It all started with a hug
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism,

It All Started With A Hug
by Mississippi Magic Wand

A few years ago, I had just started a new job. A job that was in a female dominated industry. After
completing my training and getting to my job site, I notice that all though it was a female dominate
industry most of them weren't that attractive.  But how I quickly notice the beauty of one
co-worker.  She was thick (just like I like them) and had an ass out of this world. By chance, I
noticed that one day that she was having a bad day. So I texted another co-worker and asked for
her number. Although he hesitated he gave it to me. As soon as I got off the phone with him I
texted her, and got the okay to later that day call her.

We agreed to meet at one of the building owned by the company we worked for an then it
happen; we went into another area where no one was and I hugged her. From that moment on
our communication went from none to all day whether talking or texting we were in touch with one
another. After several conversations mostly with her ensuring me that she might have me
addicted to her and me trying to ensure here that it might be the other way around. Most of the
times we were together was with other co-workers, most of whom had some type of sexual tension
with another who hung out with us. Because it was difficult for us to find time to meet up after work
because she was married.

We finally got the chance to be alone after sitting in a room with everyone and started texting one
another; we agreed to meet at the main office after we were sure everyone was gone for the day.
Boy I couldn't wait to put my hands on her. We hugged and kissed for awhile stopping once cause
we thought we heard someone coming in (lol). After we got back to it, I slid me finger into her wet
and waiting pussy. I could have came just from touching her. Soon after I got the chance to
experience her to be inside her was a wonderful feeling so wonderful that I released inside her
after a few strokes. My ride home was crazy mostly because I lost myself in a moment knowing
that we both were married and she let me know that was crazy and we shouldn't do that again.
The next day brought on even more communication and our desire for both of us to want each
other more.

Through our conversations she informed me that she had never had a orgasm during intercourse
and I made it my personnel goal to provide her with that experience. Over the next few days and
weeks of plenty of sexual tension and us finding every chance we could to sneak a hug or a kiss
and for me even to feel of that massive and soft ass of her's was great. We had several
encounters at most of the buildings that our company owned. I often joked with her that every
building brought back a great memory.

One day, while working and talking she invited me to her house since her husband was working
out of town. This session started like many others we had at her house. She made a pallet on the
floor and we went right it.  Although, I was kind of fearful that her husband might come home it
didn't stop me from getting some of that thick rich chocolate. And boy did I take my time licking
and sucking on that sweet pussy of her's. Even though I wasn't much of a pussy eater, in all
honesty I could count on both hands the number of time I had went down on others but for some
reason I found so much pleasure in going down on her. Maybe it was her response to me when I
sucked on her clit and the excitement of hearing her cum like she wanted to so badly. After I
would get my chance to experience her oral skill she had told me that she didn't do her husband
because of the way he tried to get her to do it.

I think she enjoyed pleasing me but if she didn't she never said no. It could have been because of
the tongue lashing I had just given her (smh). Next I would take my time going inside her because
of the fear of cumming to fast but when I got in I think we both get lost in the moment each time
theres so much passion it would drive us crazy. Soon we were calling each other just so we could
drive by to see each other. As the weeks went on, we found ourselves take chance after chance
to be with each other. Once on a road trip we went to an adult store and purchased my favorite
toy a silver bullet (priceless) we used this toy often whether we were together or over the phone.

 Our sessions found there way to her moms house. We would go there in the middle of the day
while everyone was at work. We would start the same way but by this time we had incorporated
the bullet into our play and each time was a experience. The day finally came that she picked me
up and took me to her house. While we were on the pallet and had gone through our activities I
was ready to get inside her. After a few deep strokes and kissing she finally got her first orgasm. I
got up and said that I was done, put on my clothes and was ready to go because I had did just
what I said. I didnt even worry about getting my orgasm, hell she got her's and that what each
session was about for me. I'm not sure if she was mad or not but we laughed about it from time to
time. Over the course of our relationship (yes I said relationship because this is about our sexual
experiences we actually had a great relationship maybe the best one I have ever been in) we took
several trips often to a city about an hour away. We became regulars there (lol). We would take
our time and love on each other as our activities. Our time spent with each other ranged from
watching a game to watching a porn flick.

There were times when we would wait for all our co-workers to leave and we would spend time
fooling around with each other and in front of one person that never thought we were serious
about being involved. So one day we showed her by kissing right there in front of her (lol). she
had a look on her face to die for. I am not sure if it was from shock or man I wish I could join in (lol
sorry but true). I often wondered if she like my chocolate thunder being she always talked about
her ass and what not. I remember once we were at a building and our co-worker were watching
out for us (lol). We were right in the middle of a session and the VP pulled up. We managed to
get dressed and be out of the office before she walked in.

As the months passed, we would just ride out on our trips as we would often refer to them. Most of
the time I would park and she would pick me up at a grocery store one city over in her car or a
friend's car. One of my most memorable memory was one Saturday we spent in Point City. We got
a room had her little radio and went at it. When we came out, the people in the room next door
was just looking and I was smiling and singing -
I bet the neighbor know my name (lol). After
getting back in the car to drop me off at my car she quoted a familiar statement for us, "back to
reality". I have often thought about that statement and all I could come up with is a relationship
like we had was so good that it seemed too good to be true. But I have learned that being with
your true love can sometimes be too good to be true.

Copyright© 2012 Mississippi Magic Wand

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