Learning to get BI...
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Learning to get BI...
by Gray Ghost

My former girl sort of pulled a switch with me and I learned a lot. This was a senior school field trip the guys and
girls 18 plus.

My girlfriend whispered in my ear, "Come to my room at about 10; the door will be unlocked".

"My roommate won't be back till about 11, so do it and go before she gets back. No talking just do it and go, she
said. But what she said next, was really a kicker. "I want anal sex and use a condom.  I am scared of getting

"Don't turn on the lights, just get naked and get in bed,I'll ware my bra and no panties, so it's ready to go," she

I arrived on time and opened the door, slipped inside and closed the door quickly. The room was dark besides
the bright lights of the big city and the moon light.

The light streamed in from the balcony that lit up the king sized bed, but only to silhouette type features.
I took the condom out of my pocket and the KY lube the placed it on the night stand next to the bed.

I sat on the bed slipped off my shoes, pants and my under ware and slip my t-shirt over my head. I placed the
condom with lots of KY lube. I was excited at this event. I slid under the sheet and felt a hot bod next to me.
I felt a hand on me and became very hot, very hard, and very excited.

I was so excited my dick was so hard, I thought it was going to bust. I felt the bra strap on my chest as I snuggled.
I figured it was now or never as I snuggled closer.

My hand went around the body next to me. I felt the bra rub my arm. Nothing was said as the action started.
My lubed finger went into her butt, and I could tell it was lubed. But some moaning as I continued. It really felt hot
and beyond my wildest expectations.

My dick head slowly pushed through and I felt the anal ring tighten on my dick. I got in!!! The tightness was
awesome and the lube helped me get in.

The head of my dick felt the softness inside and I pushed in deeper and the feeling was very intense. It felt tight
on my dick, and I was going crazy with lust. But when I sort of tried to kiss her, the stubble of a beard met mine.

I reached down and felt between her legs. This broad had a hard on!!!. I reached over and turned on the light.
Surprise surprise it was one of the guys in bed with me and we had been doing it!!! I was shocked and in awe at
the same time.

He said he was gay, and the girl said he could do her a favor if he did this joke on me and slept in her room.
He said he was part of the joke on me and had put on her bra so I would think it was her.

I was not supposed to find out I had screwed a guy till they told me the next day. My jaw hit the floor and the
embarrassment was high as I apologized repeatedly.

He said, "that's ok you are a hot guy". Then he ask a question I had never ever thought about...
"You wanna finish up ?"

I stammered, "you.... you mean go ahead with love making?"

"Well if that is what you wanna call it or just say two guys taking care of each other's needs," he replied.

The excitement of the moment got the best of me and we reconnected but this time face to face and I was
surprised when I went off so quickly with the guy.

I stretched out and felt the most hottest sexual feeling I'd ever felt as I poked him. I was angry, hard and excited
all at the same time.

Either my anger was being taken out on him or I rethought about having gay sex. I had never even though of this
every happening nor would I have every ask a guy before that happened.

After I got through, he ask. "Can you get me off too" Again I was dumb founded and at a loss for words.

"What do you want me to do?" I ask. I explained that I have never been with a guy.

He said, "I'd like to fuck  or get my dick sucked or at least get jacked off."

" I'll give you a hand job and then leave," I offered.

His dick was drooling gobs of dick juice.

I grabbed his dick, he laid back and put his head on a pillow and his hands behind his head, and seemed to enjoy
my hand gyrations. I stroked his dick, his dick was rather hard already and his tool erupted with 6 shots of cum
squirting all over his belly and my hand.

It didn't take but a few minutes. I got up dressed and went back to my room to try to figure all this out.
About midnight there was knock on the door.

I opened the door and there was the guy again. I joked with him and said, "Come on in midnight cowboy."  

He smiled and told me, "I would like seconds"

But that is another story.

Point: Don't knock it till you've tried it and you might be surprised, and don't trust girl friends. I get bi without my
former girlfriend and have the best of both worlds.

Some of the others heard about the events. That seemed to break up some friends that my former girlfriend had.
Later she would stop by to say hello, but I snubbed that and moved on.

I just said to her "Midnight Cowboy" was coming over and she would say "oh" I didn't return her calls and she kept
calling for the summer and then stopped.

Even her mom tried to call and invited me over for a family thing. I said I had other things to do.

Everything seemed to be going wrong in our relationship to say the least. She wrecked her moms car.
She had been drinking, but was lucky not enough to be legally drunk.

Her dad took the car to Wreck-O-Mend and her dad had it fixed up and gave it to her for college. Her mom got a
new car. Her dad was going to buy her the new car but thought it might be better to get by cheaper. She needed
to learned to be more careful and not to drink and drive.

That summer seemed a bad year for her till she moved to college in the fall.

Some of her girlfriends took pity on me and I dated a few, but I knew something was different and that was just
life. Some of the dates were rather awkward as all they wanted to talk about was me having sex with that guy and
all the feelings that went with it. Others were more accepting and It wasn't a problem with them. Some were
friendly at first but as I got more friendly they seemed to back off. I could feel those vibes both good and bad.
One of the friendly girls turned out to be a real hot girl too. At first, we talked about it and then she wanted to
have sex, and we did. It was hot sex and that went on for the summer.

The Midnight Cowboy would drop by also and the action was always super hot. Those are some of the hottest
summers I had before college.... We tried to get super hot and we did.

Sizzle isn't a hot enough word to describe those feelings we gave each other. Scorcher, is better but you just
don't have those levels of connections very often. A meeting of the souls and pleasures of the flesh.
The Midnight Cowboy and I went to the same college and we roomed together and had a lot of fun. The first year
was bloody screaming crazy mind boggling sex, the second year we recovered during the summer and went on
screaming crazy sex. The rose went off the bloom by our Junior year but we had good times most often. The
summer before our senior year we worked summer jobs and lived apart, but we still got together on weekends
and holidays and went at it like there would never be another time. We got back together our senior year and
pumped up the feelings to the limit.

We sizzled and scorched each other with wild sexual fun as much as we could give and take. The feeling was still
there and we both loved giving and getting as much as was could.

We loved reliving that first time but learned that sex is a state of mind as well as a physical state of being. The
biggest sex organ is the brain.

Copyright© 2013 Gray Ghost.

Gray is an older writer that has been bitten by the very erotic writing bug. His creations are those driven by
testosterone and the words seem to flow. Gray's writing seem to improve the more he writes and the hotter he
makes it for the readers. He hopes the readers will have a very high quality of life, sex being a very erotic part.
And hope you will put your abilities toward a very high quality of life and not when you come to die, discovering
you never lived life to the fullest. Please send all your friends to this link and let them enjoy this also.

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