Immersive Paralyzation
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

Immersive Paralyzation
by Lire Rush

“Facilitated Business Ecosystems to Grow the Value of Your Assets” was the yield of first glimpse inside John
Fitzgerald Kennedy airport. It felt as though something rigid became of what emotional remnants remained in

That is bold. We are the man and you live within us. You had better keep your assets management tactics to
yourself or we might have a Darwinian Anti-Thesis on our hands.

Each step was further emersion into the perception ambiance of the airport. Growing conscious of it, slight
paranoia seemed to manifest.

Relax; new environment, you are nervous about a new start, you have just landed in what is termed the
greatest city in the world. New York is bound to have some substance to it; just relax though.
Richter could feel something growing more narrow with each passing step, like a train tunnel closing in, but not
quite fully conscious of the affect. As his name implied, family had been very deliberate in ensuring the steady
development of the keenest senses possible. It was regular practice in development of course, although
Richter been developed by this as a primary anchor.

About midway through the airport, the subconscious data collected turned over to the conscious as if a
threshold had been reached in part of the rationalization.
This is deliberate!

The slight paranoia now grew into anxiety. Without knowing what, who, how or why, he immediately
disregarded all of the signs, text, pictures, advertisement other otherwise perceivable mediums as much as
possible. A slight relief was felt, and Richter proceeded on his path.

Someone nudged an arm; the next came with a stiff shoulder; a large man looking another direction knocked
Richter to the ground, glanced and passed. Attempting to regain ground, Richter looked at the airport once
again. It was a system. The people, the airport, the text, the pictures was all one coherent systems and they
had control of it. Absolute, unfettered control of it.

Picking himself up, adjusting posture, thoughts began to flow.

Alright, maybe it is a good thing. If all these people are functioning within the society, perhaps there is nothing
to be scared of. Just observe, keep an eye out and attempting to rationalize what is happening. You can
mitigate it; you are more quick witted and a study of exactly these types of systems.

Proceeding once again, recomposed, everything resumed and a sense of calm set in. By the time Richter
exited the airport, everything was back to normal, with a few differences.

It was the first time the word had been applied to Richter in self-reflective though. Richter was initiated, now
belonging to New York City. Not everything was making sense, but it was a distinct and distinguished feeling.
Just flow through, keep your eye out. This is going to require two levels of thinking; one to understand what
the systems is having you do; the second to understand the system as an inclusive consideration.
The thought model fell apart at the conclusion of the second sentence.
Perhaps it will develop with time.

Assuming the posture of a businessman looking individual, Richter hailed for a cab.

Focus fell unto him. It was Richter’s nature to sense it, but something was not quite right. The cab pulled up,
Richter stepped in, there was a slight pause and then Richter performed a knee-jerk reactive expression.
“57th and 7th.”

The cab pulled away with but the slightest hesitation. Staring out the window, Richter began taking everything
in. It was a similar feeling as the one from the airport, only this time there was no fight, no internal confliction;
only the sense of initiation.

As the cab proceeded through the city, it seemed like everything flowed, but not consistently. It was very
organized chaos. Everyone was on the same program, traveling to many destinations. Slow, accelerate, let
this car merge, keep that one from merging, without much indecision.
Oh shit, we are here!

Not a word was said, although the toll was displayed on the digital monitor in front of Richter. Sliding the
prepaid American Express, the toll was paid, the latter most option was selected, from bottom-to-top of course,
and everything was in order. The receipt was handed back to Richter and the exit from the vehicle was made,
just as others were entering.

“How are you doing this evening?”

Richter turned with a surprise. The driver hadn’t said a single word the entire ride to Richter, although greeted
the new passengers immediately. Odors all of a sudden took attention, then the lights, then the people, then it
all fell into view and the cab was out of memory as it departed.

It was now time to do a little bit of exploring, establish a familiarity with the area before checking into a hostel.
Following a man walking down the left side of the sidewalk, Richter stayed close to the building side, taking in
the sights and sounds. Barely progressing at all, Richter was cut off. Then again, and again, it seemed, as if at
almost every opportunity to do so. Growing irritated, a path to the outside of the side walk opened up. Being
cut off again, Richter proceeded to the right side of the sidewalk and seemed to be left to be for a few
moments. Looking over, there were several people still proceeding down the left side of the side walk.
Attention now turned to the people.

