I'll Always Be There For
Story Codes: F/F, Consensual,

I'll Always Be There For You
by David Rasmussen

"…(indecipherable mumbling)…"

"Say what? I didn't quite catch…"

"…(indecipherable mumbling)…"

Saiko glanced down at her, eyes lazily glancing back and forth between
the TV and her face down on the foldaway bed lover ignoring the
lesbian sex video before them.

Saiko was a 20-ish Japanese woman (around the same age as her lover
though the two would deny it if asked) who worked in the porn
industry, steady employment which often brought her to some not so
exciting locales for shoots (though she was more interested in the
money than the work these days now that she had as close to a married
life as she could with her partner Tanya). Tanya, the strawberry
blonde with a tall yet still curvy figure, plied herself in porn as
well (which is how she met Saiko in the first place). However Tanya's
pride and joy is her writing, though at the time being she was
presently stuck between writing porn movie scripts and writing for
children's shows.

Finally coming up for air, Tanya grumbled "Why is it lezzy porn always
looks the same?!? Come on, even I'm more imaginative in bed than a lot
of these scenes! Lick and finger and sex toy. Lick and finger and sex
toy… come on, grind some hips, 69, bone her with a strap on in as many
positions as a guy would if this was hetero crap. Make me think
somebody actually went through the process of thinking these scenes

"Uh… didn't you write this? Uh…" (looks at DVD case) "…Fresh Filly
Riding Girls… sluts who ride more than horses around the exclusive
lesbian riding academy…?"

A faint snarl escapes from Tanya's lips, "They ad libbed it, I tell
you. I swear my original script had far more innovative sex poses than
this… and they didn't even try to hire a cute transvestite for the
teacher on hot student teacher sex scenes, and where was the green
screen CGI effects to fake female on horse…"


Tanya pulls herself into a sitting position, looking towards the
entrance. "Welcome back, kiddo!!"

The sounds of footfalls running up the stairs and another slam echoed
in the house.

"…yeah… well that was nice. Think she's upset?"

"I'm sure she didn't hear that you were making meatloaf again for
dinner." Saiko leans over and kisses Tanya once on the forehead,
"Think you can tear yourself away from the TV to see what your little
sister is up to?"

"Sure, sure, I'm game. (And she's not that little, she's like 19 and
college going and all that… think she could settle her own problems
without me having to…)"

The sound of knocking comes from the door.

* * * * * *

Anya couldn't get the image out of her head, bringing up sobs as she
curled herself up tighter and tighter into a ball on her bed, wishing
she would just vanish.

Right out in public no less, to her childhood friend she had been so
close to for a decade.

Two years ago, when she nursed her friend back to health from a bad
cold, she began to feel yearnings within herself towards her… a slowly
growing change in her emotions to her friend into something more. At
first it seemed innocent, but slowly her yearnings grew into heartfelt
love, even if she felt deep in her heart her friend could never feel
that way for her (her childish best friend who she's been defending
and protecting since they were children).

However her restrained emotions would finally be unleashed, and her
true feelings find expression even if against Anya's own will. The
moment her friend slipped while they sat at the fountain, the front of
her shirt splashed by the fountains water effects mere inches away as
she turned to stop herself from falling in, that was too much for Anya
to handle. Her friend's mature breasts were tightly clung to by the
wet shirt, even as Anya tried to dry the mess her hands couldn't help
squeeze and massage her friend's breasts, if only just briefly. But as
she pulled away to dry herself, Anya suddenly felt herself lose
control. Lunging forward she kissed her friend strongly, pulling her
close as their breasts squished together, the wetness of her friend's
shirt soaking her own as she kissed her… dammit her nipple became hard
just from that, the blood thudding in her head as she smothered
herself in the kiss and the moment… until she regain control.
Mortified by her boldness, and seeing the shocked expression on her
face, Anya ran as fast as she could away, back home only a few blocks
away, eyes teary as she ran.

"Knock knock." the familiar voice called out, "Can I come in?"

"…sure, Sai."

Silence, only punctuated by Sai's soft footfalls, until her sister's
asian love falls into bed in front of her, wearing only a simple thin
bathrobe barely hiding her body. "Baby doll's all upset. Can I make it

"I'm not deaf, Sai. I heard sis sneak in with you, she's behind me isn't she."

The thud of a second body falling onto the bed confirmed her
suspicion, especially as Tanya's hands slipped about her gingerly
massaging her breasts. "We're just worried about you, especially since
you were so happy to go out today with your lover Dai…"

"DAISY IS NOT MY LOVER…" Anya blurted out angrily, trying to wiggle
her way out of the other's grip as she began to cry again, "…not after
what I did today.  She'd only be embarrassed by my outburst today…
kissing her like that in public… she'd never want to speak to me
again, the little hard up dyke who made a laughingstock of her in
public by groping her like that…"

A soft breeze tickles her ear, followed by light nibbling and kisses.
"Come on, sis, give me a break. I'm not going to fall for that…"

"I admit you surprised me when you kissed me…" (her arms quickly bind
Anya, holding her tight keeping her from fleeing) "…but oh how long I
dreamed of the day you'd kiss me… it was like a dream come true for
me… but then you ran away…"

