Jamie and Silas, New York
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Story Codes: FF, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Lesbian

Jamie and Silas, New York
by Sailor

This happened a few months ago, when me and Jamie were visiting her mom in New York  i was
apprehensive about having sex while we were there because i didn’t want to be rude and me
and Jamie were not exactly quiet when we have sex. But her mom went out one morning and
Jamie basically jumped me.

  She came into the room I was still asleep. She startled me and started kissing me and biting
softly on my lower lip. “Morning.” I laughed and Jamie smiled and kissed me again but that time
more deeper. Her tongue dancing with mine. “Good morning.” Jamie smiled a wicked grin. I knew
what she wanted to do but I wasn’t sure about sleeping with her here of all places. I had known
her mom for as long as I had known Jamie and she was nice, open minded and didn’t care what
we did. But what can I say, when it comes to her mom I want to be a little curious and not
disrespect her by making her daughter scream or scream the way that Jamie made me scream.

  “My mom just left, I watched her go,” Jamie smiled looking me in the eye. “Babe, I don’t know
about this.” I breathed watching her lips, wanting to kiss her again the perfect red pillows that
tasted so sweet. “Baby,” Jamie laughed pushing her hand into my tank top. “She is gone. We
are alone. And we haven’t had sex in like two weeks. Please?” Jamie asked  her perfectly warm
hands needing my breasts. Jamie had planned on this. She had packed her favorite vibrator. I
found it when looking for my jacket last night. "What if She comes back?" i breathed letting her
take off my shirt. “She won’t. She left.  We have at least an hour.” Jamie grinned and I felt her
fingers trail their way down my torso to my waiting pussy.

  "Mmmm," I whimpered and lost all ideas of stopping. Jamie just smiled and started massaging
my clit. I have this problem when she kisses me in a certain way or if she just touched my pussy.
I instantly get wet . She loves to tease me to walk up to me before she is leaving for work in the
mornings and kiss me that way and then trail her fingers to my pussy, but only for a second
before she pulls away and walked out the door, leaving me frustrated. Sorry I’ll get back to the
idea of this. Jamie kissed her way down my neck, making each of my nipples hard and She
made her way to my pussy that was already soaking wet.

  "Do you want it?" Jamie asked looking up at me hovering only inches from my pussy. I could
feel her hot breath on my clit. "Mmmhhhmmm," I breathed arching my back trying to force my
pussy into her mouth. "Ok," She laughed and bit softly on my clit. "Ohhhh," I moaned as I
gripped the back of her head tangling my fingers in her hair. "Mmm you taste good," Jamie
smiled and moved away from my clit and got out of bed. "I hate you. I hate when you do that," I
breathed and Jamie smiled. "I'm coming back." Jamie smiled and went into her suit case to the  
vibrator. "Hurry up," I laughed and ran my finger along my pussy needed to be touched.

  "Stop that," Jamie laughed and moved back into bed and went back to my clit. "Yes," I smiled
and moved towards her lips. "Yes," I moaned loader. "Ready," Jamie smiled and slowly started to
push the vibrator into my pussy, I arched my back. "Oh God," I moaned as she started to slowly
fuck me with the vibrator. I could feel each ridge as it came in and out of me. I had fistfuls of the
bed sheets in my hand. “Ok. Now I'm ready.” Jamie laughed as she turned it on high. "Yes. Oh
God yes," I basically screamed. "Get up here," I breathed as She smiled and fucked me with the
vibrator slowly kissing her way back up my body.

  She finally got to my lips, I could taste her minty lip balm mixed with my pussy juices as she
kissed me.
The perfect kiss. "Mmmmmmhhhhhmmmmmmm," I moaned into her mouth and
clawing into her back as I felt an orgasm build inside me. The warmth started in my chest and
stomach . "Yes. Oh my god. Yes. Yes Yes Yes!!!" I pulled away and screamed into her shoulder.
"Yes," moaned and bit into her shoulder. "Oh!!!" Jamie moaned and I smiled. The orgasm shook
threw me taking me out of my body into bliss.

  "Still hate me?" Jamie asked pulling the vibrator from my pussy. I couldn’t speak I was still
shaking. "I love this look on your face right now. The look that you get after you cum. God it's so
fucking sexy," Jamie laughed and I grabbed her hips forcing her to move so her pussy was at my
face. I was so glad that she had gotten naked before starting any of this. I wrapped my arms
around her hips and pulled her down to me taking her clit into my mouth. "Oh yeah!!!" Jamie
breathed and I smiled and searched the bed for the vibrator.

  I greedily lapped at her pussy, flicking her clit with my tongue loving how wet she was, and how
she tasted. I kept searching for the vibrator, finding it and pushing it into her pussy. "Oh my
God. Silas Yes!!! " She bucked and started to rock back and forth. "Yeah," I smiled up at her
and she brought her clit back to my mouth and I sucked it into my mouth leaving the vibrator in
her while I sucked on her clit. "Oh God," Jamie breathed and moved so she was on her back. I
didn’t miss a beat, I moved with her keeping my lips attached to her pussy. Working her with my
tongue, loving how she tried to rock on the vibrator I wasn’t ready to fuck her with yet. Making
her wait for the moment I would give her the orgasm she was waiting for.

  "On my fucking God Yes!!!" Jamie screamed as I turned the vibrator on high, I started to
massager her G spot before really fucking her with, in long deep strokes. "Oh my God!!!" Jamie
yelped and I smiled and stared to fuck her harder. "Silas Yes!!! Silas Oh my God!!! Oh my
God!!! I'm gunna cum baby I'm cumming!!!" Jamie screamed and I pulled the vibrator from her
pussy just as she started to squirt. "Yes!!!" she screamed and I sucked on her pussy again. I
wanted all of her juices and loving that she did that as she squirted. I started to work her clit
again and she pulled me away from her pussy. “God I love when you do that,” she panted  
before kissing me tasting herself on my lips. I pulled away and  watched her chest rise and fall
with each short gasp that left her lips. "Mmmmmm," she laughed and I pulled her into my arms.
feeling the sweat from both of us. “Want a cup of coffee?” I asked trailing my fingers back to her
pussy feeling her jump.

  “Don’t,” she yelped. “I'm so sensitive right now, I can’t take it,” she smiled as I kissed each of
her nipples. “Sorry, Couldnt help it. You say I'm sexy after I cum, but you have this glow and this
smile. Is so sexy. It makes me want to fuck you all over again,” I breathed watching her laughed.
“Ok, let’s go get breakfast,” Jamie smiled and got out of bed. “I like my view right here,” I smiled
watcher her ass. “Baby lets go. Out of bed,” she smiled handing me a robe. “Fine,” I laughed
and followed her into The kitchen. “I had The good sense to call The police when Jamie'sd in.”
Jamie's mom walked out of her room and I just stared at Jamie. “I thought you had gone to
work?” Jamie looked panicked. “I went down stairs to get the mail actually,” Jamie's mom laughed
and I turned bright red. “Silas don’t look so scared. I know you two have sex,” she laughed and I
just nodded. “I'm really going to work now. Um. Keep it down just a little. Or The neighbors might
actually call the cops on you two. Be done before I get back. I'll be home at 7 tonight. Your
father will be with me,” she smiled and walked out of the apartment.

© 2011 Sailor

Sailor is a writer and poet, as well as a connoisseurs of all things art and music. Sailor is a
marketing agent by day word alchemist by night.

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