Home Schooled Witchcraft
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Home Schooled Witchcraft
by David Rasmussen©

The memory of the moment lingered still in her mind, the spell making her
horny even as she laid there breathless rasping as she tried to catch her
breath. Candice’s head lolled back and forth, breath rasping as one hand
gingerly plucked at her nipples, hard and aching, as she glanced about
for something, anything, to relieve her once again mounting wants.

“I am the Goddess of Foxes… Spirit Foxes… Fox Foxes… half breeds…
whatever…” she rasped, nudging her body sideways towards her
bedside cabinet, free hand digging into it’s contents until she retrieved
her wand and a small squishy female figurine in her lover’s likeness.

“So horny…” she rasped, “Goddess why am I doing this.” she muttered,
aiming the wand towards her womanhood as she cradled the doll in her
second hand. “I can’t stop… I can’t stop…”

Eyes closed tight she felt mixed emotions.

As her human self she has become incredibly close to a beautiful human
female named Anna, sweet and so loving she felt that Anna was going to
be her lover forevermore. To date they have only performed oral sex on
each other, touching and rubbing and licking, but have yet to consumate
in a more physical means… unless you count her visitations of Anna in
her “restive moments”. Casting spell and charm to slip into her restive
state, as close to dreams as one can get in a Realm of Dreams, in order
to make love to her precious in a “Safe” place a touch outside of the
dreaming reality.

Just the thoughts of their last restive “coupling” kept her high and horny.

It should, it had only just happened and yet she had already woken up
from it and was horny again.

* * * * * *

She was embarrassed with her bestial form, yet it was the only way to
visit Anna in her “rest”.

Anna, a meek soft spoken girl with short frilly hair, a fairly built body and
the gentlest eyes (almost fawning as Candice stared lovingly into her
deep beautiful eyes before they coupled in these restive moments).
Somehow Anna accepted her advances in these restive “dreams“, and
her seduction, even if she felt it was only because it was a “dream”
(restive) that she accepted Candice’s true self.

She toyed with the thought of taking Anna in her normal Goddess form,
but everytime she did she rejected the idea outright. There was
something about herself, her true form, and sexuality which kept her from
telling Anna the truth. Still, if only for a short time, these moments made
Candice feel as if Anna could accept her as she was when they made
love together the way they did in these restive moments.

As they kissed they held each other close, abit awkward as Candice’s
canine snout opened abit to reach over Anna’s face, their tongues
dancing together as they kissed so. As Candice pulled back, looking at
her accepting lover she smiled abit. Laying her down onto the bed she
moved across her form, slowly kissing her from neck to breasts, sparking
Anna’s body with each and every kiss.

As she reached Anna’s breasts (mid sized) she stopped to treasure the
feel between her fingers, nuzzling her snout into them as she raised her
lips up to lick and nip at them lightly before moving further downwards. As
she did briefly her thoughts brushed on how Anna felt about this.

Was this right for her? Wrong? How did she feel about making love to
Candice’s “true” form.

She seemed to accept her but did she really accept Candice as she was?

It obsessed her and dominated her thoughts from time to time.

She stopped near Anna’s womanhood, breath lightly tickling her slit as
she stared upwards towards her lover, seeking approval in what she was
about to do next, mouth slightly ajar in anticipation.

With a breathless sigh, Anna’s hands firmly pressed into the back of
Candice’s head, pushing her mouth onto her waiting pussy eagerly and
with great need. As she did this her legs rose up to straddle Candice’s
back, pushing her further into her wanting spot holding her to it until
Candice gave her what she slowly, desperately, needed.

Candice gently clamped her snout down upon Anna’s pussy, gingerly
holding herself close, but being sure not to bite down lest she harmed her
lover. Once placed she teased and lapped at her lover’s pussy, using her
strong tongue to press into her with each lap and each stroke of her
tongue. Holding her tight within her mouth as Anna’s legs pushed her
down, pressing her mouth tighter onto her mound, her scent driving
Candice’s heightened senses wild, fogging her mind even as she held
herself in close tight control.

* * * * * *

Candice cried out, the small Anna playdoll curling it’s limbs about
Candice’s freshly magicked erection, it’s little magic tongue licking it as it
bounced up and down stroking the female meat it attached itself to.
Wiggling about on the bed she began to thrust her hips upwards towards
the sky, her mini toy still bouncing up and down rhythmically without halt or
mercy even as she drove the goddess crazy. The memories began to
collide and mesh together wildly in her mind’s eye.

Anna licking her out, leaving her just as vunerable as she was when Anna
pinned her down and forced her to perform oral sex on her. The emotional
high as their pussies meshed together, Candice’s head thrown back as
she cried out during this tribadism moment between the two of them.

