Horny in the Motor City
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Horny in the Motor City
by Euftis Emery©

I was at my wits end.  After seven years of lack luster sex in my marriage I had
found satisfaction in the joys of masturbation.  Leata only wanted to have sex
twice a month at best and I was able to remain faithful by getting a nice
collection of porn videos that I could use to fantasize.

I was in my office looking at a Jake Steed video.  In the episode, Jake and
Lexington Steel were at the Freaknik in Atlanta getting buck wild.  I was in the
middle of the scene where Lex had pulled a big ass college student off the
street when Leata busted in on me with my dick in my hand.

“Can I have some privacy!”, I exclaimed while Leata looked at me with a big
disapproving scowl on her face.

“You shouldn’t be looking at that!  Didn’t Bishop Reed just preach about how
vile pornography is last week?”

“Unlike you…I have a healthy sexual appetite.  I need release.  And this gives
it to me.  Would you prefer that I got it in the street?”

“You don’t need to be looking at that.”, Leata said again while standing
directly in front of my television crossing her arms.
“Get out!”

“We need to talk about this E.  Don’t you think the problem is that you just
want to have sex to much?”

By this point my sexual high was blown.  “No I don’t.  Did you ever think that
you want to have sex to infrequently?  You don’t want to have sex often.  No
problem.  I will just masturbate.  What’s your problem?  Your getting what you
want.  So leave me the hell alone!”

“But I don’t like it when you do this!”

“I don’t give a damn what you don’t like!  I am not going to give up sex
because you don’t like it.”

“But all women feel the same way I do.”, she began to whine.  “I’ve talked to
other women in the church…and they don’t want to do it all the time either.  
So it’s not just me.”

I had heard this sad excuse in the past and I still was not impressed.  All she
did was reinforce the old saying…the majority of people in this world are
fools.  “So what do you expect me to do?”, I asked her knowing that she didn’t
have an answer.

“I think I know what the problem is now.”, Leata said as she began to give me
yet another of her excuses.  My eyes rolled in my head as I wiped my hand off
with a towel and zipped up my pants.  Leata’s true issue was that she was an
in the closet lesbian trying to play straight.  I was not in the mood to hear
another one of her lies.  Unfortunately, my mother trained me to well.  
Otherwise I would have slapped the taste out of her mouth and thrown her
out of my office.

I leaned back and got comfortable on my couch so that I could hear what
bullshit she came up with this month.

“When I went to the women’s prayer last night.  Sister Jenkins testified how
fulfilling  her sexual experiences are now that she and her husband pray
before they have sex.  Isn’t that beautiful?  I always feel like doing it is dirty.  
That’s what I need.  If we pray to the father before we do it then maybe I
wouldn’t feel bad about some of the things that we do.  I think I could really
get into it then.  So the next time that you want to do it…let’s pray first and…”

“Are you serious?”, I asked cutting her off and staring open mouthed.

“See…you never listen to me.  I’m trying to tell you how I feel…”

“Leata…yes…I am not listening to you.  Praying…before we have sex…has
to be the most…ridiculous…thing that I have heard in my life.  I’m not doing
it.  I mean…how are we supposed to pray before we do it?  Ohhh
Father…help me to suck E’s dick.  Let me suck it like I never have before!  
And when he busts Lord!  Ohhhh when he busts!  Let me slurp it all up!  
Slurp it up like a champ Lord!  Is that how we are supposed pray before we
go at it?

Leata looked at me dejectedly.  “No!  We are not going to pray….like…that!”

“Then…how…are we supposed to pray before having sex Leata?  Give me a
sample prayer.  Come one.  You have my full attention.  I’m curious as to how
praying about it will turn you on.  So show me.”, I told her very sarcastically.    
I didn’t get a response, however, because Leata stomped out of my office.


The next afternoon I headed North on Interstate 75 going to Detroit.  My
mother had received her Doctorates degree from Wayne State and sent me
an invitation for her graduation.  Leata and the girls were supposed to come
with me, however, after hearing a new round of lies from Leata about her
sexual issues I told her to remain at home with the children so that I could get
a much needed break from her.

