Her Fantasies
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism, Mature

Her Fantasies
by Lacey Ashley

She turned forty, she was divorced and felt like life was passing her by.  Earlier that morning her
and some of her girlfriends were sharing coffee and fantasies.  She had been too shy to share
hers, she listened and found herself blushing when she learned some of the girls had actually
acted out on their fantasies.  Throughout the day she wondered if she could act out on a
fantasy.  She had been divorced almost nine months and had not made love that entire time to
anyone.  And now she was forty and life was passing her by.  Could she actually fulfill a fantasy
of hers?

 Her name is Stacy, she turned forty that morning and she felt life was passing her by.  But after
the morning chatting with her girl friends she wanted to see if she could possibly fulfill a fantasy
of hers.  To complete it from beginning to end.

  Stacy looked up and found herself in the parking lot of the local Wal Mart, her hands were
moist and she felt the tingle of excitement.  Slowly she climbed from her car, took a deep breath
and straighten her black skirt.  She fluffed her natural auburn curly red hair and turned and
walked slowly sexy into the Wal mart.  The little old man hire as the greeter, smiled at her and
nodded, she knew then she could do it.

  Stacy made her way over to the automotive department, slowly walking up and down the
aisles.  She was looking for a certain kind of man, not just any man, but the one she knew was it.  
Several men nodded or smiled at her as she walked by them.  Then she found the one.  He was
not smiling, he looked totally bored and she could tell he was there with his wife and she was off
shopping and he was just there killing time.

  She crossed in front of him, smiled directly at him, he returned a half nod.  Yes he would be
perfect she tells herself.  She looks down at the bottom shelf directly in front of him, ever so
slightly she bend down and slowly moved items around pretending to be looking for something
she needed.  Glancing over her shoulder she checked to see if he was watching her.  And he
was, the slit in her black skirt slides apart exposing her round full bottom, she wore no panties.  
She moved her legs apart slowly and bend down more, knowing she was giving him a fuller view
of her round sweet ass and a slight gleams of her sweet welcoming pussy.  She picked up an
item, stood slowly, turned and smiled at him, she walked over to him, leaning her full breast  into
him giving him a clear shot of her round peach mounts of her tits, she knew her nibbles were
hard and showing against the lacy material.  She ran her finger tip along the belt of his jeans,
stopping at the button at his waist.  Licking her bottom lip she traced the outline of his cock threw
the jeans, she felt how he was growing hard, she let  her finger linger there, staring into his
brown eyes. Standing on her tip of her black heels she lightly kissed his mouth, running her
tongue across his bottom lip, she whispered, "Nice," turning she walked away.  She glanced back
once to see what he was doing.  To see if he was actually interested in following her where ever
she lead him.

  Stacy felt a rush as she felt him following her, all she knew is the whole experience was a
massive fucking turn on.  She walked to the lady's department of the store and hoped as normal
no checker would be sitting there, she wanted him to be able to follow her into one of the
dressing rooms.  Luck was on her side, she glanced back and saw he was still following her and
now he was actually smiling.  Yes he would be perfect.

 Stacy slide into the back dressing room, pulled the curtain half way so he could see which one
she was in.  Luck again was on her side no one else was in the other little stalls.  Though the
thought of someone so close hearing them gave her a rush, maybe while they were in the middle
of it someone would come in.

  She was removing her shirt slowly and then her pink lacy bra, she turned to find him standing
there.  His body filling the door way, she laughed, grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him into
the stall, closing the curtain behind him.  He went to speak but she covered his mouth with her
hand," Say nothing just enjoy," she stepped out of her skirt and stood there in a pink garter , silk
hose and black stilettos .  His eyes widen in amazement as she unbutton his shirt, her tongue
darting out licking his nipples. She felt his body shake and him moan, playing she lightly bit one
then the other.

  Stacy undid his belt and jeans, working her hand into the jeans to find what she actually
wanted.  She wanted to feel it, to touch the heat of him, and soon she would be tasting him.  Her
hand lightly stoked up and down his hard cock, she felt him squeezing her nibbles as he begun
to get into her fantasy.

  Ever so slowly she lowered to her knees and took what she had wanted into her mouth, it
caused him to suck in his breath as she worked her wet sweet mouth up and down the shaft.  His
fingers were now tangled in her hair helping her fuck his cock with her mouth.  With each thrust
his cock went deeper into her throat.  Stacy sucked like she was starving and she was, it had
been nine months since she had even felt a hard cock let alone have one in her mouth.  She
almost giggled, she had never in all the years of her marriage suck her husband off and here
she was in a dressing room stall in the middle of Wal Mart sucking off a complete stranger.  She
felt so naughty and that excited her even more.

  Within minutes she felt him explode into her mouth and she continue sucking till she got the
last luscious drop.  She felt his body tremble but she continued sucking and to her amazement it
was once again becoming hard.  More fun she thought as she worked it to a hard solid shaft.  
Sliding up his body she kissed him lighting and turned her back to him, he wrapped his arms
around her and squeezed her sweet round breast, for once she was happy she had Double D
breast.  She gently slowly rubbed her full ass against his cock, sliding slow up and down till he
took her by the waist and bent her over.  His cock slide into her hot wet pussy and she sighed.  
At first their rhythm seemed off, but she brushed that aside thinking of the size of space they
were in.  

 The giggling voices of two women entering the next stall caused him to stand still and not
move.  Stacy giggled, she place him on the small stool in the corner and straddled his lap.  His
cock slide in and she rode him, hot from knowing there was someone on the other side of the
thin wall that could hear the stool squeaking with each of her down thrusting of her body.  He got
into her excitement and begin to thrust back, his mouth sucking hungrily on her nipples.  She felt
the building in her and rode even harder and faster.  He exploded again deep into her within
second of her cumin all over his cock.  

  The two giggling ladies were now trying to hear what they were doing and this made Stacy
giggle as it did her new friend.  He hugged her close to him, it seemed he enjoyed her fantasy
and was not ready for it to end.  Now it was his turn to be naughty.

Copyright© 2010 Lacey Ashley

This is Lacey's third story published on Bare Back Magazine. Previous stories include Dream
Lover and A Man's Attitude