Kays Lust
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Female masturbation

Kay's lust
by Purity

Paul had been working all day and the heat really was getting to him so he went inside
to grab a glass of water.

As he got inside he could hear moaning, he immediately knew what it was as he crept
closer to the door. He could hear a gentle buzzing and Kay saying something. This was
getting him hot under the collar he leaned in closer. He was getting hard;
it was time to make his move.

Kay had been teasing herself with the Trojan Vibrating Finger when she heard a noise
but was to far gone to care. She closed her eyes and kept up her rhythm pumping in
and out . When suddenly a man stood in the door way watching her, Kay stopped and
pulled the bed sheet over her self with embarrassment.

What are you doing!!!" she cried. "Get out!!!!"

Paul looked at her red face and walked over to the bed, Kay looked at him and told him
to get out for the second time, but he knew that Kay needed more than what she was
giving herself. Paul approached the bed where Kay was and pulled away the bed sheet
that she had covered herself with. Kay lay there wanting to pull the bed sheet back
over her, but couldn't as she knew she wanted him. So, she lay there naked. Paul
knelled down at the side of Kay's  bed. Kay's breathing got heavier as he crawled onto
the bed. He then opened Kay's legs and threw the Trojan Vibrating Finger onto the
floor, saying "you don't need that now." Paul was between Kay's legs. He ran his hands
up towards her wet pussy and started gently stroking her clit. Kay gripped the bed
sheet and told him to stop.

But wanting him in her mind to carry on. Paul then eased his finger into her wet tight
pussy. Kay let out a moan. Paul had a slight smile on his face as he pulled his finger
out of her and then pushed it back inside. He could feel his cock throbbing. He turned
to Kay and asked her to tell him how her pussy felt.

She replied, "Wet, hot and aching."

Paul turned to her and said, "See isn't this better than doing it yourself?f"

Kay replied, "OH GOD YES!!!"

Paul then leaned his head between her legs.

Kay stopped him and said, "What are you doing?"

Paul said, "Don't worry you will enjoy this just relax."

Kay moved her hand away and allowed him to carry on. Suddenly, she felt something
warm and wet on her pussy it was Paul's tongue licking and teasing her clit! Kay was in
ecstasy, she could feel her body tensing.

Paul knew what was going to happen and said to Kay, "Let it go i want to drink from

"Oh god!!!" Kay moaned lifting her back up from the bed then she let it go. Paul
inserted his tongue into her wet pussy as she came, drinking her slowly. Paul then
lifted up his head from between Kay's legs and undid his pants. His cock was hard and
throbbing. All he could think about was putting it inside her.

Kay looked at the sheer size of his man hood and felt a little scared. She had never
seen anything so big before.

Paul looked at her and knew she was feeling a little intimidated by his dick so he said,
"Don't worry I'll put it in a bit at a time."

Kay gulped as she felt the tip going in. Paul lifted her legs up and spread them apart
as far as they would go then eased his hard cock into her tight wet pussy. Kay moaned
with each push. Then Paul said to her, "Take a deep breath."

Kay looked at him slightly confused then he pushed the rest of his cock inside her. Kay
let out a loud moan. Paul watched as he went in and out of her getting more turned on.
He put her legs down and moved his hand onto her pussy rubbing her clit with his
thumb. Kay was riding all over the bed her pussy dripping wet, she was going to cum.
Paul could feel it also.

"Come on baby!!!" He said, "Drop that hot honey all over my cock!!!"

Thrusting faster and faster Kay let out one final moan as she gripped the bed covers
then realised her juices flowing. Paul felt it warming over his cock just as he came. He
slowed down his thumb on her clit and then moved his hand away. Kay lay there on the
bed as he pulled out of her but before he got off the bed, he put his head between her
legs and kissed her throbbing pussy. Kay twitched with every kiss still tingling from her
orgasm. Then Paul got dressed and headed back out to finish his gardening. Kay just
lay there not quiet believing what she had just done with her gardener.

Copyright© 2012 by Purity
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