Hitch Hiker (the series) Southern
Story Codes: Threesome,  Consensual, Exhibitionist, anal

Hitch Hiker the series Southern California
(An Erotic X-Mas Tale)
by Erotica Writings

It was Christmas Eve as Meg stood alone out on the high way. Her thumb held up high when
a blue eighteen wheeler stopped to pick her up. She smiled with a sigh of relief. She
climbed into the truck to find a man and woman in the rig. Hi I am Meg and y’all are?

 “I am Calvin and this is my wife Kathy,” he said checking out her body hungrily.

 “Do you like to party? Kathy asked her. She then injected” We're heading to a motel to
celebrate Christmas, Want to come?” Kathy asked her with a giggle.”

 “Oh yes I do and thank you for inviting me,” She said.

 The first hotel they saw the big rig pulled into its parking lot. Calvin climbed out of the truck
and went to the other side of the rig. Meg opened the door and Calvin grabbed her up in his
arms swinging her around.

 “Kathy we better go easy with our partying with her she is light as twigs,” He said.

 “I seen some tiger’s made out of a twig,” Kathy giggled as that did not make any sense to

 They walked to the office arm in arm; Meg thought they might have already been drinking.
They got a room with two beds, once inside they told Meg to take her bath first. Meg
enjoyed the hot shower. When she came out to dry off there was a red shear nighty. Meg
scratched her head and put the sexy out fit on. When she opened the door the couple had
put up Christmas decorations. Calvin handed her a cup of spiked eggnog. Meg took a sip
mmm that was just what I needed Meg thought to her self. He handed her a plate of
Christmas dinner and watched as she gobbled her food down.  Kathy came out in a
matching gown only green. The two women sat on the bed eating and drinking more spiked

 Calvin came out of the bathroom dressed as Santa with a bag of goodies.
“ Ho,ho,ho ,ho’s! I have gifts for all even that handsome man Calvin!” He said boldly as
Santa would. He handed out all the gifts even his own then stripped out of the out fit into his
Santa ’s boxer under pants then Jumped between both drunken women and pleading to be
fed turkey by their mouths.

 Meg was the first to feed him and did not stop him when he touched breast. She gently bit
his lip. He looked at her and placed his plate on the bed.

 “Kathy hand me her first gift and see how she likes it.” He told Kathy .

 He took a large black dildo and rubbed on her clit. “ Do you like that baby? He asked her

 “Oh yes I do,” She said feeling so hot and wet by his masturbating her clit with the dildo.

 Kathy leaned over and began to kiss her as her hand slipped into her night gown pinching
her nipple. Calvin was getting as hot as he always did at their parties. Kathy’s tongue shot
dip into Meg’s mouth causing Calvin to drop to his knees and eating Meg as he fingered his
wife. Both women exploded into climaxes.  They were so intense from the Climax’s that
neither was paying attention when Calvin made them both two strong drinks. He gave it to
them and said .

 “The next reindeer game is an elf blows Santa while Santa waits to fucks another elf in the
ass! He exclaimed .

 Meg was chosen for the blow job. She was forced to her knees and felt his hand on the
back of her head. Her mouth open and his cock rammed into the back of her throat . Her
eyes watered, she resisted gagging, and she sucked it hard and deeper he went. Meg didn’
t know if she could take much more when all of a sudden hot sperm flew in the back of her
throat and Meg swallowed hard and fast. Kathy handed Meg a drink and some turkey and
ham. This is an all nighter sweetie, we’re booked here until the day after Christmas you
more then welcome to stay. A half hour went by and it was time for the ass fucking game.
Meg watched at how rough he was having sex.

 He must fuck the shit out of your pussy she thought watching Kathy’s ass getting fucked
and she began fingering her clit when she noticed that Calvin was fixated on her pussy. He
did not take his eyes from her pussy and he wanted to hit it when Kathy past out. He noticed
that Meg was going to cum from watching his cock fuck Kathy’s ass. He shoved his cock into
her ass hard and deep, Kathy screamed out as he exploded into her ass.

 “Let’s take a break and eat and drink and opened more gifts,” He said putting his plan to
work to have Meg and that soft body in his arms.

 They ate and Kathy was getting so drunk ,more so then the other two. An hour later she
was past out. Calvin placed her under the covers making sure she was out…

 Calvin went to Meg pulling her up to him and began kissing her softly on her lips. He
slipped her out of her night gown and out of his boxer under pants. He wrapped his arms
around her waist and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He kissed her neck, ears and
softly kissed her lips. They both got into bed he leaned over her body and gently kissed
and nibbled her breast. He nibbled on her chin leading to her lips. His tongue darted into
her mouth and she sucked on it taking in the flavors in his mouth. She wanted more of him.
He lowered himself over her and placed his cock between her thighs. He slid his cock into
her pussy and they both gasped. He slowly got her to rock his body with her. She hadn’t
been made love like this since her 12th grade teacher. She wrapped her legs around his
waist and felt his cock tease her pussy with slow even strokes. He suckled her breast
making her body warm and tingly.  Her pussy contracted on his cock and she wanted it
more, she wanted it harder, faster! Oh how she was losing control and could not keep her
self from soaking his cock with her pre-juices and then it happened they were exploding
from a climax that rocked both of their worlds. She sighed to her self as he went to bed with
his wife.

                          MERRY  CHRISTMAS!

©2008 Erotica Writings

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