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House Sitting in the Mood
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Home Schooled Witchcraft Presents
House Sitting in the Mood
by  David Rasmussen

One Shot Story

“You’re thinking of sex, aren’t you precious?”

“No, no I’m not.” Candice lied, her heard pounding fiercely as she struggled to
get the right keycard up and into the door’s electronic lock. “Why are we here

With a slight smirk on her lips, Anna stepped back (giving Candice some room)
as she recited their reason for being there again, one hand running through her
short black hair as she spoke. “Mama is spending “quality time” with her girlfriend
Savannah (and by that I mean hot sex), so we’re house sitting for the night while
they stay over at our apartment.”

(A slight giggle comes up as she watches Candice nearly hit her head into the
door struggling to find the right keycard) “I guess they don’t want us to neglect
our own Sex Studies while they’re in the apartment having wall to wall sex.”

Candice’s breath jams up briefly as Anna wraps her arms about her waist, her
resting on one shoulder, “Your ponytail tickles.” she whispered, causing Candice
to flick her head, moving her brown ponytail out of Anna’s way. “I’m never going
to open the door if you keep pushing my buttons like this!”

“I’m patient.” she sighed.

Too bad she wasn’t patient, but nothing could be done about it.

The lock was a 5-key cypher which required 5 of the dozen keys to be put in in a
particular order (lighting each of the lights in turn). Once she found the first (and
marked it with a small blue tape so she wouldn’t lose track of it) she had to go
through the whole chain to find the second… and third… repeating past
successful swipes over and over again finding each key in turn. Of course
finding the right keys was child’s play for Savannah, too bad she neglected to tell
Candice the particular order she used to open her own front door.

Somehow Candice didn’t need to glance over at her lover to know her present
condition. Anna’s eyes were filled with want and desire no doubt, her breath
rasping slightly in Candice’s ears from anticipation. She couldn’t hide her
excitement, but in retrospect she was at least far more controlled about it than
Candice who was fumbling all over the place trying to get them into the
apartment. They both wanted it this badly, she knew it, so the quicker they got in
the better… if only finding the one key amongst the dozen dummy keys on
Savannah’s paranoia induced keychain of puzzle keys was so easy.

As she tried another key, failing again, her hands began to tremble more and
more even as she tried to find the right key for the lock. It was bad enough that
they had to attend school AND take an after school fieldtrip to the local Civic
Center for a lecture on sexually transmitted diseases in the Waking World, the
fact that Candice specifically dressed for the “occasion” under her school
uniform was driving her crazy even as she struggled to get the door open.
All Candice wanted to do was scream in total frustration, throw the keys down the
hallway, and shape shift in order to use her feral strength to rip the door open.
Of course, mind you, if she did that then her “secret” she was hiding from Anna
(that she was a Feral Foxspirit species) would be effectively blown the minute
she did that. In anycase throwing the keys down the hallway would be futile, as
Anna would simply retrieve them and urge Candice to look for the key combo

Thankfully Anna was a real trooper about this, taking the wait in stride. Still,
Candice worried, it was only a matter of time before Anna became aroused to the
point that she’d flip up Candice’s skirt to cop a feel only to realize…

Click. Finally it unlocked!

Barely managing to get through the door, they stumbled into the apartment…
where shock gripped them. The apartment was totally zebra, décor resembling
something out of a Las Vegas lounge singer’s bachelor (complete with built in
bar for serving drinks, a mini-dance floor, wide screen TV and shag rug in zebra
patterns for shagging on) apartment with everything in black/white stripes
throughout. ‘Why doesn’t she just scream it to the world what she is.‘ Candice
thought briefly, before her need overrode her confusion with the room’s décor.

With shaky hands she quickly locked the door, sealing them inside. “There!
Finally we can… Anna?!?”

Anna had already stripped naked, spread out almost like a gymnast on the shag
rug. Her upper body held upright as she balanced her weight on her two arms,
her lower body held aloft an inch off the carpet (legs spread out to either side
akin to something seen out of the Summer Olympics) as she gingerly dipped her
hips up and down gently rubbing the silky shag over her pussy again and again.
“Ngghh…” she grunted, eyes shut tight as the pleasure rippled through her,
“This feels good.”

