Is it wrong?
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Voyeurism

Is it wrong?
By  B. Mickey G

     Is it wrong to “accidently” look across the street and into the window of the hottest woman I think I
have ever seen? I mean, does not a beautiful woman want to be seen?  Okay, your right; she
probably does want to be seen when she wants to be seen and not spied on in the privacy of her
own home. But, it’s not like I went out and bought the latest, greatest Hubble telescope to peer into
her bedroom; I simply went onto Craigslist and purchased a very average pair of binoculars. But,
seriously, how could I not? If you could only see her, as I do, when she comes home from work and,
with all the windows wide open, begins to slowly strip down through the house. First, the light
sweater or jacket is strewn over the sheik leather lounge chair revealing her overall form and
curves. The shoes are then flipped off just before she releases her hair from the bonds of the
hairclip or tie-thing or whatever it is that holds all that beautiful hair up on top of that gorgeous head.

     Ah, it is always her next move that moves me from curiosity to arousal – she often begins to
unbutton her blouse with one hand while reading through the mail. This part of the ”show” is such a
torturous tease as the unbuttoning is often interrupted time and time again by the activity of letter
opening. Eventually, though, the blouse hangs completely open, revealing what appears to be a
luscious set of breasts. As she passes through the hallway I lose her for a moment but, like a really
good strip show, she suddenly appears in front of the bathroom door without her blouse on and then
again back out of the bathroom with her bra in her hand. It is at this point that my suspicions are
confirmed; she does, in deed, have the most amazing tits in the world. By this time, the bulge in my
pants starts growing increasingly uncomfortable forcing me to loosen the top button on my pants.

     What usually happens next, on a regular basis, makes me the luckiest man in the world. Upon
going into the bedroom, in full site of whoever would be indiscriminating enough to stare, she slowly
bends over with her back turned towards me , as if she were doing a slow stretching exercise, and
slides her skirt off, letting it hit the floor on its own. Then, grabbing hold of her panties she fully
bends down to almost touch the ground, bringing her panties to the floor on the way. So, then, I
plead with you – can any man, or woman for that matter, look away at any point? The ass I am
looking at is… ungodly, insanely amazing. And, as she slowly rises and straightens out I swear, on
more than one occasion, she has looked back over her shoulder to see if I am watching her. Oh, I
know what you are thinking – that I am trying to justify my voyeuristic glee. But, really, is this not like
bird watching or appreciating an incredible sunset? Okay,
you’re right again. Or, you would be if you didn’t know the rest of the story.

     Several times, after that shoulder glance, she has taken the two steps towards the bed and
climbed on it, staying in the “all-fours” position for a good thirty seconds. She stretches slowly
forward touching her head to the bed, revealing for the first time her smooth vagina and incredibly
hanging set of tits from behind. By this time, my dick is so hard that I literally have to grab at my
shorts to get them down my leg and free my shaft up to point out the obvious – that she is fucking
incredible! So, there I am with binoculars in one hand, my hard-as-a-rock dick in the other hand as I
watch her slowly turn on her back, spreading her legs wide apart. I’m thinking, “This can’t be; I’ve
died and gone to sex heaven- who actually gets to see this shit?” With one hand rubbing and slightly
pinching her nipple and the other hand gently caressing her pussy, I’m out of my mind with
excitement. I’m actually watching a goddess masturbate in what I assume is a private peep show all
my own. The thought has run through my mind, “What if someone is watching me, seven inch cock
in hand, watching her?”, and my second thought was “Who cares?”

     But, this last time, just the other day in what must have been the sixth or seventh time I have
watched her do what I have described to you, the most unbelievable thing happened. Down the
hallway and to the foot of her bed came a tall, long-haired, big breasted babe. I would have given
anything to hear what was being said but it was what my beauty was not doing that seemed
incredible to me; she was not stopping her masturbation for a moment. She did not seem the least
bit startled or distracted from playing with her self; she just kept on touching her pussy with her one
hand and squeezing her nipples with the other. Fully clothed and with her heels still on, the tall
woman with the big tits climbed onto the bed and begin veraciously licking my beauty’s pussy,
occasionally reaching up to squeeze her tits. Normally, I would have preferred to watch two
completely naked women go at it but somehow this was almost more erotic. As I feverishly stroked
my dick, eventually the tall, clothed woman pulled off her sweater, took off her bra, then stood above
the waiting woman below and stripped down completely! As she lowered her own pussy down into
the waiting mouth of her lover, she grabbed hold of the headboard and let my original subject just
eat her out. Incredibly, this was not the hottest thing that happened that night as, for just one
moment, the action stopped, words were exchanged and then… they both turned upward, looked
right at me and waved. I was busted! Wait, no, that can’t be – this whole thing had been
choreographed? I was confused, aroused, confused again. I pulled away to get my head together
and when I turned back around, the shades in the window were pulled down.

     The next day, after returning home from work, there was a little handwritten note in an envelope
stuck between my screen door and wooden frame. It read: “Hope you enjoyed the show. Now, it is
your turn.”
                                          …….to be continued……..

© 2013  B. Mickey G