Lawn Girl
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

Lawn Girl
Lacey Ashley

His wife had told him she had hired a new landscaper and they would be arriving later
that day to work on the garden and lawn and he was not to bother them.  When his wife
spoke the world listened, if you didn't she was a scary bitch that ate children's hearts
for a snack.

 Was he pussy wiped, hell yeah !  She had control of the money and the means.

 He made himself something to drink, saw the landscaper was out in the back.  He
walked out onto the balcony and found he enjoyed the scenery.  She was bent over
with her sweet round ass facing him, busy digging in the dirt.  Her little denim shorts
crept up to where he could make out the swell of her round ass and the fact she had
no tan line.  As she reached for another plant pot he could make out the lean sweet
muscles of her long legs, instantly thinking what they would feel like wrapped around
his waist with his dick buried deep in her.  As if she suddenly read his mind she stood
and wiped her hands on a towel turned slowly to look towards his direction.  His heart
pounded in his chest, his dick sprang into instant hard.  He stood there holding his
drink, his mouth watering at the sight of her firm round full breast that pressed tightly
against her little mid drift top, and his dick was an instant hard on.

 She smiled and waved at him as she walked towards him, the closer she got the more
he knew he wanted to fuck her deep and hard.  He wanted to ram his dick into her and
listen to her say his name with each thrust.  He wanted to lay her on the cement patio
and lick her pussy till his face was covered in her sweet honey pussy juices.  He
wanted to tug her long ponytail and force her sweet mouth down to his hard on and
fuck that sweet mouth with his dick.  His whole body wanted to own this bitch and make
her his play toy for the summer, now to figure out how to make that happen.

 "Can I get you to come look at something, I hate bothering you," she shaded her eyes
from the sun as she looked up at him.  He nodded and followed her like a lost puppy.

She took him to the pool house, closed the door behind him and turned and slowly
removed her top.  She wore a peach color lacy bra that hugged her tits like a second
skin.  She bit her bottom lip, "I got bit back here and was needing someone to look at
it," she turned her back to him and showed him the red mark on her shoulder.

 He had to remind himself to breath as he stood closer to her to look at the mark.  Her
skin felt like silk, warm from the sun and not a single tan line.  His finger ran over the
mark on her shoulder and told her it did not look that bad.  Without thinking it
completely through he bent down and lightly kissed her shoulder.

 She turned suddenly and he could not mistaken the heat in her eyes.  She reached
up and pulled his head down closer to hers and she kissed him, her tongue teasing his
lips, her teeth gently biting his bottom lip.  The kissing continued with more teasing and
touching and his mind kept telling him to eat her, taste her pussy. lay her down on the
daybed and lick her sweet honey pussy.

 He gently pushed her back onto the daybed, pulled her shorts down and her shaved
pussy spread open to his mouth.  His tongue slide inside and he felt like in one second
he would explode.  She put her legs over his shoulders and pulled him closer into her
pussy.  His tongue fucking her like his dick would.  She moaned and squirmed as he
continued licking, biting and sucking her honey pot.  He spread her legs more and
tongued her sweet ass, she moaned oh God yes and he felt her body tighten and
release as he mouth filled with all of her juices.  

 As she caught her breath, he stood and removed his own jeans and slide his solid
hard dick into her still very wet pussy.  She gasped as he dove deeply into her.  Her
eyes opened wide and she wrapped her long legs around his waist and raised up her
ass to each of his thrust deeper and deeper into her.

 'Sir, Sir," the soft voice broke into his mind.  He shook his head to clear whatever he
was thinking. "Do you think I could use the pool house to change before I leave?"

 She stood there looking at him with a puzzled look on her face. "Uh sure," damn it was
not even real.  Turning he walked into the house and his wife was standing there, with
a what the fuck look on her face and he went instantly soft. "She is using the pool
house to change before she leaves."  He muttered as he walked towards the bar

© 2011 Lacey Ashley

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