Honey, Syrup,
story codes: MF

"Honey, Syrup, Cream"
by Mr. Neb

As they ate their lunch, Bill couldn’t keep his eyes off Shannon.  She was so very beautiful.  
Everything about her signaled her comfortable and carefree spirit.  Shannon knew that she
was attractive but even so, she really did not know the extent to which she captivated men
and Bill was certainly one of them.

Pretty much all through their conversation Bill’s eyes would drift the length of Shannon’s
body.  He drank in every image of her as if his eyes where sending snapshot after snapshot
into his memory.  No detail went unnoticed such as the way her hair curled and bounced its
way down the side of her face.  Like her personality, her hair was not stayed, conservative, or
orderly.  It danced about in the gentle breeze.  It went its own way but it always suited her
beauty and femininity.  Her lips were soft even in appearance, with a natural up turn at the
ends as if she had a built in smile.  They framed her pearly teeth and formed each word she
spoke with crisp movements.

The afternoon was very warm and pleasant, perfect for the light poolside lunch that Shannon
had prepared.  The cloudless sky permitted the sun to keep them warm and comfortable in
their swimsuits.

Shannon leaned towards Bill and placed her Champagne glass on the table.  “I have my
favorite dessert inside”, she whispered.  “Just sit tight and I’ll bring it out.”

Bills eyes were riveted to Shannon as she turned away and headed inside.  From behind she
seemed topless.  The thin brown string of her top was practically invisible against her well
tanned body.  Her bikini bottom had slid a bit between her lovely firm buttocks but she made
no attempt to adjust anything.  She certainly hoped that Bill was watching and liked what he

Once inside, Shannon leaned forward and placed her hands on the counter and let out a big
sigh.  “Oh my God,” she thought to herself.  “He is so cute!”

Shannon was also smitten with Bill.  It was all she could do to not stare at him.  She swooned
at the image of his broad shoulders.  He was strong, confident and commanding but not
aggressive or brutish.  She felt safe and secure with Bill.  Once composed, Shannon retuned
to pool side with two bowls with a spoon protruding from each.

“I know it isn’t fancy but to me, this is the perfect dessert,” she stated with self assurance as
she gave one to Bill.  “Simple.  Just some fruit, ice cream and the tiniest splash of Brandy.”

Shannon returned to the lounge chair and they began to eat.  She moaned softly with each
of her first few bites.  She wasn’t kidding about this being her favorite.

They talked while they ate but then something happened that caused Bill to have a hard time
concentrating on the conversation.

“What’s the matter Bill?”

“Oh, nothing.  Sorry.  Keep going.”

She tried to resume the conversation but without realizing it, Bill was giving Shannon that
puppy dog look of bewilderment.  His eyes were focused on something and his head tipped
every so slightly to one side.

Bill indeed was focused on something.  Some of the melted ice cream had formed at one
corner of Shannon’s mouth and remained there as she spoke.  He kept waiting for her
tongue to automatically carry it away but it never happened.  She just kept talking and eating
and the cream was always there.  It wasn’t immediate but eventually the sexual symbolism
was processed by Bill’s mind.

Shannon interrupted herself again, “What IS the matter Bill?”

“Oh, nothing really.  It’s just.. just.. just some cream,” he stammered, making vague and
awkward pointing gestures in the air.  “Yes, there, the corner, yes, that’s it.”

Her tongue had found the cream, taking most of it anyway.

“Mmmm.  I do like the melted cream with my fruit”, she cooed impishly with a smile.  She said it
playfully but she knew full well the power of such a phrase.

“Thank you for keeping me so neat and tidy Bill but you know, it isn’t always necessary to be
so in control, so perfectly kept, every thing where it should be.”

“Well I just figured that if you liked your cream so much that you would prefer to keep it in
your mouth.”  The words had barely left Bill when a firm pulse of blood raced to his groin.

“Au contraire mon ami,” she coyly replied without missing a beat.  “There are many different
ways to enjoy the cream.”  They both knew the game was now on.

“Oh, really?”  That was about the best Bill could come up with at that moment.

“Why certainly.”  Shannon picked up a slice of peach.  It seductively dripped the white cream
back into the bowl as she continued.  “There is of course the obvious way and that is to just
put it all in your mouth and keep it there.”

Shannon moved the peach toward her mouth but on the way a single drop fell and landed on
her upper thigh.  She opened her mouth and laid the cream coated slice on her tongue.  
Drawing it in slowly, she then closed her lips and resumed her point.

