Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

Chapter One: A Daydream Receiver…
by Lucius Black

The feel of his length stretching her to that point between perfect pain and absolute pleasure
was amazing. Her wetness surrounds him as she moans loudly and often. Her words come out
without any trace of filter, loud and profane. They are the measure of a perfect ecstasy that his
body is leading her towards.

“Shit! Damn, Daddy. You’re working this pussy…it’s yours, Daddy. FUCK!”

Closer and closer she moves towards the climax. It was like an itch that he was just beginning to
reach, a thirst that was on the verge of being sated. Inch by blessed inch caressed the warmth
of her temple and she was nearing her orgasm. She’d felt it and judging by his motions he could
tell, too.

“I’m about to cum. Keep hitting this pussy just like that. You’re gonna make me cum.”

And then…

The alarm rings.

It was seven fifteen in the morning. Fifteen minutes before the alarm.

Celeste Thomas can do nothing but blink and look around, not daring to believe it. She is back
to reality, a reality where she lies alone in her bedroom. It had all been a dream. Damn it, she
thinks. Everything about it had felt so real to her. Judging by how wet her panties were her body
had felt it to be real as well.

“Just when I was getting to the good part”, she says as she rises from the bed. With a stretch
her bare feet touch the hardwood floor of her bedroom. In the cool of the morning the soles are
tickled by the cold feel of the wood. She catches sight of herself in the full length mirror and
pauses to admire the effect of her body.

She liked the bra and panties set she’d been wearing, even if she didn’t agree with the history
behind them. They’d been a gift from a former flame. Celeste appreciated the color of them,
deep purple and cut with an alluring curve.

After this small moment of reminiscence she looked at her body. Her skin was smooth and
brown, curvy as only beautiful women are. Her hair fell past her shoulders and was often worn
long. On her right shoulder was a small tattoo, a Latin phrase. It was written in a swooping sort
of calligraphy, reading per aspera ad astra.

Through hardships to the stars. It was a motto she had subscribed to a lot during her college
days and it had worked out well for her thus far.

But that was the least of her concerns.

Between her legs that same fire was burning from such an erotic romp in her subconscious. A
few steps and she was in the bathroom stripping out of her underwear and turning on the hot
water. Somewhere between the actual shower and a waterproof massager her concerns shifted.
Granted she’d cum well enough but for her a man would be preferable to machine.

After dressing   in her favorite pair of jeans, some Converse, and a graphic T-shirt she heads
towards the door. The clock by the door says eight o’clock. Just enough time to grab breakfast,
she thinks.

Starbucks run over and a muffin in her stomach near the caramel frappachino she enters her
class. Racism and Law wasn’t her favorite class but it was honestly one of the more interesting
ones she took. The class was of about sixty-five students. She entered to see more than half of
the students were there. Celeste’s eyes scan and find her best friend Malcolm King going
through his book bag. Sitting next to him she begins to talk.

“’Morning, Mal.”

He looks up at her, tilting his head to look at her sunny disposition and smirks slightly.

“And what’s got you so chipper this morning?”

“It’s a good day.”

“Mmm hmm. I’m looking and I’m trying my damnedest to figure it out. I know you didn’t get any
dick this morning. Otherwise you’d probably have skipped.”

The look on her face was somewhere between amusement and annoyance.

“Shut the fuck up, Mal.”

“Just saying…”

“So was it the same dream?”

“Same one I’ve had every night for the last two weeks.”

“Man, just tell his ass. Just walk up to him and say ‘Zeke, I want you to fuck my brains out…’
Hell, it works with me with my female fan base.”

“That’s because you’re you.”

“You’re beautiful, kid. But…you’re probably right. I am me.”

She chuckled to herself as she got out her books and notebook, settling in. Malcolm was who
he was, a handsome guy who scarcely had a shortage of women anxious to bed him. Something
about his caramel skin seemed inviting and his deep brown eyes was part of his allure. This
thought gave way to thoughts about Zeke.

Ezekiel “Zeke” Baldwin was a classmate. He was, for lack of a better term, amazing. Everything
about him endeared him to her. He stood at six foot three, a brown skinned man with grey eyes
and a slightly muscular build. He was eloquent, kind, and liked by everyone. Often when she
dreamed of that place where her legs were spread and someone was driving deep into her his
face was present.

The only problem was his girlfriend, an interesting girl by the name of Anara West.  She was
beautiful enough. Sepia skinned and overtly curvy she sat in the front row playing teacher’s pet
while holding the highest GPA in the class. Celeste saw where Anara loved Zeke but she carried
him as if her were a boy toy, knowing that any girl would love the opportunity to fill her position.

All this was interrupted by Dr. Maher. A few more people filtered in as he stood at the front of
the room. His large stomach jiggled as he spoke to the class at large.

“Good morning, people. Today is a short class. I have posted a project on the web forum. Each
of you will be assigned both a partner and a famous racial issue. One of you will address the
affirmative and the other will argue the counter. Everything you need is posted. Our next class
will be on Thursday. Project is due next Tuesday. Class dismissed.”

