code M/F. BDSM

by Jazzzz

Italy was tapping her finger on her desk and looking up at the clock. Dam!, she was thinking to
herself, time is standing still today. It was Friday and she felt the weekend crawling up her skirt.
On a hunch she reached down and put her hand between her legs. Underwearless, she sat
there and rubbed the smooth texture on her pussy. Consistent shaving had given her that. She
was the only one in the office this late afternoon, not that it mattered to her, because she would
easily get up and go to the bathroom and do the same thing sitting in a stall had someone
been there. Sometimes she would get up and go get herself off in the bathroom with the office
in full swing with clients. She didn't care, nor was she ashamed of her sordid habits.
Italy Ann Jones was a 35 year-old cute BBW who wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty at work or
play. She was a hard worker. She was smart too. She ran the entire investment firm for her rich
Jewish bosses. In spite of the sometimes heavy workload, they treated her well with bonuses
and other company perks. They were always giving her comp tickets to the theatre, jazz
concerts and other ritzy venues. She loved it. Many times she would take her 2 children with her
to some of these events. Besides good sex, they were the apple of her eye. Since being
divorced from their father, she had not gotten seriously involved with any other men. She'd date,
fuck and do other fun stuff with them, but she would not let it become a full time commitment.
She kind of enjoyed her freedom, but sometimes she missed the company of having a special
man in her life that she could spoil. She loved to give and being the natural service oriented
woman she was made it easy for her to serve others. And if anything was reciprocated back to
her as a result of her service, she would work even more diligently to please. That was her turn

Recently she had joined a social club and started attending some of their functions. These get
togethers were unlike the usual ones she went to with her worldly friends. She witnessed
some of them doing unusual things to each other, such as handcuffing and tying each other
up. One time she walked in on a party where all she could hear was the smacking of asses
and the screaming that followed. At first this alarmed her, but the more she came to the
functions, the more relaxed she became. Although some of it looked painful, the people
involved appeared to be enjoying it. That coupled with some other sado masochistic desires of
her own put her on the path to tapping into erotic pain. She began to like the sensual
spankings and bondage play that she saw others participating in. She had dipped and dabbed
in it a little bit when she was married, but it did not compare to the thrill and ecstasy of her
experiences now. The level of intensity was like night and day. She liked what she was finding
out about her own sexuality.

She recalled back to when she had gotten her first over the knee spanking. He was fairly new
to her then. They became BDSM play partners and had been playing together for about a year.
Her clit throbbed to no end during the spanking. She had slumped down off of his lap and fell
between his legs. At first, he wouldn't let her suck his dick. Everytime she tried to reach for it he
would push her hands away. The more he tapped on her ass, the more she wanted it in her
mouth. When he finally did let her take him, she almost swallowed it. He kept her from gagging
herself to death by grabbing her face and guiding her till she was able to relax and let him rest
at the back of her throat. Then he would start back slapping her ass again and her head would
move in unison to the pleasure of that pain. Sometimes he would shoot the semen right on her
face. Other times she would jack him off holding his dick high in the air squeezing it as the
cum oozed out and over her hand. They really enjoyed each other when they were together.
They both wanted and liked some of  the same things. One of those things was each other. He
seemed to know the right amount of whatever to give her and she loved to please him.

