In-Home Detention
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Fem Dom

by Neena Picquett

"I'm glad you didn't leave me, Melanie,"  Rex whispered,  "I
didn't mean to hit that guy in the bar.  I promise, no more trouble."

 Mel studied her husbands face.  He looked humble, sorry enough,
but she couldn't be sure.  This was the second time he had been
arrested for fighting, the second time he had lost his job.  His
"bouquet of promises" used to bring soaring hope to her that things
would change, things would get better.  But like hot air balloons they
only traveled so far before they burst. Shattered remnants of trust.
She took a deep drink of her wine, then sat the glass down on the
coffee table before responding.

"I was going to leave you," she said, " but then I thought, why
pass up such a great opportunity?"

"What opportunity?  I don't see-"

"This chunky piece of jewelry,"  she said, leaning closer to run
her hands over his newly acquired ankle monitor.  "The judge just
handed me your ass on a silver platter."  She smiled up at him, his
sexy tanned face a mask of confusion.  "And," she continued, "I feel
he was far too lenient with you so I have added additional terms to
your 6 month sentence."

"You've got to be kidding.  What more could you possible do?"
Rex laughed and refilled their wine glasses.  "I'm already on in-home

"Exactly my point," Mel replied, "and I assure you I am not
kidding.  For the next 6 months, I own you.  You will do everything I
tell you to do.  You will be molded, shaped, formed, disciplined, into
becoming my personal slave.  You will remain naked at all times.  Your
self-described "alpha-male" personality will no longer exist.  The
false pride that you gain from that personality will no longer torment
you.  At the end of the 6 months, when that pretty little ankle
bracelet is removed, we will re-evaluate our marriage and our selves.
If you don't accept these terms, feel free to leave. Now."

Mel took a deep breath and waited.  She knew he wouldn't leave,
the police would be crawling all over the place in a matter of
minutes.  That alarm on his ankle was her guarantee.  He had to
accept, and the thought made her pussy spasm.  She'd fantasized and
masturbated about this opportunity for so long, and the judge,
unknowingly, bless his heart, just made it all possible.

"You know I can't leave," he said, "so how long do I have to decide?"

"You have to decide now.  Either our marriage is worth it, or its not."

"I have a few issues we should discuss first, about my
personality and what you said about it, and the naked thing-"

"No, Rex, no more talking.  I want action, resolution."

"Oh, what the hell, I'll play."  He let out a low whistle and
continued,  "Besides, you know I love you Mel, and I don't want to
lose you.  You'll get complete obedience from me, I promise."

"Wise decision.  I no longer need your promises, though.  Go
stand in the center of the room and take off your clothes."

To Mel's surprise and delight, Rex obeyed.  He stripped in the
middle of their living room, then turned to face her.  His large cock
hung limp against his nut sack, and he lowered his gaze to the floor.

"Hands behind your back."  She reached under the coffee table and
pulled out a pair of shiny, metal handcuffs.  She sprang at him and in
one swift movement he was cuffed, his wrists locked behind his ass.

 She walked around to his front and cupped his balls, "Now spread your
legs and look into my eye's while I read you your rights."  She
giggled, then became serious,  "You no longer have any rights."  Mel
squeezed his balls until she felt his dick start to stir.  "Welcome to
my prison," she said. "I am the warden, you are the inmate. You will
call me mistress.  There are no safe words, and this is not a game.

 Our marriage hangs in the balance.  Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Rex trembled slightly as she let go of his balls.  His cock had
started to swell, and stood at half-mast.  Pleased, she reached out
and slapped the head.

"Let's go upstairs," she said,  "while you were being held in the
county jail for 10 days pending sentencing, I took the liberty of
rearranging a few things."

Mel watched his ass muscles flex as he climbed the steps,
resisting the urge to touch, pinch or squeeze.  She flung open the
door to what used to be their bedroom.  "Notice your clothes and
personal items are gone," she said, "they're packed away in the attic
for six months. We no longer share this room, you'll be staying over
there."  She pointed to the closed door across the hall.
"In the guest room?"

"Trust me, it's no longer a guest room."  She led him by the
elbow across the hall until they stood facing the closed door.  "Once
we're inside, I will release your handcuffs."  She opened the door and
nudged him forward into the small room.

Rex gasped.  "Oh my God," he said softly.  The luxurious floral
guest room with all its pretty accessories had been transformed into a
barren prison cell.

"You'll sleep there."  Mel said, as she watched the color drain
from his face.  She pointed to a padded cot with rope restraints
dangling from each corner.

"You did all this in 10 days?"

"I had a little help, but I'm not telling you anything about that
right now."  She eyed him cautiously, gauging his reaction.  He merely
stuck out his lower lip, but she noticed his cock had gone soft.
'Damn,' she thought.

The only other furniture in the room was a small wooden dresser
with three drawers, and a round leather ottoman. A large mirror hung
above the dresser, seemingly embedded in the wall.