“Well most of it anyway,” mumbling just a bit as she chewed, a hint of cream again formed at
the corners of her mouth.  “I just love peaches.  They’re so firm, sweet and juicy,” she added.

Things where now happening between the legs of both of them.  Bill’s erection was about half
way complete and a moist warmth was definitely forming within Shannon.

“You did that very well,” Bill wryly complemented.

“Oh that’s nothing.  Anyone can do that.  It’s much better when one does it with a more
dramatic flair.”

Shannon reached for another peach slice, this time not allowing the excess to drip into the
bowl.  She let it dot her tight stomach and up between her breasts until she held it above her
open mouth.  She let the remainder dribble onto her tongue and slide into her mouth.  
Shannon ended this phase of the show by sucking the tip of the peach between her lips
before taking the whole piece into her mouth to be devoured.  A smile again punctuated the
overtly sexual act.

Bill’s cock was now straining at his swim suit but it would be a while longer before any
attention would be paid to it.  Right now Shannon was fucking with his mind, not his dick.

“You did that very well.”  Bill’s eyes traced every dot of cream from Shannon’s abdomen all
the way up to her mouth.  “At least what made it to your mouth, stayed in your mouth.”

“Sure but that’s easy when there isn’t very much.  That isn’t always possible if there is a lot.”

Bill prayed in a microsecond that his temptress would demonstrate the point.  His mind
flashed with that image but it wasn’t melted ice cream that overflowed from her mouth and it
wasn’t a peach that had provided it.

Shannon did not disappoint.  This time she used the spoon filled to the brim with rich melted
ice cream.  Raising it over her open mouth, she poured the cream onto her tongue.  Of
course some of it slid to the back of her throat but she intentionally let most of the white liquid
slide to either side and down onto her chin where is continued in separate rivulets along her
neck and onto her chest.  She swallowed what was in her mouth and again ended it with a
smile, this time with cream still coating her teeth.  Bill was mesmerized.

“So what about you Bill?  How do you like to enjoy fruit and cream?”

It took Bill a moment before he could respond.  His immediate attention was to the droplets
and trickles of melted ice cream that slowly moved down Shannon’s neck and chest.

“Well for guys, as you know, the process is different.”  He removed a glazed blueberry from
his bowl and placed it between his lips and very deftly talked while he conducted a
demonstration of his own.

“It’s more important that guys use the proper technique.  Not too rough to irritate the tender
flesh of the fruit but not to soft either because what would be the point.  Patience,
tenderness, finesse.  That’s what counts.”

With precise control, Bill moved the small blueberry sphere between his lips from one edge of
his mouth to the other, guiding it with his tongue.  Shannon felt an increase in the tingling and
dampening between her legs as if that part of her body had eyes of its own and was watching
in aroused amazement as Bill manipulated the tiny berry.

Before Bill consumed the delicious morsel he shifted the attention back to Shannon by stating
with approval, “Well I can clearly see that you definitely like to swallow.”

“Oh suppose so,” Shannon teased.  “But it may be overrated.  There are plenty of other
things to do that are just as enjoyable.”

“Do tell,” Bill encouraged.

“Well, when the cream is rich and thick, it feels very good on my skin.”

This time Shannon chose a strawberry and it dripped the white cream onto her chest where it
promptly slid down between her breasts, underneath the string between the two triangles of
her top, and down onto her stomach.  The little that completed the trip ended by pooling in
her navel.  Only then did she suck the strawberry into her mouth and eat it.

Bill leaned into Shannon, kissing her deeply on the mouth, tasting the wonderful sweetness of
the strawberry.  As he did, he reached around her neck and pulled the bow of her top,
untying it but not pulling it down.

He kissed down Shannon’s neck and then between her breasts, kissing and licking along the
trail of melted ice cream.  Bill’s kissing sent shivers through Shannon’s body completely
unlike any that could be caused simply by cold melted ice cream.  Her skin came alive with
tiny goose bumps.

As his tongue dipped into her navel he remarked, “My my.  You certainly taste very good.”  
His comment had little to do with fruit and ice cream.  The same could be said for his next
comment as well.  “And you smell good too.”

Shannon was beginning to loose herself to her sensations.  This was now all about sex and
nothing to do with dessert.  As Bill completed his nibbling at her navel she dipped a finger
into the cream filled bowl and dribbled it onto the top of her bathing suit.  The melted but still
cool cream caused her nipple beneath to quickly harden and become very visible through the
thin fabric.

Just as Shannon was making a return trip from the bowl, Bill drew the untied string down,
exposing her erect nipple as the droplets of ice cream arrived.  Her nipple became even more
taught as the cream slid around either side and down the lower portion of her breast.

