Story Codes:
MF ; male dom/fem sub

The Interrogation
by  jazzzz.

She was tied down bare ass naked to a silver steel chair. Her ankles were
wrapped in rope attached to the legs of the chair. He held her arms to her side as
he shouted provocatively in her face. "What did you do today, where did you go, who
did you see?"

With a look of innocent fright in her eyes, she replies "I did nothing today Sir, I went
no where today Sir, I saw no one today Sir."

"Oh, I think you're lying JazzMine, I think you've been out meeting someone today
without me knowing it. Did you cum at all today JazzMine? Open your fucking
mouth, let me see your tongue!"

As she opens her mouth he grabs her tongue and sucks it hard between his lips.
"This doesn't taste right," he says. He grabs it again and sucks it harder, almost
biting it. "Mmmmm," he moans as his lips slide up and down off of her tongue. He
pulls back for a moment. She closes her mouth and swallows. "Open up again,"
he shouts.

Her mouth forms that famous oval shape that it has become accustomed to. Mouth
wide open now, he sucks and grabs at her tongue as saliva oozes off his tongue
onto hers. She swallows. He thrusts his tongue in and out, faster, stabbing her
incessantly with his heavily moist tongue. "Mmmmmm," she moans as she
swallows more spit. Saliva bead drops glisten off of her lips.

Standing over her, he says, "You smell funny JazzMine, who did you see, where did
you fucking go today?" "Tell Daddy the truth." "No one Sir, No where Sir!" "I don't
believe you," he screams, "you lying piss of shit!" Get the fuck up! Stand your ass
up! Spread your fucking legs." She unties the rope digging in her ankles.

While she is standing with her legs apart, all that she hears is the depth of his hot  
breathing. "Sit down and spread your legs," he says. She moves over to their
makeshift bondage bed covered in a cum free black linen sheet. This was another
new one she had purchased recently. She made it a point to buy only the black
linen sheets. Those could hold twice as much semen as the plain cotton ones she
use to buy.

She made it a point not to wash them right away. She enjoyed laying in her Sir's dry
cum for a week or so. It reminded her of his ownership and love for her. "What else
could it be," she thought. She surmised that it could only be true true love that
makes you cum over and over, day in and day out. All she had to hear was his voice
to start the flow in motion.

She recalled when they first met. She was at a flogging demo at the local dungeon.
It was only her 3rd or 4th time there. She hated going alone to these places. Lots of
times she would miss the action at the public dungeons for this reason alone.

Their eyes locked on each other as they were pretending to be as interested in the
flogging scene than with each other. Somehow, and she doesn't remember how
she wound up standing against this 6 "3 well proportioned man.

His shoulders were broad and beautiful. His fade was neat and all his teeth in tact,
making for a gorgeous smile to go with those penetrating eyes of his. She
remembered how his eyes penetrated her. It made her nipples protrude.

As they were leaving that evening, he proceeded to walk her to her car while they
exchanged phone numbers. She smiles as she remembered how her clitoris kept
twitching. It was so embarrassing. It made her walk with an awkward gait, instead
of her normal classy shuffle.

While gazing absentmindedly, she feels a warm hand meet her right jaw. It was hot
and quick. She blinked uncontrollably. Jolted back into the present state, she looks
up at Sir. He was so fine, she thought. What would she give to be taken by him at
that very moment.

When they fucked for the very first time, she remembered how he had taken her up
against the wall in her very own apartment. There were two brass ornaments on
her bedroom wall. They were within arms length reach of each other. Fascinating
African imported brass tigers with mouths held open to show their life like teeth.

He had raped her that evening in her apartment. When he shoved her up against
the wall, her hands were able to grab the tigers by the mouth and hold on as he
held her legs wide open as he penetrated her standing. Without foreplay, he
rammed his dick in and out of her. She cringed at the roughness of his fuck. Her
head was spinning so, she knew he had been saying something, although her
mind could not make out any complete sentences as she softly screamed.

In between each stroke, she heard pieces of his conversation,"bitch something,"
"fucking whore," "slut" "cunt." Each word prompted him to give her longer strokes.
Thank God, her female organs were built deep, instead of wide. Finally, he
collapsed. She slides to the floor with him. Both breathing heavy, they sat there for
a while taking in all of what had just occurred. Every once in a while he would take
her like that again. She suddenly hears his voice.

"Say ahhhhhhhhhh bitch!" She complies by opening her legs. Lay the fuck on your
As she lays back, he grabs her legs and stretches them wide open. Completely
naked, he gets on top of her. He plants his crotch right there at her nostrils. She
looks at the erect toy that has given her so many pleasures through the years. She
has become quite fond of his manhood, wondering still how something so small
can have so much power over her life and well being. She dare not touch it without
his permission.

She is snapped back to reality again by his shouts. "I wanna see what the fuck
you've been doing today." "You been fucking and cumming today JazzMine? Did you
have an orgasm today without my permission?"

"No Sir!", she replies. He slaps her pussy hard with the flat of his palm! She bites
down on her lip. A trickle of blood oozes off. With his tongue, he swoops it up. "You
been fucking today slave slut? Don't you fucking lie to me! Look at me when I'm
talking to you!"

She looks at him. Methodically, he slaps her face. She groans as her clit twitches. I
said, "Where the fuck you been today slut?" Somewhat frightened now, she yells,
"no where," "I told you no where."

