Hitched in Stripes
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

Hitched in stripes
by Edward “Lefty” Lee

After receiving the fourth wedding proposal from my girl-friend, I finally broke down and married her, right
there in the prison chapel. This is a little recollection of that “blessed” event.

It was seven p.m. a group of convicts in prison stripes started to sing softly as a banjo and harmonica
played softly. I was standing in a small chapel in front of an altar, in a barrowed suite a size too small.

The warden was my best man. A preacher, from the church of the ever-loving screwballs, smiled then his
eyes cross as he listens to the music. Suddenly the band struck up, “Here comes the bride.” The doors
were pushed open and in walked my beloved in a white dress with a handful of yellow daffodils. Her mother
was there to give her away. Before the wedding, while the little woman was making last minute
arrangements with the priest I was getting friendly with my, “mother-in-law-to-be,” I put my tongue in her
ear and my thumb up her butt as I promised to take good care of her baby.

Now as the two of them step up to the altar I winked and made faces at my soon to be mother-in-law. The
warden snickers as the little wife-to-be thinks to herself, “He needs me, and I’ll change him!”

Mommy kisses her daughter as I swat her fanny to the giggles and guffaws of the musicians. The priest
starts blabbing about something unintelligible and the warden nods off. Finally the time had come, she
puts the ring on my finger and with everyone looking at me I turn to the warden for my ring. He wakes up
and realizes he doesn’t have it. So, with out missing a beat I drop my pants and offer my new wifie-to-be
the opportunity to remove my golden cock ring I am wearing to use as a wedding band.

So now we’re married and after a quick toast, the band takes turns fondling my mother-in-law, as the wife
and I excuse ourselves to our nuptial chambers. I need to be quick, as I have to be back in my cell by nine
thirty sharp. The warden is feeling generous so he lets us use a large storage room. The guys in my
cellblock have removed the mops and brooms and moved a mattress into it, but the bed is wider than the
closet so the sides are turned up like a safe-room in the Looney bin.

I carry the little woman across the threshold and she moves to the other end of the room were she slowly
undresses. I’m sure she’s thinking of how she can come back on Sunday to take me to church. I know she
is kidding herself; after all she did ware a white dress to her second wedding. To my surprise the guards
had not removed the paper covering over the small window in the room. I quickly pull out my shoelace and
began to slowly strangle wifie as I hump her from behind. She begins to piss herself and pass out so I relax
my grip. When I am finished I revive wifie and send her off to get me something to eat from the kitchen,
which is across the yard.

While she is away, the new mommy-in-law comes in to see me. She is all hot and bothered from being felt
up by the band. Quickly I strip off her panties and we start to screw. She is on top but faced away from me.
The new love-of-my-life comes in carrying a plate of snacks. She sees her mother humping her new
husband and wifie begins to cry and shout, “What have I done wrong!”

I calmly inform her, “Madam this is a scientific experiment, to truly be one with you I needed to know where
you came from.” She calmed down and stepped outside so I could return to screwing her mother.

As my new family prepares to leave I give both explicit directions on what food to bring when they return.
As well as how they should exercise to tighten up their girly parts so they are better prepared when they
come to see me again on visiting day. I think I’m going to like being married.


© 2011 Edward “Lefty” Lee

Lefty is a bartender by trade, where his good looks and quick wit have saved him, more than once, from an ass beating.
Edward enjoys woodworking, bad science fiction movies and comic books. He lives in Maryland with a large book collection
and a lazy guard dog. He’s been published previously by the Happy Magazine and The Legendary.

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