Dr. Maher walks out and the murmurs begin as everyone picks up their bags and slowly
departs. Malcolm looks over at Celeste and speaks casually.

“I hope I got partnered with you.”

“Me too. I hope you’re not trying to piggyback off of my GPA.”

“Maybe. It could always be a bit higher.”

“That it could. Lunch later?”

“Of course. Catch you a bit later.”

“Bye, Mal.”

“Bye, Celeste.”

Some research had come up and Malcolm couldn’t meet Celeste for lunch.
She understood. Law school was by definition research and tedium but it’s what she chose to
do. After grabbing a quick salad from a restaurant near campus she heads off towards the
library. The first twenty minutes she spent there was consumed with required reading for her
Comparative Law class. Slowly she felt her grip on comprehension as her mind began to
wonder. At first she thought of home, her little brother and her mother.

Missing them had given her about five minutes of distraction about what she’d do when she saw
them again. Her mind pondered hanging out with her high school sophomore of a brother and
what she’d ask her mom to cook for her when she got home.

It didn’t last, though.

Then she was back there again…

There was urgency in the way his lips kissed every part of her, savoring the sweetness of her
skin with promises of savoring more. The moans escape her tightly closed mouth. With quick
and nimble fingers her bra was taken off and cast aside. Greedy hands grip her breasts and
roughly massage them.  Another of those moans escapes, louder this time, more ecstatic than
the one before.  His waiting mouth tease the nipples with a campaign of licking, biting, kissing
and sucking. With every twitch and every arch it can be assumed she enjoys it.

His hand move independently of his lips. Her panties are eased down in a painstakingly
deliberate way. He throws them away as his lips trace a line downwards. Lower and lower he
goes until…

A sharp intake of breath invades the air as his tongue finds her waiting slit. That tongue
plunges deep inside her, sampling the sweetness that drips from her like clover honey. Up and
down, two directions that meant normal things become heaven as they describe the motions of
his tongue. Her free hand grabs his head roughly, pushing his tongue that much deeper.
Across her lips she runs her tongue in rapturous delight. It was then that words form for the first
time since he’d started.

“Mmmm, damn. Suck that pussy…”

Her instructions are heeded wordlessly as he takes her clit into his mouth and sucks it eagerly.
As this happens the moans give way to a loud and contended scream. At this point she clamps
her legs around his head while pushing his head down all the more forcefully.

“Mmmm, so fucking gooood…”

The work his tongue is doing is quickly bringing her to that point of no return. There was a
moment where she tried to slide away from the constant barrage of pleasurable feeling. His
response was to grab her firmly by the thighs and pull her back towards him. It was the first time
she’d seen his face since he’d started and it was twisted into a playfully sinister smile.

“You’re gonna pay for that. You know that, right?”

“Is that so?”

“It is”

All at once two fingers and his tongue find their way into her warmth. She screamed out…

“FUCK! Damn, Daddy…I’m about to cum…Daddy…”

Closer and closer he drove her. And then…



It happened again, she thinks as she looks up from another passionate and graphic fantasy
about she and Zeke. Maybe it was because she was still reeling from it all that she shook her
head.  There he was.


He was looking at her with concern for a few seconds as he saw the pained expression on her
face. When she smiled at him, he returned it. His teeth are so damn white, she thinks as he
begins to speak. Her eyes are automatically drawn to his lips, lips that in her daydream had
been doing much more amazing things than just talking.

“I just wanted to see what you wanted to do for Maher’s project.”

“What about Maher’s project?”

“I checked the posting. He partnered us up. Plus we’re discussing the Plessy v. Ferguson.  I was
trying to see what your schedule looks like.”

“Oh. Well, I’m free tomorrow morning if you’re free.”

“I have a class at ten but I should be done by eleven. I guess I could swing by your place
around about noon.”

“Cool. I could get us lunch if you want.”

“Sounds solid. So I guess I’ll see you tomorrow, OK?”


“Later., Celeste.”

“Bye, Zeke.”

As if by not effort on her part her eyes follow him as he departs. It amazed her how he made
something as simple as a pair of jogging shorts look as good as they did. Thoughts race as she
goes back to studying what she’d been going over before her second romp of the day.

“I gotta get me a boyfriend or something…” Celeste, finally realizing she won’t be getting
anything done in this state, packs her bag and walks out of the library. Searching for her keys
she heads towards her car. Once inside she places the key in the ignition. Before she starts the
car she reaches into a pocket and grabs her phone. Using quick fingers she sends a text
message to Malcolm.

Mal, I’m working with Zeke on Maher’s project.

He returns the text almost instantly.

Have fun. Saddle up ;)

We will see, she thinks.

Copyright© 2012 Lucius Black

For the last six years Lucius Black has been writing everything and anything. What started into
a hobby here and there has become a full-on passion for writing. To date Lucius has written
short stories, books, albums, poetry, articles, done interviews and all things in between. This
writer is someone to watch for.

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