Five o'clock was nearing finally. She had plans to see him tonight. Branson John Bowman was
his name. She nicknamed him BJ for short. He was a real estate broker and had done quite
well for himself receiving his credentials from a UC school. Besides that, he was a clean man,
somewhat unusual for a guy with a fast paced career. He had no wife and no kids. His
apartment was immaculate. Many times she had chided him about this, telling him that she
knew a woman was hanging around his place. He would only laugh and tell her, "yeah right,
Ms. Italy." He joked with her often, teasing her about her unique name. "Italy," he would say,
"rich and fine treasures found in Italy." He'd be saying this while teasingly poking his fingers in
the treasure between her legs. They both would laugh. She was incredibly sexy to him. He
loved fucking her.  He would try and stick to doing more bondage and SM play with her, but
seeing her mound swell with pussy juice dripping coupled with her crying and moaning during
a scene would have him wanting to penetrate her deeply. The clock struck the five o'clock mark.
Tonight was a special night. It was always when he wanted to incorporate something new into
their play. He knew she had never fully been able to take it up the ass. Recently, he had
purchased some small to medium size butt plugs that he had instructed her to wear to work on
certain days. He would come over to her house 2 or 3 mornings a week and insert the plug
before she would leave for work. Sometimes during her breaks he would meet her for lunch
and take the smaller one out and put in the next larger size. She consistently wore these plugs
for a month. At first, Italy could not get with this, but she allowed herself to relax and do what
she needed to do in order to please this man she had grown so fond of in the last year.  He
had told her that tonight she would be able to take all of him. She had kind of grimaced at the
thought, but still welcomed it because it was what he wanted and she wanted him. That
evening when she got off of work she took a nice pre scene bath. It was relaxing for her mind
and body, putting her in the right headspace before he came over. The children would be with
their father the entire weekend, leaving her to romp, lay, play and fuck at her leisure. She drifted
off into her thoughts listening to the scene music she had illegally downloaded from a
bondage website. Something or someone moving around in the living room brought her out of
the relaxation and meditation. It was Branson. She sensed it. She knew it. She expected it. He
was the only person who had a key besides herself and the children. She lazily looks up at him
standing over her bath. "

"Hi sir," she says and smiles at him.

He says nothing. He stares at her, taking all of her voluptuousness in. He speaks, telling her to
get up. She slowly rises letting the soap cascade off her silky bronzed body. Stepping out onto
the rug, with the palms of her hands crossed behind her she kneels before him with her head
bowed. He looks down her back to the crease of her ass. Walking behind her, he takes his
right leg and places it between her two thighs pulling them apart. He pushes her back forward
till her chin rests on the floor. He fully inspects her crevices, first with his fingers, then with his
tongue. She does not move or say a word. She had learned from past inspections that if she
moved, talked or whimpered he would immediately stop the inspection. She did not want that
pleasure taken away from her again, so she learned to breathe slowly during these
inspections. With the inspection complete now, he snaps the collar with chain around her
neck. Walking her on her hands and knees, he guides her to the living room. She sits on all
fours on the big fluffy rug awaiting instructions from him.

"Slave 1," he tells her.

She assumes that position, with her head touching just above the knee caps with both palms
flat on the floor in front of her.

"Slave 2," he tells her.

She changes from the slave 1 stance to position 2. She is still on hands and knees with the
palms of her hands placed flat in front of her, but the legs are straddled wide open and the chin
is tucked under resting on her chest. Branson undresses himself, removing socks, trousers
and shirt, but leaving briefs intact while he admires Italy's beauty. She looked golden to him.
Plump and sexy with those almond shaped eyes of hers. She had an uncanny knack for
making him laugh with her intense playfulness. As much as he hated to admit it, he was
growing fond of Ms. Italy.

"Slave normal," he tells her.

She rests on all fours with face up, but eyes are pointed downward. He walks right up to her
forehead that touches his legs midway.

"Kiss slave," he says.

Italy complies, kissing his feet first, then making her way to his toes, she kissed all ten, one by
one. She moves around to the achilles on both his feet, kissing and sucking softly all of him up
to his calves. Italy moans with excitement. She reaches her hand down between her legs and
rubs her mound. Before she could get to her clit, Branson slaps her ass with the palm of his
hand. The sting of it makes her holler.

"Slave quiet," he says.

"Slave normal," he says.

She complies and gets back into the normal stance on all fours. Branson begins circling her
as if she was prey. This makes her slightly nervous not knowing how he is about to use her.

"Slave 2," he tells her.

As she assumes that position, he pics up a fine cherry wood paddle and hits her across the
left side of her ass.

"Ahhhhhhhh," she manages to say right before he hits her across the other side.

Quickening his pace, he circles her again. Again, the paddle meets both sides of her ass.
Excitement wells up in her. She wants to move.

Almost as if he knew what she was thinking, he yells, "Slave don't move!"

A few more taps on the ass quickens her breathing. He walks around in front of her forehead
again. This time he slightly opens his legs.

"Slave enter," he says.

