In the Heat of the Night
Story Codes: FF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism, Interracial, Oral

In the Heat of the Night
by Scottie Lowe  

It was a steamy night in the ATL and there was a power outage.  No light, no AC, all the entire city
could do was sit and sweat and sit and sweat some more.  Luckily, I live on the top floor of my condo
so I could go outside naked as the day I was born and enjoy a little breeze without the fear of anyone
peeking at me.  My balcony looks out over the parking lot of a major home furnishing store, you know,
the one from Sweden, Switzerland, wherever the hell it’s from so there isn’t a building around that
could spy on me.  I made a pitcher of Sangria before my ice cubes turned to water and I was just
chilling outside, in quiet reflection.  

There’s something about it being Africa-hot at nighttime that really gets to me.  It’s one thing for it to
be stifling hot at 12 noon, but when the heat is oppressive and it’s 12 midnight, that’s a whole nutha
thing all together.  I was feeling a buzz from my Sangria when the phone rang.  “Who the hell could
this be, calling at quarter after “booty call o’clock” at night?”  I glanced at the caller ID on my cell
phone and it was my friend Nina who lived downstairs.  

I was glad to have conversation because it was a little boring with no music or TV but I was also
enjoying my naked solitude.  Nina was a white girl who started out as just someone I would see in the
gym working out occasionally.  She and I were always deeply engrossed in some book and I would
ask her what she was reading, she would ask me what I was reading.  One thing led to another and
eventually, we started a book club for the building.  It’s only about five of us: two white women, two
black women, including me, and a gay Spanish cat.  Once a month, someone hosts the group at their
crib and we all bring a covered dish and dish about the book.  Everyone brings their own flavor to the
group, literally and figuratively.  Luis has hipped us to all sorts of Latino fiction and Nina had a love of
erotica that went far beyond the trash that’s in Borders.  She loves storytelling and she often times
reads selections that would get us all hot and bothered.  I even noticed Luis squirming in his seat a
couple of times.  “Hey sweetness, what’s up,”  I asked?

“Ebony, I’m sweating like a pig down here.  There’s no breeze and I feel like I’m going to suffocate.  
Do you think I could come up to your place and crash on your couch?”  Her unit was on the courtyard
side and she was a couple of floors down.  I can only imagine it must have been like an oven in her

“Sure, come on up, not a problem.”  That’s what I said, what I meant was, “Damn, I’m not really in the
mood for company.  I’ve got a buzz going and I’m enjoying my freedom.”  Nina was really good people
and I couldn’t leave her hanging in her hour of need so I opened my door with all the graciousness I
could muster.  

I grabbed a robe and tied it around my body.  It wasn’t much, just a little short silk thingie I had gotten
as a present from an ex-boyfriend.  I weighed the options of whether I should put on panties but my
Sangria got the best of me.  “Fuck it, this is my house, if she sees my pussy, then so be it.  It’s too hot
to be wearing panties anyway.”  

I opened the door and Nina was there, sheet in hand, and looking like she was dehydrated.  “Girl,
come on in, you look like who struck John and ran.”  She knew me well enough to just look at me and
not say anything.  It was one of the famous euphemisms my grandmother used to say that have
become part of my daily lexicon.  Nina walked past me like she was in a daze and headed straight for
the balcony.  Now Nina is a beautiful woman, there’s no question about it.  Her long brown hair fell just
past her shoulders, but she was skinny, I’m mean slender, whatever white girls call themselves when
they are a size 3.  I’m slender, but I have a lot more meat on my bones.  I have bigger titties, bigger
thighs, bigger hips, and a whole helluva lot more azz.  I wear my hair in locs and had them pulled back
in a ponytail.  To look at us, you wouldn’t even think we ran in the same circles but we were most
certainly friends.  It was hard to find intellectual equals of any race and Nina was cerebral and logical
with the best of them.  

Plopped down in a chair, she had her eyes closed and she was lying back like had just finished
running a marathon.  Sweat was visible on her white wife beater tank top that clung to her small
breasts and her tiny shorts had to be damp because they were so tight I could practically see the
outline of her pussy lips.  I thought it was odd that she was wearing high heels but there wasn’t much
to them.  She looked like she could have just gotten off the pole at the Cheetah Club

“You look like you could use some water, can I get you some?”  