Bill leaned toward her again, his mouth surrounding Shannon’s rock hard nipple.  His tongue
slowly swirled around the hard bud and along the edge of her sensitive areola.    To
encourage him further, she again dripped ice cream onto her breast.  Bill was all too happy to
use his tongue to collect and guide it over her nipple.

Bill withdrew and was formulating his next move.

“I see what you mean,” he said with a devilish smile. “There are plenty of ways to enjoy this
cream without swallowing.”  He untied the string bow on Shannon’s hip but like before, did not
yet uncover her.  “I certainly love ice cream but then again…”, his voice trailed off as he
reached for something out of his bowl.  “… one would never want to overwhelm the natural
taste of things.

“I know exactly what you mean Bill”, Shannon replied as she slid her hand along his thigh and
up under his bathing suit, stopping just short of touching anything else.  It was her way of
saying that if much more was to come of this, his swim suit would have to go.

Bill picked up a slice of peach but let just about all of the dripping cream fall back into the
bowl.  He slowly slid the peach across Shannon’s lower abdomen, his hand making its way
across to the untied bikini bottom string.

Bill was pulling the tiny bikini aside when Shannon mockingly asked, “So what do you intend
to do with that peach?”

“I just thought I would try this with a little bit of honey instead of cream,” he replied.

Shannon was now exposed to Bill.  Stepping away from their playfulness for just a moment,
Bill said in barely above a whisper, “You are so very lovely.”

Shannon slowly parted her legs, exposing her moist and pouty lips.  Her fine wisps of pubic
hair were trimmed to just a small area atop her mons leaving her entrance visible and inviting.

Bill chose the peach slice intentionally.  He used it as a surrogate penis and slid it teasingly
up and down her lips.  Just as if it had been the real thing, the sensations created that same
strong desire in Shannon for penetration.  She spread her legs further, her lips parted,
exposing her moist opening.

Bill smiled as he looked down at Shannon, her eyes closed, lost in her anticipation of
sensations yet to come.  He moved the peach along her lips, moving over her opening and to
her clitoris.  A burst of excitation shot through Shannon’s prone form causing her to shudder.  
Her body enthusiastically produced more warm and slippery wetness.  Bill dipped the fruit just
partway into Shannon providing her with only a faint sense of satisfaction.  Although very
pleasurable, it had created an even stronger desire to be filled completely.

Bill removed the fruit piece, now coated with Shannon’s juices.  Shannon opened her eyes
and sat up in the lounge and asked, “So now what are you going to do with that?”

“Why eat it, of course.  I absolutely love honey.”

Bill seductively slid the peach slice across his lips and then into his mouth.  Shannon’s sweat
juices excited every taste bud on his tongue.  That was all that was needed to complete the
full erection beneath Bill’s swim suit.

He continued, “Mmmmm.  That was very, very nice but to be honest, I prefer to enjoy honey
directly from the source.”  Bill’s fingers now pressed gently at her entrance.

“I’d like that,” Shannon whispered back just before her lips reached his in a sensual kiss.

While their tongues lapped playfully at the tastes of fruit, cream and other delicacies,
Shannon’s hand moved up Bill’s leg, slid beneath his suit and came to rest on his hard cock.  
Her fingers deftly slid along his shaft and over the head.

“So,” she began.  “You’ve had some honey and now there seems to be some syrup for me.  
She withdrew her hand.  With droplets of precum on her finger tips she slid them over her lips
and into her mouth.  “May I have some more please?”

Without waiting for an answer, she leaned forward again and reached for either side of Bill’s
suit.  With his help, they soon were down and gone.

They both looked down at his swollen member.  Shannon wrapped her fingers around his
shaft and slowly stroked him.  Each motion upward expelled more of his lubricant.  It slipped
down to Shannon’s hand, making her efforts easier and all the more enjoyable for both of

When there was ample precum coating the head of Bill’s cock, Shannon leaned down and
dipped her tongue into the droplets still oozing from the tiny opening.  A thin glycerin strand
connected her lips with the head of his cock while she said, “Oh I like that very much!”

Leaning in again, she slid her lips over the head of Bill’s cock with the sole purpose of
enjoying the feeling of his slippery precum.  With that task complete, she removed her hand
and slid his cock past her lips and deep into her mouth.  Her tongue lapped at his sensitive
underside as he went deeper into her wet mouth.  It was the taste of him that she now
wanted.  Bill moaned softly with each movement of Shannon’s tongue.  Shannon moved up
and down Bill’s shaft.  Each time the effect was the same as when she had stroked him.  At
each apex, precum left his cock and coated her tongue.

