His Fantasy
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism,

His Fantasy
by Lacey Ashley

I tip toed to the bedroom door. He was sound asleep, I could tell by his steady breathing.  I stood
there watching him.  For the first time in a long time I actually knew what it felt like to be loved and
wanted.  No head games, no cheating, and most of all no lies, we shared everything.  It felt so
wonderful to trust the man you love, and I did so love him.

    The night before he had told me his favorite fantasy.  A fantasy he had not shared with
another woman.  Smiling, I turned and went into our bedroom.  I tied my hair in a pony tail, quickly
changing for my sweats to sex panties and a matching bra.  My long copper red hair hung in a
ponytail down my back.  I slipped into my matching garter and sat on the edge of our oversize
tub.  I worked the silk stocking up on leg and then the other. sliding into my black stilettos.  As I
admire myself in the mirror, knowing I was going to surprise him.

    Back in our bedroom he had rolled over on his back.  I went to my dresser, pulling out several
silken scarves.  I quietly made my way to our king size bed, gently tying his wrist to the head
board, I tied his ankles and went to the other wrist and tied it.

    I gently slide up the bed from the foot of the bed up to his crotch.  I was very happy he was
naked. And even more happy to see he was not hard.  That meant I could easily start this fantasy
with my own love of feeling him growing hard in my mouth.  I took his warm cock into my mouth he
sprang to life as I took him totally into my mouth.  

    "Oh God Baby," he spoke in a horsed whisper.  His realized his hands were tied to the head
board.  He lifted his head and smiled at me, "What are you doing Baby?"

    I stopped sucking on his very hard cock and looked up at him, "Playing and all you have to do
is enjoy."  I went back to sucking hungrily on his cock, knowing he enjoyed my mouth fucking his

    Within a matter of minutes he emptied his cum into my mouth.  I stop sucking and gently sliding
a cock ring onto his cock.  I took my little tiny vibrator with a hand held control, giving me the
ability to turning it on and off.  I sucked on the small vibrator making sure it was wet.  I slid it into
his ass, at first he thrust around trying to stop me.  It was part of our game.

    Once I had placed it where it belonged for this fantasy, I turned it on, slowly at first.  I watch in
amazement as his cock begin to turn hard again, the cock ring was making the head of his
beautiful cock almost a purple pink in color.  Begging to be sucked again, but not yet.

    I slid out of my wet panties tossing them away.  I turn the vibrator to medium and watched his
face and cock react at the very same time.  I removed my lacy bra and dropped it onto the floor
next to the wet panties.  Now all I wore was the garter belt and my silk stockings and my stilettos.  

    I straddled his cock, teasing the tip with my moist lips to my pussy.  I rocked back and forth and
my tits kept hitting his mouth but I would sit up quickly and not allow him a taste of my sweet pink
nipples.  As I sat up his cock slid into my wet tight pussy.  He rolled his head to the left side than
the right, moaning as I just sat there with his cock deep inside of me.  With the muscles of my
pussy I squeezed his cock before removing it from my pussy.  Again plying out little game.  I could
tell he was so close to exploding but not yet.

    I turned the little bullet vibrator on high, he thrust around again.  "What's wrong Baby?" I bent
close to his face and licked his neck, gently biting on it.  

    "Nothing Baby just want to cum," he smiled biting his bottom lip.

    "Not yet Baby, I have a wonderful surprise for you."  I took my last silk scarf and blindfolded
him.  I got off the bed, leaving him wanting more teasing, wanting to cum.  

    What he did not see was my friend being allowed into the room.  She looked yummy in her hot
red panties and matching bra.  I held my finger to my lips, I wanted to surprise him.  I motioned to
his mouth and she knew what I wanted to do to him.  She gently straddled his face, lowering her
pussy down close to his mouth.  I could tell when she arched her back he had already found her
sweet spot.

    I went back to work on his rock hard cock with my mouth.  Once again sucking hungrily as if I
was starving for his cum.  I felt the tension in his body when he realized it was not just the two of
us, that there was a second woman.  It turned me on even more, I stopped sucking and straddled
his cock again.  My friend was going into her first orgasm, I could hear him sucking all her pussy
juice from her.  I started rocking back and forth, slowly at first.

    My friend went into another orgasm and she cried out, "Jesus, damn you can suck pussy

    I laughed, "Yes he does, he does other things wonderful as well."  

    My rocking back and forth I felt his cock begin to throb, I knew he was not far from blowing his
entire wad.  My friend, smiled at me as she climbed off and she left the room without another
word.  I knew she enjoyed his tongue but the rest was for me.

    I continued rocking, feeling him getting closer and closer to exploding,   I was so hot, watching
him give my friend her two orgasms.  I felt the warmth of the orgasm started spreading all over my
body, I felt his body tense up as we both came together.

    I rolled off of him, pulling the blindfold off. "Did you enjoy Baby?  Was that close to your
fantasy?"  All he could do was nod as he looked around for the second female. "What you looking

    "Who was it?" he said softly.

    I chuckled by his bewildered look," That was the surprise did you enjoy having two woman?"

    "Is that a trick question, one where if I say yes or say no I am in deep shit."

    "Baby you can say whatever you want, this fantasy was for you and only you."

    He smiled like a kid in a candy store, "Than hell yes I loved it."  We both started laughing.

Copyright© 2012 Lacey Ashley (read more stories from Lacey below)

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