“No thanks,” she said, “this will be fine, as she reached for the pitcher of Sangria and poured a big
glass and downed it in one gulp.  

“Hey, careful there sweetie,” I said, “you are going to wake up with a terrible hangover if you don’t use
moderation.”  She gave me another look like, “Do you have any idea how fucking hot I am?  Don’t test
me.”  Word weren’t necessary.  I stood there looking at her, trying to cool off.  It was surreal.  There
were no lights to be seen anywhere in the distance, illuminating the Atlanta skyline.  There was a
silence like I’ve never known before.  It was like a moment frozen in time.  “Here, I’m going to make us
another pitcher before the last of the ice melts.  I’ll be right back.”  

It was difficult moving around in the dark, trying to cut up fruit and not slice any fingers off in the
process.  I was having difficulty maneuvering around in complete darkness when I heard Nina say,
“Do you need any help?”  I could barely make out her form as I accepted her offer but there wasn’t
much she could do, not knowing my kitchen as well as I did.  It became just a joke as we would bump
into each other trying to get sugar and wine and everything cut up in that pitcher without it tumbling to
the floor.  Wouldn’t that be a bitch?  

Nina was touchy feely.  Every time we would bump into each other, her hands would linger on my
body.  At first, it was just my shoulder, and then it was my waist.  Then she pressed her body against
mine and I almost swore I could feel her grinding on my ass.  I knew the sangria was making me feel a
little loose and I certainly didn’t mind and I figured the Sangria had gone to her head rather quickly
and it was making her a little amorous as well.  

I decided two could play at that game and I decided that I was going to give her something to think
about.  I pretended to drop the dishtowel and I bent over, and I made sure to rub my ass all over her.  
I got really bold and decided to step things up a notch.  “Here, let me see if I can cool you off a little
bit.”  I took one of the last pieces of ice and I started rubbing it all over her chest.  Nina, as if in a
trance, pulled her tank top down, exposing her tits, and I rubbed it all over her nipples.  She was
chanting, “Oh shit, that feels so good, please don’t stop.”  Melted ice was running down her body and
I wasn’t sure if it was cooling her off or making her hotter.  

It was sort of weird.  We both knew at that point that something was intense was happening but
neither one of us said anything.  I was giddy, my pulse was racing.  There, in the darkness, I put my
hand between her legs and felt her pussy.  I could hear her soft moans but it was hard to make out
the expression on her face.  She was humping her mound against my hand and I could feel the heat
emanating from her core.  I wanted to ask what was going on but I didn’t want to spoil the mood.  I
wanted whatever was going to happen to happen.  

“I think the Sangria is done, let’s go back outside and try to catch a breeze.”  I grabbed the pitcher
and tried to maneuver my way back to the balcony without breaking my leg on a piece of furniture.  I
sat on the chaise lounge and loosened up my robe so my breasts would be exposed if I moved just a
little.  Without much effort at all, Nina could see my pussy if she wanted to, it would be right there, all I
had to do was spread my long brown legs.  Nina joined me outside a few seconds after I got settled.  
She looked like she was more uncomfortable than when she first walked through the door.  There was
a nice breeze blowing and I was sure our little experiment with the ice had cooled her off quite a bit
but I knew she was just as hot as I was after our little groping session in the kitchen.  

I was so horny and turned on that I couldn’t think straight.  I didn’t want to have casual conversation
but I didn’t want to ruin the thing that was happening between us.  For a long while, we sat in silence,
just sipping our wine and staring out into the distance.  I closed my eyes and felt the heat in my body.  
It wasn’t heat from the temperature, it wasn’t heat from the drink, and it was a heat from lust.  I was
fantasizing about Nina and I in the throws of passion.  She stood up and started speaking in almost
hushed, melodic tones.  She was weaving a tale of erotic delight; she was hypnotizing me with her

“The beauty,” she said, “of Sapphic delights is in the slow build, the smoldering fire that ignites the
flames of passion.  The beauty of interracial pleasures is in the contrast.  Your body is a black canvas
upon which pleasure should be painted.”  She paced back and forth, her heels clicking on the tile,
punctuating her speech.  “I wish to serve you, you delicious Nubian queen, I wish to submit myself to
you, a muse of your whims, so that you may reach ecstasy.  Let me drink from your Ebony source, let
me lie next to you, our bodies intertwined, our limbs a tangle of contrasted skin tones.”  

