In the Eye of the Beholder
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In the Eye of the Beholder
By Luscious Lee

I held back when we got to the door of Room 222.  It had seemed spontaneous and romantic when he said
he’d get a room, and I’d been caught up in the moment.  In all the time we’d been together, he’d never been
able to spend money so freely.  I liked being taken out, even if it was just dinner and a movie.  And now a
hotel, too?  Yes, I was down.

But now that the moment had arrived, I was having second thoughts.  I know you should always try to look
your best when going out on a date, but this was Vick.  We’d been doing what we do for so long, I didn’t
think of him like that.

I didn’t really know how I thought of Vick, since we had never defined our relationship.  I wouldn’t even say
we were friends, necessarily, since all we ever did was come together periodically to have sex.  We would
from time to time have other relationships, real girlfriends and boyfriends, and be around each other with
them.  But it never bothered me to see him walking hand in hand with another girl, and he never questioned
me when he saw me hugged up with this boy or that one.  We did not discuss these people when we found
ourselves back together, cuddled up in whatever random spot we could find.

Vick had known me when I was just an awkward, buck toothed child.  I was on the honor roll back then, not
because I gave a damn about school but because I was naturally smart.  School took no effort, and I never
really paid it any mind.

He was a gifted athlete, always the star player on whatever team was available.  He played all sports,
basketball, baseball, and tennis with ease.  I’d say his weakest game was football, because he didn’t like to
get hit.

I would never have thought we’d ever get together when I was a kid.  I didn’t even know he knew my name.  
But he did, and he approached me first when we met up again in high school.

I had sex with Vick on our first ‘date’.  People I knew didn’t date in the traditional sense – there were no
dinner plans, no movies except the occasional bootleg you could pick up at the barbershop and watched in
the living room either before or after you’d done what you really came to do.

Vick and I had our first time in a public park, on a hill, by a reservoir.  It was a day of firsts for me.  He wasn’t
the first man I’d had sex with, but it was my first time having sex with him.  It was my first time being naked
outside like that, feeling the wind on my bare skin as he laid me down in the grass.

Although the park was near my neighborhood, and I’d passed that hill my whole life, it was the first time I’d
ever climbed it.  I didn’t even know there was a reservoir up there.  It was like a whole new world, and the
trees and bushes were so thick you couldn’t even see the street or the run down houses all around us.  
The only sounds were from the birds chirping, which masked the traffic noises.

So even though we were technically in a public place, it felt as if we were the only people in our world.
I knew that his friend Will was up there too, with his girl.  We’d just walked up the hill together, but the boys
steered us in opposite directions, and I couldn’t even hear them.

Vick kissed me under a tree, long and deeply.  I didn’t even think to protest when he opened my shirt and
unclasped my bra.  He didn’t take anything off at first, just rubbed me and massaged me through my
opened clothing.

We were standing up, and I was turned on.  He had on my favorite green, button-fly jeans, and they all but
caressed his ass.  I grabbed his butt, and he began to grind into me.  I loved it.

I began to undo the buttons on his jeans, which were not big and baggy the way a lot of guys like to wear
them.  Not that they were tight, just fitted to his body so that you could actually see his shape under them.  
So they didn’t immediately fall down; we had to pull them down to give me access to his dick.

Once it was free, I eagerly grabbed on, rubbing him until he was fully erect.  He said if he had to risk being
bitten by (mosquitoes) on his bare ass, it was only fair that I should too.  So we took my jeans off, which
were definitely tight.  I took some effort to rid myself of them, so much so that it almost killed the moment.
But once I was naked from the waist down, he pulled me to him and kissed me some more.  We were still
standing, and he explored my lower body with his hands as I did the same to him.

I felt him cup my ass and squeeze hard enough to separate the butt cheeks. I gave him my tongue, and
began to grind his dick with my pelvis.

We were about the same height, so his pelvic alignment was there, even standing up.  But my body wanted
him to be under me, better able to put his dick on my opening, rather than just rubbing against my front.  He
was using his fingers, which had me feeling great, but I wanted more.

We had to find a way to (lie) down, but we hadn’t brought a blanket and the idea of being bare-assed in the
grass was not appealing.

He solved the problem by having me grab onto the tree, bend slightly at the waist, and offer him myself from

He grabbed my waist and positioned himself against my upturned ass.  The position gave him just enough
room to get his shit under me.