"No! NO NO I'm sorry! I'm sorry!!" (Anya thrashes trying to break
free, only for her will to weaken as Daisy pushes herself physically
into her lover's body, smothering her until Anya stopped struggling.
Daisy was also asian (a young Chinese woman of 19, just like Anya) who
had been friends with Anya for the longest time. She was growing into
her mature body rather nicely, taller than Anya she was the more
athletic and physically strong of the two, often called Anya's
bodyguard by Tanya. "Don't be. I couldn't imagine a day without you,
my precious little lover…" (sighs) "…you don't mind if I call you…"

"No…" Anya sobs, wiggling about to face Daisy, her breath catching as
she noticed her love was topless before her, her breasts before her
nude in all it's glory. "Oh wow…"

"Here…" she coos, gently cuddling Anya's head against her breasts
allowing her to feel the soft suppleness of her breasts against her
face. "That feels good, right?" (smiles)  "To be honest I've known
since we graduated from High School that you were in love with me…"
(holds Anya a little tighter) "Now now now, don't get all angry at
your sister. She has your best interest in heart…" (feels Anya stiffen
in her grip) "(Loosen up dear or I'm going to shove a nipple in your

As Anya limpens in her grip, Daisy continues, "I wouldn't have blamed
her for not telling me, after all it was the night of the sleepover
and she caught me masturbating in the bathroom over pictures of you…"
(Anya flinches in her arms, though more from shock than anything else)
"…yeah, I guess it was hard on me too hiding my feelings, so it was
the best thing to happen to me when she caught me… and told me that my
feelings wasn't mine alone, and that you were in love with me too… she
was rather sweet."

"I thought she told you to crawl into Anya's bed and 69 her."

"She did, but I'm glad I didn't succumb…" (kisses Anya's head)
"…because now it'll be all the sweeter when we make love for the first

At first Anya could only stare at Daisy, but with a slight nudge from
Saiko the two kiss passionately, Daisy's fingers gingerly plucking
away at her lover's clothes as the two slowly undress. As they come up
for breath Daisy whispers "I'll always be here for you, precious,
always…" before diving back in for another kiss, hands now pulling
away at clothing with more vigor.

* * * * * *

"Any particular reason I had to wait downstairs?" Tanya called out as
Saiko jumped onto the bed next to her, "Because it was Daisy that your
little sister needed the most, remember? She's the one little Anya
loves the most… btw…"

"Yes." Tanya sighs, "Anya T., an anagram of Tanya. Mom was rather
cheeky when she named my little sister."

"So I see…" (pulls closer, lips pouty) "…speaking of cheeky…"

* * * * * *

Anya pulls and strains under the silk scarves binding her arms and
legs to the bed,, spread wide before her love as she gingerly licks
the sensitive flesh between her lover's legs. Each flick and swag of
her tongue causes Anya to jump, her arms and legs straining to be free
as she withers under her love's attention. First her tongue licks lash
the smooth inner thighs, slowly working towards her lover's pussy even
as she gyrates as if trying to touch her cunt onto her lover's tongue

Suddenly Daisy jumps up, kissing her love full on the lips to quiet
her body's gyrations. "Patience, my precious, patience… all in good
time…" (smiles) "…right now in fact."

Using her hands to press the eager Anya into the bed firmly, she
returns south as one hand gently caresses Anya's clit, slowly toying
with it until she works her fingers into a full rubbing motion,
focused on the nub and rubbing in full circles causing Anya's hips to
hump up involuntarily craving more and more of her lover's touch.
First slow, the pace increases as Anya reacts more and more bodily to
her actions, her hips gyrating in tune with the circular hand motions
blissing her out so. Quickening the pace faster and faster, even as
she reaches her free hand between her own legs to masturbate herself
while she pleasures her love in turn.

Voice a shrieky cry, Anya shuts her eyes tight and cries "More! More!
More! Faster! More!"

"Come for me precious." Daisy hisses, her own pussy contracting as her
moment peaked, "cum with me."

Suddenly she drops forward, mouth enveloping her lover's cunt as she
digs her tongue in, sucking hard to harvest every drop of her female
cum as she orgasmed, even as her hand jerked spasmodically to her own
orgasm, finger drenched in cum as her pussy jerked and came in her
hand. A muffled cry escaped her lips as she shoved her face into her
lover's intimacy, a tidal wave of hazy lovely release filling her mind
even as her mouth filled with cum that she swallowed automatically.
For seconds both women felt as if they were falling, the mind numbing
orgasm whipping away all sense of reality for a brief moment. Finally
drained for the moment, Daisy lurched up to fall on top of Anya, both
women panting to catch their combined breaths.

Untying Anya's hands, she weakly allows Anya to cradle her in her
love's arms as she dips one finger between their legs to draw a taste
of both their womanly fluids for each to savor. "Sweet." Anya sighed
as they licked the reward of their efforts from her fingers, "And it's
only just beginning for us…" Daisy sighs as she rubs her head on
Anya's perky breasts. "I'm going to move in here with you, stay with
you, forever… I can't live without you anymore, precious, I want you
to be here for me, always…"

"I'd love that." she sighed.