Her scent… her body… everything was like an aphrodisiac to Candice’s
senses even in her human form. Everything drove her to lust and need,
making even a short period away from Anna an unbearable thing as she
knew she had become totally enslaved to her love for the human female.

Even as she looked down, Anna dutifully bobbing her head up and down
on Candice’s strap on rubber dick sucking it hard to lube it up, that
despite the appearance she was the one enslaved to the woman who
serviced her so beautifully. Laying down upon Anna she first played with
her love, her hand vigorously jerking up and down the rubber to insure
Anna’s spit completely lubed the rubber toy before it’s introduction into
her pussy. As she kept the rubber abit away from Anna her face filled with
want and desire, the words begging the goddess to fill her just inches
from spoken word.

Spoken word that didn’t need to be spoken, as Candice could not hold
back from the deed.

With one thrust she filled Anna, pulling back slowly checking to insure she
didn’t harm Anna with her entry, before she thrust in again and again. At
first she held Anna tight, staring down at her body writhing beneath her,
Anna’s beautiful breasts bouncing vigorously with each instroke of the
face rubber dick, but soon she couldn’t stand even that.

The memories began more unbearable as she aimed her wand at her
toy, stretching it’s size larger until it was lifesized, thrown down on the bed
and taken fully as she took her real lover hours ago.

‘Goddess…’ she thought in her befuddled mind, ‘I can’t even go a few
hours without wanting to fuck her over and over and over again.’

Doggy style, almost befitting the fox goddess, she pounded Anna without
mercy, hands not daring to touch her lover’s tits lest it interupts her
unhindered view of her lover’s madly bouncing tits.

Somehow Anna managed to get on top, dominating her as she rode
Candice like a horse, Candice not able to resist as she laid breathless
feeling her urges rising to climatic bliss, drowning her in her own
overflowing sensations and pleasure waves rippling all over her very

The moment Anna ripped away Candice’s strap on she almost felt as if
Anna had castrated her, the loss of her love making tool made her
whimper loudly. But Anna held her down, her free hand taking Candice’s
wand as she pointed it at her pussy, chanting from memory the spell
Candice has just used on herself a few minutes ago.


Candice thought to herself as she gripped fake toy Anna tight, her hips
ramming her hard as they held close, “…she’s… going to… make me…”

From that moment Anna took control, Candice no longer able to resist as
she became Anna’s toy.

She rolled Candice onto all fours, taking her in turn doggy style like she
did, her tail pinned beneath Anna’s stomach as she held tight and
rammed hard. Twisted left and right, leg held high as she rammedher and
dominated her, leaving Candice prone on the bed Anna’s slave as she
knew she was.

The minute she came into the Anna toy was just like when Anna came into

Candice had grabbed the toy’s hands away from it’s breasts, holding
them tight, just as Anna did as they came together powerfully.

Just as she did with Anna, the toy began to chant beneath her as it rode
towards them, that moment.

“…cum…” the toy moaned at first, wiggling under Candice as she hands
it’s grasped away from the toy’s breasts.

“…CUM…” it cried, bucking upwards in turn as if trying to buck Candice
off, banging itself into her mistress in time, increasing the intensity of the
moment with each thrust and bang.

“CUM!!” it screamed with finality, unable to hold on anymore as it whipped
it’s hips upwards towards the crashing bang of Candice’s hips, unable to
resist Candice’s ministrations a second longer.

“CUMMING!!” (Candice crashed into the Anna toy, holding her tight, her
claws raking into her back as she shot into her without a care) “WE’RE

Long, wracking, impossibly incredible. Candice could barely hold herself
back from locking her snout into the toy’s neck, sinking her teeth into the
fake Anna’s neck flesh as she came, finally. As her orgasm overtook her
she whipped her head back, releasing a long soulful howl of release as
she shattered into her plaything shooting long ropes of cum over and over
into her until at last she slumped into the sextoy’s sweaty body. Exhausted
once again, clinging desperately onto her as her magic penis clung as if
tied inside of the toy’s body, she felt the one moment she dreaded slowly
creeping into the back of her mind.

Dark realization set in as she knew she was indeed spelltied, her limbs
refusing to let go, knowing what was coming next even as she vainly tried
to wiggle her spellpenis free from her toylove‘s pussy. She held tight,
whimpering softly as she cried out “I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

“Don’t be.” Her Anna toy softly whispered, holding her mistress tight. “Let
it go…”

The toy knew what was coming, it had happened enough time and
enough “playtimes” with the toy for it to know what Candice was capable
of, even if Candice only wanted to block what was coming out of her mind.
For seconds on end she refused to give in to the inevitable, gritting her
teeth muttering “…no…“ over and over again, trying hard to release
herself from the toy before… before… “Let it go, mistress.” the toy
whispered again, holding Candice close, “My precious mistress… let it
go. Don‘t hold back.”

