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by Sir

Her name is Harvest.

 It takes a certain type of Catholic girl to grovel in an alley to pay the price for being a spoiled rotten bitch. A
Chinese girl born into money not made in the communist homeland, but outside in the British influence which in
itself is the corrosive religious colonial subjugation of the primal beast lying deep within the sleeping dragon.
And the dragon is soaking wet.

 Living in Indonesia is different. Harvest is Chinese, so is her small weenie of a hubby. More of a wallet than a
male, but still thinking he's the one in control. It is taboo for a Chinese wife to even ponder sexual relations with
those they see as a mere labor force. Another vice left by the English, a potion the dragoon was weened upon
from her mother's lace covered nipple. Darker skin isn't the craving Harvest held but for now practice in the
unholy rituals of the perversion of the primal need be fed. A sacrificial lamb to wallow in less then human, in her
mind, sperm to coat and cover her spoiled rotten rich bitch cunt of a snobbish dog born to a cum hungry bitch.
Salvation has a price and she dripped to swim in its humiliating orgasms. Something a Catholic school girl
breathes in as evil but drip for when the lights go out, and the dorms hummed with shuddering hands. Until the
day she becomes Sister Harvest, bred well for a purpose, to spread the word. Her husband, still the wallet. Until
Harvest was free of even them, to serve the lusts My Dick stiffens for. To find salvation basking in My cum, her

 "Bless me Father, for I have sinned.". With a finger inside her pink panties, underneath her too short skirt,
she began to tell of things she knew was wrong but could not help committing. Harvest had no choice, salvation
comes with a heavy price. She wore the sin of pride all over her firm body, and it showed when her double D
cups were holding back her rock hard nipples. With each sentence she spoke, her finger went in deep, swam
around inside her wet pussy then came almost all the way back out to feel the fresh air against her moist
finger. Her confessor was well aware of her ways and his rigid member would throb with each word of lust she
spilled, one word at a time, one drop of pure pussy juice at a time. The smell of a fuck rose as she continued,
her confessor would leave his own puddle to match hers.

 "I was driving my car 5 minutes from home, Father, and I spotted a ricksaw driver. I park my car and called him
to come over then I step out of my car and told him that he's been chosen as a man that will shooting his cum
inside me, in my mouth. He was so shock but I grab his Dick and I ask him if we can go somewhere quiet. He
pointed to a security office, which is abandoned.

 I parked my car nearby and I follow him entering the small room. I was so nervous. I pull his pants down and
start sucking his Dick. He had a way bigger Dick than my limp husband. The stench is bad but it makes me
tingle with excitement. He was groaning a lot, and I sucked him while I played with myself, I told him that he can
shoot his cum inside my mouth and I will swallow it, and I came before he did. When he shoots, his cum was so
thick, so hard to swallow, and it's really salty. He hold my head with both his hands and just forced my mouth
agains his Dick. I tried so hard to close my lips so the cum wouldn't spill out, Father. When he pulled out, I tried
to swallow it all, and I could. Then I sucked his Dick again to clean it.

 Then I told him that I gotta go, he was already tired and not answering me, so I just left. I felt so nasty.

 I was walking to my car when 2 security guy spot me. They asked me why I'm here dressed like in a tight white
t shirt, too short skirt, with a bra that showed and the words "Chinese slut" on my tits showing through the shirt,
like some common Indonesian gutter slut, with my hair all messy. I told them that my Black Master wants me to
suck Dick tonight, and earn my name for harvesting cum. I grabbed both of their Dick and smiled. I tried to
undress them but they told me that I should come with them to a more private place. So I walked with them to a
small, clean room. I bent down, spread my legs and I zip down one of them. The other was keeping watch
outside. Again, his Dick is way bigger than my hubby's, which makes me really love it. I start to suck his limp
dick while masturbating. I told him to cum inside my bra, he's not very patient, he just bang my head against his
Dick and then he pulled out and shot his cum inside my bra. I told him that i'm happy. I told him that I need a lot
of cum to make my Black Master happy. I licked and sucked it clean. He left me there and went outside, and his
friend came to get me inside. He walked while zipping down his fly, he was so horny I can tell, I know my face
was a mess, but he didn't really mind it.

