Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionist, Threesome, Anal

Hitch Hiker the series *Dallas Texas*
by Erotica Writings

Meg stood with her thumb out on her way to Texas. Her body was sore from the
wild partying and sex in New Orleans. Her white thin halter top blew in the
summer breeze and her black hair shined under the sunlight. Finally a ride!
Meg ran up to the black car with the two men inside of it. She smiled wondering
what will this ride lead to?

“ My name is Jed and  my buddy is Mike.” The driver told her. His blue eyes
held her eyes captive as she looked deeply into them.

“ Thirsty?” Mike asked her handing her a beer.

Meg drank the beer, it was cold and cooled her hot dry mouth. The highway
was winding its way to Dallas Texas and Meg was determined to get to Gilley’s
to ride the mechanical bull. The sun began to set and the sunset was beautiful.
The driver turned off onto a dirt road and Meg gulped hard.

“ Hey what are you doing?”  She asked scared out of her wits.

“We’re going to set up camp and cook some dinner, you up to it?” Jed asked

Meg smiled . “ Yeah I could use some food.” She told him.

He pulled up next to a lake and everything looked beautiful to Meg. They
pitched a tint with three sleeping bags in it. Meg was hot and as they started the
camp fire she began to remove her clothes and dove into the water.

It was refreshing and the men looked her firm ass over as her body entered the
water. They began to disrobe and joined her in the cool water. Jed pulled Meg
up to him and began kissing her. His hands ran over her firm breast. Meg
wrapped her legs around his waist and felt his man hood enter her throbbing
pussy. She moaned softly into his ear as his hands squeezed her ass. She felt
Mike come up behind her and felt his hands on her breast. Meg leaned her
head back onto Mikes chest and felt his man hood enter her ass. She had
never been with two men before and this excited her beyond her wildest
fantasies .  Megs moans were drowning out the men’s moans. She wanted
more, she wanted it rough and she bit Jed’s Shoulder. He twisted her nipples
hard as Mike was now fucking her ass with all of his might.

The water rippled from their waves. Jed’s man hood hit the bottom of Meg’s
pussy. She began grinding both cocks with all of her might. She was hot, horny
and demanding more. The men could feel the other’s cock inside of their new
friend and this excited them even more. The three were moaning loudly as the
men juices mingled inside of Meg as hers covered Jed’s man hood.

The fire was burning brightly as the three of them walked hand in hand to the
camp fire. The men began to prepare to cook up the deer they had killed earlier
and cut up into steaks. They had meg to heat up the beans and place the Cole
slaw on the  make shift table of wood .  Meg fixed all of their plates and sat
between the two men.

Night time was now upon them and the stars sparkled brightly over the three
new friends laughing and drinking beer.  Jed turned the radio on and Meg stood
up and began dancing. Her body moved seductively in front of the two men
drinking their beer. Her hands ran up and down her body giving her flesh goose
bumps. She began to slowly pull her shirt over her head and threw it at Jed.
Mike was drunk and ready to pass out from all the beer he was ingesting. Meg
could not take her eyes from Jed’s . . . She wanted him one on one. Mike is a
nice guy she thought to herself, but Jed is the one I am attracted to.

Jed stood up before Meg and took her into his strong arms. Their bodies moved
slowly to the music almost as if they were making love. The dancing was
becoming very seductive and Jed picked Meg up into his arms. They were in
the tent before Meg could even think of Mike passed out by the fire. Jed laid her
down on the sleeping bag and began ripping her clothes off of her. Meg found
this to be enticing to her sexually. His body now covered hers and he roughly
placed his manhood inside of her now throbbing pussy. She was wet and
dripping and it felt so good to Jed. His thrust brought moans from deep with in
her. Her legs wrapped tightly around his waist. Her hips were thrusting her
pelvic hard against him.  She leaned her head back with her eyes closed as she
enjoyed the sensation that he was giving to her pussy. Her breathing was quick
and rapid. She grabbed her breast and began twisting her own nipples. This
turned him on that he could not stop from biting her tit. She moaned loudly and
he thrust his man hood deeper inside of her. She pushed her pussy down
harder on his cock. They were fucking each other like animals now. Meg
moaned and screamed from the orgasm and this set Jed on fire. He thrust his
cock hard one last time when it shot his hot cum inside of her.

Mike awakened the next morning to find Jed alone in the tent. . . Meg stood out
on the highway with her thumb out on her way to Gilley’s. Her heart sealed Jed’s
memory for her forever, she smiled thinking of him. An eighteen wheeler
stopped her thinking when he pulled over to pick her up.

Be sure to catch Meg's next ride in next month’s issue.

© 2008 Erotica Writings

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