Bill placed his hands at Shannon’s shoulders and moved her up.  His cock slid from her
mouth and lay wet on his abdomen.  She spoke through strands of precum that stretched
across her lips.

“Why did you stop me?” she said with a smile.  “I’ll bet if I kept that up, we would be back to
the subject of cream!”

That teasing statement of course created an erotic image so intense in Bill’s mind that he
almost took her up on it.

“In due time my love but I still haven’t enjoyed my honey the way I prefer.”

Now it was Shannon’s mind that flashed with intense imagery.

“Ok, if you insist.  It’s all yours,” she playfully conceded.

She laid back down, her legs now astride the lounge.  She could not have been more
exposed to him.  Bill laid with his chest down on the lounge, his hand wrapping under
Shannon’s thighs and cupping her firm buttocks.  It was with great ease that Bill lifted the
petite Shannon up just a bit, bringing her womanhood to an inch of his lips.

Bill savored the moment for this was anything but a chore for him.  This was a most enjoyable
pleasure that should never be rushed.  Shannon’s body did everything to prepare for Bill’s
attentions and to arouse him.  She lay there open, her lips full, very pink and swollen.  
Dampness was everywhere.  Her scent was sweetly strong and musky and drove straight to
the core of Bill’s olfactory pleasure center.

His tongue was the first to touch her.  The sensation shot through Shannon’s body like a
lightning bolt the instant his tongue touched one of her lips.  His tongue now enjoyed the
taste of Shannon.  Bill’s tongue played teasingly with Shannon’s lips, lapping across her
opening, only occasionally brushing along the hood of her clitoris.  He was driving Shannon
crazy.  He knew exactly how to both torment and please.  He kept the two in perfect balance.  
He provided all the sensations that Shannon needed but never as much as she wanted.

“Stick it in Bill,” she whispered.  “Stick your tongue into me, please.”

Bill gleefully complied.  He pressed his extended tongue past her lips and into her opening,
immersing it in her scented juices which pleased him very much.  They both moaned as he
penetrated her but for different reasons; she because something was finally addressing that
need to be filled and he from the wonderful saturation of his senses of taste and smell.  She
gently held her hands aside his head to encourage him to stay and continue.

It was an encouragement that he did not need.  Bill’s tongue probed into her, caressing her
inner flesh, encouraging her juices to flow even more, wetting his tongue, lips and face.  The
wetter she got, the slipperier they both became and her scent and taste became more
intense.  Neither of them could have been happier.

With his tongue still tickling inside of Shannon, Bill used his lips to caress and massage her
lips.  More and more attention was being paid to her swollen clitoris as well.  It was a steadily
increasing pace that was driving Shannon right to orgasm.  Shannon removed all doubt as to
how she wanted this to end.

“Make me come Bill!” she pleaded.  “I want to come on your face.  Oh, yes.  Like that.  You
make me feel so good!  Keep going.  Faster.  Make me come!” she moaned.

Bill withdrew his tongue and now concentrated more on the outside of her pussy.  He drew
her slicked lips between his own, teasing and nibbling them.  His tongue danced around her
clit, bringing her ever closer to orgasm.  One wetted finger slipped into Shannon.  She let out
a gasp a second entered her.  Bill stroked her dripping insides while his mouth worked
wonders on her lips and clit.

“I’m close Bill,” Shannon said breathlessly.  “Don’t stop.  Oh please don’t stop!  I’m coming.”

Bill quickened the pace to throw Shannon over the edge of orgasm.  His fingers fucked her
firmly but not roughly.  His mouth now enveloped her clitoris and he massaged her with both
tongue and wet lips.

Over the edge she fell.  She moaned and spoke few words as her orgasm racked her petite
frame.  Bill felt a hard clenching around his fingers from deep within her body followed by
countless lesser twitches and spasms.  His fingers and then his mouth quickly became even
wetter as her cum seeped from her pussy.  Without losing his attention to her clit, Bill lapped
at all she had to give, savoring every aspect of her taste and luscious texture.

Shannon’s orgasm was subsiding but was not yet over when Bill suddenly left her.  His fingers
and mouth were now gone from her pussy.  She opened her eyes to see Bill change his
position.  She reached for him almost in panic.  How could he abandon her at most critical
moment!  He moved further up her body.  She looked down to see his erect cock poised at
her opening.  An obscene strand of precum dangled and swung from the engorged tip.

