I'm Her
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Urban

I'm Her
by Bad gurl

"Come here bay, stop acting like that." Idris said to Kayla. "Nah, I'm tired of her
calling me out of my name like she doesn't know what it is!" Kayla replied. They had
been doing this for 3 years. She met him through a mutual friend and he was
nowhere near her type. Short, skinny, with braids. Nah, she loved her men tall,
thick, with a bald head you can palm like a basketball. "We've been doing this too
long Idris, she knows about me and she still chose to marry you so..."

Idris grabs Kayla and kisses her so deep she shutters and mutters a barely audible
"NO". He ignores her and bites her bottom lip the way she likes it. Kayla fights the
urge to dig her nails in his back the way she wants and the way he likes even
though it brings drama on the home front.

 "Tell me you want me to leave, tell me you don't want Daddy to make that pussy
sing like you know I can". Idris moans in her ear and she's fighting a fight she know
she won't win, yet she still says, "No Daddy, I mean Idris". He damn near sings
"Yeah, Daddy knows what you need and he'll give it to you."

Kayla is on the verge of tears and it's not pleasure. She knows this is the brink of
heaven that will bring hell. He'll come through, bring her flowers, they'll go to
dinner, (out of sight) have sex, he'll make promises, tell her he loves her, and then
off to his wife before the sun comes up. Either way she loves him, loves the time
they spend together, loves the way he touches her, the way he smells and feels
while he's within her reach so she'll take it. She knows that "wifey" is on the prowl,
knows "wifey" is stalking the clock and phone, so right now it's her time to prove to
him why he's there. Why his dick is throbbing, anticipating Kayla's touch, lick, and
suck... Kayla looks up at Idris and asks him one more time, "You love me?". Idris
doesn't even look at her with half closed lids and replies "With all my heart.". That's
enough for Kayla.

She dives in with the skills of a porn star. All she needs is his fake proclamation to
get her through the rest of the week. He fucks her face and her pussy real good.
Skeeting in her mouth, titties, thighs, back and where ever else he aims and Kayla
takes it like a pro. A little love is better than no love at all....

© 2011 Bad gurl

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