How Sweet It Is
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

How Sweet It Is
by Gianni Shamari

Spring, my favorite season, was in full swing. The warm and sunny weather of the New York City had
me in a good mood as I cruised down Lexington Avenue in my new red-gold 2014 Range Rover
Evoque. Rick Ross’ new album, Mastermind, blared from my truck like a hot nightspot. I had the streets
trembling from the bass.

      I stopped at the red light and saw a line of customers at the new Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. Most of
them were young pretty women. I recognized a familiar face waiting in front of the line. It was my young
friend with benefits, Teanna Trump.

      Teanna was a tall, curvaceous mocha-skinned ebony teen girl with a pretty face, long brown hair,
and sexy booty. Her perky boobs looked nice in that black T-shirt she wore and I liked the Air Jordan X
“Chicago Bulls” sneakers on her feet.  I knew I had to jump out and holla at Teanna before somebody
salivated lustfully. After finding a parking spot, I rushed to the cupcake ATM.
“What’s up, Sexy?” I said to Teanna.
      “Hey, Maré!” Teanna kissed me on the cheek. “I love cupcakes! I saw this ATM on the news and
had to get some. You want any?”
“No, I’m good.” I continued. “I saw you while I was riding around. I parked my Range Rover down the
      “Good. Let’s ride.” She suggested.
We hopped in the Range Rover and sped down the bouncy streets. I rolled down the windows so we
could feel the cold spring air. I inhaled the aroma of Teanna’s hot cupcakes emanating from the bag.
She looked sexy consuming a rainbow sprinkled cupcake. The sight of Teanna enjoying her snack
made aroused me like a shot.
      “Those cupcakes smell good.” I murmured.
      “You sure you don’t want any. You can take whatever you want.”
      “I’m going to take you.” I jested.
      “You want to take me now?” Teanna asked with a sultry smile.
      “Hell yeah, you know it!” I answered.
      “In the truck?”
      “Yes, what’s wrong with that?”
      “Okay,” she replied with a smile. “It’s a little sexy. We never fucked in a truck before.”
      “Let’s see what this has in store.”
      I found a nice spot on Riverside Drive . There was hardly anybody there as it was still early in the
afternoon. Trees and the beauty of nature dominated the area. We had a nice view of Grant’s Tomb
and the Hudson River . Teanna and I began kissing. I loved the soft feel of her lips, tasting the flavor of
the cupcakes along. I pulled down my pants and she began performing fellatio on me like a pro. The
pleasure was so rocking that I felt a bolt of energy shooting up my body.
      “Does it feel good?” She asked.
      “Oh, hell yeah,” I murmured. “Don’t stop, baby girl.”
      Teanna giggled and continued to blow me. She bobbed up and down on my dick, soaking it with
her warm saliva. Then she crawled to the backseat of the truck and began stripping out of her clothes.
Her moist cocoa skin looked flawless. She had no panties and bra on. I loved her naked splendor. It
was an awesome sight!
      I joined her in the backseat and she climbed atop me. She squatted in the reverse cowgirl posture.
I liked the sight of her perfect ass in front of me. Teanna bounced up and down on my dick rapidly. The
sound of our damp skin smacking with my trunk echoed in the truck.
      “Oh, my God!” She cried.
      “Yes, ride that dick baby!” I told her.
      I had my hands on Teanna’s ass as she rode me. The pace she was moving with had her looking
like a crazy roadrunner. Soon she got weary and doubled over to catch her breath. Then she turned
around and faced me with a meaningful look on her face. Lying on her back, she splayed her toned
      I took a cupcake and smeared the icing on her shaved pussy. Then I buried my face into her love
box. My tongue left no part of Teanna’s pussy unexplored. I developed a perfect rhythm on her
throbbing clit. She moaned and shrieked deliriously. It did not take long for her to have an intense
orgasm, filling my mouth with her juices.
      “Delicious, honey, just like I knew it would be,” I said. “Wow, how sweet it is!”
      I glided my cock into her lubed pussy and began jamming her cunt. I held on to Teanna’s bouncy
tits, fortifying my momentum. The feeling of my balls slapping against her pussy lips was too erotic to
ignore. Teanna’s brown eyes rolled in the back of her head as her mouth formed a big O.
      “Oh, my God baby, it’s so deep!” She moaned. “I love you… fuck my pussy, baby!”
      “Yes, I love to cum into your soft hilt too.” I croaked.
      “Cum, baby!” She whispered. “Cum deep inside me.”
      I continued fucking Teanna passionately but managed to hold on until Teanna had another
orgasm. Then I felt myself getting ready to unload into her.
      “Here it comes, sexy!” I declared.
      I pulled out and ejaculated. Warm golden cum spurted from my cock. A chill hit my body as I
finished releasing. I looked down and saw Teanna breathing rapidly. Her naked sweaty body glistened
in the dim light. I could not keep myself from devouring every inch of her skin; the erotic tour continued.
“Are you dead?” I quipped. “You look so amazing laying there motionless, baby.”
      “I love how you take my body and make my soul scream your name.” Teanna murmured.
      “That’s right!” I chuckled.
      For an hour, we stayed in the backseat and shared a cupcake in the nude as if we were teens.
      “We have to do this again.” She suggested.
      “No doubt, baby girl,” I agreed. “This was a big hit! Next time, I’ll buy the cupcakes.”
      Teanna chuckled. “How sweet it is!”
      And we French kissed.

I am a writer that was born and raised in New York City . I always had a passion for writing. I enjoy
expressing myself freely on paper and sharing my ideas with the world. Writing is just a big part of my
life. I describe my erotic tales as fast-paced, hip-hop erotic music videos because of the style and flow.
One day I hope to get a book of my stories published and make them into films. You can read all my
erotic stories at
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