Unfortunately, she made sure that I didn’t get a chance  to masturbate so my
mind was in a miasmatic lust filled haze.  Leata had just made a tremendous
mistake.  Her mistake, was thinking that my current need was mental when it
was physical and since she prevented me from gaining a release, my physical
need had now taken control.  Only a stupid woman lets her man walk out the
door with a hard dick.

As I drove to complete the five hour drive to Detroit, anger almost
overwhelmed me as I contemplated the wasted years married to a mentally
castrating woman.  I had engaged in a few affairs when I was out of town on
business on occasion.  But I had never outright broken rank and gotten a
PropaHo who lived in town as a mistress.  When I got back to Cincinnati I fully
intended on becoming a typical male and finding one.

My dick throbbed in my jeans as I drove past one of the nations largest
Muslim mosques just outside Toledo and  I continuously pushed my forearm
against it enjoying the pressure.  My extreme horniness caused me to lose all
track of time because without realizing it I found myself in downtown Detroit.  I
pulled into a BP and asked for directions.  MapQuest directions are good until
you get within ten miles of your destination then they get you lost as hell.  
Probably some private joke of the developers of the website.

I eventually found Cobo Hall, paid the exorbitant parking fee and went into the
hall to find a seat.  I walked into the auditorium and found it packed.  All of my
mother’s friends and relatives were supposed to sit together in the same
section but I had gotten there late and was forced to sit in a different section

I scanned the graduates on the stadium floor looking for my mother.  I
eventually found her and was surprised to see her smiling face looking in my
direction.  She had spotted me before I her and as soon as our eyes met she
began to frantically wave at me while smiling for ear to ear.

I was so very proud of her.  She was the first person in her family to go to
college and the first person in the family to attain a Doctorates degree.  I
waved back to her with a proud smile on my face.  My mother, satisfied that
her oldest son was at her proudest day, began scanning the crowd for other
friends and relatives.

I felt that I was being watched and turned to the right to see a slim redbone
staring at me somewhat curiously.  My unsatisfied lust flared up again after
noticing an attractive females interest.  My  lust quickly subsided, however,
when I recognized the woman watching me as someone who  I went to Howard
with.  I never knew her name but she was one of those people who I  disliked
upon first sight.  I knew the feeling was mutual but she looked at me with a
curious expression versus the disdainful glare that I gave her.  She was
obviously shocked that I knew someone who was getting a Doctorates
degree.  “Stupid bitch!”, I thought.  It was definitely a small world.

I ignored her for the rest of the evening and watched the rest of the
ceremony.  It was soon over and the graduates marched out of the
auditorium.  I got up and was soon engulfed in the crowd as it carried me out
the nearest exit.  The halls of Cobo Hall are very narrow and I soon found
myself crushed by several bodies on all sides of me.  My mind began to
wander again as I moved at a snails pace to my car.   Sergio began to swell in
my pants as I could no longer restrain him and lost control.   

At first I was a little alarmed that my dick was getting hard unbidden in a
public space.  I was wearing jeans and a short jacket so I had nothing to hide
my raging erection.  As I nervously looked around me I realized that no one
would even notice because our bodies where pressed so tightly together.

Upon the realization of that thought, I noticed the woman walking in front of
me.  She was a tall light skinned sista wearing glasses and her long hair was
pulled up in the back accentuating her long sensuous neck.  My eyes slowly
traveled downwards to her round 40” ass that was packaged so nicely in a
tight white skirt that ended at her knees.

I lustfully watched her ass cheeks alternate slowly up and down in a slow
rhythm as she moved with the current of the crowd.  I licked my lips longingly
as I watched her walk.  Women who have good pussy and know it  telegraph
it with their walk. They can’t help it.  It’s an unconscious thing.  My dick began
to jump in my pants with the realization of being within inches of a woman who
was not only equipped with what it needed but knew how to use it as well.

The urge within me took full control of my facilities and before my
conscious mind could react, I rotated my hips in a large arc and grinded my
hard dick on her ass with such force that I raised her body off of her heals.   
She stumbled a bit and regained her balance by grabbing the shoulder of the
man walking in front of her.  Her neck whipped around and she bared her
teeth getting ready to curse my ass out for what I did.  