Everyone that seems to be on their way somewhere is extremely well groomed; probably New Yorkers.
At that thought, an attractive young female glance into Richter’s eyes and removed her hair from above her
left ear. Richter paused, watched her pass, went to turn and was almost knocked to the ground, turning
directly into the shoulder of a passer byer. Regaining footing, another young female removed hair from her
right ear after glancing at Richter, then Richter was immediately nudged.

My heart is beating fast. This is part of the system. What is the intention? Calm down; this is how this city
works. You can only read so much in books and on the Internet. If I asked what they wanted, it would seem
weird to me. If they were so brash, they would just ask you for it. How the hell should I phrase this? Think,
before you get knocked to the ground again. Just normal questions, like a tourist; no, not a tourist, like a
person new to the city.

Another young female removed hair from her forehead.

“Excuse me!”

She walk right past without a second glance. Another removed hair from her ear.

“Hi, I was wondering if I could ask you a question.”

“Hello, I’m actually on my way somewhere right now.”

Why is she glancing at me then? What is the hair maneuver all about?

The next young female performed the same maneuver.

Wow, alright, doing the model maneuvers. Walking right past, and bye!

Slam! Another person walked almost directly into Richter.

Agh! This is starting to really get to me! What the hell do they want?

Almost as if routine now, another female displayed the same movement.

“Hey, I was wondering if you knew anything fun to do around here.”

“What kind of fun are you looking to have?”

Richter stepped a few steps with her.

“Just experiencing New York City. What would you suggest?”

“There are some great art displays going on below midtown; some of them are educational even. I would try
that if I were you.”

“Alright, thanks.”

“Mmm, hmm.”

She walked away as she was proceeding, leaving Richter wondering once again. Looking for the next female,
several passed without any notice. Losing interest, it was time to get something to eat. Walking north,
someone once again walked almost directly into Richter.

Alright, this is getting to be a bit much. If it was any one person, it would be easy to handle, but it is like
everyone in New York City is doing the same thing. That is impossible though. How the hell could that be? Oh
well, let’s just try to get to where we are going, I guess.

Having looked at a few maps, Richter had a basic idea of where below midtown was. Walking through Astor
Place, Richter dared wonder if it was proper to try to stop and get something to eat. Cautiously proceeding
into a general café where several children were pushing a large cube in circles, Richter reached the counter
where orders were seemingly being taken.

“Uh, spaghetti and bread.”



After being handed the spaghetti, Richter proceeded to the payment counter, paid and left the restaurant. A
younger Italian female seemed to present herself, Richter failing to react immediately, and being once again
nudged. Anxiety kicked in again. Richter looked at the spaghetti.

I’m already on my way somewhere. Should I not have stopped? Alright, just go straight to where you are going;
no more detours.

To the left, there was an outside display of art; an Olympic city observation scene. There was a younger
female standing and observing, seemingly a bit of a standout of the crowd. Without even glancing, she
removed her hair from her left ear.

Shit! What does she want? Alright, don’t pause too long; just say something to her.

“Have you been to the Olympics before?”

“I’ve trained for events.”

“Oh really? Which events.”

“The high jump and javelin.”

“Are you still training?”

“Not as often.”

There was a slight pause. Grabbing onto a belt loop to the left, she looked slightly to the ground, paused in
thought and then said, “I’m going to begin walking downtown; I have places to be.”

Another slight pause. It was reaction now.

“Do you want me to walk you there?”

“Want? No, that is alright.”

Then a slight pause. Richter dug for something.

What the hell could it be? The language. I didn’t ask correctly; want; wanting; what is another way to ask?

“Would you like me to walk you there?”

“Actually, now that I think about it, it might be nice to have some company. I’ve heard it is dangerous out here.”

“Alright. Where would you like to go?”

“Soho; Varick and Spring.”

“Ah, I’m not sure where that is.”