In one swift motion he was deep within her.  Shannon let out a deep gasp.  Finally!  This is
what was needed to end the monstrous orgasm.  It could now run its course with that perfect
filling sensation that only a cock can provide.  With Bill now in a steady thrusting pace a
smaller second orgasm swept over Shannon.  This time her internal spasms and secretions
were enjoyed by Bill’s thrusting cock.  They both enjoyed the wet sounds of sex.

Bill kept moving in and out of Shannon as that last aftershock orgasm subsided.  Her mind
started to clear, her breathing started to be more regular.  She looked up at Bill and just
swooned contently.  Her cum was everywhere on his face.  A droplet hung from his nose and
swayed in rhythm to his measured thrusting.

“I must say Bill, you do like your honey.  There’s quite a bit of it still on your face.”

“I can think of nothing more enjoyable,” Bill replied and ran his tongue over his lips to
punctuate the remark.

“Would you mind sharing?  I would like a kiss.” Shannon asked.

Without waiting for an answer, Shannon took Bill’s face in her hands and drew him down.  
She kissed him firmly, her lips easily sliding on the cum that covered his.  Her tongue
extended and licked the juices from his face but not before Bill’s tongue joined hers so they
could share what remained.  All the while Bill kept up the thrusting that was serving both their

“I enjoyed that very much,” Bill remarked.

“Which part?” Shannon asked still trying to catch her breath.  “A lot just went on.”

“All of it of course.  You taste and smell just wonderful.  I could never get enough of you but I
especially enjoyed that last part.”

“Oh so you like the idea of me tasting my own honey.”

“I must admit I do,” Bill confessed.

“Does it get you all hot just thinking about me licking my cum?”

Bill just shuddered at the thought of those words.  For a moment it was difficult for him to
concentrate on the steady pace he was trying to maintain.

In a very sexy voice Shannon whispered into his ear, “Would you like me to do it again?”

A simple, “yes” was all Bill could muster.

Although it was a bit awkward, Shannon managed to get her hand underneath her thigh and
between her legs.  She firmly wrapped her fingers around his wet balls and stroked them

“My, your balls feel so wonderful and soft,” she cooed.  “And wet too.”

Her hand made its way to his thrusting shaft that was wetter still with her cum.  She gripped
his cock as best she could, letting it slide between her fingers to wet them.  She brought her
hand back to her face and slid her slick fingers across her lips leaving them glazed in her
juices.  She then slipped them between her lips and with exaggerated movements for Bill’s
benefit and licked them clean.  Bill laid down on Shannon and kissed her lips and face to
retrieve and share her taste.

“So now what, Bill?” Shannon asked as the two of them steadily rocked in unison on the
lounge chair.

“Huh?  What do you mean?”

Bill was having a very hard time keeping a steady thrusting pace.  Shannon was very much
enjoying the feeling of Bill’s cock moving in and out of her pussy but yet another orgasm was
not an immediate concern of hers.  But for Bill, his orgasm was very much on his mind.

“Well we started this whole thing discussing cream and the best ways to enjoy it.  We’ve had
a bit if syrup and plenty of honey but no cream yet.  So what do we do now?”

“A good question,” Bill managed to utter.  “So what are our options?”

“Oh you are a nasty devil, aren’t you?  Do you want me to tell you?  Would you like that?”

“Yes, please do.”  Bill started to thrust harder.

The use of metaphors had come to an end.  The talk was now purely sexual with the intent to
excite and titillate.

“Well let’s see,” Shannon began in a deliberately sensual tone.  “We can keep right on doing
what we’re doing and you can come in my pussy.  I’d love for you to shoot your warm cum
deep into me.  I like feeling of it filling me.  Then you could keep fucking me like this until we
both felt it start to run out of my pussy.  Oh that would be very nice but I don’t think that is
what either of us has in mind.  How about we save that for another time.  This time however, it
must end up in my mouth!”

Bill was having a very difficult time of things.  Shannon’s nasty talk only made his efforts
tougher and his orgasm closer.  Shannon knew her teasing was bringing Bill to the very edge
and that is exactly what she wanted.  His thrusting was now deeper but becoming more
erratic.  His orgasm was building.

Shannon took it all to another level.  She wanted to verbally excite and maybe even shock
Bill.  She continued with very deliberate tones, “I could take your spurting cock deep into my
mouth and have you fill it with your hot cum.  I could swallow everything or I could at least try.  
You never know.  I might not be able to take it all in.”

Bill just grunted.  His mind and body were on the verge of overload.