Quickly Candice stripped nude, looking over her lover with shellshocked eyes as
she wandered close, the urge to frig herself while watching her lover tease her
becoming a higher and higher priority. “Oh goddess… oh goddess…” she
moaned, watching her lover’s skilled performance. Quickly inspired she got down
onto her knees, pulling Anna into her in an awkward doggy style position. “Are
you OK?” she rasped, “Can you…”

“Yes! Please…” Anna whimpered, “Fuck me good.”

No more prodding was required, with one thrust Candice humped her pussy into
her lover’s womanhood and began grinding her, panting with each close
quarters thrust of wet pussy on wet pussy. It was beautiful, Anna thought in her
mind, being so completely and totally at Candice’s tender “mercies”. She couldn’t
reach back to touch herself, her arms holding her weight up, and she couldn’t flip
herself over to take control. All she could do was hang on and enjoy herself.

Suddenly a fresh shock jolts her senses, as she feels Candice pull up the shag
rug snuggling it between their bodies, smothering both women’s centers with a
furry surprise. Anna’s arms nearly buckled as she cried out, forced to reposition
her arms to keep from falling over as her senses fogged over from the intense
reaction to Candice’s improvised sex aide. Meekly Anna cried back to Candice,
softly begging for something only her lover could give her. With that Candice
skillfully rotated Anna over onto her back (with her help), pulling her up and into
Candice’s arms, the two kissing fiercely as the humping grew fiercer and fiercer.

Minute upon minute the passion grew. Anna wrapped about her lover’s body at
her mercy as she was flipped back onto the ground, Candice all over her
pounding her into the flooring lost to her need to orgasm. So close, she dimly
reasoned herself lost to the moment, so close.
It came suddenly, Candice burying her face into her lover’s shoulder as she
cried out in release. Long seconds and so to was Candice cumming, hugging
Anna hard as her own pussy released it’s precious liquids in long draining spurts
that wet the rug between them, both pussies coming in equal amounts all over
the shag rug between them.

Candice collapses on top of Anna, rolling away after a few minutes of exhausted
cuddling between the two spent and tired lovers. As Candice rolled over, cooing
quietly, she glanced over at her lover smiling. “That was good.”

“Yeah.” she whispered in reply, rolling herself over until she was lying on top of
Candice, head resting on her shoulder. They both loved their private moments
together, even if being with Alissa was fun they treasured these moments as
close to being married as they could be. Sure, at their age marriage was
possible but first Sex Witchcraft Schooling, then (after graduation and jobs) they
would find the time to make it official. Still, even if it wasn’t official yet, they were
as close to married as any happy couple could be.

“Epp!” Anna gasped, feeling Candice’s hands firmly grasping her butt, snuggling
Anna’s sex against her thigh bringing a welcome moan from her lover. “Anna…”
she moaned softly, as Anna returned the favor (snuggling her upper tight
between Candice’s legs), “…I wish we could get married right now. Make our own
home… be life mates…”


“Live in our own apartment, make love in our own bedroom, be more than lovers
and fiancees waiting to marry.” (sighs) “Is that too much to ask for?”

A brief pang of regret crosses Candice’s thoughts.

Even if it meant exposing her secret to Anna before she was certain that Anna
was ready for it, she knew that in her heart she would risk everything if only they
could wed.

With a knowing smile Anna kissed Candice on the lips softly, “I’m happy right now
with you, just being with you, loving you and caring for you. Marriage or not I feel
as if we are already married… in our hearts, Candice, in our hearts.” (hugs
Candice tight) “We can always get married anytime we want, there’s no rush…”
(one more kiss, this time on the forehead as she moved to look Candice deeply
into her eyes) “Regardless, we are married right here and now. One day we’ll
make it official but for now, for now, we are one and nobody can take that away
from us. Nobody.”

“Oh, Anna…”

“So, wanna play back all this to see how hot our little sex was? I got some


“Just kidding! Just kidding!” (kisses Candice again) “You know I only tape us in
our bedroom for our own private amusement, right?”

Candice sweat drops, “And a letter grade… right?”

Anna nods. “We did talk about it in class last week, and it is part of Sex Skills
Training 1st Year class. So yeah… actually Savannah did set up cameras for us
so we can totally look over all our lovemaking from today and…” (?) “…you don’t
look to happy with that.”

