Handsome Jack & The Girl Next Door  
Handsome Jack & The Girl Next Door    
Frank Edwards.       

It was an afternoon like any other, that was until Handsome Jack heard a knock at the door. He opened his
door to greet his visitor and to his surprise it was Chelsea, the beautiful and sultry neighbor girl from next door.
As he eyed her up and down soaking in every inch of her curvy, voluptuous body. He asked, "Do your parents
know that you're over here?" She replied, "Nope." Then gave Handsome Jack a devilish smirk that flashed her
dimples. As they both stood there in the doorway, Jack clean cut and handsome as ever in his nicely pressed
button down shirt and finely creased slacks. His six foot three frame towered over the younger more petite
Chelsea. There she was looking at him with those hungry eyes and that devilish grin. All five feet five inches of
her tight, young body standing there in a tiny denim skirt that left very little to the imagination. With a pair of
heels that made her ass stick out as if it was playing peek a boo with the bottom of her skirt. Her large, round,
bouncy breasts being held up by nothing but a yellow tube top; they were just begging to come out and have
some fun.

After a brief but somewhat awkward pause Chelsea spoke up again, "Do you know what today is Jack?" Jack
indulged the young girl and replied "No, what?" After his reply she began to fidget a little bit and suddenly
seemed more nervous or afraid, like she had planned to do something but now wasn't too sure. After another
pause she finally told him, "It's my birthday Jack, today I finally turned 18!"

As soon as she got the words out of her mouth Jack grabbed Chelsea by the back of her pretty blonde head
and shoved his tongue down her throat. As they were making out passionately in the doorway Jack began
exploring her body with his large manly hands, groping her and fondling her all over as if she was his property.
Chelsea put up no fight or protests, as he grabbed her with both hands by her firm tight ass he lifted her small
frame up so they could see each other eye to eye, and with that he brought the sexy little neighbor girl inside
and slammed the door behind them.

Once inside Jack's home things got more and more intense. Jack still had her lifted in the air as he caressed
and squeezed her magnificent ass as they continued kissing long, deep, and passionately. They made their
way to the bed and that's where Jack threw Chelsea down on the bed, her pretty blonde pigtails flying in the air
as she hit the mattress. Jack got on his knees in front of her and slowly started kissing her sexy, flat and toned
stomach. Kissing and licking it ever so lightly, enough that she could feel it but light enough to make her beg
for more. As he kissed her stomach and began making his way to her navel he could feel her body tightening
up ever so slightly and as he slid his hand up her skirt he felt her dripping with anticipation as she couldn't wait
for what was going to happen next.

As Jack looked up at her beautiful face they made brief eye contact but that ended as soon as he slid two
fingers inside of her. Her back arched and she let a moan in ecstasy as her eyes rolled back in her head she
laid there revelling in ecstasy that was brought on by nothing more than this rugged, handsome man's two
fingers. Jack started thrusting his fingers in and out of her, at first slowly and gently, but as she began to get
more and more aroused his thrusting became faster and harder. She was grinding on his fingers now , arching
her back and pressing her wet pussy deep onto his fingers. She was close now, so close, Jack knew what was
about to happen. He knew she was about to cum, and right at the last second he pulled his fingers out.
Denying her of all the pleasure they had both worked so hard for. She laid on the bed dissatisfied, flustered,
and disappointed. Jack looked her in her beautiful blue eyes and said these words, "We're just getting started."

Chelsea couldn't hide her amusement or anticipation for what was to come next. She let out a sigh followed by
her trademark giggle. Jack then began kissing her stomach again, only this time he began slowly and sensually
pulling down her skirt. As he removed her skirt he followed it's path to the floor kissing every delectable inch of
her body on the way down.

He started just underneath the belly button, slowly kissing and licking her savory body. As he got her skirt past
her tender and sweet thighs he began to caress them with his strong, masculine hands. Then licked them
lovingly from the top of her curvaceous legs and stopping just above the knee. He knew he had her right where
he wanted her, so he toyed with her a bit more. Moving his way back up to her inner thigh, one of her most
sensitive areas, and he started to suck and kiss on her making her writhe with passion and squirm in pleasure.
First he started on her left thigh then moving to the right, establishing and maintaining control of her and her
pleasure through the duration.

