Hitch Hiker  The series . . . New
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionist

Hitch Hiker  The series . . . New Mexico
by Erotica Writings

Meg stood with her thumb out on the interstate heading for New Mexico. A handsome
black trucker stopped and picked her up as the wind blew her black hair in her face.  
She hopped into the truck and felt an immediate attraction to him…Or as she thought
lust. He smiled at her as they made small talk and was surprised when she removed
her red tank top exposing her perfect rounded breast with pink nipples.

“ Hope you don’t mind me changing my shirt in front of you.” She told him as she dug
through her duffle bag removing a white tank top.

“Not at all I like what I see.” He said smiling at her.

“My name is Meg.” She told him smiling .

“I am Carlton.” He told her wishing she had kept her top off.

They rode for several hours talking and laughing driving down the road. He looked at
the time and saw it was time to get something to eat. He would buy her dinner and a
few drinks. They went into a small bar that served food as well and she made him
dance with her. Their bodies were close together and he held her tightly against him.
His lips found her neck placing soft kisses that made her nipples erect. Her pussy was
becoming intensely wet. She wanted him so badly that she ground  her ass against  
him as he held her tightly against his body. She took him by the hand leading him to
the bathroom while no was looking. She sat on the back of the toilet and he stuck his
thick black cock into her. She gasped from the tightness and wrapped her legs
around him. His black cock slid slowly in and out as it was covered in her white cream.
He began pounding her pussy until they both came hard and fast. He had to wipe her
white cream from his now limp cock. They returned to their table where they finished
their dinner with their secret burning their minds causing them to want more of each

“Lets get a motel together and let me show you some love making.” He told her
leading her to the dimly lit motel.

Once inside of room seven they began ripping the others clothes off the other one.
Her body quivered as he kissed her ears and neck working his way to her breast. He
picked her up into his strong black arms and moved his body to the bed. He laid next
to her and began to pinch and twist her nipples that were erect and hard. The
burning sensation in her nipple made her pussy ache more for him, he began to
tease her by standing twisting her nipple every once in awhile after sucking on them .
He then sat across her chest with his large cock teasing her lips as it softly slid across
her mouth.  Her tongue darted out to taste the salty clear liquid that began to ooze
from its tip. She began to suck on his hard cock like a lolly pop twirling the head in
her mouth, wanting to feel his hot cum shoot down her throat. She was breathing
heavy wanting to feel his massive cock inside of her. Her skin tingling from the hot
lust that is flowing through her. She wanted to fuck him in the worse way. He now
stood over her dripping the hot candle wax on her nipples and down her stomach, the
burning sensation felt so good on her hot skin. She wanted him and this pain he
inflicted upon her was driving her crazy. She felt his thumb on her clit as he dripped
more wax on her flesh, her hips were grinding up against his thumb, her pussy was
throbbing with desire and then she felt He laid on top of her and his huge cock
entered her pussy hard. He moaned as he entered her wet pussy and her juices
welcomed him. His hard cock deep  was deep with in her.

"You want to cum on my cock slut?" he asked as he fucked her harder.

"Oh yes, I want to cum all over your cock." She told him as he bit her nipple a little
harder each time.

He moved up on his knees moving her up on his lap taking her deeper onto his large
cock as her hips grinded against him to achieve the orgasm she was ready to beg
for. He twisted her nipples with his one hand when she felt his finger slide into her ass
and he fingered her bringing her into the most explosive orgasm anyone had ever
given gave to her. She felt him shoot his hot cum deep inside of  her wet pussy. They
both laid quietly on the bed side by side not speaking just listening to their breathing
in the dim lit room.

Be sure to catch Meg's next ride in next month’s issue.

Copyright© 2008 Erotica Writings

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