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Home Schooled Witchcraft Presents My Lover’s Keeper
David Rasmussen©

Ariel took a deep breath, and shut her eyes trying to fall asleep.

Ariel was an elfen female, tall as far as elf women went (though not as tall as the
exotic Amazonian Elves her race was descended from, who were 7 foot tall sexual

Long blonde hair flowed gracefully down her slightly sweaty back, her face
beautiful though troubled as she struggled to fall back asleep, rolling over on her
side to gaze upon her human lover.

The room was dark, except for a single light source near their bed, but that didn‘t
stop her from seeing Rebecca near her with her elfen eyesight. They were
sleeping, but suddenly Ariel’s thoughts brought her from restful bliss into nervous
uncomfortable awakeness without warning.

Occasionally her memory troubled her.

She gently reached over to touch Rebecca’s head, gently tracing the shape of her
face even as her memory brought back terrible images of her.

* * * * * *

“Well there you are, sis!“ her older sister cried out, a smug look on her face as
she aimed her spell created girldick down. “Give me a second, I want to give your
slut a… ahh!“

Seconds later she was doing the unthinkable and… and… the thought of it hurts
even now.

“What the fuck are you…” Ariel began, only to feel hands grasp her holding her
back, “…let me go! What… let go dammit! Rebecca!!”

“Aw! She knows her own name.” Ariel’s older sister chuckled, as she continued
what she was doing “Good little slut… ahhh…” (shakes her girldick a few times)
“That’s that. Cary?”

Below her was Rebecca, crumpled onto the ground naked, blood scars on her
back from the whipping they gave her. Her eyes wide, confused, as a spell written
on her forehead kept her blind to what was going on about her. Even as what was
happening happened, she tried to curl up into a ball as if trying to will herself to
vanish from the face of the world. Ariel’s other older sister (Cary) grinned, joining
in on the humiliation.

“Mmmm… feels good.”

This didn’t last long as Ariel quickly moved forward, pushing those she thought as
family out of her way in a rage in order to scoop up her lover into her arms, tears
and rage marring her beautiful face as she grabbed hold of her and held her tight.

The two older sisters for a second tried to pry her away, but the look of blind rage
in Ariel’s eyes convinced them otherwise. As she sank into the ground, holding
her defiled lover (one hand etching away the blindness mark with a counterspell to
restore Rebecca’s sight) she felt only a deep rage for her own kind… a feeling of
undying hatred that she would carry from then onwards if not for Rebecca’s
boundless optimism and devil be damned attitude.

As Rebecca leaned into Ariel, her sight slowly returning, she whispered. “I had
to… I had to… for us.”

Ariel didn’t understand. “What?!? Why… why did…”

The sisters snickered about her, her family looked smug, they knew what she was
talking about and they tricked her. They tricked her so they could abuse and harm

“Shh. They said… we couldn’t be… together unless… unless… I sacrificed for…

Ariel silenced any further talk by smothering Rebecca in a hug.

She didn’t need to hear anymore. She got the gist of it.

Later, once Rebecca was asleep from her ordeal she confronted her mother.

“YOU LIED TO HER!!” she screamed indignantly, “Making her believe the only
way we could be together was to let you bitches rape her, like it was some noble
Elfin custom of sacrifice, you slut!”

“Don’t speak of your kin, let alone your mother, like…”


“I don’t have kin!!” she roared, hand raised briefly to strike her mother again “I
have whores and sluts for blood who think they know better than me! THAT IS
WHAT I HAVE!!” Ariel stomped her foot, and stalked about her mother in a rage,
staying just far enough away to avoid striking her again. “She didn’t know any
better! She’s too much in love to care about the consequences of her actions,
doing anything if only so we could be together forever, without even realizing that I
would never leave her no matter what! She has no idea how badly you harmed
her, and all for NOTHING!!”