Finally Jack made his way further down, ending in her skirt being fully removed. Jack sat back for a second to
enjoy the view, there she was, a young and tender beautiful woman laying there in her pretty pink panties just
waiting to be taken. Jack then kissed her and licked her from her pretty painted toes all the way up to her
panties. She was nearly breathless with anticipation as Jack breathed in her womanly essence he became
immediately intoxicated and this caused sexual appetite to grow even stronger. The time for soft and gentle
had passed. He ripped her panties off in one grasp and she shrieked in surprise. Chelsea found herself more
turned on now than ever, and couldn't help but become increasingly more wet as Jack's sudden show of primal
sexual energy.

Once her panties were out of the way Jack decided to taste her womanhood. He pulled her to the edge of the
bed and knelt on the floor in front of her. He then spread her legs wide revealing the delectable treasure that
awaited him. Without hesitation Jack buried his head between her curvy legs and luscious thighs. There was
no time to be coy or tease, the time for teasing had passed. He plunged his mouth down on her beautiful pink
pussy, engulfing all of it and treasuring every taste, every sensation he encountered. Jack then pulled back
some and began licking her up and down. Pressing his tongue onto her precious pussy, working his way up to
her clit he began to flick it rapidly with his tongue. Chelsea couldn't help but to yell out and scream in utter
enjoyment, she moaned, "Jack.... Yes.... Jack... Right there...". Jack took it as a sign of encouragement and
became so turned on by the situation that he felt his cock throbbing in his pants, he was rock hard and knew
he had to be inside her.

With his mouth on her dripping wet pussy and his cock pulsating in his pants Jack took two fingers and slid
them inside of her. It was much easier this time then last due to the sheer amount of juices that were flowing
from her body. He began flicking her clit faster and harder. Jamming his fingers into her faster and harder.
Over and over again, she yelled his name and pleaded with him to not stop this time. Jack had no intention of
stopping anytime soon he continued with his tongue and fingers until she finally exploded in a fiery orgasm.

Jack then stood up and admired what he made of this young girl, as she laid there gasping to catch her breath
from such an explosion of an orgasm. Her pretty pink pussy dripping with her own juices, Jack was quite
pleased, but he wasn't through yet. He began undressing in front of her, his eyes followed her like a tiger
stalking its prey in the wild. As he began removing articles of clothing her eyes opened widely as she
discovered what was hidden beneath the numerous layers of his outfit. First, his button down shirt was
removed to reveal a tight white tee shirt underneath. She could see his chiseled physique trying to bust out of
its cotton prison. Next he lost the tee shirt and it was exactly as she suspected. She had never seen such a
specimen of manliness, it was as if he was chiseled out of stone. Every inch of him was defined and rock solid.
She was about to find out that more than just his chest and abs were rock solid.

As he stood over her delicate and fragile body she lay there anticipating his next move while still recovering
from the thunderous orgasm she had just moments before. He stood there looking like the Greek god that he
was, in nothing but his white cotton boxer briefs. They hugged his body in all the right ways and places,
especially his cock. She could tell he was aroused by the huge bulge that was being hidden by such a small
piece of fabric. She could almost see it swelling and throbbing right before her very eyes. Jack finally had
enough of this game and removed his underwear to reveal his throbbing manhood. Chelsea let out a minor
gasp of astonishment as her eyes feasted on the magnificent man standing before her. She had never seen
anything like it before, he wasn't like the other teen boys she had been with. This was a man, a man in every
sense of the word. She thought to herself that if what he just did to her didn't make her a woman that whatever
Jack had in store for her next would definitely catapult her into womanhood.

Jack tired of this cat and mouse game and finally pounced on the young, beautiful, and mesmerizing Chelsea.
His rough, hairy, muscular body pressed against the young Chelsea's more delicate, soft, and petite frame. He
kissed and sucked on her neck as he brushed her hair out of her eyes with his right hand. She moaned and
yearned with such desire. Jack then grabbed the young Chelsea and slid her up on the mattress, he laid her
down on the sea of pillows that were scattered across the top of his bed. He finally tore that tiny yellow tube
top  she had been wearing off her and revealed some of the most exquisite breasts he had ever seen. They
weren't huge, but they weren't small by any means. Perfectly round and full, just a little more than a handful
and amazingly perfect. Jack couldn't help but turn his attention to these amazing tits this young woman