“No…” she cried out softly, “Don’t… don’t… please don’t let me…
NNNoooooo…” she pleaded.

At last she could hold back no longer. Her eyes briefly flung wide open in
shock before she buried her face into her servant’s body, painfully
whimpering as her body jerked and jerked one final time smothering her
senses in a blissful (yet shameful in her mind) final release. Her body
came again, gushing a strongly scented oragasmic fluid which marked
her toy as her “property” as a Feral Goddess, flooding her toy’s recently
filled pussy once again as Candice’s now vanishing penis slipped free.
As it sbrunk and vanish, magical cum still gushing out staining her bed,
Candice whimpered in her toy’s arms.

She refused to move afterwards, lying in her toy’s arms crying. She
couldn’t even bear to look up as she heard Talia (her servant,
masquerading as her “mother”) enter, sit by her and touch her head softly
comforting her. “I… I can’t…” she sobbed, unable even to look at Talia.
“As a human… sex is normal… but if I were to cum in my lover in my
normal form… mark her like this… shoot this damn musk into her body…
goddess she’ll hate me forever… goddess…”

“There’s no shame in your body’s natural state.” Talia whispered, drawing
Candice up and into her arms gently holding her. “Don’t cry. Don’t cry.”

“I’m horrible… animal-like… dirty… nasty…” Candice scolded herself,

Talia knew she could make her mistress smile after awhile. If only she
knew what she could do to help Candice accept herself, as she knew
Anna would accept her. That was the trick.

* * * * * *

Talia watched over Candice carefully as she packed her bags.

She knew today would at last come, for tomorrow was the first day of
home schooling for the girl’s sex witchcraft training. She didn’t need to do
it as a Feral Goddess, but once she fell in love with Anna and devoted her
life to be with her, she knew that she had to go to Sex Witchcraft school
with Anna and be her lifemate for schooling. She couldn’t imagine herself
anywhere else but by Anna’s side…

“Even if it draws her closer and closer to what I really am.” she muttered,
breaking Talia out of her brief deluge of thought. “The closer we come the
closer she is to knowing.”

“She’ll accept you no matter what she knows about you.” Talia said softly,
feeling the urge to reach out and hold Candice close in a vain attempt to
comfort her mistress. “You can’t lose hope. She’ll accept you, I know she
will… just as…”

“Don’t feel bad about it.” Candice chided her, tapping her on her shoulder
as she finished packing. “Anna’s mother Alissa is a beautiful woman. You
two make such a cute couple…” (sighs) “…and it’ll give you an excuse to
live in the same house and make yourself available for when I need to…”
(bites her lower lip) “…relieve myself.”

After so much time as a human Candice has to revert back into her feral
form, and once she does her body’s enhanced senses usually kick her
sex drive into high making her have to cum before she can become
human again. At home, in this apartment the two shared, it was easy to
do this without attracting attention… but now that she was moving into the
same large home Anna and Alissa (as per Sex Witchcraft training, now
that she chose Alissa as he Sex Mentor, so that she could be closer to
Anna who was also picking Alissa as Sex Mentor) it only opened more
opportunities for Anna to learn the truth.

“If we’re all packed then let’s go.” Candice suddenly announced, grabbing
the last bags, waiting for Talia to follow suit, before they both headed out
of their once home for the last time and towards an uncertain future that
held the promise of eternal love for both of them. Or eternal heartbreak.

As tomorrow was coming, and the first day of home schooled witchcraft.


Home Schooled Witchcraft the Comic - Sneak Preview

Now in development, looking for a publisher to carry it and publish it,
Anna and Candice’s adventures into the sexual arts of witchcraft are just

Living in a secluded little valley on the Central Hub of the Realm of
Dreams, Anna is ready to begin studying her family’s lifelong practice of
witchcraft. However since witchcraft is considered a “dark” art (of the
Realm of Nightmares) and witches work primarily in the private workforce,
there are no Realm funded and run schools for witchcraft in the Realm of
Dreams (because of these facts). Thus, because of this, groups of
parents and “retired” witches run private”home schooling” witchcraft
schools to teach small groups the arts, in this case the sexual arts of sex
witchcraft (which pays big as often sex witches go into the adult
entertaiment slash sex therapy businesses and make lots of credits
working these and similar high paying jobs).

Already with a female lover/class partner in Candice (who Anna doesn‘t
know is one of the feral goddesses of nature, in this case the Fox
Goddess), Anna takes a “sex mentor” in the form of her beautiful mother
(which Candice has done as well to come closer to Anna while working to
keep her away from her secret “truth”) as well as learns the joys of mate
swapping, magical furry sex, sex spells/devices and group sex in her “eye
opening” first days and weeks of education that awaits Anna, Candice
and her classmates as their first days of class begin.

Stay tuned for Home Schooled Witchcraft the comic… coming soon.

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