“I’ll see if I’m able to lead you there.”

“Alright, that sounds good.”

They start off, but again in silence. Richter attempt to come up with some subject matter for discussion.
“So what bring you to an art show?”

“Well, I remember being little and coming to my senses about life and believing it represents so much people
are passionate about. I like the draw of that affinity.”

Something had changed. A major shift occurred that stunned Richter. Not able to think, nor speak, Richter felt
his body in a different way. Looking over, she glanced away for a moment.

Shit! Umm, what is her name even? Shit! You haven’t even asked her name yet!

“What is your name?”


The same thing happened. Stunned, not able to think or move.

I’m tingling. Alright, ignore it! Just try to keep focused before you get knocked to the ground again!

“So, where are we going?”

There was a slight pause. With the realization Clarity had already said the location, Richter quickly rephrased.
“I mean, the venue.”

“Just an average place; a hotel. There are some talks going on there.”

Something changed again. Richter felt like something floated away, like something had been given up. Not
having words, nor holding interest in the surroundings, Richter realized the gravity of Clarity’s presence. The
name click in mind. Every movement in the city became secondary to the movements of Clarity, as she fell into
silence once again.

The situation felt comfortable, as if silence was almost expected. Peering out, Richter noticed the city scene
once again. Taking it all in, everything was tied, one-in-one, with Clarity. Looking at fashion advertisements,
noticing Clarity’s clothes. Noticing event flyers, wondering what Clarity liked to do. Seeing apartments, growing
curious about where Clarity lived. A map of what the city had to offer grew through the context of Clarity.
Wholly shit! I think I’m in trouble.

All of a sudden, the context fell in upon Richter. Looking over at Clarity, a thought about escaping the situation
came to mind.

The escape from Clarity.

Not even being able to articulate the words in mind, no bother of proceeding was entertained. Pondering what
had happened, the ambiguity became apparent. Clairty, senses, childhood, Soho, hotel, Olympics, high jump,
javelin. Looking over, Richter observed Clarity’s skin, almost without flaw, and grew completely infatuated with
Clarity. Attempting to stay within properness within public, Richter’s mind raced for something, anything,
speeding through every experience attempting to escape, but it was as if it was only tying Clarity into every
thought and experience that was the composition of Richter. Now foundational to the constitution of Richter,
Clarity seemed to possess a type of influence that allowed no hope in the world that could ever grant the idea
of escaping.

And mission escape Clarity has seemed to fail.

Richter began to ponder life as it was now known.

How long will this last? Should I be doing something right now? She seems alright. What should I wear around
her? She will probably hint at something. Just pay attention to her.

“Where are you from?”

It was the first time that she spoke. Richter fell into thought.

Alright, what does that mean? Where was I born? Where do I consider home? She would have been more
specific if that was the intent.

“Born in Washington State, but I plan to stay in New York City.”

“From the Apple State to the Big Apple?”

Initiation. Shit! Stop thinking that! It is a rhetorical question.

“The circle of life, I guess.”

Clarity glanced down and then back up.

Holy shit! I’m not even able to think. I think, and it places her into the memory; I don’t think, and the scene
takes me in; I listen to her and become infatuated. Alright, just calm down. It isn’t like you don’t want a
girlfriend. Maybe Clarity is alright. It is just part of the system.


It stunned Richter again. Looking over, The Trump was to their left. Another brief pause.

“Would you like me to join you?”

“Like? You could come along.”


Richter half escorted and have followed Clarity, up to her room.

“Did you say there were talks?”

“That is the reason why I’m staying here.”

“Are you from New York?”

“East Hampton. I’m going to shower.”

There was a slight pause, but Richter didn’t catch it in time. Clarity closed the door and left Richter, standing,
alone, in an empty room.

Richter fidgeted, almost afraid to move or touch anything. Perhaps it was a thing unique to New York.
Alright, don’t miss anymore pauses, but try to figure this situation out.

After standing for what seemed like 45 minutes, Clarity made her appearance as if nothing had occurred, didn’
t give Richter so much as a glance and laid upon the bed in a bathrobe. There was a slight pause, although
Richter couldn’t predict what Clarity could possibly be asking for.

