Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

Written by Mark Paige

Ronald Casey sighed and endured the verbal abuse being laid on him by
his wife, Janice. She was complaining that the house wasn't clean. It
was but not to her satisfaction. Ronald did his best but it wasn't
good enough. For him, all of this was getting old.

They lived in Pensacola Florida. He had been unemployed for the past
month and a half and he was desperate to get back to work. Ronald had
been working as a customer service rep at a telecommunications company
until a recent realignment eliminated his job. Now he was home playing
Mr. Mom until he could find work again. Janice was an executive
assistant at an insurance company and got home pretty late sometimes.
When Ronald worked, she was making more money than he was and she
always let him know she was the bread winner.

Ronald and Janice had been married for ten years. They had two kids,
Ronald Jr., 6 and Dasia, 8. They met 15 years ago when Ronald was in
the Navy and stationed there in Pensacola. Ronald had gone out to a
nightclub one evening and saw Janice there partying. She was the most
beautiful and sexiest thing he had ever seen and he was smitten
immediately. They talked and he grew on her. They were inseperable
ever since. Ronald had a couple of more assignments stateside and
Janice followed him. She didn't care too much for the travel and
Ronald got out of the Navy to make her happy. They moved back to
Pensacola to start their family.

She had always had that kind of hold on him. Ronald would do whatever
Janice said to make her happy. She could be quite demanding at times.
It didn't help that she made more money than he did and now, with
Ronald being unemployed, he felt totally emasculated.

It was late this evening when Janice got home. The kids had eaten
their dinner and were in their rooms doing homework. It would soon be
time for them to go to bed. Ronald had went back over the house to
make sure things were right but as usual, Janice had found something
to fuss about.

"I found this in the kitchen corner!!!" Janice shouted, holding up a
crumpled up napkin in her hand. It had probably fallen out of the
trash bag Ronald had taken out earlier. "Are you too stupid to pay
attention to stuff like this when you take the garbage out?"

"I'm sorry sweetie. I didn't see it fall out." Ronald said meekly.

"Jeez." Janice said with venom, shaking her head and pacing back and
forth. "I'm at work all day dealing with a demanding boss and putting
up with all kinds of shit. All I wanna do is come home to a clean
house and a good meal. You can't even get that right. What good are

Ronald scowled but he didn't say anything. Janice dropped the spoiled
napkin on the floor in front of him and stormed off. Ronald picked up
the napkin and put it in the trash. He noticed that Janice had went to
the dining room table and sat down with a glass of wine. She stared at
him as if she were waiting.

"Well? Where is my dinner?" she asked.

Ronald went over to the microwave and started it up to warm the plate
of chicken and rice that he had placed inside earlier. He started to
mention to her that she could've done this herself since he cooked but
he dared not to incur any more of her wrath. The microwave dinged,
signaling that the plate was ready and Ronald brought it over to the
table and placed it in front of Janice.

"Thank you." she said sarcastically and she dug into the plate.

Ronald watched her eat. She never complimented him on his cooking but
she loved it. She cleaned her plate every time. Janice wasn't a
skinny-minny and she loved to eat.

She wasn't paying him any attention so Ronald left her alone and went
outside on the patio. He noticed the lights on in the house next door
and he stared curiously. No one had been in there for quite sometime.
He knew the owner came down in the winter time to spend some sunny
days but other than that no one ever occupied the house.

The back patio door to the house opened and a beautiful young woman
came out carrying some boxes. She looked to be in her mid to late 20s.
A young boy ran out behind her yelling about some toys he wanted and
the woman shushed him and made him go back inside. After the little
boy went back in, the woman seemed to notice Ronald and waved hello to
him. Ronald smiled and waved back.

"Just moved in?" he yelled to her.

"Yes." the woman said with a smile as she walked over to the fence.
"My name is Juanita."

Ronald nodded his head to her and smiled. "It's nice to meet you
Juanita. I'm Ronald. My wife Janice is inside."

"Oh okay. Well maybe one day we can get together for dinner and get to
know each other." Juanita said.

"That sounds great. I didn't know the guy was looking to unload that
house. I never saw a for sale sign out front." Ronald said.

"Oh he didn't. I'm renting it from him." Juanita said.

Ronald smiled and tried not to stare at her. She was gorgeous. She
didn't need a lot of makeup. She had a caramel complexion with full
luscious lips on a generous mouth and big brown eyes. She wasn't tall
and had a petite frame. She was still curvy though with nice thighs.
She looked like someone who liked to bike ride or run a lot.

"You have a handsome little boy. How old is he?" Ronald asked.

"Thanks. He's five." Juanita said.

"My kids would love him. They're eight and six." Ronald said.

