Holiday Sexpresso
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

Holiday Sexpresso
Written by Gianni Shamari

It was a cold Christmas Eve night. I was driving down Fifth Avenue in my new neon red Lamborghini Huracan,
listening to Mary J. Blige’s A Mary Christmas album. The Christmas decorations on windows had me in a
holiday spirit. I smiled at the red and green lights that shone from the top of the iconic Empire State Building .

I picked up my smartphone, typed a number, and made a call, Ariel, what’s up? Happy Holidays!”

“Happy Holidays, baby!” Ariel said. “Are you still coming down to see me?”

“Yes,” I answered. “I should be at the Red Café in thirty minutes. It’s in Astor Place , right?”

“Yeah, Astor Place, on the corner! I’m closing up, but I’m going to leave the door open so you can just walk
right in.”

“No problem, I’ll see you in a few. Peace!”

Twenty-five minutes later, I walked inside the Red Café. I instantly inhaled the aroma of espresso emanating
from the café. Ariel Piper Fawn stood by the door with a mug in her hand, watching the colorized I Love Lucy
Christmas Special on the big flat screen TV.

Ariel was a short, slim redhead Czech adult model. Her long red hair and pretty face always enamored me. The
green sweater she wore barely hid her magnificent boobs.

“Hi, Maré, I’m glad you made it.” She said.

“Happy Holidays,” I said, kissing her on the cheek. “This is a nice place. I love all the decorations here. So, you
are watching I Love Lucy Christmas Special. CBS aired that last Friday.”

“Yeah, I know, I missed it. I had my friend to record it on the DVR so I could watch it.” Ariel told me as she got
up to lock the door in order to prevent unwelcome intrusion.

“If they aired I Love Lucy in color back in the Eighties, I would have been a fan of the show too.” I chuckled. “It
was a treat for long time fans to enjoy I Love Lucy in color for the first time in TV history. The show might attract
a new generation of fans.”

“You’re right.” Ariel agreed, locking the door. "What’s the name of the cologne you are wearing?”

“Gold Jay-Z.” I answered.

Ariel laughed and said, “I like it.”

I took off my coat and settled on the seat. Then I stared at all the colorful innovative Christmas designs on the
windows, which impressed me. There were sparkling Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the
Snowman. Ariel came back to the table with an espresso for me to drink.

“Thanks.” I told her, and then took a sip of the drink. “How was your day?”

“It was quiet.” Ariel continued, pursing her full lips. “I watched TV, checked my e-mails, and spoke to Misty
Stone. I am supposed to party with her for New Year’s in LA.”

“I know Misty Stone, she’s a cool girl! She chilled with me out here a few times. Oh, I love her ass! She’s also

“You’re too much.” Ariel laughed. “I love her too. I cannot wait to see her. I know you like wearing Air Jordans so
I got you the ‘Bred’ Air Jordan 1 for Christmas.”

“Wow, thanks! I appreciate it.” I said, after giving her a hug. “I’m glad you didn’t say the Gamma Blue because I’
m wearing now.”

“I know you have them already,” Ariel continued. “I saw the news coverage of the Stockton mall brawl over
those Gamma Blue Air Jordan 11 sneakers. People are crazy after them!”

“People need to get their priorities straight. I never camped out or waited on lines for a pair of Air Jordans. I
always got them in advance. These Jordans coming out are all old designs, which make these frenzy people
look stupid!” I fished in my pocket and gave Ariel $600. “Well, I know it’s not much but Merry Christmas.”

“You know I take money in place of a Christmas gift.” Ariel jested.

We talked about nothing in particular for almost an hour. While other topics came up, the subject eventually
drifted to dating. I always enjoyed listening to women talk about their dates.

“What do you think of first date?”

“I think the first date should be fun and flirty.” Ariel said. “You should definitely plan a great date. I’m one of
those girls who simply want to have fun.”

“What is your rule about paying on a first date? Do you think women should pay?”

“Hell no! Women should never pay unless they are in a monogamous, committed relationship. Let the man lead

I chuckled. “I’m not mad at that. Okay, what about oral sex and handjobs?”

“I think a man eating my pussy is fine on the first date.” Ariel said, as she licked her lips. “I’m not giving him
head. It is a one-sided deal, baby. No handjobs either. The man’s dick is off limits.”

“What type of men you like?” I asked her.

“I like a man that knows how to make me laugh.” Ariel responded with a smile.  “If he makes me laugh, I’ll love
him! Laughter is so important in life that if you can’t just let go and laugh, what good is it? Don’t be corny, just
be funny and I will be yours.”

“I know I can make you laugh with my mouth, tongue, and fingers.” I said, giving her a wink.

“Do you think you can handle a fiery redhead like me?” Ariel asked, biting her lip.

“Surely,” I answered. “I love redheads as flaming hot as you!”

