Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism,

by Slobberton

Irene Tamford drove slowly in the early morning sunlight towards the national park; her
eyes scanned the road for hitchhikers as she always did at weekends. In the summer she
was nearly always lucky, she felt a tense excitement it was always a thrill to pick up a
young  male and her plan seldom failed. Irene pulled up and a tall well built teenager put
his rucksack in the back and climbed into the front seat.

"Its mighty kind of you to stop I've about ten miles to go to the youth hostel."

"No problem I enjoy company and you can do me a great favour in return for the lift if you
will," she smiled at him.

"Sure if I can be of any help,"he looked at her as if to say what ever can I do for you a well
heeled middle-aged lady in a smart new car.

"I want to suck your cock off and swallow your load."

"There was an uneasy silence for a moment as he recovered from the outrageous shock."

"Anything to oblige a lady,"he quipped, "but where?"

"Its not far to a quiet lay-by you stand by the open door and feed me, and when your near
to climax give me a hard face-fuck no mercy till your empty," she smiled again and looked
him in the eyes.

It was a pleasant surprise to Irene when she was faced with his fine hot young stiff
equipment; his balls were full and she knew he would blow his load explosively.

"Beautiful a fine sight," she held the firm upright young rod and started to lick his balls with
her eager tongue. They were wrinkled with light brown pubic hairs holding a big load no
doubt, she got his young ball-bag in her mouth and stroked his throbbed with her hand up
and down squeezing the fat long rod which she could feel pulsing under her touch.

Irene then rolled back his foreskin which was now very tight and got her probing tongue
into his groove making him groan with pure delight, she knew the explosion would come
soon and the back of her throat felt dry with excitement.

His lust was unbridled and he went straight for it grabbing her hair and using her wide
mouth like an open cunt pushing more down with each forceful thrust.

"Take that you crazy bitch," he yelled as he fired his first big load. She was helpless and
raised off her knees by the force of his pumping thrusts. Almost choking with his furious
hammering he filled her mouth and throat to overflow before he was finished.
As he calmed down Irene swallowed all she could and licked her dipping lips running her
greedy tongue over his sticky tool until there was not a drop of sperm left.

© 2011 Slobberton

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