“You don’t need this sextoy, precious. She‘s a lesser being not worth your love.”
mother spoke plainly, “Settle down with a nice daughter of the ruling family of the
elf council and…”

“TOY?!? TOY?!?” Ariel raged, getting right into her mother’s face, “Did you just
call my lover a…”

“She is a toy!!” she screamed back, now onto her feet facing her daughter. “She
is not blood. She is not our kind. If you were truly my blood instead of a girl I
adopted from a whorehouse mother you’d understand--“

Ariel snapped her body about, her arm smashing through a nearby crystal vase
as if to accentuate her anger. “DON’T YOU DARE CALL MY BIRTH MOTHER A
WHORE!!“ she threatened, quickly retreiving a shard of crystal from the broken
vase to wield. Her “mother” was not impressed.

“What are you going to do, kill me? You know it’s truth. Your father was a minor
species bastard who knocked up your mother. Your pussy lover is a minor species
you decided to fuck because it was quai--” (SLAP) “…” (silence reigned as mother
reached up and wiped the freshly drawn blood from her face), “Hitting me won’t
change facts. You have a fatal attraction with the minor species, you are far

“ENOUGH!” Ariel cried as she hurtled the crystal shard away before temptation
overtook her, turning to leave her mother.

“Doubt me?” she called out after Ariel, “You should have seen when your sisters
was sodomizing the slut you proclaim to love, how much she loved them fucking
every whore hole in her whoreish bo--”


“You’re only a fad to her, she’ll let any elf girl spread her slutty legs and take her

“FUCK OFF ALREADY!!” Ariel finally cried out, leaving without further word.

She has not been back to the Elven continent since.

* * * * * *

“Forgive me, for I have made a grevious error in judgement…” she softly whispers
as she watches her lover‘s sleeping form. “I thought they‘d be happy for us. Be a
real family and take you in as they did me … heh… shows what I know of family.”
(smiles) “I don’t need that bitch to tell me when I’m in love… I know it everytime I’m
this close to you… how much I can’t live without you…“

She shut her eyes again. This time only good memories sprung to mind. Every
happy moment shared between the two, every loving embrace and awkwardly
funny situation they’ve been into together. This was the truth of their relationship,
not the poison and lies spread by her mother and siblings.

Funny. She felt so jittery just thinking about these thoughts that it felt as it the
world was trembling in her giddiness. After awhile of this warming thoughts the
world settled down and she stopped shaking. With a comforting sigh she opened
her eyes again to behold her lover. She saw that Rebecca was already wet, the
womanhood between her legs glistened with eager anticipation of sex, open and

Ariel promptly shrieked in panic and rolled backwards off the bed and onto the
ground with a thomp.

Rebecca’s face popped up from the side of the bed looking down. “Why won’t you
play along?!?”

Ariel sighed, looking up abit sheepishly from her spot. “Sorry. Sorry. I just didn’t
think I’d be so stimulated by the sudden appearance of your sex… (and at this
hour too)…”


“Ok! Ok!” she defensively said, “Get back in the mood and I’ll ravish you.”

As she climbed up back into bed she noted with some discomfort (in her thoughts)
that Becky really didn’t need to do anything to get her aroused, just taking her
clothes off got Ariel in the mood. What a strange thing, though. Rebecca (despite
the name) was in fact Asian. She said it was family that decided on her name, but
still it was all really weird. She was an Asian girl with uncomfortably sized breasts
(for what Ariel knew of Asian women from porn flicks she thought all Asian girls
were comfortably palm sized tit girls of so-so fullness (though they were really cute
fullness in her esteemed opinion), then she ran into Rebecca and her notion of
breast size for Asian women promptly changed (dramatically).

As Ariel crawled towards Rebecca, on all fours waiting, she couldn’t help but reach
out and put a hand on her lover’s tight well toned rear end. The perfect rear,
matched with finely toned leg muscles and a perfect back just helped in getting
Ariel all hot and bothered as she drew close and…

“Are you fixating on my ass again?”

“?” (silence, it took a few seconds for Ariel to catch on) “…no, no, no…” (she
answered in a fluster) “Though you do have the sweetest ass I’ve ever licked.”

