Internet Lover
story codes: MF

Internet Lover
by Erotica Writings

Dedicated To the special men on the net *

My key board is clicking away with our erotic words, my screen is
embracing those you typed for me to read. I am now typing with one
hand as I pinch my nipple with the other. I can not get you off my
mind and my hand is now falling on my lap, my thighs open slowly as
I read your words of lust and wanton desires that you want to do to
my hot horny flesh. Baby please come give it to me and I will give it
all to you just like you want it. I want to feel you against me as my
hand wanders inside my thighs and I open my legs as wide as I can
so that you can make me so high that I will feel like I am floating in
the clouds in the nights skies. My fingers are getting so wet and I
begin to sweat as I read your words of how your tongue will lick my
pussy's clit over and over so slowly. Oh baby I want to give it to you
when you type those hot forbidden words.

I want you baby and we have miles that are keeping us apart, I touch
the screen with my finger tips running them slowly over your type
written words of making love and now I have one hand inside of my
gown pinching my nipples making them burn and tingle down to my
pussy that is becoming so dripping wet and my fingers are
becoming so sticky. I want you, I want you here with me right now
and my lust is becoming so intense knowing I can not touch you or
be with you. I want to feel what your flesh feels like and what your
juices taste like inside my mouth as I suck and lap them up slowly off
of your hard throbbing cock that you drive into my mouth with your
hand firmly on the back of my head and I can feel you hitting the back
of my throat as you fuck my mouth with that powerful cock of yours.

Both hands are running over my breast with my juices covering the
nipples and then to my mouth that accepts the remaining cream off
of my pointer finger even cleaning the nail tip of any excess
drippings and with the wetness from my pussy on my finger I explore
more of my pussy as I read how you push me down on the bed and
take me with such hot, lustful force, pushing my legs apart and
entering my pussy so hard and fast that I moan so softly and your
mouth is now covering mine and I moan as you fuck my pussy with
that huge thick throbbing cock deep inside of me so hard and my
arms wrap around you as I squirm under your hard body to take you
deeper and deeper inside of my hot juicy pussy. Oh I can feel you
slamming my pussy full of your cock that wants to spill ever drop into
my pussy.

Do you have your hand on your big hard cock baby? Stroke it slowly,
with even strokes, does it feel good baby? Now grab your balls and
lightly begin to pinch the skin doing it harder each time, does it feel
good baby? Now stop and say my name Erotica, I want you to fuck
my begin stroking your cock again and repeat fuck me
Erotica, fuck my big hard cock. Oh wow you are making me so hot
baby and I am pinching my clit with one hand and fucking it with my
other hand. Oh it feels so good as I picture you fucking your cock in
your hand. Now begin to stroke harder going all the way up and
down your cock like my pussy would if I was riding you with all the
energy I have in me that is 100% lust filled. I am so horny baby, are
still stroking? Say my damn name loudly, I am now fucking my pussy
with my fingers and now my ass with my other hand. Oh yes, oh yes
it feels so fucking good baby, you drive me wild! Say my name
louder because I am screaming out your name as my cum spews
out of my pussy's clit with so much force as I picture your cock
releasing its cum all inside of my pussy so deep. Mmmmm oh my ,
oh my, fuck me baby, fuck me! Looking at the screen I suck off my
thick cum that covers my thin fingers. Until our next chat my sweet

© 2008 Erotica Writings