I Play Alone
Story Codes: Female masturbation, Exhibitionism

I  Play Alone
by Lacey Ashley

The alarm went off pulling me from my hot sex dream, I moaned and slammed the button down
on the alarm clock.  My nipples were still hard, I felt the moistness between my legs, damn that
was a hot dream I thought to myself as I dragged myself out of the bed heading towards the

Once I slipped out of my tee shirt and my men's boxer shorts, I climbed into the warm shower.  
The water danced against my nipples, I worked soap over my full breast gently brushing
against my nipples making them even harder.  I ran my hand down my stomach to v at the top
of my legs, I spread my legs slightly apart and slide my finger into my pussy, toying with my
swollen clit.  With my free hand I pulled and twisted my nipple, I now had two fingers fucking my
hot wet pussy.  

Looking up, a smiled crossed my lips. I reached up and took the detachable hose and shower
head off its resting place.

Spreading my legs further apart, I set the shower head on pulsate.  The warm water shot out
holding the head of the show inches from my pussy. I closed my eyes and imagined the water
being your hard tongue licking my clit.  The spray of water was doing a number on my clit, I felt
a warmth spread over my entire body, the beginning of a sweet orgasm. I road it out as the
water continued to spray into my pussy.  Moaning I tossed my head back and continue letting
the water fuck my sweet wet pussy as if it was you Baby inside of me. Soon I felt my pussy
throbbing as it burst into another orgasm, reaching down with my free hand I spread my lips of
my pussy further apart as I went into another, I called out your name.  All I knew was I wanted
something hard deep inside of my tight hot pussy. Your cock filled my mind. Why could I not
wish you there.  I knew you wanted deeply into me, owning me.  Knowing I belonged solely to
you. I wanted every inch of you owning me.

Shutting the water off I went back into my bedroom, in the nightstand was my favorite toy, a
dildo shaped with a curve in it, thick and long.  Laying on my bed I didn't care how wet I was
from the shower, I needed to feel this cock inside of me.  You had given my toy to me, telling
me that when you were not around, use my toy and think of your cock in me.  It always worked.

After a few minutes of working my pussy, I rolled over on my knees and slide my toy down
between my knees and fucked my pussy even harder. I found I could go deeper and harder
this way and hit my clit with the back of my hand.  I fucked my pussy fast and hard, I felt the
orgasm mounting in me and knew this one would be the best one yet.  I called out your name,
telling you I love your hard dick in me, as I felt my pussy burst with wetness as my cum
squirted out around the dildo.  Laughing I rolled over onto I back and slide the rubber cock
covered in my pussy juices into I mouth and sucked it clean.  Just like I would do if it had been
your sweet hard cock.  I laughed and thought tonight I would find you and we would have a
real great time.  You had became my favorite playmate, everything about you I loved. Tonight I
wouldn't have to play alone.  Tonight I would be with my Baby, in your arms and purring for
you. Doing anything you wished to do with me.  

I loved how you would make me tell you that I knew you owned me.  I loved telling you no other
dick was better than yours.  It was a game we played.  The more I told you, the harder you
would get.  And Baby I love you being hard.  I loved you watching me as I sucked you clean
after we were done.  The mixture of your cum with mine.  

As I sat there crossed legged on my bed, I felt myself getting wet again.  Whenever I thought
of you, I became instantly wet.  My nipples becoming hard, longing to taste your cum in my hot
mouth waiting for you to cum again deep inside my throat.  I thought about telling you to fuck
my mouth like you would my pussy, deep and hard.  All of me belonging to you.  

Without even realizing it, I had worked the toy back up inside of me.  I laid back on my pillows,
this time sliding the hard cock in and out slowly.  I turned my head towards my nightstand
where your picture was.  Closing my eyes, I beg you to give it to me harder.  Your laugh filled
my head, as you whisper into my ear, telling me "You can cum when I say so."

The phone ringing ended my playtime.  I reached over and answered it, slightly pissed
because someone had ended my time with you.  "Yeah?" I snapped into the phone, the dildo
now laying on the bed beside me.

"Hey Baby what are you doing?" Your voice came over the line.

I laughed, 'You would never believe me."

"Are you being naughty without me?" You teased in return. "Are you starting without me

"Stop filling my mind with all these thoughts of hot sex with you and I would behave."  I glanced
over to your picture, your smile stealing into my heart.  At that very moment I knew my heart
belonged to you and only you.

Copyright© 2012 Lacey Ashley

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