Julie gets hers
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism, Masturbation

Julie gets hers
by Gordon Purkis

   Julie sat alone on an examination table, behind a one-way pane of glass. Behind it stood a
young male doctor, fresh out of med school, holding a clipboard and taking notes. She’d
volunteered for a new medical study in Low Female Libido, to try an experimental drug thought
to increase a woman’s sex drive. She was administered a pill by the nurse and told to wait and
see how she felt. In the room were pornographic magazines as well as a TV/DVD combo with
some movies stacked up on top.

   Porn was not Julie’s thing; in fact, she immediately blushed at the thought. It wasn’t morally
offensive to her, but it was something that a quote-unquote “good girl” like her never
considered. Not that she consciously thought of herself as Miss Goody Two Shoes or anything,
but on the rare occasion she was inclined to masturbate, it brought mildly shameful feelings,
nothing too pronounced, but what she’d admit to as “feeling stupid” after doing it.

   It wasn’t that she didn’t like sex; with what few partners she had, she found it to be a
pleasurable experience, but she’d certainly never lost control, lusted or hooked up with a guy for
a one night stand when she was lonely. She was actually very attractive, long brown natural
curls, a modest, petite body, cute buttocks and understated but ample breasts. Beautiful, by all
accounts, but apparently not the kind of girl guys tried to pick up. She’d never think for a second
that men were intimidated by her, and while that wasn’t true to begin with, she figured she just
wasn’t “all that” and never bothered to wonder why or do anything to bridge the gap. It just
never seemed to matter that much.

   Julie did feel different than some of her friends though, who would talk about their sexual
experiences quite openly and frankly with her. She felt a little strange that she didn’t have the
same kind of gritty details to share with anyone. Julie guessed that society put so much
emphasis on sex that for her to be so blasé about it must be abnormal.

   So, there she was, riffling through a porno mag when she felt the sudden urge to touch
herself between her thighs. “The medication must be working,” she thought, as she stared with
pleasure at the seductive picture of two women kissing and fondling each other’s breasts. “I didn’
t know I liked women, either,” she mused, but she really didn’t think anything of it. She flipped a
couple of pages and saw a picture of a well-hung guy with bulging muscles and started to rub
her clitoris even harder. “I don’t know any guys that look like this,” she whispered to herself.

   As she reached orgasm she felt a flood of moisture issue from her vagina leaving a rather
large wet spot on the white paper sheet. Just then she realized that god-knows-who was on the
other side of the glass and surely saw the whole thing. “Of course, gosh, how immodest?” she
thought. “Well, it’s for scientific reasons,” she consoled herself.

   Instead of feeling satiated, Julie felt even more flustered, so she decided to try a DVD. As she
watched the first scene, she put one finger all the way into herself as far as it would go, and
then worked her way up to two fingers. It didn’t take long before she was bursting like a water
balloon all over the examination bed.

   “Holy shit,” she said aloud, “this pill is making me crazy!”

   The young doctor who was standing behind the one-way mirror knocked on the door and
quite hoarsely Julie said “Come in,” as she was still trying to catch her breath.

   “How are you doing, Miss, um Jones?” he stammered.

   “I don’t know,” she said with an unsure smile, “I’ve never felt like this before.”

   With that she grabbed the doctor by the tie and pulled him toward her. Her legs wrapped
around his waist like pythons as she tongue-kissed him like a wild animal. The doctor protested,
but ultimately gave in as she worked his belt loose and dropped his pants. He entered her
forcefully and after several minutes, turned her on her side, and then finally took her from
behind. Julie had several orgasms before the doctor ejaculated on the small of her back with a

   “I don’t know what got into me,” she said, feeling satisfied at long last.

   “It’s OK, Miss Jones, we’d like to see you back next week for another session,” the doctor said

   “OK,” Julie said naively— almost innocently.

   As the doctor walked out with his clipboard in hand, he placed a check mark in a box in a
column next to Miss Julie Jones’ name. Beside the check box was the word “Placebo.”

   “Interesting,” the doctor said to himself.

   Mike pressed the Power button on his remote control and the TV screen went blank. “These
movies are all the same,” he said.

© 2010 by Gordon Purkis

Gordon Purkis is a poet, artist and publisher. He is the editor of three poetry magazines:
Mastodon Dentist, Nefarious Ballerina, and Penny Ante Feud. They can all be found at
www.shoemusicpress.com His book Circus Fragments and Other Poems is available on Amazon.
com or via the Shoe Music Press website.
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