* * * * * *
“What are you doing?“ Anna called out from the living room, lying naked on the
shag rug working on her homework. “You aren’t really cooking our snack naked,
are you?“

“Why not?“ she replied with an honest tone in her voice. “The first thing I ever
wanted to do the minute we had some alone time of this magnitude is cook in the
nude for you.“

“We’re going to be nude for the whole day, you know! It’s part of…“

“Sex Fetishes 101 class, I know, I know Anna. But still…“ (smiles as she flips the
food over, noting how the motion of her body caused her breasts (covered with
the soft protective apron) to quiver ever so slightly (her firm hard nipples
shivering from the bounce) “… if I didn’t have to protect myself I’d wear nothing
but my thigh high stockings.“

“And the feel of those stockings between my legs is so erotic!” Anna whispers,
her arms wrapping about Candice’s waist as she stands behind her now. “Smells
good. Filled with love isn‘t it.”

“And it’s filled with nasty cooking oils so please…” (shoos Anna off) “Back to the
furry rug so you don’t burn yourself!”

As she goes back to cooking she notes something. “I see you have a stocking
fetish too.”

“It’s cute little pink sockies, nowhere near as cool as yours. Anyway --” (shivers)
“-- a lot of these apartments have tile bathrooms and kitchens so… brr… cold

“No arguments from me.” (dishes out food) “Break is served! Let’s stop working
for now and have some.”

“Gotcha. I’ll wait for you here.” (sound of soda bottle being opened) “I got the

“That’s my girl.”

“Wait!” Anna suddenly blurted out, “Put the food on the table in the kitchen and
wash your hands.”

“What?!” Candice calls out, turning the stove off in motion to do as she was told,

“You’ll see!”

Confused as she was, Candice did what she was told. Turning the water on at
the sink she lathered up and began washing her hands, making sure not to miss
a spot. “I know it’s important to be squeaky clean and all, but that’s in the Waking
World! (There’s no germs or bacteria here, is there?)”

“Just eating crackers with her is getting me aroused again---” Anna moaned,
snuggled up tight against Candice’s backside surprising her, “But you’re too
sweet to not get a just reward for your efforts.”

A wicked smile crosses Candice’s lips, her inner thighs quivering at the presence
of Anna’s newly spelled girldick. “Nice of you to notice… mmmm…” (squeezing
her inner thighs together bringing an involuntary yelp from her lover) “…and you’
re so hard too. For me?”
Anna pushed her forward against the sink, spreading her legs invitingly. “Always.“

Seconds passed, the slight chill of the kitchen making Candice shiver in
anticipation. She didn’t have to wait long, however. Slowly but surely Anna slid
her erection into her lover, feeling her pussy embrace her warmly as she
pressed into her. “Ooohhh fuck!” Candice rasped, gripping the stainless Dualex-
tanium of the sink, slightly rotating her hips urging Anna to press in deeper. “You
‘re so good to me!”

Slowly but surely Anna presses deeper in, finally bottoming out and holding, the
tight fleshy grip of her lover almost like a drug on her senses driving her wild.
“You’re so good.“ she huskily grunted, “So tight.“

After a few blissful seconds, Anna’s hips began to respond to the longing in her
body, whipping slowly back and forth yearning to drive herself deeper and
deeper into that sweet pussy that was holding her so tight.

“Gasp!” Candice’s head snaps back, Anna’s technique burning through her
senses like wildfire. “FUCK!!“ she yelped, her pussy stuffed full with the
sensation as if Anna rolled up a dildo in pure silk and shoved it up her pussy.
“Goddess what…!!“

“I rubbed my…“ (pant pant) “…erection in this sex lube…“ (gasp gasp)
“…suppose to enhance sexual perform-- eyaahh!!“ (leans back shocked, the
sensation from her dick as if she was fucking a silk flesh sex doll) “OH WOW!!“

“Turn me over!! Turn me over!!“ Candice cried, only for Anna to yank her away
from the sink driving her back towards the rug, awkwardly as they shuffled the
few steps with Anna refusing to relinquish the heavenly spot in her lover’s cunt.
Finally, however, she had to as she shoved Candice onto the rug, jumping on
top desperately trying to shove herself back into her lover’s muff. Arms and legs
flailed as the two women desperately struggled to return to their nirvana, “GET IT
IN!!“ Anna cried, dick humping all over her lover’s thighs and the plush rug even
as Candice tried to grab it, “GET IT IN!! GET IT IN!!“

As their bodies finally fused once again both girls scream out, animalistic
pleasure overriding their senses, the urge to fuck becoming their goddess and
their only drive.