My conscious mind was aghast at what I had just done but all I could do was
watch the scene unfold.  The urge within me still regained full control of my
body and in an almost out of the body experience, I watched myself leer at
her with an expression that said, “…yea…I did it!”  My mind screamed, as I
prepared for her to attempt to slap me or worse call out for the police.  
However, the anger on her face vanished within seconds of her looking at me
and seeing my leering expression.   A blank expression formed on her face
and she turned back around saying nothing.  “See….she wants it….take
her!”, the urge said to me as my conscious mind began to slowly reassert
control of my body.

A silly grin spread across my face as I again grinded on her ass.  It felt so
wonderful being deprived of sex for so long.  The woman’s head turned
slightly as she looked at me with the corner of her eye but again she said
nothing.  I grinded on her ample ass again and she began to visibly breathe
heavily.  I grinded on her again and her head snapped back as she sighed in
pleasure and then glanced around her quickly to see if anyone had caught
on to what I was doing to her.  I grinded on her again and this time she
reached back with her left hand and quickly patted my thigh signaling for me
to stop.

By now, Sergio was doing back flips in my pants and I had no intention of
stopping.  I wanted to cum.  I needed to cum.  I wanted to bust a fat nut all
over this woman.  I reached around her waist with my right arm, pulling her
against my erection, while with my left hand I reached under her skirt and
palmed her left ass cheek.  She wasn’t wearing any panties under her panty
hose.  My kind of girl.  “A woman will do just about anything to get rid of those
embarrassing panty lines.”, I thought laughing out loud.

“Haaaaa ahhaaaaa….what….what…are you doing?”, she whispered to me
wide eyed.

“Don’t…talk.”, I whispered back.  I didn’t want to know her name…I didn’t want
to exchange pleasantries or soft words…I just wanted to bend her over
something…rip off her hosiery and fuck her like a parolee fresh out the joint
on a twenty year stint.

My face set in grim determination as I scanned the vicinity for
someplace…anyplace where I could fuck this thick willing woman.  Against the
left wall I noticed a bank of phone stalls.  It wasn’t much in the way of privacy,
but I had learned from previous encounters in large crowds that there was a
lot that you could get away with having the most minimal privacy.  I fought
against the flow of the crowd pulling the woman with me over to a phone stall
that was against the wall.

As I entered the stall, I shifted our positions, placing my back against the wall
and pulling her against me…face to face…hard dick to wet pussy.  Her eyes
were still  wide in surprise and excitement and her mouth was agape but she
still said nothing.  I lifted the receiver off the phone and pressed it to her ear.  
“Hold it…and act like your using the phone.”, I told her.

She complied and I used my free hand to pull the front of her skirt up over
her pubic mound.  “Ohhhhhhhh hell yea…”, I sighed out as I looked down at a
bald pussy through her panty hose.  I ran my hand back and forth between
her legs.     

“Ohhhhhh fuuuuuck!”, I exclaimed as my hand became wet from the womanly
fluids flowing from between her legs and soaking her panty hose.
“My…my man…he…he doesn’t do anything like this to me….”, she breathed

“He’s never fucked you in public?”


“And you’ve always wanted to do something like this?”, I breathed to her while
imperceptibly brushing my lips against hers.


“That’s why you didn’t stop me…when I was…grinding…on your ass.  You
liked it…didn’t you?  This is something that you‘ve always wanted?”, I
whispered as I took her free hand and locked it on my dick making her
squeeze it.


“And you want me to  fuck you…don’t you?  A complete stranger.  Right in
public….”, I breathed as I reached between her legs and grasped the circular
seam between her pussy and her anus preparing to rip the bottom out of her
hose.  A man must have designed woman’s hosiery with just this in mind I


I held the seam tightly and slowly pulled my hand back towards me ripping the
bottom of her hose out inch by inch.  With her free hand, she dug her nails
into my shoulder as I exposed her flesh.  I didn’t stop until I ripped out a
triangular patch of material from the bottom of her ass to the top  of her pubic
mound.  I balled the material up and placed it in my coat pocket and then
unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick and slide it between her wet thighs.

“It’s so hard…it’s so hard…it’s so hard….”, she whimpered repeatedly.  