But first he used his hands again, reaching around me from behind to rub my clit and putting just one or two
fingers deep inside me.  He set up a rhythm that had me arching my back for him.

Then without warning, he removed his fingers and penetrated me with his dick instead.  His erection was
much bigger, harder and yet smoother than his fingers had been.  The change was almost enough to make
me cum, but not quite yet.

It was okay, because he just put his back into me, pumping into me harder and harder.  I felt the wind on my
skin, insects buzzing around, and the birds in the bushes.  But all I felt in that moment was him, riding me
from behind.  He went in deeper and deeper, and I just lost myself in the sensation.

I suppose I should have done more for him too.  He probably wanted to be touched, the way he was
touching me.  Even as he was inside me, he would reach out to play with my breasts as they swung free
under the bra he’d undone.  He kissed the back of my neck sometimes, bringing me up to meet his body
without pulling out or even breaking the rhythm much.

But I was too caught up in how he made me feel, and I didn’t think of it.  All my conscious thoughts were
about maintaining my balance; I did not want to end up falling face first into the tree.

If he minded, I couldn’t tell.  He began to grunt, a sound somehow more manly than a moan.  I felt the
intensity of his thrusts building, and anticipated he was about to cum.

We had not thought of bringing a condom, and I was ready to feel his hot sticky semen rushing into me.  I
do like that feeling, which is why I was never as careful about making a guy use a condom as I should be.  I
do know better, but I don’t always do better.

But this time, I actually came first.  I don’t know what he did, but some little twist of his hips made his dick hit
something inside me, and the feeling that had been building just exploded.

Another first for me.  I had my first orgasm on that reservoir, and from then on, whenever I passed it I’d get
a secret little smile.

My knees buckled a bit, but he held me up.  It only took him a few more seconds before he had his own
orgasm, still buried within me.

After, we tried to clean up using the t-shirt he had on under his button down.  I think we left the dirty shirt
there and went back to rejoin Will and his friend, who looked like they hadn’t minded getting down in the
grass, at least judging from the leaves and grass in her hair.

From that day on, Vick and I established our thing.  We would never be boyfriend and girlfriend, which was
fine with me.  I wasn’t even sure I liked him as a person.  When we weren’t having sex, we tended to argue a
lot, and didn’t really have a lot of common interests.

But the sex was amazing.

I mean, I had sex with other people too, and the occasional relationship.  It was all good, but only Vick could
bring me to orgasm like that.  And so I craved his touch, no matter what he did to me when we were
standing up.

He found ways to continue to be my first.  Technically, he wasn’t the first guy to go down on me, or even the
second.  But he was the first one to make me see what the big deal was.  With the others, I was just doing it
to go along, and I never got the feeling that they really wanted to be down there doing what they were
doing.  But Vick made a feast of my pussy, and he seemed to enjoy the licking and sucking so much that I
did too.  He also thought to use his thumbs as well as his tongue, and the result for me was the biggest
orgasm yet.

That day was also the first time I returned the favor.  After what he’d just done for me, it felt rude to turn
away when he guided his erection toward my face.

I wasn’t as good at it as he was, since sucking dick was not something I’d ever done.  Or ever thought I’d
do.  But I gave it my best shot, and he patiently talked me through it.

“Wait, no, don’t use your teeth.  Just open your mouth a little wider, and I’ll put it in.  Okay, now suck it a
little.  Suck it harder.  Act like you are using a straw.

“Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when I’m about to blow.  I’ll pull out, I promise.  Just don’t stop sucking.  Please,
don’t stop.”

I didn’t stop, but he lied.  He did not tell me when he was going to cum, and ended up doing it halfway down
my throat.

As he smirked while I gagged and tried to make myself throw up, I glared up at him, still on my knees.

“You might not want to do that,” was all he said.  “If you bring it back up, you’re only going to taste me
twice.  Besides, you came in my mouth too.  It’s only fair.”

He had a point, so I let it go.  And that’s how I learned to suck dick.

I let him handcuff me too, one day over his friend’s house.  Tony had the handcuffs, because he is a freak.  
Vick and I were just joking around when we found them on his side table, but then he asked me if I wanted
to try them.

I shrugged, not thinking much about it.  I was already naked, and he lay me back.  He cuffed one hand, then
pulled the cuffs around the cutout in the headboard before cuffing the other one.

