story codes: MF, Exhibitionist-Voyeur

Hitch Hiker The Series
by Erotica Writings
Chapter Two

Meg  stretched her long lanky body as she slowly packed her duffel bag
for her cross country trip. She decided to hitch hike her way across the
country. She walked out of her room ready for the adventure that she
would write about in her daily journal.

Meg caught a ride with a trucker heading to New Orleans. She  will ride
with him the entire way. He is not bad looking in fact he is quite
handsome for an older man. His cock is big and thick . . . she knows this
because she paid for gas with her pussy tonight.  She was standing out
on I-75 with her thumb out, her low cut jeans were tight and  her red half
shirt showed her protruding nipples, her long blonde hair flowing in the
wind. It began to rain when he stopped giving her a ride … A ride she will
never forget. They  rode for about an hour and she noticed his wedding

“How long have you been married?” She  asked him smiling as she
noticed his cock was twitching in his pants.

“ Thirty years. “ He said looking down at her breast that he dreamt of
sucking and biting on.

“ Along time to be with one person.” she  told him as she slid across the
seat and groped his cock  through his pants.

“ Aw you want this cock as bad as I want to fuck the piss out of your
pussy?“ He asked her groping her crotch.

Before she  knew it they were in the back of his cab. He lowered his
body on top of hers and it felt like his large rock hard cock would rip her
tight pussy into. He began pounding her pussy as he groped and sucked
on her breast. Her pussy became wet and slippery as his cock slid in
and out of her pussy. Her moaning excited him even more then having a
young woman in his cab that he was screwing. His cock began to swell, it
became harder and Meg felt every throb in her pussy that wanted to
explode its hot white sticky juices. His cock buried itself deep inside of
her pussy and Meg pressed her pussy hard against his pelvis as they
began to explode. Meg dug her nails tightly into his back as she bit his
shoulder. His hips began to twist and pushed deep inside of her. He bit
her tit as his white hot cum mixed with her white thick juice. They laid still
for a moment with the only sound being their breathing. Once they pulled
themselves together He pulled the big rig out onto the interstate heading
for New Orleans for new adventures for Meg to find during  Mardi Gras.

Meg wrote in her Journal during the ride.

I can’t wait to get to Mardi Gras and meet new people and adventures.

She turned to him and using her hand unzipped his pants.

“I am bored and need something to satisfy my boredom.” she said
removing his cock.

She took the purplish round mushroom head in her mouth letting it roll
slowly in her mouth. She licked it clean of any pussy juice and the pre-
cum began to ooze onto her tongue. She licked and sucked him until he
had to pull his large rig over to the side of the road so he could shoot his
hot cum down her perfect petite throat. She was so horny she massaged
her swollen clit until she came as she drank the hot salty cum. They pulled
into New Orleans that morning and he dropped her off on Bourbon street.

Be sure to read about Meg’s adventure’s  in next month’s issue.


©2008 Erotica Writings
Hitch Hiker