"RONALD!!!" Janice screeched from inside.

Ronald felt his face flush with embarrassment and he smiled. "I'd
better go. Duty calls." he said.

"See you later." Juanita said and went back inside her house.

Ronald sighed and went back into his house too. He saw Janice sitting
on the couch in front of the TV and went over to her.

"Yes dear." he said.

"Rub my feet." she commanded and Ronald sat down next to her and began
giving her a foot massage. He reflected on his life as he did so and
wondered if things were going to change for him.

It rained frequently in Pensacola and that night was no different. The
storm did get pretty fierce though. Ronald was awakened by a huge boom
of thunder. He sat straight up and watched the rain batter the
windows. He listened to see if the kids woke up too but they didn't.
He looked over at Janice but she was sound asleep.

Ronald got up and trudged wearily to the bathroom. He lifted the seat
and urinated, being careful not to hit the side. That would be
something else that Janice would complain about. He flushed the
toilet, washed his hands and started back towards the bed. A flash of
lightening lit up the outside of the window and startled him briefly.
That was when he looked out the bedroom window and noticed something
very strange. He had to rub his eyes and focus to make sure he was
seeing what he thought he was seeing. He looked back at Janice and
made sure she was still asleep then quietly crept out of the bedroom
into the kitchen. He stared out of the patio door across the way over
to Juanita's backyard.

There out on her patio on her knees in the pouring rain was a naked
Juanita. She was in her own world with her head thrown back enthralled
in the throes of her own ecstasy. Ronald watched slack-jawed as the
rain ran down over her perfect breasts and long stiff nipples. They
rose and fell with each hot breath Juanita took. She had both hands
down between her sumptuous thighs and she was obviously masturbating.
Her mouth was wide open and her eyes shut as she seemed to be coming
to a vicious climax. Suddenly, the rain stopped and Juanita seem to
let out a cry. She seemed to be coming down from her orgasm. She
slowly stood up and went back inside her house.

Ronald stood there for a minute then looked down at his pajamas. There
was a wet stain there in the front. He had nutted on them and his dick
was still rock hard. He tried to understand what he had just witnessed
but he was immensely turned on. He knew he could never ask Juanita
about it. Maybe she sleepwalks. The woman was even more gorgeous than
he originally thought though and that image of her would be stained on
his brain forever.

Ronald crept back into his bedroom, stopping to change his pajama
bottoms. He hoped Janice wouldn't notice in the morning.

A couple of days later, Ronald was home alone. It was Saturday
afternoon and Janice had taken the kids to a movie. Ronald was
watching a movie on TV and sipping on a beer. He heard the rumble of
thunder and knew another storm was coming through. That's the way it
rained in Florida. Storms were brief but intense. They only increased
the humidity in the air. About 20 minutes later, sure enough, he heard
the rain start coming down.

Ronald finished his beer and got up to go to the refrigerator to get
another. He stopped short as he looked out through the patio door.
Juanita's patio door was open. Juanita walked out in a trance-like
state. Once again, she was nude. She slowly walked out onto the patio
and kneeled down. The fierce rain washed over her. Soon she was
drenched. Ronald came over to the patio and watched. Juanita started
with her breasts. She caressed them and pinched her stiff nipples then
one hand crept down between her legs. She began to hump her hand.

Ronald was mesmerized. He opened his patio door and stepped out on his
patio, oblivious to the rain. He stepped out farther, his eyes fixed
on Juanita. He didn't care if she saw him or not. It was as if a spell
had been cast on him. His hand went slowly down to his jeans and he
undid them. His hand reached inside his underwear and pulled out his
hard dick. Ronald stood there with it in his hand and watched Juanita
get herself off in the rain. Slowly, he began to stroke himself as
well. Juanita seemed to be coming close to her orgasm. Ronald closed
his eyes and imagined the beautiful woman on her knees in front of
him, sucking him off. He started to stroke faster.

Suddenly, his hand was knocked away and he felt a pair of wet luscious
lips around his dick. He opened his eyes and saw the rain-battered
face of Juanita with a big smile and his dick in her hot mouth. She
sucked on the head and stroked his dick at the same time, using the
rain as a lubricant. She sucked him in deeply, in and out of her wet
mouth. Ronald's mouth opened as a silent scream started to rise with
his coming orgasm. Juanita smiled widely as she jerked his dick and
big gobs of Ronald's cum erupted all over her pretty face. She sucked
on his dickhead for good measure and the rain started to wash his cum
away. Ronald's dick went limp in her hand and Juanita stood and slowly
walked back to her house. A flabbergasted Ronald stood there in the
rain, drenched with his jeans open and tried to comprehend what had
just happened. After a few minutes, he turned and slowly went back

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