I wanna man who
story codes: MF, anal, Ebonics

I wanna man who can...
by Phoenix

Ok now I'm pissed.

I have to admit that when I started things were going great.  Marc
picked me up for dinner. Conversation was great.  We vibed right off
the bat.  We had been vibing for months from our online
We decided after dinner that we would go to his hotel room.  Now this
brotha has a tongue ring. His kisses promise of some serious oral
pleasure.  He told me that all he wanted  to do was let me sit back and
he would do all the work...ok I'm game.  Although I have an oral fetish
out of the world.

Now this is why I'm pissed...

When the clothes came off and he went to the business of "handling
that" He came up hella short.  That damn rod in his tongue made  it  
worst.  If you don't follow he was bad as hell and the tongue ring only
made him a little better.  When it comes to lickin the pussy, you got to
go at it.  Well I could tell that it was NO need for me to continue lying to
"her" and lyin to him.  I sat up, and grabbed my clothes.  

He was confused.

"What is wrong?"

I said to him,  "Not wanting to hurt your feelings sweetie, but you can't
work your tongue.  If you think I am going to let you go ANY further.  You
are sadly mistaken."  I grab my clothes; put on my clothes, grab my
keys and headed out of the door.

Now however I am still pissed.

I called my boy Sly...This 6 foot tall Hershey bar of a man. He is one
that I know can handle me.  He's teased me endlessly at work.  Telling
me all kinds of things that he wants to do to me.  I went home and
dialed his number. That deep baritone voice greeted me on the other
end I got wet instantly.

I put on my best big girl voice and says:  "Sly I need a real man...I
wanna man who can stand up in it."

You tell me to tell you when and where and you will more than gladly
take care of that for me.  I tell you that I am going to go grab my bullet
and finish myself off tonight, but tomorrow I need you here as soon as
you get off of work.  You might have to pull an all nighter.

I go to my room and turn off my lights.  My Midnight Fire CD is playin in
the background...right now Ginuwine is telling me how anxious he is.  I
grab my bullet and turn it on low.  It hums to me while I am lying naked
in cool sheets.  I let it dance over my nipples, first the left one.  It grows
hard and it seems to reach out for the bullet to get teased more,  then
the right. It does the same thing.  I dance it down my tummy and down
to my damp slit.

I let it dance along my slick lips.  I take my other hand and part my
pussy. I then let the bullet find my clit.  I jump at first.  My clit is so
sensitive that I almost cum immediately.  I hold it down, make little
circles with it, then turn it up.  I pull the hood of my clit back and let it hit
that button.  

Dammit that makes me cum.  I feel wave after wave engulf me.  My
walls tighten and contract with each one.  If I had a dick inside me right
now the mere tightening of my pussy with each contraction would make
him cum...yea it's that tight.  I turn off the bullet, turn over.  Maybe
tomorrow will be better.

I take the day to get ready for Sly.  I make sure I am good and rested, I
know he's going to take care of that.  I pull out my floor length royal
blue lace gown, throw it across the bed.  I get in and take a long hot

When I step out I rub myself down with my baby oil.  Just as I am
finishing I hear a knock at my door.  I grab my robe.  I know that it can't
be Sly, he isn't off of work yet.  I am tying it up and I open the door and
there he stands.  My 6 foot, Barry White talking, chocolate bar.  I don't
have time to say hey sweetie or anything.  He steps in the door, Looms
over my thick 5'8" frame and grabs me for a kiss.  He never speaks,
but his hands begin to journey over the silk robe that I have on.  One
arm never leaves my waist.

Your other hand, however has found its way to my ass and has
squeezed it tight.  I melt into you.  You know I LOVE it rough and I know
you are planning on giving it to me like that.  You pull back like I've just
hit you.  Look at the robe that I am wearing.  The belt to the robe is
yanked off.  My robe becomes a puddle of silk in the floor.  You grab
my hair and pull my head back, kiss my neck and begin to have your
way with me.  The next thing I know I am in the middle of the floor and
you are working your tongue all over me.  

My nipples get special attention.  You bring them to stiff peeks
in no time.  You love the fact that they are so long and you flick your
tongue over them time after time.  Then you work your way down...
none of this sweet shit.  You grab my knees and move them apart.  You
see what you want and my pussy is the menu item of choice.  You dive
into my pussy like a starved man.  You lick my lips, suck on them
gently, work your tongue between them and then start to lick and suck
my clit.  

The whole time I am squirming and screamin your name.  I have cum
several small times already.  Knowing my creaminess is all over your
tongue.  I have got to have you in my mouth. I tell you to take off your
pants and feed me.  

That is nothing but a word.

They hit the floor and your dick is down my throat.  I Work my head and
throat over you dick.  It gets so good to you that you grab my hair and
begin to work your dick down my throat just like I know you are going to
fuck me in a minute.  You feel yourself starting to cum, but you hold it
back.  You pull away from me and motion for me to turn over.  Still no
words, but none are necessary.  I assume the position....face down,
ass up.  You get behind me and slap my ass a couple of times to
watch it jiggle.  Then you slam your dick into my tight pussy.  I scream
you slam that dick into my pussy and this is when you begin talking to
me.  Calling me a slut, telling me that I don't need to be trying to give
your pussy to no other nigga.  That I need
to have my ass punished for that shit.  


My ass starts to sting.

You ask me what the fuck was I thinking... know that this pussy and ass
are just yours...


With no warning your dick comes out of my pussy and goes into my
ass. One thrust and I scream again.  You grab my hips and drill me.

My pussy now running.  I am cumming all over the place.  Screaming
so loudly that I am almost hoarse.  Then You drill me one last time.  I
feel your dick burst inside of me.  Cum inside my ass, I'm breathing
hard.  I can't move.


That is what I was talking about.  That is the kind of fucking I needed.
I look over my shoulder and tell you, dinners ready, Cum eat, you will
need to get your strength up.  You are no where near finished.  

All I wanted was a man who could stand up in it.

©2008 Phoenix

Phoenix is a married 30 year old southern female who loves to explore
sex and sensuality.  She loves to be able to give the reader an indepth
look at the sensual interactions between people.  Phoenix is new to
writing, but passionate about it.  Any questions or comments are
welcome at