I had never in my entire life had anything like this happen to me.  I couldn’t even explain it.  She was
seducing me with prose and I was aching with desire and all I could do was listen, words were caught
in my through.  How was I to respond?  I could have lit all of Atlanta proper with the electricity that was
flowing through my body.  

Nina sat at the end of the chaise lounge.  I spread my legs and she moved closer.  Gently, she
reached for the tie on my robe and undid it.  She pushed the material to the side and exposed my
body to her view.  She took in every inch of my brown frame and licked her lips like she was starving.  
She leaned forward and she touched her lips to mine.  I reveled in the softness of her kiss, her
tongue, and I pulled her body to mine.  

“Let me make love to you,” she whispered, as if she was asking my permission.  I simply nodded my
consent and she proceeded to give me pleasure in ways that only another woman can give.  She
stood briefly, undressing in front of me.  She pulled off her tank top and tossed it casually to the
ground, revealing her perfectly formed breasts to my vision.  Her nipples were pink and puffy and
certainly a contrast to my dark, pebble-like nipples that were aching to be sucked.  Turning around,
she put her thumbs in the waist of her shorts and bent over.  Methodically she pulled them down,
exposing her pussy from behind and her ass, of which she seemed to be especially proud.  She ran
her hands all over it, spreading her cheeks and showing off her asshole.  My heart skipped a little
beat and my clit seemed to come alive.  I was enjoying the show, such a contrast to any of the other
women I had been with.  Her pale skin seemed to glow in the darkened night and her tan lines were
visible, just barely.  It was apparent that she was trying to get brown all over.  She left her heels on.  I
had always thought that was something that only porn stars did but in that moment, she looked
amazing.  I wouldn’t have wanted her to change a thing.  

Being so open in our lovemaking aroused me.  We were outside.  It wasn’t as if we were in the
Serengeti, we were in midtown ATL on 17th street, and it all seemed so decadent.  I think she was
equally in awe of my skin tone as I was of hers.  She took her hands and massaged my legs, spread
them wider, rubbing ever so close to my pussy but not touching me there.  My body was reacting to
her touch.  

Our eyes had become adjusted to the darkness and she knelt before me as she lowered the back of
the chaise lounge to almost reclining.  Even though the temperature was hot, she was trembling and
shaking like she was freezing cold.  She crawled over my body like a panther surveying its prey.  My
arms were stretched out above my head, gripping the railing for dear life.  

We kissed again, this time I was able to return the kiss even more passionately.  She began her
descent down my body with her mouth, bathing me with sensual kisses.  She covered my neck and
throat with corporeal kisses and I moaned in appreciation.  She took an incredibly long time kissing
and licking her way down my arms and sucking each and every one of my fingers.  My nipples were
hard and aroused like two tiny pebbles waiting for her mouth to lick and suck them.  My body was
becoming more and more comfortable, more and more aroused, and I was responding to each touch
with more enthusiasm.  She brought her tongue to my left nipple and gently licked it and I let out a
hiss . . . She licked the right one and I groaned.  In fact, she spent the better part of a half hour
licking, sucking, and kissing on my nipples.  

I kept saying, “Oh God, that feels so good, don’t stop.”  I grabbed her hair and held her mouth to my
tits, made her suck them like a baby.  Every sensation was like a jolt of pleasure in my clit.  The more
aroused I got, the more I needed to give into the pleasure and the passion of this lesbian lust.  It was
more than apparent that I was enjoying myself as she licked and kissed her way down my stomach to
my goody trail of soft fine hair that led to my sensual treasure.  She let her mouth wander down to my
legs and I spread my thighs enough for her to lick and kiss me there.  I could smell my scent that
betrayed my arousal.  I turned my over on my stomach and she began lavishing my back with kisses.  
She grabbed my ponytail and pulled it as she whispered in my ear that she was going to make me
cum so many times I would pass out.  I responded by grinding my ass on her and saying, “Fuck you.”  
She loved my fight and arrogance; it turned her on that much more.  She slid her hand between my
legs to gently rub my mound.  She playfully spanked me, not too hard; gently, erotically.  I was
thrusting my ass up at her and telling her to eat my pussy, my hot, wet, pussy.    