"It's a two-way," she said beaming, obviously proud of her work.
Mel walked over and tapped the mirror, "my office is on the other
side.  My Boss, Mr. Kirkland, has agreed to let me work from home for
a few months."  She leaned in close to his ear and whispered, "you
will never know if I, or anybody else, is in there watching you or
not."  She ran her fingernails lightly over his nipples, "so you
better be good.  Now, do you have any questions?"

"No, Mistress."

"Who owns you?"

"You do, Mistress."

"I'm going to release your arms.  Don't try anything stupid."

She reached behind him and unlocked the cuffs letting them drop to the
floor.  "Cup your privates and do not let them go until I tell you to
do so."

Mel grasped Rex gently by the shoulders and turned him around to
face the opposite wall.  "What do you see?" she asked.

"A bulletin board, Mistress."

"Approach it."  Rex walked to the bulletin board, still cupping
his jewels in his hands.

"This is your daily chore list," she said, tapping the paper
tacked to the board.  "You will be punished at my discretion if you
fail to complete any tasks."

"Yes, Mistress."

"And this," she pointed to an 8x10 color photograph of an average
looking man with a nasty bruise covering his left eye, "this is the
man you assaulted in the bar, correct?"

"Y..Yes, I, uh, where did you get..."

"What's his name?"

"Steven.  Steven Gulford. I.."

"Rex, are you sorry for hitting Steven?"

"Yes, Mistress.  I am sorry for hitting Steven.  That bastard is
the reason I'm in this position in the first place, this is all his

"No, Rex.  You are the reason you are in this position right now.
You sound like a little boy, blaming everyone else for your actions.
Do you want to be treated like a little boy, is that it?"  Mel could
have sworn his dick twitched when she said that, so she kneeled  in
front of him and took his cock in her mouth.  She circled the head
with her tongue, licking, sucking, feeling it grow.

"Ahhh,"  Rex pushed forward, trying to get more of his shaft into
her mouth so she pulled away and stood up.

"Stroke your cock," she said, while pushing him forward.  "Give
Steven a kiss.  Go on, little boy.  Put your lips against his and show
him how sorry you are."  Mel watched, dumbfounded, as Rex glued his
lips to the picture, and began masturbating.  She never thought he
would actually do it.

"Faster," she murmured, "keep that dick hard."  She spanked his
ass a couple of swats with her bare hand.  "Now, spread you legs
further apart."  Mel could feel the heat raging from the pit of her
stomach straight to her clit .  Her pussy was soaked, pulsing.  She
took off her blouse and bra, dropped her skirt, and stood behind him
in her wet panties and high heels.

"Now tell me, little boy, did anyone use this thing while you
were in jail?"  She traced her finger along his ass crack, playing at
the puckered hole.  "Or is it still virgin?"  She dipped her finger in
her cunt, wetting it, then shoved it up his ass, fucking him slowly,

"Take your nasty lips off that picture and answer me."

"Virgin ass Mistress."  He was panting, stroking, palming his
balls.  His cock head had turned a deep purple and was oozing precum.
She withdrew her finger abruptly from his ass.

"Let go of your cock and go lie on the bed."

Rex did, his angry shaft twitching, jutting straight up from his
body.  She tied his hands and feet to the four corners of the cot,
took off her panties, and lowered her ass to his face.  "Smell me,"
she said, "know the scent of your owner."  She rubbed her pussy
against his nose.  "Now lick it, fuck me with your tongue."  Mel felt
his tongue entering her, spreading her lips. Her juice trickled slowly
into his mouth.

"Oh yeah, baby that's it, mmmm..."  Her hips began gyrating of
their own accord, fucking his face.  "Oh God, I'm cumming... ahhh ,"
the heat soared higher and higher inside her, burning and  boiling,
like a liquid bouquet of fire, rising... rising... rising,  floating
weightless in the air, "ah, ah, ah,ahhh..." then crashing down, "oh
yes, baby, yessssss..."

Mel rested a moment , well aware of his throbbing body beneath
her.  His hips were undulating as far as the ropes would allow.  His
huge dick was fucking the air, pumping, seeking release.

"Do you need something, dear?" she stood up, eyeing his raging hard-on.

"I n-need to cum, Mistress." he said, panting, struggling to get
the words out. His hips were rocking, thumping against the cot.  She
picked up her soiled panties and wrapped them around his cock.

"Go ahead, little boy, cum in my panties." She jacked his dick
faster and faster until he screamed, shooting a huge load of cum into
the crotch of her white silks.

"Mmmm... you liked that, didn't you, Rex?"

"Yes, Mistress," he said, bringing his breath under control.

"Good," she said.  She dangled the sodden panties in front of his
face, "now open your mouth."  Rex did.  He opened his mouth in
surprise, or to protest, or for whatever reason, and she quickly
stuffed them inside.

"Suck them clean," she instructed while stroking his bulging
cheek, "after all, it is number 3 on your daily chore list.   "Oh, but
you failed to read the list, didn't you?  You were to busy wanking off
to your friend's picture.  I'll be back in a little while to check on
you."  Mel walked out of the room and leaned against the closed door,
smiling, perplexed, amazed at what she had done.


Copyright© 2010 Neena Picquett

Neena Picquett has had fiction and non-fiction published in various magazines. She
writes from her home in rural Indiana.