* * * * * *

"That's what I love about these things…" Saiko sighs as she rubs her
hand stroking the semi hard strap on between her legs, "You never have
to worry about these things running out of juice… hey now!"

Tanya slides her lips about the head of the fake penis, slowly sucking
it down her throat to it's base and back again, building a rhythm as
Saiko, smiling wide like a Cheshire Cat, watches her oral work. "God I
wish it was real, you must be sucking the juices out of me with that

Tanya sighs as she sits up, licking her lips, "Well then why don't you
come over here and bone me with that sword between your legs then."

"Let's." Saiko agrees, moving into position as Tanya turns herself
over face down, presenting herself to her love with legs spread and
rear raised. "Goddess you're wet already." she sighed, slowly working
herself into her lover's pussy, hands holding Tanya's hips tight as
she sinks herself deeper and deeper, until she is fully inside her up
to the hilt. For seconds she holds, until her hips begin the slow
urging grinding roll back and forth, feeding Tanya's pussy with thrust
after thrust of the fake penis (and filling herself in turn as the
second penis gripped in her own cunt begins in earnest to rotate into
her in response).

"Goddess your so wet…" Sai sighs, "Taking the fucking cock up your
snatch so easily… oh goddess you're slick!"

At first a slow roll, her hips began to whip stronger and stronger,
Tanya's cries increasing as her lover picks up the pace. Suddenly she
yelps as a sharp pain pierces the pleasure, Sai's hand whipping across
her lover's rear with a loud snap, bringing a sharp cry each time she
struck her lover's tender rear. "Ohhh your so horny…. so fucking wet….
You like being spanked while I fuck you don't you lover!! Ramming into
your tight little hole so…. So…" (blinks) "I wanna be spanked next!!"

The half cry shriek from Tanya could have meant yes.

"Sor…." (Sai gasps as she leans forward, hands grabbing onto Tanya's
tits holding on tight) "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh…" (eyes widen)

"Fuck me harder!! Fuck me!! Shove that cock up my cunt you bitch!!"
Tanya screams, "Fucking… agghhh!!"

Both women tense, voices crying out as their orgasms hits quickly and
unexpectedly, Tanya dropping facedown into the bedding as her lover
holds her tight, hands gripping and massaging Tanya's tits as her
pussy cums in concert with Tanya's, the force of their love making
dislodging the fake penis from it's strapping, sending the slippery
toy onto the bedding moist with their cum.

Gently, both women sigh, moving back into each other's arms lying on
the bed, even as Tanya's hand retrieves the toy to place between them
as both women lick it to taste their reward for their hard work.

* * * * * *

The sight of Daisy lying before her, legs spread welcoming her, was
too much for Anya to bear. Anya shuts her eyes as Daisy squirts one
final glob of lube between her tits, gingerly lubing the strap on
penis swinging from Anya's hips (anchored with one end jammed into
Anya while the other waits to go into Daisy in turn. As Daisy pushes
Anya back, her fake dick coming free of her lover's tits, she giddly
spreads her lover's legs moving into position to mount her.

"Are you sure? I'm not going to…"

"I'll be fine." she assures her love, "Go on, do it… make me yours."

Daisy flinches as she feels the first inch penetrate, looking up she
quickly cries "I'm OK! More! More!!" urging her love on. Inserting
slowly, one inch at a time, Anya begins to caress her love's thighs
and hips, even as she pulls on them for leverage pushing herself
deeper and deeper in. Suddenly she feels Daisy's legs locks around
her, yanking her in with one strong thrust bringing a strong shriek
from her as they join. Teeth gritted, Daisy holds Anya tight as they
roll back and forth in the bed, "So full!!" she whimpers, "I'm so
full… with you… so full… goddess…" (eyes whip open with an almost
desperate look) "Fuck me now!!"

Sweat soaks her limbs as she slowly whips her hips back and forth,
thrusting herself deeper and deeper into her love. Embraced so tight,
Daisy's cries urging her onward and onward. Suddenly she pushes back,
shocking Daisy as she flips Daisy over on all fours, taking control of
the sex at her own pace, holding Daisy down as she rides her at a
steady thrust, Daisy shuddering beneath her lost in her own daze of
pleasure and small pinches of pain, which sharply rose the second Anya
sunk herself into Daisy's rear suddenly. Lost in the moment she could
barely cry out, the pain mixing with pleasure until both were barely
discernable, the maddening pressure up her rear overwhelming Daisy.

Finally having her fill, Anya flips Daisy back onto her back filling
her cunt again with the fake penis riding her missionary style to
release. Lost in the moment they held each other tight, their release
lost in a rain of strong kisses and lust filled cries of undying love.
Release, blissful release, was unbearable as the sensation dominated
their very being, until it left them drained and content in each
other's arms. Barely managing to draw the blankets about them, Daisy
whispers "Don't leave me…"

"I'll always be here for you…" Anya whispers, the two falling into a
deep content sleep embraced, two souls linked as one.


© 2009 David Rasmussen

Besides being a fiction writer David also does extensive review and interview work. His specialty is Japanese
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