We were both out of control with lust.  All of my inhibitions had long since disappeared and she was
insatiable.  She wanted to experience every sensation she could.  I turned over on my back again.  
Now it was her turn to be overcome with lust.  My pussy was so fucking wet it dripped with desire.  I
spread my legs and she stared at the center of my being in complete awe.  My lips were parted and
swollen with arousal.  My clit was already peeking from its hood.  I was so wet she could see my juices
glistening even in the darkened night.  My smell was intoxicating.  She inhaled my aroma over and
over again, wanting to breathe it into her very essence.  I held onto the last little bit of control I had
left.  “Nina, tell me you want this, tell me that you need to make love to make, to make me cum.  I need
to hear you say it.”

“Mmmmmm, you know damn well that I want you to eat and lick and suck your wet cunt.  I want to
make you cum with my mouth.  That’s what you need.  I want to stick my tongue deep inside you, suck
your clit, EAT YOUR PUSSY.  I want to rub my pussy against yours.  I want to see the contrast.  I am
desperate to lick you and eat your pussy and I want you to use my mouth to cum.  I want you to shoot
your pussy cream in my mouth.  Mmmmm. Oh fuck, I want you to strapon on a big fat cock and pound
my pussy and asshole.  I want this.  I need this.  I’m intoxicated by your beauty and I want to share
with you every pleasure imaginable.”  

Her sexy talk pushed me over the edge.  In fact, I almost came from hearing her being so open, so
vocal about her desires.  As much as I wanted her to dive in and devour my pussy, I wanted to make it
an experience that she would never forget.  I took my fingers and gently spread my lips and started to
gently rub on my exposed, fat clit.  She responded by grinding her wet pussy on my leg.  She pulled
my hand away and replaced it with her own.  She put her fingers at the entrance to my hole and she
started working them inside me, trying to get me to cum.  I had made a transformation then and
there.  I was no longer the calm, reserved woman who wouldn’t verbalize her desires lest the spell be
broken, I was hot and crazed and I wanted more.   

Her soft fingers reached places that my own couldn’t.  This wasn’t the gentle lovemaking of romantic
fantasies, she was fucking me.  Before no time at all, she was finger fucking me with three fingers,
ramming them hard and I was meeting every thrust.  She lowered her mouth to my clit and started
sucking it, licking it, working her fingers in deeper, hitting my spot.  She grabbed my thighs, pushed
them up, and drove her tongue deep in my hot asshole.  She was tongue fucking my backdoor and I
was going out of my mind.  

“Come on, eat me.  MMMM.  Oh yeah, you love eating my pussy and sucking my ass.  Does that taste
good?  Yeah?”  I reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulled her up.  I positioned her in
a 69 and we went to town on my balcony.  I was driving my tongue in her twat, tasting her sweet
juices; she was gripping my thighs and licking my clit like nobody’s business.  It was loud, passionate,
raunchy sex in the heat of the night.  I felt my body tense, I felt her pussy gush.  We were both
fingering each other and fucking and licking and sucking like we were possessed.  Oh Nina, oh Nina,
yes baby, yes, oh fuck, oh shit, fuck, damn, I’m going to cum.

We stumbled to the bedroom and collapsed on top of the comforter.  The breeze and the cross
ventilation cooled us from our physical heat but the heat of passion was still sweltering.  Before the
night was over, we fucked in every way conceivable.  At some point in the mid morning, we were
awakened by the sound of the TV.  The electricity was restored and the light of day greeted us.  We
planned on taking advantage of the air conditioning and our newfound aspect to your sensuality all
afternoon long.

© 2010 Scottie Lowe

Scottie Lowe is the owner of, a website dedicated to showing Black people in a
positive sexual light and the author of In Loving Color, a cutting-edge book of erotica and
photography for which she is seeking investors.  

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