My biggest concern once he had me in position was whether or not I’d shaved my underarms that morning.  
My arms were firmly pulled up over my head, and I used my feet to scoot my body closer to the head board
to get some release.  I only got a little bit before my head hit the wall.

The look in his eye kind of scared me once he had me shackled.  Too late, it occurred to me how
completely helpless I’d let myself become.  What was I going to do if he decided to invite Tony and them into
the room?  They could rape me, beat me, even kill me and there was nothing I could do about it.
Did I trust Vick like that?  Did anyone else even know I was there?  What if they just made me disappear,
and nobody ever found out what happened to me?

Vick refused to promise me he wouldn’t hurt me.  In fact, he seemed to enjoy my distress.  You would think
that would piss me off so much that I couldn’t get into it.  But you’d be wrong.

It did piss me off, but it was also kind of exciting.  He didn’t promise not to hurt me, but he also didn’t actually
do anything to me that did hurt me.  Everything he did to me that day felt pretty damn good, actually.
The fact that he could touch whatever he wanted, however he decided to, made every touch seem
heightened.  I felt everything he did more intensely than usual.  He started at my feet, actually putting each
of my big toes in his mouth.

I felt the pull run up my leg to my groin, and moaned as he played with my toes.  But I still didn’t want him to
put his mouth on them, because I liked to kiss him on the lips.  Maybe the idea of toe jam didn’t bother him,
but it wasn’t something I was interested in having on my tongue.

I wriggled my toes until he got the message, and started to move up my body.  He rubbed me down like we
had lotion or massage oil, and the roughness of his hands on my dry skin kept the tingles running through

It seemed to take forever for him to make his way up my body, and then he skipped my pussy entirely and
just moved on to caress me above the waist.  No matter how I protested, or thrust myself into his body and
gapped my legs, he refused to go there for me.

I wanted so much to feel his hands or fingers or something there, but all I could do was grind against his
torso as he sucked on my breasts.  Not that that didn’t feel good, but I wanted him to touch me there, to
relieve the tension he had caused me.

When he refused, I actually began to beg.

“Please, Vick, Come on, I know you want to.  Just give me a finger or something, anything, I’m about to lose
my mind.”

I decided to ignore his little self-satisfied laugh as soon as he slid his two fingers into me.  He set up the
motion, and only had to go in and out of me a few times before I came.  I was that ready.

After I was done, all I wanted to do was sleep.  But he wasn’t done.  Seeing that I was getting out of the
mood, he quickly stopped playing with me, took off the rest of his own clothes, and slipped himself between
my rapidly drying pussy lips.

I was only partially wet, and still feeling the effects of what he’d already done to me.  The penetration was
not smooth, but it was also arousing.  His dick felt rough against my poor, tired pussy, but she welcomed
him in anyway and began to moisten after a minute, which was fortunate, because Vick had turned himself
on while teasing me.  He fucked me long and hard, like he was trying to push himself all the way through my
body.  My head kept hitting the back of the headboard, because I couldn’t even shift positions due to the
way I was shackled.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, he pulled out and came on my stomach and pubic hair.  I felt
the hot stickiness almost at the same time I registered he had pulled out of me.  We were done.
He collapsed on top of me, smearing his semen between our bodies.  As it cooled down and began to dry, it
also began to feel nasty to me.

Without a word, Vick got up and slipped on his pants.  Then he slipped out the door, leaving me handcuffed
and naked on the bed.

He refused to answer me when I asked him where he was going, and he did not take the cuffs off when I
asked him to.

Again, I was made aware of how vulnerable I really was.  My arms were numb from being pulled up over my
head so long, and now that the adrenaline cause by our sex was gone, I could feel the pain in my hands.  I
went from the afterglow of my orgasm to fear and frustration just like that, and started to cry.

I was still crying when Vick came back into the room with a wet washcloth.  He’d only been going to the
bathroom, to wash himself up and get me something to wash with too.

The bastard only laughed when he saw how upset I was.

“Bet you thought that was your ass, huh?  Shit, if they knew what we were doing up here, that you are tied
up looking all sexy like that, it probably would have been.

“Stop crying.  You going to make them think I did something to you that you didn’t like.  And we both know
you liked everything you just got.”

Then he finally uncuffed me, and gave me the washcloth.