I held her hips in my hands holding her stationary as I began to slide my dick
between her legs stimulating her clit.  After the twentieth stroke, she dropped
the phone receiver, clamped her thighs together tightly around my dick,
wrapped her arms around my neck, and buried her face into my shoulder.  
The phone made loud clanging sounds as it smacked back and forth into
phone stall.  At this point, I didn’t give a fuck, because I was to turned on by
her getting ready to cum all over the length of my dick.

“Ooooooohhhh…oooooohhhhhh….ooooohhhhhhhh…ooooohhhhhh…”, she
moaned as I made her cum.  Her body began to shake as she fought not to
make to much noise and enjoy her orgasm at the same time.  As her orgasm
subsided, she lifted her head from my shoulder breathing heavily and looked
into my eyes.  Her face was flushed.  Red as a Rudolph’s noise and I smiled
at her bodies involuntary reactions.  It was now my turn to cum  but I had a
small problem.  The woman was my height so I couldn’t enter her from a
standing position.  If she were only several inches taller I could have fucked
her standing up with no one the wiser.  But since she wasn’t I had to

With my right hand I took a firm hold of her leg behind her knee and pulled it  
up along the side of my body.  As I raised her leg, the angle of her opening
changed and I could slide into her.  She wasn’t wet…she was sloppy…and
fluids ran down both her thighs as I opened her legs.  The head of my shaft
slide inside her easily and she rocked on my erection bracing herself before I
stuck it all inside her.

I suddenly froze because I noticed that several men were intently looking in
our direction.  When I raised her leg it also raised the back of her skirt
reveling part of her panty less 40” ass and several black men in the crowd
could not help but lock on it.  I pushed her leg back down to the floor and she
looked at me with a curious expression.  “That’s drawing attention.”, I said

I was pissed because it was going to be to so good submerging myself in her
creaminess and I now had to seek some other form of release.  I pushed her
a couple of steps back and leaned against the wall.  “Jerk it.”, I said simply.

Most women really don’t know how to caress and stimulate a man’s penis with
their hands.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that she was an exception.  
Without hesitation she wiped the palms of her hands between her legs
lubricating them and began stroking the length of Sergio alternating with each

“How’s that feel?”, she asked me shyly.  

“Ohhhhh my goodness!  That’s good baby.  Real good.” , I said as I leaned
my head against the wall enjoying her attentions.

“I want you to fuck me.  This would feel so good in me.”, she said somewhat
disappointed as she stroked my dick.  Her eyes glowed mischievously as a
naughty thought entered her mind.  

“Do you think I can get away with sucking it?” , she asked me smiling.

“Don’t play with me!  I want it in your pussy but your mouth would surely do
right about now.”

“I’m not playing.”, she said assertively enjoying the change with her now
being the sexual aggressor.

“I make a big mess…  You don’t want to play with a loaded weapon.  Are you
sure you know what to do with all that cum?”

“I can show you better than tell you.”, she told me seductively.”

My eyes gleamed and Sergio jumped in her hand with excitement.  “Drop your
purse on the floor and let the crowd walk by until no one notices that your
down there.” I told her as she put my dick back in my pants.  

She casually dropped her purse on the floor and a number of items that were
in it spilled out.  Several people noticed and looked in our direction, but they
quickly lost interest as she slowly put her possessions back into her purse
and the few people who had noticed walked further down the hall.   We both
intently watched the crowd until a new mass of people walking past us was
unaware of her on her knees before me on the floor.  

I turned to face the phone stall, picking up the phone pretending to use it and
turned my back to the crowd.  Without saying a word, the woman quickly
repositioned herself in front of me and pulled out my dick again.  After pulling
it out, a bead of pre cum trickled out and dangled from the head of my shaft.  
The woman placed her fingers at the base of my shaft around the balls and
forcibly shook my penis while sticking her tongue out underneath me.  The
bead of pre cum broke free and landed on the middle of her tongue.  She
slowly retracted it and savored the taste of my essence.

“Daaaaaaaamn baby!”, I moaned.

“Mmmmmmmmmm…your dick tastes as good as it looks.”, she purred while
licking her lips.  She took Sergio into her mouth and begin to sloppily suck it
taking more of me into her mouth each time she moved her head.  She was a
woman who was all about the dick.  A woman who just sucked it, no licking
and paid no attention to the balls.  