“Or we can give up the pretense all together.  We could do it all out in the open.  We could
both watch your cock spurt out thick cum into my open mouth.  You could see it on my mouth,
on my tongue.  I can let it drip out and get all over me.  So what will it be, hon?” she said with
a very sexy smile.

Bill’s mind fabricated moving images each of each scenario as Shannon went through her
descriptions.  All were very appealing.  Finally he did manage a barely intelligible answer as
his thrusting became more intense.

“The… the… last.  The last one.”

“Ok sweetheart.  I thought what is what you would like,” Shannon now whispered into his ear
tenderly.  “I’ll take good care of you.  Are you ready yet?  Are you about to come?  Wait until
the last moment.  Keep fucking me just like this until you can’t stand it any longer.  Keep
thrusting your cock in and out of my wet pussy until you are right on the edge.  Then, only
then, give it to me.  Bring your cock, all covered with my cum right up to my mouth.”

Bill had very much reached that point.  “Oh Shannon!  I’m so close!  I’m going to come!”

“Well give it to me Bill.  Give me your cock so you can come in my mouth!”

Bill pulled his cock quickly from her pussy and now straddled the lounge where the naked
Shannon lay.  His legs were aside her chest, his engorged cocked poised before her mouth,
wet and scented with her juices.

Shannon grabbed his buttocks with both hands and extended her tongue but did not draw
him in.  She caressed the underside of his cock while she slid it about her face, smearing her
juices across her mouth.

“Mmm,” she moaned.  “Plenty of my cum, very sweet and slippery.”

Shannon now drew Bill’s thick cock deep into her mouth, her tongue running along the
sensitive underside.  Her head bobbed back and fourth, restoring the sensations that Bill had
felt when thrusting in and out of Shannon’s delightful pussy.  Precum and pussy juices
collected at the edge of Shannon’s lips.  Bill very much wanted to lick them and share the
taste with his lover but that was just not possible at the moment.  Faster Shannon sucked at
Bill’s cock.   She knew he was on the verge of orgasm.  She felt his cock swell in her mouth,
expelling a huge amount of precum onto her tongue.

Shannon managed to provide the last encouragement that Bill would need, “That’s it Bill.  
Come for me.  Now!  Come in my mouth!”

Bill’s body tensed.  His back stiffened, his hips trust forward and then stopped.  His face
looked skyward and he let out a deep groan.  Bill’s cock was motionless, halfway in Shannon’
s mouth and resting on her tongue.  She finally felt a hard knot form at its base.  Of course
she knew what that was.  It surged up his shaft and when it reach the end, the head of his
cock swelled and one long thick stream of cum spurt out from the head.  It slid over her
tongue and splashed at the roof of her partially open mouth.  Instantly, Shannon’s mouth
sprang alive with the thick, warm and slightly salty taste of cum.  It filled the back of her
throat.  Her tongue prevented any from going down any further.  The thick white cream
bathed her tongue in a warm filmy softness.  It filled her enough to reach the lower corners of
her mouth.  She made no gestures to swallow or anything else.  Her nose filled with the scent
of his cum.

Bill looked down now and watched Shannon slide his cock from her lips.  Cum coated her
mouth in strands that bridged her lips.  Droplets had formed at the both corners of her
mouth.  He could see her tongue coated in the creamy film of his ejaculate.  Shannon
pumped Bill’s cock with her hand to maintain the intensity of his orgasm.  She smiled up at Bill
through sperm coated lips, his orgasm raged on.

Shannon did indeed want to give Bill a show.  She held the tip of his cock at the center of her
tongue.  Another long squirt of semen spat from the head, this time stretching in an obscene
strand off her tongue and up against her cheek. Another followed, splashing against her
tongue, onto her teeth and settling in a pool in her mouth.

Bill’s orgasm was diminishing.  Cum no longer left his cock in strong streams.  With each
muscular contraction it came out in large thick pulsing dribbles.  Shannon made sure each
one hit her extended tongue first.  Usually a portion added to the pool in her mouth and the
rest overflowed at the corners, dribbling in rivulets down her cheek and onto her neck.

Bill was all but spent.  A long stringy strand of cum dangled from the tip of his cock that
eventually broke and fell onto Shannon’s chest.  Bill looked down at Shannon and she back
up at him.  Her tongue was still extended, covered in thick dollops of warm cum.  Her mouth
was filled with the liquefying semen.  Stringy white webs of cum crisscrossed her open
mouth.  A white streak loosely clung to her cheek.