“Less talk, more sex.”

“Right.” Ariel agreed, “My bad.”

Rebecca closed her eyes, the anticipation itself being too much to bear. She didn’
t have to wait long as she felt her pussy lips part and something press tightly into
her. With a sharp yelp she hunkered down, feeling the probing slowly build up
speed as Ariel began to get her rhythm down.

“Oooohhh fuck!” Rebecca rasped, “Oh goddess you’re so thick! Faster! Fuck me
faster! Oh goddess Ariel please fuck me faster with your dick…”


“With your rubber…”



“Sorry.” Ariel apologized, “I was just fingering you… I’ll get serious now.”

And with that Ariel reached over to the nightstand and grasped the dickgirl pills
they kept, popping a pill as she leaned back (resting her weight on her arms
waiting for her girldick to spring forth). “Do you ever regret…”

“What the fuck!!” Rebecca gasped, wiggling her hips eagerly, “Fuck me, lover!
Fuck m--” (silence, Rebecca intaking a deep breath as realization hit) “…no.” she
said firmly, “And for the record your sisters fuck like two bit cheap whores without
any originality or energy, no offense.”

“None taken.” Ariel gasped, her dick rising before her, “But… what they did… do

“I can never hate you.” she responded, “Nothing anyone can do to me will break
us up. Nothing.”

(silence) “NOW COME ON!!”

“Sorry. Sorry…” Ariel mumbled, pushing forward stumbling to put her new member
into Rebecca’s pussy. Her hands fumbled and groped, trying desperately to both
hold her member steady, while pulling Rebecca’s folds open to pierce her
womanhood. Before Rebecca could accuse her of ass-fixation again, Ariel finally
managed to nudge the tip in, slowly sinking into her as she pushed eagerly to fill
her lover wholely. They both gasped as she mounted and entered, the sheer fire
of their joining driving them wild as Ariel grasped Rebecca’s tits for balance,
sinking into her love slowly but steadily.

“Oh fuck off!” Rebecca whimpered beneath her, “Too slow! Too… oh
gooddddesss…. Slow!!”

Ariel, however, wasn’t too quick to speed up her pace. Feeling her precious love’s
pussy muscles gripping her dick so tightly only made her want to go slow.
Unexpectedly she flips herself over, nearly twisting Ariel’s dick in the process
shocking her all the same. “Agh! Becky!!” she cried.

Rebecca cried out as she wrapped her taunt legs about Ariel, quickly dragging
her in fully to completely sink her dick into Becky’s pussy. The motion knocks Ariel
into Rebecca’s arms, both women embracing as Ariel lets out a soul searing groan
from the sensation of complete submersion.

They were in total bliss together, the sensation of being filled so completely could
only be trumped by that which was to come… and the sexual gallop to orgasm.
The sharp erotic stabs into her pleasure center caused Rebecca to cling
desperaately onto her love, even as Ariel blissfully tried to push deeper into her
love’s already stuffed cunt filling her need just a bit more.

Slowly a pace was built, agreed upon by the slackened grip of Rebecca’s legs
which allowed Ariel to whip her hips back and forth with more and more vigor with
each stroke into her love.

“Oh fuck yes! Ohhh…. Ohhhhh…. Oh crap I’m going to walk funny all day
tomorrow!” Rebecca complained beneath her, not relinquishing her slight control
over Ariel as she continued to ride her.

Faster, and faster, and faster she pumped. Her momentum building as her energy
surged. Sweat slowly began to trickle down each women’s supple forms, small
beads flicked off of each women’s tits as they began to swing and sway in wider
and wider arcs as their motions increased in ferocity.