“Daaaaamn baby….”, I moaned again.

She held my dick rigid and rotated her tongue around the shaft several times
and then deep throated me sending a flash of pleasure throughout my body.  
She deep throated me for several seconds while suppressing her gag reflex
and then backed off me smiling broadly.  “I love how I can get all your dick in
my mouth.  And you taste good to.  I could get real use to sucking your
dick…” , she told me and then went back to sucking me off.

“Ohhhhh fuck!”, I cursed again as I looked down at my dick all in her wet and
inviting mouth.  She did her tongue rolling thing again but this time I watched
the technique as well as felt it.  As I watched saliva trails begin and break as
her tongue made a loop around my dick I lost temporary control and my dick
jumped once shooting semen into the back of her throat.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm…”, she moaned as she closed her mouth on me,
swallowed my cum and continued sucking thinking that I was going to give her
more.  I have always been multi orgasmic but it only comes out when a
woman sexes me well or when I am really feeling her.

She backed off my glistening dick and stared at it just short of worshipping it.  
A sign of a true dick sucka.  “It’s still hard….damn I want this in me…”, she

“There’s more where that came from baby.  That was a mini orgasm.  How
many times do you think you can make me cum?”,  I rasped out lustfully.
“Mmmmmm…I don’t know…but I’m going to find out.  I love sucking this dick.”,
she moaned as she took me back into her mouth.

“Ohhhhh fuck!”, I exclaimed again as I closed my eyes and stopped watching
what she was doing so that I could keep my head together.  Her moans,
sucking sounds, and the wonderful sensation of her mouth on me overtook
me again and my dick had another spasm, shooting another load of semen
into her mouth.  As she swallowed the second load her body began to

“Did you cum?”, I asked her.   My member slid out of her mouth as she let go
of my dick and braced herself with one hand while reaching between her legs
with the other one.   She played with her clit and looked up at me.  “Yes.  I
did.  This has me soooooooo turned on.  Can I suck your dick some more? “
“Ohhhhh hell yea…please…do…baby…”, I told her as she began to suck my
dick again with more intensity as she played with her pussy.  I watched her as
she began to suck me again with no hands and playing with herself with both
hands.  She moaned loudly with closed eyes and her body shuddered in
orgasm again as she pushed a finger deep inside of herself.  Watching her
cum while sucking my dick pushed me over the edge again and I had another
mini orgasm in her eager mouth.  

“Mmmmmmm….you just keep busting baby….  I can feel your dick jumping in
my mouth while you cum.  I love sucking your dick…I love it…”

“Ohhhhh fuck.”, I repeated as I had another dick spasm and hot cum shot out
hitting her top lip and dripped into her open mouth.  

“Mmmmmm…..ohhhh baby…give me all your cum….all of it.”, she moaned as
she took my dick back in her mouth and deep throated it coaxing the rest  of
the semen out of my shaft.

The flood gates opened wide and I gave it all up to her.  She continued to
suck me until I was flaccid in her mouth.   “Mmmmmm…I told you I knew what
to do with all that good cum baby.”, she said smiling.

We composed ourselves the best we could and let crowd carry us out the
nearest exit.  As we hit the chilly Detroit air we began to walk in opposite
directions headed to our perspective cars.   We stopped and just stared at
each other for several minutes.  I considered exchanging numbers with her so
that I could keep in touch, but realized that it was unreasonable since I lived
out of town and we were both attached.

“You have a good night and be safe baby.”, I said reaching out and touching
her one last time.

“You do the same baby.  Goodbye.”, she said as she kissed me on the cheek
and then walked away without one backward glance.

©2006 Euftis Emery

Euftis currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a graduate of Howard
University with a degree in Computer Based Information Systems. Founding
Dominion Publishing in 2005, Euftis has quickly become one of the most
daring and raw black erotic authors on the market today.

When he is not writing, Euftis presides as the Chairman of the Dominion
Corporation. A management information systems consulting company.

Euftis can be reached at
Euftis_Emery@yahoo.com. Or visit his websites at