Italy sticks her head in between his legs and he clasps them closed, holding her neck tightly in
place. With his arm high in the air, he brings it down and lands a braided black leather  whip
on one side of her ass. He stings the other side next. She tries to squirm a little. He hits her
ass left to right again and again. She grabs his ankles screaming softly.

Moaning with pleasure, Italy asks him, "Sir, please may I suck your dick?"

"Please, may I take you BJ?," she whimpers as he snugly holds her head in place.

More swift hits land on her ass.

"Slave quiet," he says.

She cries softly as the whip rips through her ass moving up to her backside. Seeing her brown
flesh swell with welts gives Branson a hard on. He releases her neck and orders her to pull
his briefs down. He steps out of them as she holds them by his ankles. He grabs her by the
chain and pulls her up next to the dick that he shoves in her mouth. Her mouth grabs at it
hungrily. She moans as she takes it all. Using both hands, he grabs her hair and forces her
mouth up and down on his manhood. She keeps up with his pace. Suddenly, he heaves her
head down in one big thrust. For the moment he does not let her move her head up and down.
He rests his dick on her tonsils for a minute. After the 60 second mark passes, he slowly pulls
her head up and then down again. He moves her head up and down faster as saliva and pre
cum ooze in and out of her mouth on each thrust. "Good bitch!," he tells her as he pulls her
mouth slightly above the tip of his dick. She caresses it with her tongue. As he moans in this
pleasure she moves up to his balls slowly kissing and sucking there. "Good fucking bitch!," he
yells as his legs are shaking uncontrollably. He shoves Italy off of him.

"Slave normal," he says.

She assumes the stance with cum hanging loosely from her mouth. The room is filled with the
sound of their heavy breathing. She wanted more if he would give it to her. At that very moment,
she wanted to devour his whole body. His voice brings her back to the present.

"Slave 3," he says.

This was by far one of the harder slave positions he had assigned her to practice. Although,
she liked this one, it was pretty intense for her. She had to have her back leaned against
something to maintain it. He motioned her to use the couch as a base. Leaning her back
against the couch, she opened her legs as wide as she could physically spread them,
reached down between her legs and took her lips and held them open revealing the different
hues of her pinkish pussy. Branson sits between her legs. He's holding a tiny device in his
hand. She hears it humming. It was no bigger or wider than a No. 2 pencil, but the small
electrical jolt that it produced titillated her every time he grazed it across her clit. He did it just
enough to make her think she was going to go fucking crazy and lose control. She knew he
dared her to let go of her lips. She had in the past and he beat her ass for it. So, with time and
practice, she had learned to place mind over matter, no matter how intense the physical
sensation. She wanted to hold those lips for him. Each jolt brought her closer to cumming, but
that was not allowed during this part of their scene. He used the device to play with her pussy
for quite a while before he instructed her again.

"Slave 4," he says.

She did not move as fast as she would have liked. He didn't expect her to either. The electrical
device took a lot out of her and she was always slow returning from that particular space in
their play. She gradually eased herself up on her knees. She stands with her legs spread apart
and bends down with both palms flat on the floor in front of her. Branson circles her.

"This is it Italy," he says. "You get to take all of me now."

As he was lubing up the vibrating butt plug, she tried to relax. She had worn the plugs
consistently and knew she could be stretched a little more. He slowly eased the plug in her.
She took it with grace. He turned it on and as it moved around the walls of her anus she purred
softly. Slowly he pushes her down on her knees. He tells her to tuck her head in, but keep her
ass high in the air. He slips the condom on and takes his dick and plays with the outside of her
rectum. Taking the plug out, he lubes up the condom and enters her ass slowly. She tightens,
then releases.

"Uhgggh!," she moans. A little deeper he goes.
"Ohhhhh!," she says. A little deeper he goes.

A little slower, but with swifter thrusts, she adjusts to him in her ass. Holding her butt cheeks
apart, he fucks her softly as she moans.

"BJ, no!, sir!," she whispers.

"Stop!, no!, more please!," she says.