"Who the fuck do you think you're addressing whore? He gets right in her face, eye
to eye and yells, "Do you know who the fuck I am?" "Do you know who you belong

"Do you know what it is like to have your ass beat till it's blue?" Do you know bitch
that I am the one who has the power to fuck you up at this very moment?" "Do you
know bitch?"

"Do you know?" He says it over and over while twisting her nipples as she catches
her breath between each "do you know?" "I asked you a fucking question," he yells.

"I know Sir," "I know Sir," she gasps for breath as he twists her into pleasurable
pain. She hears him laughing. "Bitch know now, huh?", he snickers. "Yes," she
says. "Bitch know now Sir."

Straddled over her, he suddenly grabs both of her breast together. She cringes as
his hands dig deeper into her flesh. She tries to relax and welcome his pleasure.
This is not the first time he has devoured her this way.   

Mouth wide open, tongue dancing on her nipples, pulling, pushing, flipping and
She squirmed. Toes bent, the muffled whimpers out of her mouth only intensifies
his play. She tried to speak and could not. He sensed this by the jerking motion of
her body. He released his grip.

Laying flat, her back is arched as if to offer her breast again to him. Standing up,
looking over at her, he sees his teeth marks on her slightly bloody breast. His
heavy breathing feels the air.

Dick hard, he starts to pace the room. He makes it back over to her side. He tells
her, "spread your  lips." She motions to do it and tries to rub her right forefinger over
the hood of her clitoris. He grabs her wrist and twists it. She screams out in agony,
"forgive me Sir, I know not what I do that pleases you."

"I didn't tell you to play with yourself slut." "Spread your lips cunt!" She complies,
holding her lips as far apart as she can with her thumbs and forefingers.
"Spreadum wider!" Using the palm of his hand, he hits her pussy in several quick
motions. Her mound rises higher with each thud.

Trembling a bit, she carefully holds the middle of her labia lips. He takes a small
flogger and begins to hit her soft, then harder between her lips.

The lips are getting moist and swollen. An erotic aroma feels the air. He stiffens for
a moment and wipes his nose. "You better not let go of those lips," he bellows. "If
you do, I am going to fuck you up."

"You better hold tight slut!" The swish of the flogger comes down harder and
harder. She is trembling uncontrollably now.

"Sir, please! 'Uhhh" "Uhhh" "Uhhh" "No more." "Fuck," she yells. "Fuck Sir," she
screams. "Let me" "Let me please," she whines. "I am cumming," she cries. "You
better not bitch!" "You better not!"

She is crying uncontrollably now. His hand comes down hard on her face,
silencing her. She is still holding her lips as the tears and the cum began to run
profusely. He stops flogging her pussy. There is dead silence between them. He
looks down in his valley. A river has split the valley straight in half.

He removes her hands, rolls her over on her side, and holds her tight, telling her,
"thanks for telling me the truth today." I am glad you didn't have an orgasm today
without my permission. Such a good slut you are, JazzMine."

He flips her over on her stomach. "Whose is your Daddy?" He slaps her naked ass
with his bare hand. "Whose your Daddy slut?"

She mutters, "You."

"You who?" He slaps the ass harder.

"You Sir!", she replies. He smacks her ass and she cries out on the sting.

"Sir Who Whore?"

"Sir Jay, sir! You Sir, you, you are my Master."

Leaning her over the side of the bed, he lays her flat on her back with her head
hanging off. Standing up, he puts his manhood right in her face. Dazed and
somewhat lucid, she feels the trickle of something hot and wet on her nose, her
mouth, over her eyes. The warmness causes her to open her mouth. She receives
the last few drops of his urine in there.

Lifting her back onto the bed, he positions her between his legs as he lays flat on
his back. She falls asleep with the tip of his dick in her mouth. Throughout the night
they toss and turn. She is comforted through the night by drinking from him. Her
mouth, like a baby's, involuntarily simulates a sucking motion. His juices slowly

She awakens the next morning on a full stomach. She looks over at her Master. He
looks extremely tired. She tries to awaken him. He stirs, then turns over. She stares
at his backside. She feels turned on as she stares at his bronze derriere.

She moves her hand over it. So strong. Squeezing it, she moans. Careful not to
awaken him, she slowly snuggles her pussy right up to the crease on him. So
warm. "Mmmmm," she softly moans as flesh meets flesh. It's a good thing that she
shaved down there yesterday.

He moves slightly. Arms raised up and over his head, he turns on his stomach.
She remains motionless for a few minutes. Then, very carefully she climbs up on
his backside. With both arms at his waistside, she lightly rests her moist mound
right in between his crease.

With slow deliberate motions, she moves up and down on his crease, rocking her
clit back and forth. Her breathing quickens. She smiles as she is in control of this
ecstasy. Small cries of pleasure escape her lips as her womanhood flows.

Slowly climbing off, she lays to the side. He begins to thrash the bed covers
around. He rolls over on his side, half asleep, he yells, "JazzMine, goddamit! Did
you spill water in this bed again?" "Uh uh Sir," she says.

Smiling, she says, "You're dreaming Sir." He says something inaudible. She hears
his heavy breathing soon and knows he's fast asleep. She snuggles up to his
sticky back side and falls asleep too.

The Interrogation
©2006 by Jazzzz.
All Rights Reserved
jazzzz is a submissive woman of color and a amateur free lance writer of BDSM
erotica and poetry. Writing fiction and non fiction is a passtime and part time
profession for her. She resides in sunny Southern California and can be reached
via email at