story codes: FF, Consensual, Exhibitionism,  Hermaphrodite

by Erotica Writings

I was sitting at a local coffee shop when I met Jill. She was the perfect dressed woman in the
place. We started a conversation over our coffee and doughnuts. We agreed to meet later
for a movie and dinner. She was fun to be with so much life she had to give. We watched
Halloween and every time Michael came through the window we both screamed and held
onto each other. Her hair was long and red against her milky like completion. After the movie
we had dinner and then walked along the strip. She invited me up to her place and I really
didn’t see the harm. She made us a cock tail that led to many more. I was drunk and we were
sitting on the couch when she placed her hand on my leg. I looked at her smiling when she
leaned into me and began kissing me so passionately. I tried to stop her as I was taken by
surprise, but then I gave into her kisses. She wrapped me into her powerful arms as we
ended up laying on the couch now. Jill was on top of me, holding me, kissing me, nibbling my
neck and ears. Her hand found my breast as she was unbuttoning my shirt. She leaned into
my breast with her face and began sucking my tit. Oh my God I never felt so hot as now.
Then I felt something hard against my pelvis that was throbbing. I didn’t want to stop, I
wanted to climax. She reached down lifting my shirt and ripping my panties off of me and I did
not care. I felt her leg parting my thighs and then she placed her cock in me. Oh how good it
felt. She had to have at least nine inches. Nine glorious inches she was giving to my sweet
pussy that was so wet and dripping with my nectar. She brought me so fast to a climax. I
looked into her beautiful face smiling up at her.

"Why didn’t you tell me?" I asked her as we lay on the couch.

"You might not have gone with me if I did. I was attracted to you when we met today. I have
never had any attraction to women until now. I thought I wanted to become a woman so I
could be with a man. Now I am so confused. I never wanted to be with a man as a man, but
as a woman. I have been getting things changed slowly. She told me as she kissed my nose.
She saw me home as I was just as confused as her.

I was even more turned on knowing she was half woman and half man! I sat on my patio
wondering if I would see Jill again.

A few weeks had past with not one sign of Jill Where could she be? I went by her apartment,
but she did not open the door. I began to force myself not to think of her and I was thankful
for the one night of passionate love making. I was asked out by a co worker by the name of
Brad, I accepted his offer of dinner and a walk along the beach.

Dinner was quiet, he was not much of a talker, nor did he have much of a sense of humor.
We left the restaurant and headed for the beach in his red convertible corvette.
The water at the beach was like a sheet of glass. We sat down on the sand listening to the
silence of the night. Not a soul was on the beach. He slipped his arm around my shoulder
and then pulled me back onto the sand. I was not in the romantic mood and he was irritating
me with his aggression. He had me on the ground trying to run his hand up under my skirt. I
kept telling him to stop, to get off of me. Then I saw Jill and she shoved him off of me. He
watched as Jill helped me up off of the ground and into her arms.

"This is where you belong" She told me as I rested my head on her shoulder.

"I can go for a threesome." Brad said getting off of the sand.

"Get lost." Jill and I told her in unison.

We went back to Jill’s place where she gave me a glass of wine. We sat and talked for hours
and I needed to know if I was wasting my time.

"Jill am I hoping for a relationship that will never happen between us?" I asked her.
Jill walked over to me and placed her hands on my shoulders. "I am just as confused as you,
but I know I will not let you go or hurt you. I will not object if you want a threesome with
another man either." She told me smiling.

I smacked her hand and smiled. "Make me your’s tonight." I requested of her.
Jill led me to her bed and we began undressing each other until we both were standing in
front of each other completely nude.

I found myself very much attracted to her man, woman body.

She had perfect round breast that I cupped into my hand . I ran my fingers down her perfect
flat stomach down to her man erection. I dropped to my knees and took her instrument into
my hands and began kissing the semi hard cock. I licked it softly using my tongue to run slow
circular licks around the head. She sighed as her cock grew harder and longer. She pulled
me up and picked me up in her arms. She carried me to the bed where she straddled my
body placing her cock between my tits. She took her hands pushing my tits together and
began pumping her cock inside of them. I reached up and caressed her breast and I had an
urge to suck those big round 36 d’s. Was I a lesbian and had not known about it? I wondered
to myself.

Her ass was round and plump, any man would want it and I squeezed her ass as she slowly
bumped her cock into my ass. Her legs were long and felt like silk. My pussy became
instantly wet. I moaned from the vision I was seeing was making me burn up in my own heat.
She slid her body slowly down over my body and the spread my legs apart with her own. I felt
her large cock go inside of my pink wet pussy. My pussy contracted when she did. I moaned
so loudly and she placed her pink tongue in my mouth tasting every inch of my it. I began
sucking her tongue as her hand squeezed my breast. Her cock pumped my pussy and her
hips were moving in a circular motions. Never in my wildest world have I ever been so turned
on by Jill . . . My half woman and half man. I could feel her big hard cock throbbing in my pink
wet pussy that was soaking Jill’s cock and balls. Her balls were slapping my ass and at times
felt like they would enter me as well. I caressed her breast and sucked on her nipples. This
drove me wild and she kissed me so passionately. Her cock and body were pleasing me in
ways that no man could ever do for me before. I grabbed that plump ass with my hands and
squeezed each ass cheek firmly. Her cock would bottom out when I squeezed them. I could
feel my pussy wanting to explode, but Jill could too and withdrew her cock and then placed it
back inside when she saw the frustration in my face. She began to really fuck me now. Jill
placed my legs over her shoulders. I thought she would split me into with that cock of her’s. It
was filling me up completely and with that came my explosion of my nectar mixing in with hers.
She positioned her body beside mine and we held each other. We laid like that for hours
feeling so completed.