Her mind became mixed emotions as he intimately violates her. He rides her ass harder.
Pushing her face all the way down to the floor, he rams her faster. Italy feels stuck. She can
neither let go or hang on. She cries softly as he fucks her beyond her comprehension. Feeling
helpless, she allows him to have all of her the way he wants. Feeling the explosion in her ass
jolts her back to the present state. Squirming a little bit from the cum running out of her ass
she manages not to collapse while Branson continues to ride the wave in her ass. He finally
pulls out. When he does, Italy falls to the floor. Time stood still for a moment. Branson was
sitting upright on his knees panting. He asked Italy was she alright.

"Uh hmm," she mumbled.

"Are you sure?", he asked as he reached to stroke her backside. She squirms from his touch.

"Slave normal", he says to her.

Crying softly, she slowly gets up on her hands and knees. She sways a bit while trying to
maintain the stance. He strokes her some more. He tells her what a filthy little dirty girl she is.
He taunted her for taking it up the ass so good. He accused her of liking it too much.

"I think my lil girl has been fucked in the ass before," he says.

"Uh uh no, I have not sir," she slowly says.

"Oh, but you took it so well, surely you've must've had it in that pretty ass of yours before," he

"You were the first," she says.

"You need to be rewarded Italy for taking it up the ass so good," he says. "Turn over on your
back lil girl."

Italy did not move. Her brain tried to tell her body to roll over, but she could not move. Suddenly
Branson walks over to the living room table and grabs the rope that was there. He comes back
and flips Italy on her back. She lets out a soft moan. He takes her arms, pulls them above her
arms and drags her across the living room to the doorframe that seperates it from the dining

"Owwwww," she cries out as the carpet burns her back side.

He takes the rope and ties an intricate but simple knot around her wrists. He then forces her to
stand up in the doorframe. He takes the excess rope and runs it through the metal hooks that
Italy constructed for their play sessions.

"Owwwww," she yells as her arms are being stretched higher to tighten the hooks.

Using the rest of the excess rope, from behind her, he runs it between her legs, crisscrossing
it between each thigh. He holds it slightly apart as he pulls it back up between her legs and up
her backside slipping it through the metal hooks to knot. Her legs are wide open, positioned in
a way to fit the door frame perfectly.

He picks up his flogger and starts hitting her breast and stomach. She flinches. He increases
the intensity. His dick gets hard as the lashes cover the front of her body. Switching up, he
takes the flogger and hits her on her inner thighs and then moves in between the legs where
he sees her flesh peeking out at him. He walks over and sits upright on his knees where his
face is right in her pussy. Grabbing the pinkish and white flesh with his lips, he begins to pull
at it, poking it teasingly.

Completely unable to physically move her entire body, Italy's face contorts to some hideous
expressions. Branson kept playing with her hood. Sticking his tongue in and out and flicking it
back and forth, he made Italy yell for him to stop. And he did, in that area only. He started
pulling and biting her lips.

"Okay, okay, okay, stop sir, stop sir, no, okay, please stop", she cried.

And he did. Before she could catch her breath, the flogger landed on her stomach again. He
switched to her breasts and then moved to her inner thighs again. His dick grew harder as
more welts started to form. She felt her body tingling now. Saliva dripped from the corners of
her mouth. The feel of him between her legs let her know it was not over. He made her quiver
in ecstasy. She could no longer get any words out of her mouth. It was like being stuck in time,
but there was motion. She couldn't stop her legs from shaking. She couldn't stop the warm
rush that welled up in her face pass her throat to her stomach. Trying to hold back the warm
river that rushed from between her legs, all she could do was hold her mouth open while it
flowed. She wanted to say something. She kept trying. Nothing. The tears rolled down her
cheeks as she squirted profusely. He did not let her flesh go and she drained herself all over
his face. He gets up and walks around to her backside. She sees him. Her eyes are trying to
tell him something. He takes the braided leather whip and lashes her ass till she speaks.

"Fuck, fuck you sir! Fuck you sir!, she screams as the whip tears through her skin.

Hearing Italy's voice transcend to that of a little girl slows the scene down, "Daddy I be good
gurl, daddy i's be guuud."

Her speech starts to slur, "promise daddy, i's promise to suck your dick better next time duddy."