Bill moved more upright but still straddled the lounge.  His semi-erect cock oozed the last
droplets of cum.  Slowly Shannon drew her tongue in and closed her mouth.  Bill assumed
that he would next see a slight bulge at Shannon’s throat signaling the swallowing of his
seed.  A delightful gesture to be sure but not what Shannon had in mind.

Shannon rose up, her arms propping her in almost a sitting position.  She dared not speak.  
Her mouth was completely filled with thick warm cum but she did manage to smile as she
looked down at her cum-dotted body with contented approval.  The contents of her mouth
were thinning with the addition of her saliva but it was still all very warm.  The taste of the man
was intense but very enjoyable.  Her tongue moved through the viscous fluid.  It felt soft on
her tongue like the caress of fine velvet.

She very much enjoyed having a mouth full of Bill’s cum but it was time for that to change.  
Looking again back up at Bill, her smile broadened but she did not part her lips.  Their seal
however was anything but perfect.  Slowly, Shannon moved her tongue forward.  White cum
emerged from her mouth.  It slipped uniformly over her lower lip and began covering her chin
in an erratic sheet.  Soon it dangled in irregular strands as more and more and more of it
came from her closed mouth.  She kept looking up at Bill while slowly moving her head from
one side to the other and back again.  Cum oozed from her lips and dribbled in thick bands
off her chin, down her neck, onto her chest and across her breasts.  In the end, she opened
her mouth with a broad smile so Bill could easily see the last of his cum being pressed over
her teeth and lips, clinging everywhere as if not wanting to leave the safety of her luscious
mouth.  Inevitably it did leave and joined the rest that now covered her in a slick slippery

Shannon moved closer to Bill and gently wrapped her hand around his still pulsing but spent
cock.  She extended her coated tongue that was covered in a thin milky film and collected the
last white droplet to emerge from the head.  She withdrew her tongue, carefully displaying the
cum at the tip as it entered her mouth.  She then swallowed for the first time.  A shudder
rocked through Bill’s entire body.

“Oh my God!” Bill exclaimed.  His legs were wobbly and had trouble holding him up.  He sat
down on Shannon’s thighs, his balls nesting quite naturally against her damp pussy, his cock
lying gently on her lower abdomen.

“That was so hot!  I have never seen or experienced anything like that in my life!”

“I thought you might like that,” she said, again with an impish smile.  “I liked it too.”

Shannon ran her tongue over her coated lips, savoring the taste as if she was retrieving what
was left of a hastily eaten ice cream cone.

“Half the fun was watching your face.  I thought you were going to pass out when I started
dribbling your cum from my mouth.”

Bill felt his cock jump from an instant inrush of blood.

“You’re right.  I didn’t expect that.  I thought you were going to..”

“Yeah.  That’s what I figured.  Didn’t we cover that earlier?  Swallowing is fine but I think over

“Shannon,” Bill started to affirm.  “I would be glad to yield to your judgment every time!”

“Well thank you Bill,” Shannon said half mockingly.  “Now if you will get off of me and sit right
there next to me, there is one more thing I need to do.”

Bill of course assumed that Shannon wanted to clean up a bit.  After all, cum still streaked her
face and neck and was slowly dripping down her chest and breasts.  Some had managed to
trickle down her stomach and pool in her navel.  They both could smell the deep manly scent
but only Bill could feel and smell the little of Shannon’s cum that was still on his face.

Once Bill was seated next to Shannon she began, “You know, you think this all may have
been for you but this sort of thing turns me on immensely.  I get so excited knowing that what I
am doing is sexy and arousing to a man.  If you get hot watching your cum shoot into my
mouth and onto my body, then so do I.”

Shannon parted her legs and moved one hand between them.  She began playing lightly with
the lips of her pussy.  The index finger of her other hand was sliding over her now very erect
nipple, well lubricated by both ice cream and cum.  Bill’s hand fell naturally into his lap and
onto his recovering cock.  It definitely needed a comforting stroke.

Shannon continued, “I guess I am a bit of an exhibitionist.  I get so wet when I know I am
exciting to a man.  See?”

Shannon spread her legs a bit further and used her fingers to separate her lips.  She was
indeed very wet.  She glistened in the sunlight.  A quick clench and release closed and
opened her opening, her wetness coated her everywhere.

Bill’s erection had returned.  It demanded attention and so he had no choice but to keep a
steady stroke to quell the building sexual anxiety.

“Keep doing that for me Bill,” Shannon asked.  “I like that very much.  Will you stroke it for me
until you come?  That is so arousing; to know a guy is stroking himself because he is turned
on by looking at me.”

“If you keep doing what you’re doing, I’ll have no trouble at all,” Bill retorted.

“Oh I would be glad to.”