I cleaned myself off, got dressed, and immediately left the house.

I met the man who would be my daughter’s father a little while after that.  We were in the mall, I was working
at the Orange Julius, and he kept walking by.  He looked at me each time he passed, so I started looking
He was cute, light skinned and beefy.  I usually went for the tall, basketball player type body, and he looked
more like he would play football.  He wasn’t fat by any means, but he was kind of stocky.

It turned out he played neither basketball nor football.  He lifted weights to buff up his body like that.  Of
course, a few years later, he hurt his shoulder and could no longer lift.  All that muscle promptly turned to

His name was Lamont, and he lived in a different, better neighborhood than the one I was raised in.  In his
world, people did go out on dates, where I was used to guys just expecting you to hook up with them.
Lamont took me to movies, out to dinner, bowling, and to play pool.  He and his friends all had houses with
finished basements, and so they would hang out and play video games or music, and sometimes just talk.
It was different, but fun.  While I was with Lamont, I kind of lost track of my other friends, since he never
really wanted to hang out ‘down there’.

I will say this for Lamont – he was good to me when we were together, and he was good in bed, different
from Vick, not so intense.  But he still could make me cum, and he could provide better places to do it in.
Lamont was the first person who did take me to a hotel, a real hotel. It was downtown, and the room was
beautiful.  That experience is why I like hotels to this day.

He made it special, taking me out to dinner first and then to the hotel’s bar for cocktails.  He let me get
anything I wanted, since he ran a tab.  I could have gotten much drunker for far less money at home, but it
wasn’t my money.

Feeling relaxed, we went upstairs.  When he asked if we could spend the night, I told him I didn’t know,
because I had no nice nighties to wear.  Who wanted to spend the night in a hotel with a man, wearing the
old grungy t-shirts and boxer briefs that I usually wore?

He told me not to worry about it.  All he wanted was me here, naked, in the bed.  He was serious too, and
stripped off his own clothes as soon as we got to the room.  At his pointed look, I stripped too.
But he didn’t rush anything else that night.  We turned on the television to a light porn channel, and actually
watched it for a while.  The movie was pretty good, Since Lamont was there to provide direct stimulation, I
was feeling the tingle alright.  As he watched the movie, he acted out some of what we saw on the screen.
It wasn’t hard-core porn, no one came in anyone’s face or peed on them, so I was into it.  When the actor in
the movie grabbed the girl between the legs and twisted his fingers into her, I willingly spread my own legs
and let Lamont try that.  Not a bad feeling, but I made a mental note to help him file his nails next time.
The actors moved on to the bedroom, and we transitioned to the bed.  There was a quick cut to full on
penetration, but Lamont didn’t try to skip our foreplay.

He moved me up on the big bed, and asked me to dance for him.

I stood up on the bed, butt naked, and did a little two step.  I’m not that great a dancer, but I guess the sight
of my tits and ass shaking around was all he was after anyway.

As I stood over him, he lay back and started to jerk his own dick.  He got redder in the face as he got
harder, and I began to feel left out.  If all he wanted was to watch porn and jack off, what was I there for?
Apparently, I was there to help him get his fantasy off.  His eyes were kind of glazed when he reached for
me, pulling me down on the bed beside him.

He ordered me to tell him that I really needed him to fuck me, that he knew I knew he was better than all
those other men.

I didn’t know what other men he was talking about, but I went along and repeated what he told me to say.
Then he said that I’d been bad, and he might have to punish me.  He said I knew he didn’t like to do it, but I
was always asking for it.  So he was going to give it to me.

Before I knew it, he’d pulled me across his lap on the bed and proceeded to spank me.  Kind of hard too.  I
struggled for a bit, but it only made him hit me harder, so I made myself be still.

Once the shock of what he wanted to do to me wore off, I surprised myself by kind of enjoying it.  He didn’t
just keep swatting me nonstop; it was more like he’d swat me, then rub it until the sting went away.  Then he’
d caress me, sometimes fingering me.  Just when it felt good, or if I moved or moaned, he’d stop whatever
he was doing and accused me of liking it.  ‘Then he’d swat me again.

At some point, he looked down and said my butt was all red.  I doubted it, because my color brown doesn’t
get red like that.  That was his yellow ass.

Without saying a word to me, he reached over and took some ice in his hand.  He used the ice to rub on my
butt, I guess to take the redness away.