 I began to suck it, I sucked it hard hoping that he would cum fast, but he held it. I told him that when he chums
he should cum in my mouth. I massage his balls for not long then he came. It was a lot, and I spit it out on my
hand and I wiped it on my pussy. I was about to suck his Dick clean when the door opened. A middle aged
man… he wanted to get his Dick sucked too. The other security guy told him about me I guess. I told him that I
will suck, and only suck, no fuck, he said it's ok. So I lick the second guard's Dick clean as he started fishing
out his Dick. It was really black, and he had really huge balls… so huge. I tried all my best to suck him until my
throat and jaw is aching. The first security guy came inside and he jerked off to the sight of me sucking a
stranger's Dick. Then I remembered my Black Master said to me that I need to collect sperm. I told him that he
can shoot his cum wherever on me and he came so fast I was surprised about it too. He did well staining the
back of my head, he shot it inside of my already mess hair. I'm sure the guy that I was sucking is kinda horny
and wanted to shoot his load soon so he jerked it on my face, he told me that he will shoot his load on my face.
He made me suck his ball in between and when he shoots his cum it was a lot and he told me to spread his
cum on my face. I did what he told me to do, I told him that he's a real man, and he told me that i'm a whore. I
sucked him clean and I handed him my wet panties. I told him he can do whatever he wants with it. He's said
that it disgusts him and he said that I should hold it. But then he saw my lipstick falling out of my pussy. He
asked me if I want to go home, I said yes. He then followed me back to my car with panties on my hand and
lipstick case on the other. He asked me what the deal with the lipstick. I told him that my Black Master wants me
to keep it inside me all the time when i'm out. He told me to bend over my car and took the lipstick from my
hand, he just pushed it deep inside my pussy. Then he told me to put my panties in my mouth and I needed to
suck them clean… it was in the middle of parking lot… open space… I was humiliated. Then he told me to
stuffed my panties inside my pussy so the lipstick case won't be falling out. He wait for me until I finished
stuffing my panties inside my pussy then he gave 2 slaps on my butt, and told me to go home.

 I'm still all sweaty and sticky, Father, I love to be controlled, to be told what to do, to be owned. The panties is
still inside, Father, my face is still covered in cum, and it's going dry now, most of it is still wet.".

 Never a response was heard from the veiled other side save low, hellish moans which made Harvest eyes
sharpen for new prey. Never a rosary to recite, never a word of heed or of disgust, and never once turned
away. The creaking oak floor from the other side of the confessing soul squeaked with a building rhythm the
sisters of the convent knew well. It began the wet song of salvation coating wicked fingers and arousing
delicate tongues among the true believes, one and all. The stench of Satan's daughter's trail of cum would fill
their minds, and make the dorms hum with nimble hands. Exorcised of all that once was gospel, their primal
had reason to wander.

 Harvest walked away with a trail of pussy juice leaking with each step. Cum dried on each nipple under her
sheer bra. Her hair was a total disaster, but the protein conditioner will do it good.The rigid confessor moaned
inside the cubicle that holds all secrets, and the sound of spewing seed is quiet in this tiny church. Harvest
served Me well that night, and with this corruption in play, her deeds will truly become unholy.

 Respect is shown in many ways. Devotion and religious freedom abound. "Saya lonte milik tuan sekarang
kamu anjing tidak berguna."


'Harvest' is from my most recent book. My writing style combines inanity with the firm tone of a Sunday sermon
about the unholy orgasm, and its meant to sink in deeper than other types of erotica. My book, 'Delicious', is a
series of scandalous sexual diversions which are written to invoke fear, a primal need to conquer, and a
blessing of all things perverse. although I dance the edges of all things sexual, it is legal content for every state
in the US.

I also have avast collection of erotic photographs I created while I images passions for the entertainment
industry and also for adult publications, if you need any. I am looking for more ways to reach a wider audience
and lead them to my book.
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