“Would you like to use the bathroom?”

“Oh, yes. I’ll be back in just one moment.”

The thought slowly found the way to proper consideration. Richter felt the sensation, but didn’t think to ask to
use the bathroom. All of a sudden realizing that thirst was manifesting as well, Richter began to wonder what
had occurred for this situation to end up here. It was hopeless though. As if the mind had become tightly
stretched elastic, any thought quickly rebounded into consideration for Clarity.
Growing curious about Clarity, Richter looked around.  

Bumble and bumble Crème de Coco hair products, Coca soap, SonicCare toothbrush. Wait? Coca soap?
Damn, Clarity is way ahead of me with all of this. What is she doing?

Having relieved the urine issue, Richter proceeded to shower. After showering, a drink from the fountain in the
bathroom quenched the thirst issue. Everything seemingly in place, Richter proceeded back out to greet
Clarity, having the body tingling somewhat dimmed.

“Do you want something to drink?”

“That is alright.”

Intoxication overcame Richter, looking at Clarity, the lines seeming perfect; the bathrobe was placed in a way
that left it to Richter what to leave to the imagination. Richter loss all direction of logic, rational and otherwise


Richter approached Clarity. Everything came back into memory.
Just like riding a bike.

Moving near the edge of the bed, Richter laid next to Clarity, and made an attempt to kiss. Clarity moved,
head moving away, but body moving towards. Richter didn’t require much encouragement, finding all types of
artsy little wisps and progressions upon Clarity. After looking upon curves of body, Richter’s drunk expression
met Clarity’s. It was as the expression held multiple expressions, summing up every experience life had to
offer. Attempting to pull away from the expression, Richter tried to find a mental escape outlet.
Too much, too much.

As Richter attempted to look out a window, Clarity twisted and tensed, Richter pulled back and looked at
Clarify with horror. For some reason, it seemed as though Richter felt the presence of demons. It wasn’t a
superficial type of fear. It was as though something had just come alive in the room.
Senses fell back in, Clarity turned away and Richter was left in silent motionlessness. Quickly gathering
clothes, Richter dressed, slowing in an attempt to ease the panic.
“Should I leave?”

No answer. Perhaps it was another implied pause. A deafening silent pause. Richter proceeded to find the way
out of the hotel and back onto the street. The air was refreshing. The city seemed alive. The atmosphere had

Although Richter was a bit embarrassed about what had happened, the feeling was now freedom. Perhaps
initiation was over now; perhaps Richter was now free to roam throughout New York without so many people
saying exactly what to do. There was no longer an attached feeling to everything.
As Richter was walking back up north to find a hostel or a hotel, Richter took the west side route. Walking
through a park and next to allies, Richter felt free and alive, although when looking up, the only thing Richter
could see was a copper spot in the middle of a barrel.

These were the demons Richter had felt. They found their way, out of the room, down to the street and into
the alley of the west side of the city.

“Jacket, wallet, backpack and everything else you have besides one layer of clothing.”
Richter tried to figure out what one layer of clothing meant without asking anymore questions. What Richter
came up with is a shirt, underwear and socks. Everything else was tossed over to the man with the gun.
Everything that Richter had arrived in the city with had been thrown to the man with the gun. Who gave the
lunatic a gun, Richter was not certain. All Richter knew is that now, every hope, dream and most of the
possessions that were Richter’s were now in the hands of a random person from the streets of New York City.

Copyright© 2013 Lire Rush

Taking a foray into the reality peep shows, seduction and the behind the scenes negotiations of sexual currency among the
powers that be, Lire Rush found an unexpected attraction to such a world. After discovering the affinity, Rush could not but
provide submission by means of sponsorship forsuch subversive actions, writing a few pieces in hopes to fan any embers
found in such excitement. Rush hopes to wipe clean the lenses of those animal instincts we find so natural, turning leafs to
hunger, sin to a discipline and heightening the sense of being a product in the majority of the population. Rush enjoys the heat
of tropical islands, stand out intelligence, late evenings turning into early mornings and being drawn into the complexities of the

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