The man was clearly tripping, but the ice felt nice, thrilling, especially as he moved it down closer and closer
to my poor, sore pussy.  I held still so he wouldn’t stop, and he slipped a few cold fingers into me from the
As I felt that, I couldn’t be still.  But he no longer expected me to, and liked the way he made me squirm.  He
kept putting his fingers in over and over, twisting the one finger in my opening until I knew every bit of me
had been touched.

He even put his icy finger on my asshole, and I tensed up.  But he didn’t put it in, just on, and the sensation
of being touched with that cold on both openings was one I’d never imagined before.

By then, I was ready to fuck.  Enough of the play.  But he made me wait, lazily moving up to fondle my
breasts while I straddled his lap.  I was trying to catch his dick with my lips, but he wasn’t cooperating.  I was
getting frustrated, which only made him laugh.

I don’t like being laughed at, so I thought, fuck him.  I could touch my own self, just like he did.  So I sat back
on his lap, spread my legs a bit wider, and licked my fingertips slowly.  Then I worked my own hands down
the front of my body, and stuck a few fingers in.  All while looking him in his eyes.

Well, I tried to look him in his eyes.  But he was too busy following what my hand was doing.  So I just closed
my own eyes, threw back my head, and concentrated on the feeling I was creating for myself between my

He watched me for a minute, then he began to feel left out.  I felt him shift, and lay back on the bed.  This
left my legs bent at an awkward angle, and I was still pretty much stretched across his lap.

He freed my legs by putting them, one by one, on his shoulders.  Then he leaned over me, putting my
knees near my ears.  And he finally put himself into me.

After all that, I was ready and so was he.  We both came in an embarrassingly short period of time.
He needed some time to recover, and so did I.  The movie was still playing, but I was uninterested by that
point.  I like pornos, but I do admit I need the story line to stay engaged.  People just randomly fucking didn’t
do much for me.

He clearly was into it though, and he absentmindedly stroked my body as he watched.  It felt comforting,
and I drifted off to sleep.

I thought I was dreaming when I woke up to find him on top of me, just about to penetrate me again.  This is
technically rape, but apparently he and my body already had an understanding that my conscious mind
knew nothing about, because I was already wet.  About as soon as I processed that, he broke the skin and
started slowly grinding inside me.

Oh my god, it felt so good.  Easily the best wake up I’d ever had.  He kept making lazy circles in my pussy
with his dick, and I just wanted him to keep it up for as long as possible.  I knew I wasn’t going to end in an
orgasm, because I didn’t feel that building pressure that led to the release.  It just felt good, just what he
was doing, so I didn’t need it to go any further.

He came though, buried deep inside me.  That was new; usually Lamont was good about using rubbers or
at least pulling out.  Nothing had changed that I was aware of, but I realized he hadn’t used a rubber or
pulled out in all the time we had the room.

I thought it was a great night, but it turned out to be our last one together.  Once we left the hotel, Lamont’s
attitude changed. He treated me like I was the freak, a hoe who’d let him defile me.

I remembered both of us being in that bed, and I wasn’t the one with a spanking fetish.  I was insulted by his
attitude, and it tainted what, to me, was a fun experience.

Of course, I later found out I was pregnant.  Lamont and I had little to do with each other by then, but I did
tell him.  He wanted me to get an abortion, but I’d decided to keep my baby.

Just as I had hoped, he wanted nothing to do with me and the baby.  Fine with me; I wanted the child, not
him.  I knew that our genes, together, would produce a pretty child.

I also told Vick about the pregnancy.  After quickly doing the math, he exhaled and congratulated me on the
baby.  He was pretty sweet to me while I was pregnant, rubbing my belly and getting me the crazy things I
craved to eat.

But I wouldn’t have sex with him while I was pregnant.  I knew I took crazy chances with my sex life, but I didn’
t want any of that to affect my child.  I didn’t have sex with anyone the entire time I was carrying her.
After a while, Vick and I lost touch.  After all, sex was the whole basis for our relationship, and without it
there was little to keep us in touch with each other.

I spent the months leading up to my daughter’s birth getting ready to be a mother.  I enrolled in a trade
school, found a job, bought a car.  I was so enjoying motherhood, I barely realized it had been almost two
years since I’d had sex at all.