He stops whipping her and starts stroking the blood blisters that have formed on her ass. He
goes to the bathroom and gets the bath bucket from under the sink and fills it with warm water.
He grabs a towel from the rack and walks back and begins cleaning her off. She feels the
warm water dripping down her back to her ass. She wants to say something. She tries to, but
nothing comes out. Only her eyes are able to talk. Coming around to the front of her, he pours
the warm towel filled with water on her breast and stomach. Still, not a word from her. Starting
at the top, he slowly begins to unbind her. Branson can hear her shallow breathing as he
unties each knot. Her arms are loose and fall limply to her side as he unties the rope. He's
holding her up with one hand as the last piece or rope falls from in between her legs to the
floor. Branson eases her down to the floor gently. He strokes her face while washing the rest of
her body down. He leaves her laying there while he dumps the bucket of water into the toilet.
When he returns, he motions to her by pulling on her chain. He takes her  and walks her on all
fours to her bedroom. He tells her to jump up on the bed just as an animal would do for his
master. With some help from him, she takes one giant leap, and she is up there on the bed
with her ass sitting on her legs and feet. Branson picks up a handful of peanuts from a dish he
sees sitting on her vanity table. He tosses one in the air to her. She is not paying attention and
misses it letting it hit her breast and fall on the bed. He tosses another one to her. She moves
too quickly causing the peanut to hit her nose and fall on the bed. Branson abruptly leaves the
bedroom. When he returns he has the whip in his hand.

"Now, let's try this again, shall we?," he says.

He tosses a peanut to Italy. She moves a little to the left, opens her mouth, and catches it.
Another one comes her way and she catches it too. As more are being tossed her way, she
concentrates fully, so as not to drop one. She had had enough of the whip for one night. It was
a long night too. They enjoyed much foreplay throughout the rest of the night. Devouring each
other till no end, they sucked every body part and licked every crevice that was open on each
other. He rode her pussy with such force and intensity that she wondered was this Branson or
did he have a twin. Awokened the next morning by the sun peaking through a slit in her curtain,
Italy turned slightly over and saw no one laying next to her. Oh my, she thought to herself. Was
he finished with her? Had she done everything that he desired of her last night?
As she was pondering all these questions going through her mind, she heard movement in
the living room. It had to be him, she thought.

"BJ?", she called. "You want breakfast sir?," she says.

A man in a police uniform appears at the bedroom doorway. He appeared to be writing a ticket.

"Maam, he says, it has been called to my attention that you've performed sensual acts with a
man that has caused him to seek medical attention for exhaustion".

"Is this true?," he asks.

"No officer, let me explain," she says. "I am the one who over did it. I am the one who is

"So are you saying you had nothing to do with this man having to seek medical attention?," he

"Yes, officer, I don't know why he would need to see a doctor," she says. "I did nothing to hurt

"Huh? BJ? Who is that?", he says.

She doesn't respond. He walks over and grabs the bed covers off of her naked body.

Sticking his night stick between her legs, he yells, "Who the fuck is BJ?"

"Just a friend," she says.

"You lying piece of shit!," he screams.

"Get the fuck up!" "Move bitch, move it!"

Italy jumps up. He pulls her arms behind her back and slaps the metal cuffs around her wrists.

"Owwwwwww," she screams. "They're too tight officer!"

"Shut the fuck up!," he retorts.

He pushes her down on her knees. She watches him put a condom on the club. Next, he
spreads lube on about 10 inches of the club.

"Now, we can do this the hard way if you like or I can make it easy for you slut", he says.

"I will ask you more time slut!", he screams.

Oh my god!, she is thinking as she is listening and watching the wet stick. He wouldn't dare or
at least she hope he wouldn't. She takes a deep breath and braces herself.

The interrogation begins.......

"Fucking lying slut"..........

"Spread your fucking legs"..........

"Lemme teach a whore not to lie"........

Before she passed completely the fuck out, she remembered that her pussy had a death grip
on the club.

and then she saw Blackness................

jazzzz is a submissive woman of color and a amateur free lance writer of BDSM erotica and
poetry. Writing fiction and non fiction is a passtime and part time profession for her. She
resides in sunny Southern California and can be reached via email at

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