The lube she rubbed over her dick was all they could think of, feeling
overwhelmed by just fucking like this, driving the two women out of their minds.

The liquid lube hyerdrove their sexual drives, so that the maddening fusion of
girldick to pussy had such a strong overwhelming power on them. Candice
desperately clings onto Anna, her arms wrapped about her holding on for dear
life as they fucked harder and harder, the sensations sparking and burning
brighter and brighter withing them both.

“Ugh--- goddess--- it’s getting stronger!! Oh goddess---”

“Candice my dick… is about to explode!!” Anna screamed, “Goddess!!
Frantically they were making love, fucking like there could be no tomorrow.
Strongly and fiercely crushing their bodies together, Anna’s dick spearing madly
into Candice hammering her pussy into the plush rug like a piledriver. Both
women reaching for that moment just past their reach. For a few brief seconds
their bodies numbed, and they felt as if they could be denied their release… but
at that moment Anna held Candice tight and screamed, her dick fattening to the
point she was almost afraid that she could rip Candice apart. That’s when it
happened. The smothering sensation of an explosive release, coupled with one
final soul searing cry as Anna’s fat dick finally released it’s pent up need in an
soul shattering stream of cum. At that moment, as she came, Candice also
orgasmed in her lover’s arms feeling as if her pussy was imploding on release.

Whimpering and crying, their bodies letting go of their pent up needs, the two
came in one great satisfying wave of pleasure that smothers them both in it’s
grasp. For long seconds both are unable to stop rocking and shaking, frantic
movements as their hips humped together making the moment ripple longer and
longer until--- with a sobbing cry Anna kisses her lover fiercely, their tongues
flailing wildly as… suddenly they separate, gripping each other tightly as a
second tight orgasm shudders through their already spent bodies, Anna’s dick
flicking off a second sputtering of girlcum as her lover comes in turn.

Long seconds pass as they ride the dual orgasm out, until it feels as if the world
has dropped away from them leaving them senseless. Anna’s head meekly
seeks the softness of Candice’s breasts, snuggled against her sweat dripped
form as she struggles to catch her breath, feeling her spelldick go limp with a
sense of finality between her legs, her body spasming as the last of her girlcum
presses out of her rapidly diminishing rod coating it’s head. Candice weakly
takes the rug and wraps it about them, smothering them in the soft sexy fuzzy
warmth of the rug, embracing them fully.

“Goddess, Anna! That was… that was…” (sobs) “Goddess!!”

Words failing them they laid there motionless, held tightly in each others arms
afloat in the sea of their post orgasmic release. Their energy spent they simply
allow the moment to linger as they cuddled in post release exhaustion, resting
their bodies until they were ready to do it again.

“Next time let‘s do it in Savannah‘s bed.” Candice softly moans into Anna‘s ear.

“I love you, my precious.”

“I love you, too --- Anna --- my wife --- I love you.”

At that Anna smiles, snuggling into her lover’s body allowing her words to fully
sink in.
Her wife. That’s what Anna was, her wife. With that the two fall into a brief
slumber, floating on the gentle waves of their love feeling at peace.

One day they might marry. But for now they were married in their hearts if not in
reality. Nobody could tell them otherwise, and that in the end was what really

* * * * * * *
The huge bed in the master bedroom was covered in a gigantic quilt that had the
image of Anna‘s mom (spread out as if lying on the bed in the nude, the most
horniest of expressions on her face as she was masturbating herself -- which
wasn‘t so odd as the fact the image was caught as she came, her hips
ramrodded up towards the camera as she spurted her cum from her pussy
before the viewer) staring back at them in lifesized glory.

A wet spot on the bed meant somebody had cummed on the image of Alissa’s
pussy prior to leaving the apartment that day.

“Let’s go back to the living room.”

“Way ahead of you, Anna, way ahead of you…” (gulps) “(How the hell can they
make love on a bed like that.”

“You don’t know my mama.”

“So I gathered…” (shudders) “Savannah did cum on your mom’s pussy image,

“Mama sometimes has a habit of cumming on her own image. She thinks it’s

“…say what…”
Candice said no more, because in truth she didn’t want to know anymore, and
the two never did sleep in the bedroom during their stay.


© 2008 David Rasmussen

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