Then I ran across Vick again, and we resumed our usual.  Except this time, he did have a car and a little bit
of money.  So we went out a few times, and that was how we ended up in Room 222.

I had not gone out intending to sleep with him.  It had been so long, I’d just stopped thinking about myself as
a sexual creature.  My outfit was fine, but I had on granny panties and an old worn out bra that was a
completely different color.  I was ashy, and needed to shave all the hairs that are not supposed to show.
I was also not entirely comfortable with what the pregnancy had done to my body.  I hadn’t lost the weight
yet, but I knew deep down that no matter what I did, my body was never going to be the same again.  The
pouch that used to be my stomach was covered in so many stretch marks it looked like a road map.  It was
ugly, even to me.

All of this was going through my mind as I stood at the door to the room.  Vick was getting impatient, not
understanding what had happened to change my mood.  I’d been up for getting the room, and now I was
tripping, acting like I was scared to come in.

So in I went, hoping we could just get under the covers and turn out the lights.  Why did we need to see
each other, anyway?  We knew from long experience what we looked like already.

Not knowing what Vick was thinking, but sensing his irritation, I headed straight to the bathroom to see what
I could do with myself.  Luckily, I did have a bit of lotion in my purse, and I took off my pants and rubbed it
into my legs and thighs, the ashiest parts of me.  The lotion was the kind that was basically meant to smell
good, and I knew it wouldn’t moisturize my skin for long.

My underarms were not freshly shaven, but I didn’t look like Sasquatch either.  In the dark, they would do.  
There was nothing I could do to neaten my pubic hair, but I’m not a person who waxes anyway, so he would
never expect that.

The ugly underwear was a problem I didn’t know how to solve, so I just took them off and shoved them in my
purse.  Vick had already seen every inch of me plenty of times.  The changes I was nervous about were
going to be discovered anyway, so why not just put everything right out in the open?

Vick’s eyes widened when I came out of the bathroom stark naked, and smelling good because of the
lotion.  His face lost some of its irritated hardness, and he got up from the bed.  He crossed the room and
took me in his arms.

“It’s about time you came out,” he said, but his tone was much softer than his words.  “I was beginning to
think you fell in.”
Before I could answer, he had his tongue in my mouth.  I pressed the ruined part of me, my stomach, tightly
against his body, partly because I just wanted to feel him against me and partly to keep him from seeing the
stretch marks.
He automatically started the slow grind we always did, but he still had on all his clothes.  The material was
rough on my naked skin, and I could feel his zipper bruising my pussy a bit already.
I stepped back a bit, and sat down on the bed.  I crossed my legs, and bent over them a bit to keep my
stomach hidden.
“So are you just going to let me be the only naked one?”  I asked.  “Come on, baby boy, strip for me.”
He gave me a smile, because I’d said almost the same thing to him before, and enhanced the feeling of
Deja vu by doing the same sexy dance he’d done then.

He cupped his hands around his pelvis, thrusting it in the air.  Then he did the slow unbuttoning of his shirt
move, opening and closing it as if he had breasts that he was flashing me.

He threw each piece of clothing at me as he took them off, except his boxers, which he just let fall to the

Once he was naked, I set about making him hard.  He was already semi-erect, but I didn’t want to prolong
things.  I figured the sooner he was buried in me, the less time he’d have to examine my body.

But he had other ideas.  When I tried to grab for his dick, he turned a bit to keep himself out of my reach.  
Instead, he pulled me to him again, only this time we were both naked and it was more comfortable for me.
He kissed me, and hugged me to him tightly.  I returned the hug, thinking how much he felt like home to me.  
I hadn’t hugged Vick like this in years, since before I’d met Lamont.  I realized that I missed him as soon as
he was back in my arms.

After a while, we moved over to the bed.  Again, I wanted to hide and tried to get under the sheet quickly.  
Again, he stopped that by simply moving the sheets down out of my reach.

Almost like he knew my thoughts and insecurities, he slowly caressed each part of me that had changed
since the baby.   He teased me that I had finally grown some tits, and gently sucked them until I had to warn
him he was going to make me leak.

He squeezed my ass, and said he liked how juicy it had become.  “I didn’t think your ass could get any
bigger, but it did.  Looks good,” he said, playing with my buttocks while I tried to sit down on them.
And he pretended not to notice my mid-section, which reminded me of a deflated balloon.  He just said
some crunches would have me tight in no time.