Ariel confirmed my thoughts. I knew she wanted me as badly as I wanted her. We were sexually avid for each
other and had the café to ourselves. She leaned over and we locked our lips in a deep kiss. She squashed her
wet lips against mine. As our tongues tussled, I relished the taste of espresso on her tongue.

When we broke our oral bond, Ariel stood up. She lifted her sweater and bra over her head. Her bare boobs
looked succulent and round. Then she pulled down her pants, exposing her bald and clean pussy. My pulse
raced and I felt myself becoming more aroused. I wanted her now and then. Ariel began walking to the corner
of the café smilingly and then she ushered me to join her.

I removed my clothes and walked toward the corner. She stood there, rubbing her pussy. The streetlights and
Christmas decoration gave us enough brightness to perceive the erotic demo. I fixed my eyes and ogled her all
over, sauntering up to her. Then I captured her full lips and kissed her hard, squeezing her supple tits.

“Mmmmm,” Ariel moaned in my ear.

I pinched her pink erect nipples. Then I took my time licking her juicy tits and relishing the feel of her throbbing
nipples on my tongue. My hands moved down to her ass and I gently squeezed her soft voluptuous ass
cheeks. Ariel sighed passionately. I loved how her tits pressed against my chest. Surprisingly, Ariel took my
hand so I could massage her pussy. It was wet as she spread her legs wider to let me touch her teasingly.

“I want a taste of your honey, baby girl.” I spoke gently to her.

Ariel laughed as she let me lift her up by her buttocks and then settle her down on the cool red table. Then I
knelt down, stooping between her open legs. Her wet pussy glistened in the dim Christmas lights. I brushed my
nose against her clit and inhaled her feminine essence. The pheromones were intoxicating to my olfactory
nerves. I began to devour her pussy, lapping it up and down. Ariel reclined as she convulsed and screamed.

“Yes, eat that pussy, Maré!” Ariel trilled.

I was sucking on Ariel’s clitoris and penetrating her pussy with my tongue. Then I moved my hands up to play
with her tits. Sensing her impulsive response, I knew she was enjoying the sensation. I became adventurous
and stuck my pinkie in her anus, which drove Ariel over the edge. She shrieked, lifted her ass off the table, and
pulled my face close to her. My nose was rubbing against her pussy and I knew she was getting
close to cumming.

“I want you to cum on my face, baby!” I told her as I fortified my attention on her throbbing clit, teasing it with my
tongue and fingering her pussy. “I want to swallow your juices!”

Ariel trembled violently and declared, “I’m cumming!”

She climaxed all over my face, which felt like an eternity as she covered her mouth with her hands to stop
herself from screaming. As she got to her resolution, Ariel wanted to taste her juices on my mouth. She licked
my wet lips and tongue, cleaned them like a ravenous cat. Oh, it was a turn on! As if we were projecting
thoughts, Ariel lowered herself and took me in her warm mouth. I moaned softly as she started licking up and
down my dick like a candy cane. Then she inserted her tongue into the tiny opening and swirled around the
head of my dick. When she deep-throated me while cupping my balls, I curbed an urge to erupt on her face.

I lay down on the table and inserted my hard prick into her lubed pussy. It churned around my dick, receiving it
without any objection as she hollered. I built the tempo and had Ariel’s tits bouncing around. She quivered with
each thrust and shrieked my name.

“Oh, Maré give me that fucking monster!” She shouted. “Fuck my pussy hard! FUCK MEEEE!''

I began smashing her pussy faster and harder. Her porcelain white skin contrasted strongly with my brown skin.
Ariel flexed her fingers on my back and I watched closely. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head. I knew I was
giving it to her as if she’d never had it before.

Getting up to the edge, I groaned, “I’m going to cum!”

“Yes, cum, Daddy!” Ariel cried out.

I pulled out and pumped a hot load of cum on her sexy body. Ariel gazed up at me with a satisfied look on her
face as she rubbed the cum on her tits. What an incredible erotic sight it was! I snuggled beside her and we
French kissed. We utilized hand-sanitizing wipes to freshen up as we sat at the table and began dressing.

“That was amazing!” I remarked.

“Yes, it was!” Ariel replied excitingly. “It has been a fantasy of mine to have sex in this café.”

“And your fantasy came true at last.” I quipped. “It was a wild thing, fucking here while people walked past
without realizing what was going on behind the decorations. Ha! Come on, let me drive you home.”

“What are your resolutions for 2014?”

“My resolutions are to continue speaking English, kiss French, drive German, dress Italian, spend Arab, and
party Caribbean.”
Then we hugged each other and left the Red Café laughing.

© 2014  

I am a writer that was born and raised in New York City . I always had a passion for writing. I enjoy expressing myself freely on
paper and sharing my ideas with the world. Writing is just a big part of my life. I describe my erotic tales as fast-paced, hip-hop
erotic music videos because of the style and flow. One day I hope to get a book of my stories published and make them into
films. You can read all my erotic stories at
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