Shannon elevated her attentions by pinching her nipple harder than before.  Her hand left
her pussy for just a moment to recover a bit of his cum from her chest.  Her fingers then went
right to her clit and she rubbed it quite rapidly, making herself gasp with delight.  Her middle
finger plunged deep into her pussy and she moved in and out for just a few strokes before a
second finger joined.  Her pace quickened.  Faster and faster her fingers served as a
surrogate cock, filling her and leaving her, driving her to another orgasm.  The palm of her
hand rubbed from side to side making sure her clitoris received constant attention.

They both went silent, each focusing on watching the other and pleasing themselves.  
Shannon was mesmerized watching Bill stroking himself, his hand wrapped around his long
hard cock, precum again seeping from the opening every time he stroked up its length.  Bill
too was enjoying the sight before him.  Thoroughly adorable Shannon laid before him, naked,
his cum still very evident on her face, neck, and torso.  Her legs were splayed open and wet
her fingers were thrusting in and out of her pussy.

The end of the perfect storm was building.  They both were near their climaxes but Shannon
would be the first.  Her breath became very deep but erratic.  She took in and released air in
gasps with each orgasmic contraction.  Bill watched her abdominal muscles tighten in spasms
knowing that her fingers were being clenched hard at the same time.

“I.. I’m.. coming,” were words Shannon breathlessly uttered before her orgasm racked
through her body with full force.

Bill’s stroking became faster.  Watching Shannon in the throes of orgasmic bliss just
heightened the desire for his own.

“Kiss me!” she pleaded.

Bill rose and started kissing Shannon while still managing to stroke his cock.

Shannon moved erratically beneath Bill but their kisses were still able to be deep and
passionate.  Their lips slid effortlessly across each other, aided by both saliva and remaining
semen.  Their tongues probed deeply into each other’s mouth, teasing, licking, fondling.  
They could smell and taste each other, not as separate scents or tastes, but as something
different, better, a blend of the essences of a man and a woman.  Finally, while they still were
kissing, Shannon’s climax faded into dull shudders.  Her thrusting slowed just enough to bring
herself down gently.

Through sticky kissing lips she purred, “That was so very good!”

Before Bill could manage a reply, Shannon’s hand left her pussy and she brought it up
between their faces.  Her fingers were soaked in female cum, the scent musky, alluring, and
intoxicating.  Shannon slid her fingers across Bill’s lips, a mere inch or so away from her own.  
He eagerly licked them, savoring the wonderful taste of female ecstasy.

Shannon’s lips and tongue now joined Bill’s.  Her other hand moved down to surround Bill’s
that was moving up and down his cock.

“Come for me Bill.  Let me feel it.  I want to feel you cum in my hand.”

They kissed in furious passion.   The pace of their joint stroking quickened until Bill reached
the pinnacle.  Like Shannon before, Bill’s breathing turned erratic and he could no longer
manage any kissing.  His eyes closed and his body tightened.  The stroking stopped.  Their
grip tightened.  Shannon felt Bill’s cock swell and pulse.  She felt the internal pumping that
was surely delivering cum to release.  Shannon felt Bill’s warm cum spurt out, quickly seeping
between their fingers.  Several more times Bill’s cock ejected slippery cum until every gap
and crevice in their intertwined hands was filled.  When the pulsating spurting had stopped,
only then did they resume a very slow stroking that was now greatly lubricated by the
abundant cum that clung to everything.

Their kissing resumed.  It was slower and much more deliberate.  They were the kisses of
warmth, affection, and appreciation for the pleasure the other had provided.  Shannon was
the first to remove her hand from their joint grip.  Instinctively she brought it to between her
legs again.  She used her cum slicked fingers to gently massage her pussy, to quell the faint
desire for more stimulation.

Bill’s hand now left his cock.  Following Shannon’s earlier lead he brought his hand to
between their lips.  White strands of sticky cum stretched between his fingers.  She
understood the gesture and enthusiastically licked and sucked the cum from his hand.  When
she was finished, their arms wrapped around each other in a deep satisfying hug, their naked
bodies sealed in sexual wetness.  They kissed again, the final punctuation for a most erotic

© 2008 Mr. Neb

Mr. Neb is a married middle aged fellow.  His writings can be described as sensually
graphic.  All the senses are explored, not just the tactile and visual senses.  Sex
has texture, smell  and taste as well.  He strives to bring a sense of purpose and
passion to his writings, not just the simple mechanical  events of sex.  Mr. Neb
writings are inspired from aspects of his real life and his fantasies.  The author
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