I spent the entire night with her and that morning when we awakened she was on her side
looking down on me. I smiled up at her and was given a passionate kiss. She began to kiss
my neck as she caressed my breast. Before she could say anything I was now on top of her. I
felt her cock hitting my ass and cunt so I slid my body down so her cock would slide into my

I rode her cock slowly as I watched her expressions from the pleasure was receiving. She
could not take anymore and pulled me down to the bed. She turned me over on my stomach
and raised my hips up a bit as she was between my thighs. I felt her cock at my asshole and I
must confess the thought scared me. Now she was lubing it up with Vaseline and I swallowed
hard. Her cock began to enter the hole of my ass and it was a tight fit. I bit into the pillow as
her cock pumped my ass. I placed my hand under me and began stroking my clit. Suddenly
my pussy was liking the pain and my clit began to swell from the touch of my fingers. Jill was
on her knees as her hips swivelled pleasure into my ass, I wanted that cock to go deeper into
my ass. I could not get enough of it and then she smacked my ass. I bit the pillow again from
the sting of her hand. She began to talk dirty to me now.

"Give it to me baby, that’s right play with that pussy while I fuck the shit out of your ass you
whore." She said and it turned me on more.

"You bitch you want this big hard cock don’t you?" She asked and smacked my ass again
and the pillow now had my teeth impressions.

"Oh yes Jill fuck my ass hard, harder oh yes!" I told her in a heat of passion.
I wanted to have him hurt me as he fucked me. "Please, please hurt me!" I pleaded to her.
She rammed her cock harder into my ass and smacked it with her large hand. Her breathing
was intense, her cock was throbbing inside of my ass. I wanted her so much deeper in me. I
needed to feel that glorious cock fucking me.

"I am going to hurt you bitch." Jill told me

Her grip on my hips was getting tighter and her fingers were digging deep into my flesh. Her
moans echoed through out the room. My moans were now harmonizing with Jill’s . Her cock
was so hard and my pussy was dripping it juice all over my fingers. Suddenly my body started
to quiver as I was fucking my pussy and she was fucking my ass. I felt her cock explode all of
her cum deep into my ass just as my pussy exploded all of my hot juices all over my fingers
and palm of my hand. We both cleaned my fingers off and then I went under the covers to
clean her cock clean.

My head bobbed under the covers and I washed his cock using the wash cloth on the night
stand in the hot soapy water. She moaned feeling her cock being cleaned off. I sucked and
licked her cock and balls after they were washed.

She kept her balls shaved which I was happy for because I detest pubic hair between my
teeth. My mouth hungrily gobbled on her cock that was beginning to arise to the occasion of
the wonderful job of head she was receiving.

I let the head of her cock roll around in my mouth as I stroked the shaft slowly and caressed
her balls as I would suck on it every once in awhile. I could hear her breath begin to pick up
again. She was enjoying having her big hard cock in my nice moist mouth. I She spread her
legs even further apart for me and my big breast was tightly against her balls. Her hands
grabbed my arms and brought me up on top of her.

"Turn around so I can eat your pussy while you suck my cock and balls." She told me
Her pink tongue was now sliding up and down inside of my pink pussy. My lips began to
quiver as did the rest of my pussy. I wanted her to lick harder, but she teased my pussy. I
rolled and lick her cock slowly around the head and up and down the shaft. I nibbled on her
balls and that drove her crazy with desire and now her hips were moving up and down and
side to side. Her tongue was now dipping inside of my pussy hole and then run the tip of her
tongue around the edges of the hole. She placed three fingers inside my pussy with her
thumb masturbating my clit. Her other hand was gripping my hip as she ate me out. Her
tongue was magical and it made me feel like I was amongst the stars. I felt like she was
releasing all my problems with this feeling she was giving my pussy. My hips started grinding
on her mouth and nose. Oh God this was the best time I have ever had with any sex partner.
I wanted more and I wanted this hot, exuberant feeling to last forever. I felt as if she was
releasing me into the clouds I was feeling so high. My head was moving so slowly as I rolled
her cock. It was throbbing for more and she was eating my pussy out now. I began to fuck
her face hard and sucked that cock hard until her hot white creamy juice shot down my throat
as mine shot down hers.I rolled off of her so tired, but feeling so good at the same time. As I
walked to the bathroom to shower my legs were a little wobbly. The hot water felt good on my
flesh as I scrubbed it. After our showers we made coffer and retreated to the balcony. I
smiled as I remember our sex show we put on out here. We both sat with satisfied smiles on
our faces as we drank our coffee.

The end

© 2011 Erotica Writings

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