By the time he’d finished cataloguing my body, I could see myself through his eyes and felt better.  I
stopped worrying about my shortcomings, and relaxed into the moment.

It had been a while, and once he got my head right, my body was greedy for his touch.  My pussy got wet,
kind of like your moth waters when you know you are going to get something good to eat.  I think it
surprised Vick how wet I was before he’d even touched me there.

But I got even more turned on when he finally made his way to caress my clit, as he’d certainly done often
enough that he knew how I liked it.  We fell into our usual positions, which was comforting to me instead of
boring like I guess it could become  if you stay with one person for a long time.  Since we hadn’t been
together in years, the familiar felt both new and old at the same time.  It just felt right.

He always started with me on my side, and him behind me.  That way he could reach around my body and
touch me pretty much wherever he wanted.  It didn’t give me a lot of access to his body, but he liked it when
I clenched my butt cheeks against his erect dick when he poked it in.

He skipped the breast play and went straight for my pussy again, massaging my stomach on the way down.  
I felt a slight hesitation when he encountered the extra flesh, but he didn’t say anything.

When he reached my pussy, he used the end of his palm to rub the outside of my mound, harder and
harder until I gave him the moan he was looking for.  I don’t’ know why, but that feels good to me, being
rubbed on the outside like that.  I do it to myself when I masturbate.

Next, he moved his hands lower, and played with the hairs that grew right above the slit.  He’d always said it
was funny how those hairs grow so long if I didn’t keep them trimmed.  Since I hadn’t been with anybody in
so long, they were long enough for him to run his fingers through, and he did just that.

When I gave a little moan of protest and moved my pelvis up a bit to get him to touch what mattered, he
relented and moved his hand even lower.  I opened my legs for him, and followed his hand with my own as
he reached between my legs.  While he stopped at my opening and slipped his fingers in, I reached behind
his hand and grabbed him, caressing the tip of his penis with three fingers.

We kept up that gentle massage for a bit, just enjoying the way we each felt in the other’s hands.  I knew he
was ready for more when he began to probe me harder, pushing his fingers deep into my pussy kind of
roughly.  He knew I liked it rough.

Not wanting to be outdone, I bent a little more so I could get my hand further up his shaft.  I grabbed on with
my whole hand, and began to jack him off a little. The hand job was working, but of course we didn’t stop
there.  After a minute, I shifted and he pulled his fingers out and replaced it with his dick.

The feeling of first penetration is something I can’t even describe.  He slid right in, and I felt whole.  I wanted
to just lay there like that, with him buried inside me, feeling him fill me up after so long.

But he, of course, had other ideas.  He did let it lay there for a moment, but then he started to pump away
at me from behind.  We were in a lazy spoon position when he entered me, but as he got into it he rolled me
over on my stomach.

At first, he just wanted me to lift my hips a bit, so he could get better access.  It felt good to me, my favorite
position actually, but he soon wanted more.

So I got up on my knees, without having him pull out, and he began to do me doggy style.  Hard and rough,
fast then slow, he rode me for a long time.

When my arms got tired, I just put my head down, which basically turned my pussy up even further for him.  
He took advantage of that, driving deeper and deeper while we both made little moans and grunts.  I called
his name. He asked if I liked it, demanded that I tell him how much I liked what he was doing to me.  We rode
the noises, the smells, and the feel of his dick in my pussy until we both came.

After, I freaked a Mild for him and he smoked it right there in the motel room.  It was not the kind of place
that was fussy about things like that, and I breathed in the smell from the tobacco even though I did not
smoke myself.  This was another one of our traditions, him making me take the filter out and dump the
tobacco into the wrapper, only to repack the cigar.  Sometimes he laced it with weed, sometimes not.  I think
he just liked to have me do it for him.

As he smoked, I drifted off into a light sleep.  I knew we couldn’t stay the night, since I had a baby to get
home to.  But I felt so good and warm and protected laying there with him.

I knew, and had always known, that Vick and I had no future together.  The sex act was all we had, and to
try to make it anything more would just mess up everything.

But I was content with that, and so happy he had given me back my confidence in my own body

Luscious Lee is a new author, focused on urban and erotic fiction.  This story is one of a book of short, erotic fiction entitled
"Room 222".  To read other stories from this author, please visit
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