but he wasn't. He excused himself for a quick shower and within a
short period of time was back and ready for more. I for one, was not going to refuse pleasure. Dinner
was already a thing of the past and had long been forgotten.

© 2006 Tiffany

Tiffany is a freelance writer in fiction and erotica. She travels half the year to exotic
destinations all over the world. Her inspirations come from her lover, her travels and a very
sexy mind.  
Hampton Pleasures