It was almost as if Rebecca’s cunt couldn’t… wouldn’t… let Ariel go, it was going to
drain her elf love dry at the dick and gobble her lover whole. However what really
pushed Ariel over the edge was the vision of her lover beneath her, her short hair
matted down by sweat and exertion as she writhed beneath her. Her eyes were
wide, head whipping back and forth with each thrust, mouth ajar as each shriek
choked out of her body bringing her closer. She was so sweaty now Ariel could
grasp her by the hips, almost pondering dragging her to the edge of the bed so
she could stand and skillfully slide the sweaty female easily on and off her bulging

“Do me harder!” Rebecca whimpered, “Fuck me har-- agghh!!”

Her hands deliriously grasped her breasts, pinching and stroking her already hard
nipples faster and faster.

It couldn’t last forever, but then there was always tomorrow -- today -- yeah, there
was always today.

But at that moment she felt it rising within her, pushing aside her thoughts filling
her already lust addled mind with the need for release. She was coming closer
and closer -- so was Ariel, right?

Ariel couldn’t stop panting and groaning like a porn starlet, knowing she’ll be
teased for it later once Rebecca was in a more playful (less horny) mood. Still she
couldn’t help it, and watching the mind numbing erotic show that was Rebecca
before her gave her excuse to lose control. She quickly thrust a hand on top of
Rebecca’s pussy, rubbing her as she fucked her to double her pleasure. At that
moment she felt Rebecca’s pussy tighten up as her own dick swelled to near
bursting, bringing her to increase her tempo even quicker and stronger if only to
bring them higher before the final crushing orgasm overtook them. Rebecca’s
breath came up in short rasping gasps, her face told the whole story as they both
knew it was finally near.

Finally, when it felt like they could no longer take it. It happened.

At that moment she had to do it.

Quickly Ariel pushed backwards, pulling Rebecca to the edge so she could stand
up and take total control, gripping Rebecca’s legs as she used her position to
slam her up and down quicker, while keeping her on her back unable to take
control of the situation. Rebecca tried to wiggle out of it, but finally submitted to
her prone position as she came powerfully. Ariel shut her eyes tight, held Rebecca’
s legs, and blindly humped herself into orgasm as her dick swelled and burst with
finality, emptying it’s load as Rebecca came in turn.

Her butt clenched, her body tensed, and all sensation left her body as she felt
stream after stream of girlcum fill her lover’s writhing body as she filled her to

Rebecca’s arms opened wide to catch her lover, embracing her as they numbly
cuddled as consciousness fled them leaving them exhausted and fulfilled together
in each other’s arms.

* * * * * *

“That was such a bad mistake, wasn’t it.”

Rebecca frowned at Alissa’s words, but the nagging sensation in her back said

Still she wasn’t going to give Alissa the pleasure of letting her be right.

“Go fuck off, bitch.”

“You’re still cranky, I can see that… but are you even listening?” she prodded,
pointing back to her paperwork on the desk as she continued to rant on. “This
class is perfect! We can gauge the closeness of our students by having them
separate into two rooms and masturbating, all the while thinking of fucking each
other in the pussy while they touch each other solo style. You get it, right?”

The blank expression did not leave Rebecca’s face, and no amount of glancing at
Ariel could garner any hope that the elf female got it anymore than Rebecca. “And
your point is… what.”

“You’re slow.” Alissa chided. “The closer the two manage to cum together, crying
out each other’s name, proves they have a link that makes them the perfect
partnership in both love, sex and work. Right? Right?”

“So… what class do you run again?” (Rebecca)

Alissa shrugged, “You know what class I run, but that’s not important! What is
important is that… what?!?”

“What class do you run again?” Rebecca prodded.

“Sex Toys 101.”

“And what class are you pitching for, and who runs it?” Rebecca asked.

“Uh… The Sensual Sexualist, run by… you?”


Alissa found herself outside pounding on the door a minute later.

“Come on! You can’t be that petty! This is a perfect class for… don’t shut off that
light! I know you’re in there, I can hear your pussies getting wet just thinking about
my brilliant idea!”

“What did I do again to deserve this?”

Ariel smiled, and said nothing.

If only life was as easy as sex. If only that were true.


© 2007 David Rasmussen

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