He started caressing them slowly, teasing them as only an expert in the area of seduction could. He traced her
areola with his fingers, being particularly careful not to get too close to the nipples. That she would have to wait
for. Her back arched and she moaned with anticipation as he toyed with her body, as he toyed with her
breasts. He began sucking on them lightly, giving them small kisses still teasing Chelsea with every move he
made as well as every move he didn't make it. Finally the teasing became too much for her she grabbed him
by the back of his head and forced her breast into his mouth. Jack didn't resist, he was more than happy at this
point to accommodate her request. Her sucked on tits making moan sensually, he teased her nipples with his
tongue, flicking them ever that gently and playfully.

Jack's cock was as stiff and hard as it had ever been. He decided the time for foreplay was over. He climbed on
top of the young, ripe Chelsea and slid his thick cock inside of her pink, moist pussy. She was dripping with her
own juices especially after the orgasm Jack privileged her too early so penetration should have been easy. It
wasn't to be, not on this night and not with this girl. Her young, tight pussy had never been filled by a real man.
Only teen boys who were so inexperienced they'd get lost in their own pubic hair. Handsome Jack was no boy,
he was a man and he was welcoming Chelsea into womanhood right now. The head of his massive cock
spread her labia open presenting the rest of her womanly essence to his manhood. Jack gave a solid thrust
and penetrated Chelsea deeply. She gave out a scream followed by a pleasurable moan and she dug her
pretty manicured nails deep into Jack's back, he responded with a grunt and moan of his own. Actually it more
resembled a wolf howling at the moon. This resemblance was not lost on Chelsea as she immediately grew
more wet and more turned on simply by the sheer masculinity that oozed off of Handsome Jack.

Jack pumped and thrusted his hard cock deep into Chelsea's tiny, pink pussy. It was so tight and so sweet,
both of them were enjoying every second of this intimate affair. As he thrusted into her shoving his hard,
throbbing cock into her he fondled her breasts and sucked on her neck. Bringing her closer and closer to
orgasm. In turn, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. He grabbed Chelsea by her right leg and placed on
his shoulder. This gave Jack deeper penetration and Chelsea definitely felt it. She began screaming as though
he was killing her. She never experienced anything like this before the pleasure was unbelievable. She began
screaming out as Jack pumped harder and stronger deeper and deeper into her beautiful pussy that was
dripping wet from all the excitement she encountered today. She screamed, "Yes Jack! Harder! Faster! You're
going to make me cum again! Yes, right there... YYYYEEESSS!!!!" She came hard on Jack's throbbing dick as
he continued to punish her pussy with his manhood. During her orgasm her pussy tightened around his shaft,
this was it for Jack he was about to blow his load. He quickly pulled out and tugged on his thick cock a couple
of times, he immediately exploded with such force that he creamed all over the barely legal teens tits and
smooth flat belly. Both of them were exhausted, especially Chelsea who had never experienced anything like
that before. She was still out of breath and trying to make sense of it all when Jack got up and got dressed.

There she laid, on his bed covered in cum and dripping between her thighs. Jack offered her a towel and
asked if she wanted to shower. She declined and said she would shower once she got home. As she began
toweling the cum off of her fit young body she asked if she could use the bathroom. Jack politely pointed the
way. The young teen got up and picked up her things then walked into the bathroom. Jack couldn't help but
admire the great ass on her ass she walked away. He made a mental note to be sure to fuck her from the back
next time, and he was sure there'd be a next time. As he waited for Chelsea to emerge he poured himself some
whiskey and lit a cigar. He only took a couple puffs before she opened the bathroom door and walked towards
him. He couldn't believe how great she looked, as pretty and sexy as when he opened the door earlier. He
immediately had thoughts of going again but thought better of it. She came up to him and gave him a peck on
the cheek. He walked her to the door and opened it for her. Chelsea stepped out and took only a couple steps
before turning around and returning to Jack. She looked at him with a coy but inquisitive look on her face,
"Yes?" Jack asked. The young Chelsea embarrassingly whispered, "Am I woman now Jack?" Handsome Jack
took a puff of his cigar, gave her a wink and before shutting the door replied "Happy birthday."
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