Hitch Hiker
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Hitch Hiker
by Erotica Writings

Meg walked backwards down the rain-filled highway with her thumb out. The
rain beating against her back, her long black hair and body were drenched.
The water dropped onto her brown jacket from her chin. She was hungry, cold
and just wanted some place warm to sit. Lightening began to streak the sky
and Meg jumped at the thunder. Finally a truck stopped to pick Meg up. Meg
ran to the ford 150 and quickly climbed in. The man handed her a towel he
had on the seat. She turned to face the man who saved her from the storm.
"Thank-you so much, my name is Meg."Meg told him as she toweled dried her
hair. For the first time she noticed he was black.

"You're welcome sexy I am Leroy Thomas, what are you doing out in the storm
child?" He asked watching the road and driving slowly as the roads were slick.
He was forty-five-years-old married man.

"Oh my necklace."She said as she fingered the necklace." I was going to say I
am not sexy." She said looking at him smiling as her emerald eyes sparkled.
Suddenly she was no longer smiling as the truck went out of control skidding
across the highway.

Meg was frightened as the truck was spinning in circles on the highway. She
was relieved when it finally stopped. She looked at Leroy who laid his head
back on the head rest and expelled a heavy sigh. He closed his eyes dreading
to see what the damage was. He opened the door and hated what he saw,
they were stuck in a ditch full of mud. It was getting late and there wouldn't be
any traffic for hours on this lonely stretch of road. The storm was getting
worse and Meg was scared. Leroy pulled her over to him and held her
trembling body.

"It's going to be all right now honey."He told her hoping the water didn't start
seeping into the truck and causing the truck to sink even deeper into the ditch.

Meg looked up into his eyes searching for the words she wanted to hear that it
would be ok. He gazed back into her eyes and before he knew it their lips
were together. His hand softly held her chin and then slowly fell down her neck
to her breast. Her pink nipple perked right up when his hand had removed it
from the bra.

His head leaned down and his mouth opened slowly receiving the tender
nipple. His erection wanted out of his pants and inside of meg.

Meg felt his hands on her breast, she sucked his tongue, and she helped him
to unbutton her jeans. It was not long that they both were naked in the front
seat. He went down between her thighs and found her sweet juices. Her hips
squirmed with each lick from his tongue and the sucking on her fat little pink
bud that throbbed with lust. Meg had never had a man to give her such
pleasures before. He body went into a thousand tremors as she gave into the
climax. She felt so warm inside from this mans fabulous tongue. He rose
above her body with her juices still on his chin and then raised down allowing
her to taste herself from his kisses.

Leroy's erection was anxious to enter Meg and to feel her wet desire over his
man hood. He took a deep breath as he entered her with his large black man
hood and exhaled slowly. She felt so good, so warm and so juicy. His hips
began to thrust harder and harder. He went so deep he felt his erection in her
stomach. He gave one more good hard push and his erection exploded his
thick rich cum into her belly.

They sat in the truck with the lightening striking all around the truck. They sat
there for hours when she leaned over and removed his limp man hood out of
his pants. She began to lick it softly up and down the shaft, sucking on the
head, shaft and then his nuts. She rolled his hard throbbing erection around
in her mouth. He placed his hand on the back of her head and rammed that
monstrous erection down her throat. She began choking and gagging as his
cum hit the back of throat.

He saw her perfectly rounded tits and touched the nipples with the tips of his
fingers. He then leaned over and held both of her arms against the back of
the trucks bench seat. His mouth and teeth clamped down on her breast, He
sucked on her tits for hours until he was ready to explode his cum again.

He pulled her on top of him and she began riding his man hood. He placed his
hands on her hips and stopped her from moving. He moved his strong
erection in her tender wet desire. She was being driven mad with desire. He
sucked on her tits as his man hood grew and throbbed harder.

She wanted to grind that huge black erection hard and deep. She wanted to
have her cum all over it. When she tried to move her hips he prevented her
from doing so. He was enjoying teasing her over and over. He wiggle his
erection all inside of her wet desire. She could not stand it any longer.
"Please, Please let me have that beautiful tool of yours to grind and fuck deep
within me. Please you are driving me mad with desire!" She pleaded as he
was driving her crazy with lust throughout her body.

His hands pushed her hips up and down on his shaft, he would control her hip
movements and the speed he wanted them to move with. Her head tilted back
as the most sweetest desire ran through her body as if it were blood flowing
through her veins. Her hands ran over her perfect mounds, she twisted her
nipples as the heavens opened up. Her body quivered on his shaft as pure
ecstasy ran over her body and their moans mingled together as beautiful

That morning he pulled out his cell phone and called for a tow truck. She
looked at him with a devilish smile as she made sure she got his number when
he dropped her off at her final destination.

© 2008 Erotica Writings  

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